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★SUPER BIG WIN!★ SPIN IT GRAND (Aristocrat) Slot Machine Bonus

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★SUPER BIG WIN!★ SPIN IT GRAND (Aristocrat) Slot Machine Bonus. Right after I played EUREKA (video posted this past Sunday), I took that ticket over to SPIN IT GRAND and recorded this bonus! Also featured in this video is a cute new Konami game BARKIN' BAKER and RISING STAR (IGT). 🎩 MONOPOLY SLOTS 🎩 Play the all new MONOPOLY SLOTS social casino mobile game! Build your Monopoly City in this fun new game featuring many of your favorite Monopoly slots! Available for play on all mobile devices iOS & Android. ▶️ Download on your mobile device for FREE (starter coins provided to all new players) using my app install link: http://bit.ly/2IxC2XO
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Fantastic Slots (16 days ago)
Albert , nice win of $900. Good luck!
Thank you Fantastic Slots!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Hyuk Kim (18 days ago)
U call this super big win?fake!!!!don't lie to other viewers
It's relative Hyuk. If it's over 200X your bet or over $500 in my book, it's considered a "SUPER BIG WIN" but if it's under 100X your bet, I would not call it that. The standards for defining a BIG WIN vary from channel to channel. But most players in the typical US casino are penny players not high rollers. My video titles reflect wins for the average casino player...not for those that are used to bettin gas a high roller. I hope you understand. I had no intent to lie to my viewers and if you read most comments, they are very congratulatory. Only you have sent me a negative comment.
Chí Nguyễn Văn (1 month ago)
Chi Nguyen
Sorry I can't read that 😟
Chí Nguyễn Văn (1 month ago)
Có đổi thưởng dc đâu
Thank you Chí Nguyễn!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Sin Can (2 months ago)
Thank you Sin Can for watching! 😃
Soul Fly (3 months ago)
SUPER BIG WIN???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Thank you Soul Fly!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
NG Slot (4 months ago)
Albert today i post handpay jackpot on this Spin It grand, watch if you want, i hope you will like it!
YESS!!! You spun it great. Just saw it today NG. It was very smooth and well done! 😃
vaduvars poter (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kClqNi2UY1g&feature=youtu.be new cazino game
Thank you vaduvars poter!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Pedro Arias (4 months ago)
What a good page, congratulations. These little machines can make money. The important thing is to know when you can win to bet better. Good page and good videos.
Thank you Pedro!! Very nice of you to comment w. the great feedback. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Very good video I find really entertaining and good content, still making videos really :)
Thank you Tonteria!! Great to hear. I appreciate you watching my videos! 😃
Claire Pierson (4 months ago)
its like lightning link
Thank you Claire for watching! It also reminds me of Gold Bonanza with the dings and sounds it makes as though the little Gold Bar guy is gonna come down 😃
edmyr vespucci (5 months ago)
wow. great win.
Thank you Edmyr! 👍😀
Rachel Carey (5 months ago)
That Spin it win was AMAZING, as I was telling you the other night I thought it was a crap game lol....do you think the bet size matters at triggering the bonus? I need the adorable doggie game in my life lol 😍
Thanks Rachel! I don't believe the bet size impacts frequency of bonus. I just got lucky before I ran out of money on that machine LOL. As for Bakin Barker, hmmm ...et's just say that adorable doggie wasn't in the mood to give away his cakes!!! 😄
Windy City Frenzy (5 months ago)
We watched this the other day thought we commented it was so awesome. Wha an excellent win buddy! 😎👍🏽🎸💰
Thanks WCF! Hoping to do even better next time!😀👍
Dawn Smith (5 months ago)
The m24th lois is she not oolong but only os
Dawn Smith (5 months ago)
Oh I zdon't
Jennifer Bowering (5 months ago)
Once again Albert, fantastic win on all machines!! Gives hope to us little people that we can actually win sometimes! Great video!!
