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The Last of Us - Joel Meets Ellie

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Joel meets Ellie in The Last of Us. The Last of Us The Last of Us Gameplay The Last of Us Joel The Last of Us Ellie The Last of Us Joel Meets Ellie The Last of Us Meeting Ellie The Last of Us Meet Ellie Joel Meets Ellie
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Text Comments (81)
holamoco17 (3 months ago)
"Your watch is broken"
최지수 (5 months ago)
Inner demon
Felix Garfias (5 months ago)
I purchased a ps3 just so i could play this because i knew it would be incredible. Naughty Dog did not disappoint.
holamoco17 (6 months ago)
I never really thought of this, but Marlene says "I was close with his brother Tommy", does that mean that Marlene and Tommy were a couple?
holamoco17 (2 months ago)
lyinsroar That's what I thought too, but being "close" means something more personal.
lyinsroar (2 months ago)
huh i never really thought of that either, i just assumed she meant that tommy was a member of the fireflies
holamoco17 (6 months ago)
And so the legendary journey of emotions started.
Monica Brown (9 months ago)
Bullshit I'm not going with them lol
RageDrakax (9 months ago)
Big Boss and Quiet's prologue lol
MS3300 (1 year ago)
First thing he does is pointing a gun at her... LMAO
Anes H (1 year ago)
Riley looks so much like Marlene, Could she be her daughter?
Johana Forever (1 month ago)
I belived than she's her sister
YFN _BamBam (4 months ago)
Anes H i was thinking the same thing
She may be strict and doesn’t want her to call her mom so who knows
Gabriele Tarallo (11 months ago)
In Left Behind when Ellie and Riley talk about Marlene, they just say Marlene, not your mother/my mother.
Makenzie Dutko (1 year ago)
Ellie:"your watch is broken." Sarah:"you kept complaining about your broken watch, so." MY HEART MAN
Alfred Ashford (1 year ago)
Just remember: Before she was treading on mighty thin ice she was stopping mighty big volcanos. ^^
captainplanet999 (1 year ago)
7:25 never played this game before, but is this his first time being a dad? he didn't even lock the door before passing out...
Asteria Sheria (1 year ago)
No he had a daughter Sarah, despite being absent at home. He's still a good father.
Bryant Escobar (1 year ago)
Your watch is broken *FEELS*
Fiercefox 278 (2 years ago)
Watching in May 2016 here. 😋
Derpyz Person (3 months ago)
July 2018 😇
sonamy47 (5 months ago)
X_UNICORN_X Love May 18 :)
X_UNICORN_X Love (8 months ago)
Fiercefox 278 Me 2018 January!
Palinghufter (7 months ago)
Dick so small, I piss on my balls That might indeed be the best username I have ever seen
Hey There (1 year ago)
Dick so small, I piss on my balls Yep and love your name
Dirtbag359 (3 years ago)
3:41 _What Happened?_ Somebody set us up the bomb!
Pamela De Nicolo (4 years ago)
When she pointed out that watch...DAMN I got chills.
Carlo Luis Ocampo (4 years ago)
if sarah and ellie were together maybe sarah would be 20+ cuz some of the first scenes said "20 years later"
TheWhiteWolf28 (4 years ago)
She was 12. So if she was still alive at this point she would be 32. 
Alderite (4 years ago)
If Sarah (Joel's daughter) would have alive, everything would be different.
don't quote me (1 month ago)
Sarah would've been an adult
tato :v (7 months ago)
I just realized your comment was 3 years ago....
tato :v (7 months ago)
Loan Nguyen chill out dude
Alderite (4 years ago)
What The!!!!!! I just regret your sympathy that Sarah has everything for Joel. It was far worse when Sarah just died on Joel's arms.
Darren Burlingham (4 years ago)
I lol'ed at 3:30 when he pointed the gun to ellie
RockerMicke1 (4 years ago)
didn't know she was voiced by ashley johnson (terra from teen titans)… Cool!!!!
RockerMicke1 (1 year ago)
she also did gwen from ben 10 alien force - omnivores and made a cameo in the avengers film and returns as terra in teen titans go
badfoo (1 year ago)
RockerMicke1 wait Ashley Johnson was terra holy shit
Maurice Kennedy (4 years ago)
Matt Shannon (4 years ago)
i want Ellie on my side when the apocalypse happens
Kyle Crane same
Carly Cooper (5 years ago)
"She's just cargo, Joel." Oh, Tess how wrong you are. :)
Shrill (1 year ago)
Nothing of value to the deliverer, just a thing to get from A to B
Carly Cooper what does cargo mean
Ellie Johnson (5 years ago)
i kinda hates Joel, now we are best friends :)
Furyflame2 (2 months ago)
LifeofAugust (5 years ago)
I don't wanna fucking go with him Marlene
JuiceDigger (5 years ago)
Ellie has a cute face
Furyflame2 (2 months ago)
She’s an adorbable.
ConsciousTuber (5 months ago)
JuiceDigger dafuq?
Bobby Macvul (5 years ago)
My grandma is worse xD
Dystopian Land (5 years ago)
Hey! For my very first video, I made a tribute video towards Joel and Ellie's relationship, please check it out.. :)
Ryan (5 years ago)
there are none, but the closest thing to a jumpscare i can think of is right in the beginning a little while after they get out of the city, but the rest of the game you can keep your distance
VideoGameFools (5 years ago)
No your profile picture, From Minecraft...Or atleast that's what I think he meant.
TashaCrazyXD (5 years ago)
Woah, take a chill pill bro.
Coastersslol (5 years ago)
fuck you...and your sensitive ass
vladi1Z (5 years ago)
:) funny thinking that with this meeting they will make the strongest relationship possible :)
Chek1n (5 years ago)
eh, i thought of that right after i posted my comment
Seriously you haven't thought "Hey that comment made a reference to my avatar picture."
MrSpacePaddy (5 years ago)
It helps to replay to reply to the person that you are calling a moron. Especially if you want to question a persons intelligence.
Chek1n (5 years ago)
did you not read what he commented? and how am i a creeper for saying he's a weird kid? show me your point of view
says the creeper
saine sikta (5 years ago)
@wjrjgwj yeah i agree def a top 10 BTW! ive been playing this game all week its worth a look --> bit.ly/16FcCOY?=pejos
Oyun Bülteni (5 years ago)
@jcvfteu for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there BUT! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while --> bit.ly/16FbtHo?=xybph
Phunk (5 years ago)
Yeah right, on your picture you're like 10.
Chek1n (5 years ago)
you are one weird kid
Roland Aigner (5 years ago)
There's no Jumpscares in TLOU ;p
SlangWhangers (5 years ago)
There are none.
ivar paulsson (5 years ago)
I want to play this game but im not a fan of jumpscares
Samara Walker (5 years ago)
Ellie is so cool
Matt J (5 years ago)
Wait, what did you just say?
Jamesr631 (5 years ago)
... my goodness, i can't wait till i can get this game
ultrajd (5 years ago)
Joal doesnt sound like he did in the trailers.
Citrus Amvs (5 years ago)
Joel is legit at killing people...like my mom.
Caden LeCluyse (5 years ago)

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