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The Hangover 2 | trailer #2 US (2011)

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full OFFICIAL Trailer - The Hangover II Genre: comedy Regie / directed by: Todd Phillips Darsteller / cast: Zach Galifianakis , Bradley Cooper , Jamie Chung , Ed Helms , Juliette Lewis , Ken Jeong , Justin Bartha , Liam Neeson Kinostart Deutschland: 2011 Kinostart USA: May 26th, 2011 offizielle Filmsite: http://www.hangoverpart2.com Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Warner Bros. used with authorization
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Text Comments (2029)
Sam (1 year ago)
Anybody know what song the lyrics in the trailer "I want to see you" then something something when Phil wakes up and looks out the window?
Unite X (2 years ago)
Anybody else here think Justin Bartha is the BEST<3<3<3
Cute gurl (2 years ago)
Rilind Arapi (6 years ago)
those are the 3 guys i want to PARTY WITH!
faisl js (6 years ago)
it just the best movies I've ever seen .. even I do not understand some words
Espen Askeladd (6 years ago)
We are living here in Alan Town, and he's driven our lives into the ground. When we woke we were wasted and drunk, Phil got shot,we were beaten by a Munk. I was happy and my life was good, getting married like a dentist should, eating marshmellows on a stiiick, i got fucked in the ass by a girl with a dick! :D Well we are living here in AlanTown,and he's taken Teddy's finger noow. And i'm pretty sure im gona lose my shiit an shoot Alan in the faaace, and shoot my self.... Hangover <3
RealRickyRoss (6 years ago)
@DMlax4 I agree with your last statement 100%...they are criminals, for the most part! The largest street gang in AmeriKa... W W W . INJUSTICEEVERYWHERE . C O M
kissesbloody (6 years ago)
@MovieManiacsDE "one night in bankok" ist nicht von Abba sondern von Murray Head.
Riley Catalana (6 years ago)
Already seen it first hangover is better, no offense
LiangHuBBB (6 years ago)
Lol,Chao is in this 1 too.
kalymnos99 (6 years ago)
Go Alan he's greek too the same country!!!!
cassybug1 (6 years ago)
Best movie ever! I love Alan. :D
PHY104 (6 years ago)
1:39 Peter Chao?
itstoby101 (6 years ago)
it's much, MUCH more funnier in English than in German!
Tommy J (6 years ago)
stu: i have a demon in me! alan: yea he has sperm in him! thats from ending xD i saw the movie last summer
monheimer7 (6 years ago)
das lied ab 1:20? hört sich an wie jay-z, welches lied ist es? danke schonmal
Wahaj Vajkard (6 years ago)
@lilotata93 : I would gay for him :P
orinsisi1 (6 years ago)
This movie was a HUGE let down
django dsilent (6 years ago)
Dakota Krages (6 years ago)
If you like Hangover 1 I would suggest not to watch Hangover 2 movie its like a depressing alternate version of part 1.
MydogsnameisRambo (6 years ago)
I was gonna watch this movie....but then I took an arrow to the knee
lilotata93 (6 years ago)
Bradley Cooper...do me....now...
Hakki Pakki (6 years ago)
Wie heisst der Remix am Ende des Films von Flo Rida??? Da wo die Fotos zu sehen sind?
malawihenk75 (6 years ago)
@MovieManiacsDE Das Original ist nicht von ABBA, sondern von Murray Head, aus 1984.
Jergus Spodniak (6 years ago)
Hangover 3 - Dubai !!!?
sylar2a (6 years ago)
part 1 is funny as fuck, part 2 is SICK, so what about part 3
Anthony Rodriguez (6 years ago)
@MrBramDorper "Light of the Morning" - Band of Skulls
greatworld1979 (6 years ago)
norm colorfool (6 years ago)
TheBigRedMario (6 years ago)
lol, i love how the trailers of both hangover movies end with stu yelling "WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!"
TheVwlad (6 years ago)
“when a monkey nibbles on a weenis, it’s funny in any language!”
Tyler Werley (6 years ago)
allouTV (6 years ago)
Zach is one of my kindred inspirations! Ya'll might, ah-hum, like my, [cough] new movie [cough] coming out soon [choking on regurgitated taco bell]: Gone Gone Gone Official Trailer - Stanley Kubrick, Steven Seagal, Ricki Lake [2011] (brought to you by Shameless Self-promotion Inc. - "If We Don't Sell It, Than Who Will?") Click on my username to view it now!
Fawad Tariq (6 years ago)
1:17 oooo It's a monkey!
Caleber5 (6 years ago)
@dollab100 um......this is the hangover 2 trailer...i think your in the wrong place.
DickHouseInc (6 years ago)
Zach Galifianakis is god. Don't know if I spelt his name right.