TheMaster Zman11 (5 months ago)
Very entertaining
Thanks Zman!! Get that Grand!!
Carrie Croft (5 months ago)
I played this at San Manual Thursday. It took me a while to figure it out and the spin. But after I did get the spin it was a $500 win on a 2.50 bet. I cashed out LOL.
Carrie Croft (5 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos yes the second floor is huge! Congrats on your jackpot!
Hi Carrie!! I visited San Manuel today for my first time. Am in LA visiting some family and got some time to check out this casino. It’s huge w the 2 floors! Sadly I only had 3 hours there, but I hit a jackpot on a Gimmie Games game! Keep winning!! 😀👍
Dixie Chick Slots (5 months ago)
Awesome Albert!!!! 👏👏👏
Gladys Fenick (5 months ago)
Nice win on 'spin it grand' ..I like that game . Sweet wins on following slot games ..congratulations .
Thank you Gladys! I had another nice lil hit on Spit It Grand in my new video today. Would love to get all those flames!! Keep winning! 😎
RainsWorld VegasSlots (5 months ago)
I love this game ! I won 425 on the 2.50 bet. I see everyone saying it sucks but I think it’s either gonna hit pretty quick or not. I look for the one that’s paying out. They all won’t be paying out at the same time. I think sometimes the higher bets are harder to hit at but super low is bad too. I’ve played it at 3 different locals here in Vegas an it always does great on the 2.50 bet. Next time I’ll try upping it to 5 bucks after my first bonus, thanks for sharing ! This is my new favorite game #spinitgrand
Thank you! It’s quickly becoming one of my favs to play at the local too! I posted another video of me playing the game today on my channel (at tail-end of Seinfeld slot video) and at $2.50 bet I landed a nice size dollar amount on my flamey 😊 keep winning!
Debby S (5 months ago)
Wow...2 days & 13K+ views?  Feel the love? Great bonuses & video. Always enjoy watching U play. TY for sharing.
I do Debbie! 😍 the response has been great with my video! Thank you so much for watching it and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!
Great win on the Spin it Grand, got a 50+ spin win on free games that I'm about to put out but it was on a $1 bet, so your win was bigger, but fun game!!!
Definitely fun when you are on active machine hah! Else, the machine is just sucking you dry and we know that's not fun! Way to go on your bonus! 50+ spins is very impressive! Stay lucky and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Slot Winner (5 months ago)
Happy Holiday, hope you enjoy the weekend!!
Slot Winner (5 months ago)
Good Luck..Hope you smash those Slot Games!!
Thank you SlotWinner! Off to Vegas later today. Enjoy your holiday weekend! 😀
GoodLife0401 (5 months ago)
Great wins Albert!!🎉 BTW, that dog on Barkin Baker is so cute!🐶 Congrats! 👍🏼
Hah! Thank you GoodLife! Barkin Baker stole the show! Unfortunately, the last time I went to the casino to play with him, he wasn't showing me any cakes at all!! 😆
Allnighter17 Slots (5 months ago)
Albert you're not a quitter! Glad you kept on going...I think you had that gut feeling and it paid off nicely!! Congrats!! 💰💰👍👍🤑🤑🤑
Thank you Allnighter17 Slots!! My stuborness paid off this time hah! Appreciate you watching! 😃
SunFlower Slots (5 months ago)
Wow....Awesome win Albert. Keep it up.
Thank you SunFlower Slots!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Slot Queen (5 months ago)
Wow! Nice spin it grand , that game hates me
Hah! When one machine hates, another one loves...just like that Ainsworth hit of yours that I saw on Facebook!!! 😍Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend Slot Queen! 😃
Trillionaire (5 months ago)
I love spin it grand..
Thank you Trillionaire for watching!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Bonsai Yama Review (5 months ago)
Very nice bonuses 🙌🏻🐶🐶🐶🐶.
