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Minecraft Daily! Part 124; ft. Sly, Aleks, and Steven! - Springing Leaks!

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Text Comments (73)
micalmus (4 years ago)
sly's a cocky prick sometime's -_-
Eren Jaeger (2 years ago)
+micalmus Acts like a pokemon master but uses rare candies
aiden costa (4 years ago)
nice stash of potions
Ctrlaltdelicious HD (4 years ago)
Fucking stupid ass dog with a banana on its retard head.
broskiproductions49 (4 years ago)
Fady Ghobrial (4 years ago)
Lawrence Segura (4 years ago)
No comments
Robert Hennix (4 years ago)
Lulwut no comments
ToastyCarrot (4 years ago)
9,000 views and no comments (except mine). O-O
XxmicrospartanxX (4 years ago)
Thank you!!!
Mauricio Rayo (4 years ago)
Never mind im stupid, cant do math.
Cynical Goblin (4 years ago)
Amir Beluli (4 years ago)
He evolved it to Jolteon but gave it to Steven. Watch Slys video.
imbored1253 (4 years ago)
Can somebody tell me when did he started reading fanfic on his stream specifically plz
Mauricio Rayo (4 years ago)
Kevin is close to 200k.
SpicyAfterbirth (4 years ago)
he does evolve evee
mohammad alrumaithi (4 years ago)
Kevin you forced spawned a moltres
Miniel (4 years ago)
"Get out of here Eevee nobody likes you." -Kevin Well he ain't getting an umbreon or Espeon that's for sure.
Aegis (4 years ago)
(opinion) i think sly's the best
captain wiggums (4 years ago)
did you forget to take your "make me nice to people" medicine..if so you might need to take it, just a friendly reminder
dominick dewitt (4 years ago)
kevin should go in creative and give himself a ton of rare candies and use them to get each one a lvl. 100
dragons597 (4 years ago)
Steven got those items because he and Noppes (creator of Custom NPCs mod) are making a mod/api that adds 3D objects into Minecraft. If you go to Steven's channel he has a mod review of it. If he already has the api to add those items, all he has to do is add the models and he gets groudon, pokeballs, etc.
Dixon Yuras (4 years ago)
sly is such an annoying faggot, and he's full of shit
Aamir Tahir (4 years ago)
TukanTukanTun (4 years ago)
I love kevins thumbnails
sceti118 (4 years ago)
Holy shit Sly needs to shut the fuck up. He's so loud, annoying, and immature.
Red Velociraptor (4 years ago)
kevin, when its all thundering like that, go the the forest hill and beat the shit out of every pokemon nearby and hopefully a Zapdos will appear
RampageRyno (4 years ago)
SheWantsTheD412 (4 years ago)
he has evolved evee now into the electric type
XxmicrospartanxX (4 years ago)
No, i dont.
TomatoParadeEthan (4 years ago)
I like how they call porygon a legendary, that's just the wrong word. He's more rare then he is a legend.
Shadowthiefdark (4 years ago)
Tom, how do you record your videos? Do you record with Fraps and record the audio with Audacity or something else? By the way this has nothing to do with your mic volume, I'm just asking for myself.
Shadowthiefdark (4 years ago)
It's not that he's not going to evolve Eevee, it's just that he's a few sessions behind. He might have evolved it in the most recent session.
Ironluigi1 (4 years ago)
People think kevin is a shit trainer. But one day he will defeat all of them muahhahahah
TheProVolt (4 years ago)
Guys get everyone to subscribe to Kevin, almost at 100,000 subs!
arris116 (4 years ago)
c0okiesandmilk (4 years ago)
Kevin REVOLUTION if you know what I mean :)
Mike Savelkoul (4 years ago)
Kevin make a freaking Jolteon
tomj577 (4 years ago)
Has anyone else noticed how only Sly laughs at stuff Sly says
stoneshatter12 (4 years ago)
you don't have a server, do you?
XxmicrospartanxX (4 years ago)
What did he do that is soo bad that you would write that which achieves nothing..?
XxmicrospartanxX (4 years ago)
yeah i know but Kevins channel is a bit smaller and Kevin is cooler ;). i have tried on Slys for ages now i got a reply but it wasnt helpful, another guy also asked steven on the help forums no help, i was searching through minecraftfourms and nothing its hard to find out.
EzY Culi (4 years ago)
i swear sly is the such a fucken cheater in everything he does in minecraft and everyone lets it happens
DarkAlienMC (4 years ago)
*Hmph you mean WHOLE WHEAT BRED!!!
Nate (4 years ago)
So close to 100k
Jared Waldman (4 years ago)
Something tells me immortal and and tom are hiding something
Phoburus (4 years ago)
Name your sword the bloody bread or something related to bread
Nicolas Hernandez (4 years ago)
almost there...
Spookfuls (4 years ago)
Yayy two episodes :D
Cp3 ClipperNation (4 years ago)
My god that thumbnail is perfect give me
Dazzle-O (4 years ago)
Dazzle-O (4 years ago)
Does ever even evolve
Eduardo Matos (4 years ago)
Kevin, please trade poebelter. If you won't evolve evee at least evolve that.
Andy Leon (4 years ago)
You know Steven DOES have a channel so I don't know why make it complicated....
fakedeazy23 (4 years ago)
never evolve eevee
darrian chhing (4 years ago)
MAKKAAHD (4 years ago)
Check out my channel, new to youtube! MINECAFT VIDEOS! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!
I wish everyone kept up with uploads for daily like sly. It doesn't bother me that much, but it would be nice.
IAmPieMan101 (4 years ago)
when will you evolve the eevee
Giovanni alexander (4 years ago)
this is so awesome!
king tut (4 years ago)
i think he added to the mod....
TheNopyu (4 years ago)
XxmicrospartanxX (4 years ago)
Kevin can you please tell me how steven got the pokeballs/pc sign/groudon statue. It would be really appreciated because i really want it for my world :) thanks!
PixelTickler (4 years ago)
Thank you so much kevin you da best
Stevie Min (4 years ago)
I like how behind his minecraft dailys
fuck tiana (4 years ago)
Yay I was waiting for this :-)
CaptainGreenApple (4 years ago)
Heloooo TomAnexxxxx
SurroundMe (4 years ago)
I just finished watching he last one :3 Yush
Diego Fontanes (4 years ago)
Soleil (4 years ago)
Damn dude.
WolfGirlGamess (4 years ago)
MrNiceman5 (4 years ago)

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