Naufal M.Haiqal (6 years ago)
this is the real tatoo...!!
alec witt (7 years ago)
@Moow75 in the air tonight
SuperBritt1992 (7 years ago)
to be honest it was actaully not a good idea to bring teddy they always lose somebody lol
Whit Ty (7 years ago)
I love this movie! I actually think it's better than the first!
bruno carvalho (7 years ago)
DakillaDakilla (7 years ago)
@BobZaGamer Kannye West Dark Fantasy
moviemaniacsDE (7 years ago)
@Moow75 One Night in Bangkok (Das Original ist von ABBA )
Capabletsf (7 years ago)
when hangover 3 comes out its officially a spree
Shovon Saha (7 years ago)
its HILARIOUS!!!!!!! :D thumbs UP!!!!!!! guyzzzzzzzz
kikifarris (7 years ago)
you guys shud see the full movie.. its damn funny
yo lo (7 years ago)
"OO its a monkey!" AWWWWWWWWWW CUTE hahahhahaha
Ruffdogg21 (7 years ago)
this movie was a let down
DepressedBatman (7 years ago)
I really thought they should of involved dug alot more this time in hangover its ashame to see him not be in the whole comedy part again
Philipp Markus (7 years ago)
Einfach ein verrückt geiler Film besser hätte man den Trailer nicht machen können^^
Ameer Akashe (7 years ago)
Stu: "The truth is.... I have a demon inside me" Alan: "He's right, he has semen inside him"
Abel Smit (7 years ago)
'When a monkey nibbles on a penis, it's funny in any language' I want a friend like Alan
Gabriela P (7 years ago)
GOT to watch this :D
ProximityFarah (7 years ago)
"We had sick night Bitchez !"
Noemi Demeter (7 years ago)
Stu is pretty hot without the glasses.
Jamie Davies (7 years ago)
Haha, can't wait for this shit to come out on dvd
Keisy Alba (7 years ago)
Poor Crystal the monkey, She has to play a boy in this movie. :(
Orla Ware (7 years ago)
whats the song at the end please?
ROFL this is NOT Stu's first marriage
beet111 (7 years ago)
@AlexBullfinch no one cares
ScottShackleton (7 years ago)
@rigges88 Light of the Morning by Band of Skulls
Airita Silluta (7 years ago)
Went to see it lasst night! So fng awsome!!!!
aleprbla (7 years ago)
"I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN!!"<<best line, theyre screwed xD
SapphireStarlite (7 years ago)
@rigges88 Band Of Skulls-Light of The Morning
sebberpoulsen (7 years ago)
@xxKRiShiSsxx its Kanye West - Dark Fantasy
Ana Kristine Anoba (7 years ago)
what's the title of the song on the 1st part?
kreamedcorn (7 years ago)
Movie was awesome though trying to debate if it is better then the first. May be they both are independently awesome!!!
kreamedcorn (7 years ago)
@ERICKSKIE23 yeah noticed that after I watched the movie.
Jean Cortes Actor (7 years ago)
@bibaboebba heyyy Bibanoebba why don't check my new short film that I've been making this year!!! /watch?v=NBoFHw5TIRA
Chilling10680 (7 years ago)
@bibaboebba I think you meant "zomg'z Bradley Cooper is so hawt < 3"
Michshnly (7 years ago)
Hold on gay-boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex (7 years ago)
My first video is remake of this trailer. I got better since then lol
bigfatdick5000 (7 years ago)
J S (7 years ago)
Hangover 1 is better..
Kumail Ali (7 years ago)
Hold That Monkey IN HE IS SO STRONG XD
shivam pundir (7 years ago)
what a trailer .. gonna see the movie pretty soon
ERICKSKIE23 (7 years ago)
@kreamedcorn dude in the movie. he wares his glasses, it was cut
kreamedcorn (7 years ago)
Watch closely at 1:00 Stu has no glasses then at 1:04 they magically spawn on his face wow somebody f-d up
Shayan Sadeghi (7 years ago)
hold on gaaay boys!
cyg nius (7 years ago)
i watched the movei today its so freaking awesome i laughed so hard at some part of the movie
Durnehvir (7 years ago)
That fat guy fucking rullz man !!
mcflugger (7 years ago)
lol did you roofy me
Daryll W (7 years ago)
@MrMakkla But seriously this movie involves alot of cursing and partial nudity How can germany allow minors to watch it?
Daryll W (7 years ago)
@MrMakkla 12+ ?! Dude.. that's sick and retarded
Z Libre (7 years ago)
1:20 can anyone tell me what's the song?
Channel Migrated (7 years ago)
@krazbar1 i just did.
Yamilex Perez (7 years ago)
@kalphitekil I usually don't like those "Thumbs up" comments either, but i was just wondering who else did the same as I :)
alaina grwe (7 years ago)
this is way too similar as the first one wtf but i loved the first so im gona watch this for sure so glad they made a second one but seriously? couldnt they b a LITTLE more creative?
steven garcia (7 years ago)
@TheSuperTeenager this movie sucked esp compared to the first one
TheSuperTeenager (7 years ago)
This movie is pretty awesome! :D
kalphitekil (7 years ago)
@YamiFunny209 People that ask for thumbs in comments don't deserve it.
Leo Catta (7 years ago)
Its ok not as good or funny as the first one :D
PetrosB4 (7 years ago)
@carlosdlr And he is from Crete ,as I do ;D
Magnus Williamson (7 years ago)
when a monkey nibbles on a weenus, its funny in any language
chocolexii (7 years ago)
The Hangover 2 is pretty much a re-make of the original, the only reason I don't care is because both Hangovers are the funniest shit I've ever seen!
COD5252 (7 years ago)
chow is fucking funny
toolfan92 (7 years ago)
@stuffmuffin1 he IS the asian guy in T3
Justin Kim (7 years ago)
chrystoffer dre (7 years ago)
Mr. Chao kinda looks like the asain guy in Transformers 3
Emily Jordan (7 years ago)

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