Bonsai Yama Review (5 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Bahaha, Thank you sir. I have to work this weekend / week :( so no Vegas for me. In June and July I’ll be there. Win big good luck 🍀.
Aww cute pooches! And you got some nice acting skills over there at TBJ Bonsai! You guys crack me up 😆I'll be in Vegas later today and this week...in case you are there, lemme know!
Paul Van Der Minne (5 months ago)
That was a fun round 😁
Thank you Paul! I'm wishing all my US viewers a happy Memorial Day weekend, but I know you are not in the US so happy weekend! 😃
Happiness and Sweet Tea (5 months ago)
I was like wait Albert you went past $400. Haaaa! Awesome you did! Great win! Nice bonus on a $1.50 bet too.
I know..it's funny and embarrasing re-watching my videos during editing LOL. Appreciate you watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Button Pusher (5 months ago)
Great video! I love how you call yourself out on betting more then you tell yourself, I am so guilty of that, “I’ll stop at $400....$300....$250” Great wins, I love that dog! Such a cute game.
I know..it's funny and embarrasing re-watching my videos during editing and hearing how undisciplined I am LOL. Appreciate you watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Pam E (5 months ago)
Wow Albert you have that touch! One day I hope to have the same luck. As always thank you for sharing! Pam
Thank you Pam!! You got it!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Dion to slot (5 months ago)
Hope you didn't put that message in there because of my past comments. You seem to do well when you ignore your verbal stop limits. LOL
LOL...no, but it is funny and embarrasing re-watching my videos during editing and hearing how undisciplined I am LOL. Appreciate you watching Dion to slot! Hope you both enjoy the Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Anna Anna (5 months ago)
Awesome win congrats
Thank you Anna! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Pbabowler (5 months ago)
Nice won't I won't play the 1st and last game at all. But I will play the middle game.
Hah! You like the pooch!! Hope you do well on Barkin Baker!!
slotman777 (5 months ago)
That’s a lot of flames 🔥 how much of a difference would that missing flame make on the left ? Have fun this weekend Albert 👍🎰🙏
Thanks scratchin! Good question! I don't even know what happens (if anything) if you get all flames! Could that be the Grand? I'm gonna check the rules next time! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Valarie F Randall (5 months ago)
Way to go Albert! Great wins.....
Thank you Valarie for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
AKPoetry67 (5 months ago)
Awesome wins Albert! :)
Thank you AKPoetry67 for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Slots N-Stuff (5 months ago)
Great win there! Congrats!
Thank you Slots N-Stuff for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
NG Slot (5 months ago)
Yeahhhhhhh, You killed to that machine man,it was fantastic win Aubert,congrats my friend! You forget to check my Ultimate fire link video,LOL . I upload it 2 days ago :):):)
Chí Nguyễn Văn (1 month ago)
CHUYỂN Nguyễnnhakyphương trang game banh nỗ hũ
Chí Nguyễn Văn (1 month ago)
Chuyển vào trang game banh clu
Chí Nguyễn Văn (1 month ago)
+NG Slot dịch tiếng việc
NG Slot (5 months ago)
Be Careful there my friend LOL, try to win them ! That is my favorite casino😂😂😂😂
Thank you NG Slot for watching! I saw it, I saw it! I'll be in L.A. and Vegas this weekend and may visit your former casino San Manuel LOL. Will see how well it does for ASC. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
DKD SLOTS (5 months ago)
Barking Baker was super cute. Would love to see five of a kind!!
DKD SLOTS (5 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos I imagine that line up would really take the cake. ;)
RIGHT!! DKD SLOTS!! 5 of a kind picture symbols with tall cakes could be huge I think!! Appreciate you watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃😃
I really enjoyed seeing each of those games! That was quite a win on Spin It Grand. I really didn't think it would be that big. I definitely liked the Puppy! You won that much on just 4 of a kind KINGS, I can only imagine a premium symbol. Even Rising Star was being cooperative! Great Set of Wins and Bonus Games!!!!!!
Since I was betting $5.00 on Spin It Grand, my bonus win was just a lil over 100X so that's not so far a stretch I suppose for an Aristo game, but that Barkin Baker Konami game really surprised me! Those tall cakes can pay very well as you said even with Kings! Hoe you get to try it. Thanks for watching MP! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Miss Liz- The One & Only (5 months ago)
Great wins Albert, I'm catching up on your videos 😁❤ That spin it grand was awesome, it paid off to go below 400 😂😂Great wins on konami and Star rise 😀❤🍀
Miss Liz- The One & Only (5 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Yes lol, I had to change it cause apparently there's some new lizzes in the chats (^insert cat and little girls gif here 😂😂) and it's hard to notice cause its only 3 letters. I've always signed letters by Miss Liz anyways. Yay Vegas, Casablanca? 😒😒Haven't we moved on from that? 😂I hope Orleans has newer exciting games, careful on the first day. Lots of luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀💜😀
A new name!! Thank you Miss Liz- The One & Only!! These 3 games were fun to play and i'll def be playing them again. Off to Vegas today. I'll be visiting our Orleans for sure LOL...maybe Casablanca is still there. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Cathy Greenwood (5 months ago)
That dog game was soooooooooo cute! Still waiting on you to turn that camera and yell boo!!!!
Thank you Cathy!! Barkin Baker was cute! Appreciate you watching! Stay tuned for the boo! 😉
Claire Pierson (5 months ago)
What fun videos I really enjoyed that and the guy next you was awfully nice thanks for sharing as always you're my favorite
Thanks again Claire! I'm off to Vegas in a few hours! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
SlowPokeSlots (5 months ago)
Awesome win on spin it grand🤩, that braking Baker looks fun hope I can find it😅, Star rise with the 100x bonus very nice, thanks for sharing 🤗
Thanks SlowPokeSlots! That pooch is cute! Hope you can find it. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Valerie H (5 months ago)
Awesome wins Albert! I'm going to Vegas this weekend, wish me luck!
Thank you Valerie!! I'll be in Vegas this coming week too! If you see me recording at Aria or somewhere, say hi! Good luck and have fun!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
David Isaacs (5 months ago)
Thank you David for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Love that Spin it Grand! Glad you never stick to your own rules! And the doggy saying "bon appetite," LOL!!! Fun, fun!
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos 😂😂😂 I wish! We're not even at the B this weekend! Good luck Albert!
LOL. I didn't catch him saying that until I re-played it hahaha. Thank you CT Slotters for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! I'll be in Vegas this weekend and knowing how I always bump into you all, you're likely already there! 😃
SHAWANA LEE (5 months ago)
Thank you Shawna for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Liliana Alvarez (5 months ago)
Awesome video congrats
Thank you Liliana for watching! Have a great weekend! 😃
Latisha Campbell (5 months ago)
Nice video....have you ever considered doing a meet and greet at one of the local casinos with your Subs? I think that would be pretty awesome 😁.
I think that would be fun too! I'll think about doing one! Most people at the local that recognize me (especially when I whip out the camera when I get a bonus) just come up and say hi and that's always welcomed LOL. Thank you Latisha for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
ElvisCorvette Slots (5 months ago)
Albert, Another great video and wins, but I'm still laughing about that Dog Game. Continued good luck my friend.
ElvisCorvette Slots (5 months ago)
I may get over there this week and play. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend as well.
Thank you ElvisCorvette Slots!! Barkin Baker is a cute game hah! It's over at Live! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Vulture Slots (5 months ago)
I must admit Albert...Those were some pretty sweet wins. Great stuff man! 😊
trey courtenay (12 days ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos hey do yo know what the song is when you get a BIG WIN in Barkin’ Baker I heard that song in winning slots when you get a BIG WiN
Thank you Vulture Slots!! You did awesome on Spin it Grand I remember! Appreciate you watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃😃
Topic Bee (5 months ago)
100 x on max $5 bet is great for progressives. So many prizes. Nice! Nicer design than lightning links definately
Thank you David! Yes, this Spin It Grand sounds and looks and more flashy than those ball-dropping Lightning Links LOL! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Slot Traveler (5 months ago)
Wow Star rise too! Lol! I played that dog game a while back no bonus but I was wondering what he did! Awesome win on spin it grand!
Thank you Manny! Barkin Baker is cute! I tried it again recently and he wasn't showing me any bonus or cakes!! Thanks for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Matthew's Slot Channel (5 months ago)
Awesome win! Those were some great values spinning by on the top, very exciting end to the bonus.
Thank you Matthew for watching my video! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
May Kouri (5 months ago)
Nice hit on spin it Grand. 👍👍
Thank you May for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
McBonus Slot Channel (5 months ago)
I played Spin It Grand the other day. I thought is was pretty fun! Nice win!!
Great to hear McBonus! Stay lucky! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Slot Bonus Babe (5 months ago)
Spin it Grand hates me, lol! I’ve only managed to get the free spins bonus and it wasn’t very good. I’ve not seen the Bark it baker game. Was that one at MDL? StarRise I have only tried once before so perhaps I’ll give it another chance. Congrats on your awesome wins!!!
Oh no! My first play on Spin it Grand was awful!! The middle machine at MDL is the worst! So I never play on that one now. I like the one on the far left closer to Wonder Woman heheh. Barkin Baker is in the back close to the Poker room where all the new animal Konami games are. Thank you Lois for watching! I'll be in Vegas this weekend and next week. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
russell campbell (5 months ago)
I'm off to Amsterdam this weekend for the wife's birthday, I will see if they have any of these games in the casino and let you know how we get on, hopefully as good as you.
Yes!!! Have a great weekend celebrating your wife's birthday!! I hope you both hit some huge jackpot wins! Lemme know! 😀
Teri M (5 months ago)
Fantastic Game! Gotta try this one.
Thank you Teri for watching! Good luck if you find it at your casino! I'm off to Vegas in a few hours. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
J. B. (5 months ago)
What's up Albert Hi; where are these Slot machines at very interested in them: Oh also congrats
Hi JB!! These were played at my local in Maryland, but am sure you can find them in Vegas and most casinos with newer games. I hope you get a chance to try them!
wlwal1 (5 months ago)
Albert, really great spins and wins!!! Hope you enjoy your trip to So.Cal. this weekend! San Manuel seems to be the Mecca Casino for you tubers! Brian Christopher, Kuri, Akafugi, and many more have been embraced by this casino to come and film. Sorry, can not meet up, but will be checking out your slot wins!! San Manuel is very smart to welcome all of these you tubers!!!! And Hey, they get a lot of good advertising too!!
Thank you wlwal1!! No problem! I'll be busy driving my parents down from Vegas to LA tomorrow and visiting more family so I don't even know if I'll have time to visit San Manuel, but if I do, you'll see it in an upcoming video heheh. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Stef James (5 months ago)
Ok...the game at the start I was like Albert what are you doing, it was just sucking yoir money, line hits were terrible too...until you got that awesome wheel thing😊😄 Love your vids Albert, you and NG are my favs
Aww THANK YOU Stef!! You're too nice! I like NG's videos too 😀 Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
deborah perryman (5 months ago)
I enjoyed the video
Thank you Deborah for watching! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! 😃
Jill I Archer (5 months ago)
That game with the stars looks so much fun! I will have to try and find it lol.
Jill I Archer (5 months ago)
Hope you have a great weekend! I'll be at WInStar to crack that Mega lol.
Star Rise!!! Notice it has Mr. Monopoly's voice on it! It's a fun game when you have an active session! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend Jill! 😃

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