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Far Cry 5: E3 2017 Official Amazing Grace Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Far Cry 5 Is Available Now. Souls do not harvest themselves. Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. When your arrival incites the cult to violently seize control of the region, you must rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate a besieged community. Freely explore Hope County’s rivers, lands, and skies with the largest customizable weapon and vehicle roster ever in a Far Cry game. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch, and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming. Far Cry 5 Is Available Now. Check Out the Trailer Here http://bit.ly/FC5Trailer Learn more at farcry.com. Stay tuned for E3, subscribe to get more Far Cry videos and visit our official channels for the latest information. #FarCry5 Please SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/UbisoftYouTubeChannel Visit our official channels for the latest information on all things Far Cry: https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/ https://www.facebook.com/farcry.usa https://www.instagram.com/farcrygame_us/ https://twitter.com/FarCrygame https://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA ABOUT FAR CRY 5: Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. When your arrival incites the cult to violently seize control of the region, you must rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate a besieged community. Freely explore Hope County’s rivers, lands, and skies with the largest customizable weapon and vehicle roster ever in a Far Cry game. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch, and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming. Key Features: SPARK THE FIRES OF RESISTANCE AGAINST A FANATIC CULT: Stranded in hostile territory, find strength in the community around you to lead a resistance against a cult taking over Hope County, Montana. CARVE YOUR OWN PATH: The freedom to go in any direction – you decide the when, the where, and the how. From the moment you enter Hope County you have the freedom to tackle the world in any order you choose. A WORLD THAT EVOLVES Play your way against Joseph Seed and his fanatical followers in a dynamic open world that adapts and reacts to the choices you make. DYNAMIC TOYS Tear up the countryside in iconic American vehicles you can make your own; from muscle cars to big rigs,from ATVs to tractors. Far Cry 5: E3 2017 Official Amazing Grace Trailer | Ubisoft [NA] https://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA
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Text Comments (974)
Josh S (3 hours ago)
Best trailer of all time? Maybe
This song I like it
Gio andrey (13 days ago)
Almost a year later and the singing and the logo flash still gives me the chills!! Definitely the best FarCry game yet!
Carl Brink (15 days ago)
Amezing game.
daddyscummys dieasle (17 days ago)
One of the most beutiful trailers ive seen better than detroit become human
Master Six (17 days ago)
i am oneeeessss for now, buuuuut now I'M found hunaaaah na naaah ICE TEEEAAA
Thành Công Nguyễn (19 days ago)
I should try bringing a ARC to the church one day
Zack McCaslin (21 days ago)
Personally, I always feel like Joseph is trying to save everyone from the nuclear apocalypse, but his insanity twisted it into trying to survive judgement day
Rob Fernandez (23 days ago)
A year late but ubisoft needs to make a full version
Defiler TV (23 days ago)
please.. bring this song😪
DarkBoyAssassin (27 days ago)
Can you join the cult if your not American??? And the choir of course :-)
Futurama pop (1 month ago)
Great game
Antonio Kontos (1 month ago)
He has an awesome voice
OfficerMrMann 05 (1 month ago)
The thing is, this whole trailer is game rendered. #DuniaFTW
Hoverboard Jord (1 month ago)
I’m Christian and it’s sad to say because this is a murderer, but I enjoy his voice and the tone he the way he sings
James Buck (1 month ago)
I honestly would probably fall for this cult, if it were real. Anyone else?
Brandon Wells (1 month ago)
Real christianity. Not that cucked version.
manikanta KRS (1 month ago)
i need license key please provide any one the key to me
Lil Tea (1 month ago)
He sings better then originial
future flash (1 month ago)
Yellow Test dummy he really does tho not gonna lie
Dan Ribeiro (1 month ago)
🎶Buuuut noooooow-..
simcy Leppik (1 month ago)
if father was real i will join him
Longhito 23 (1 month ago)
What song is it?
Longhito 23 (1 month ago)
future flash 👍 thanks
future flash (1 month ago)
Longhito 23 this may be a bit off but (sto dicendo che la canzone e stata fatta decenni fa, e cantata da chiunque voglia cantara giornodoggi) I hope that made sense if not basically it was made decades ago and anyone/everyone sings it nowadays
Longhito 23 (1 month ago)
future flash si la conosco ma sai chi è che canta qui?
future flash (1 month ago)
Longhito 23 dude it's Amazing Grace it's like an anthem practically anyone/everyone sings it
Longhito 23 (1 month ago)
future flash the Singer?
Lewy1977 lewy (1 month ago)
Kto z polski
Brian Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Joseph Seed: The Anti-Christ
future flash (1 month ago)
Brian Rodriguez lol yup NO ONE can sing that good otherwise
Filip F (1 month ago)
This game is Based on David koresh
Omer Caldwell (1 month ago)
This screams America and I love it.
Gabriel schulz (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who noticed the custom arc. I really want it
ChefBoi XD (1 month ago)
Farcry 6 Should be in the Philippines
Dallas May (1 month ago)
i like the song it's catchy i think i'll download the song
Holy Trash (1 month ago)
Im Christian....am I suppose to be offended?
Aj Rodriguez (2 months ago)
0:18 singinh starts
future flash (1 month ago)
Aj Rodriguez thx dude
Tanner Smith (2 months ago)
I need a full the father cover of this.
wesley vianen (2 months ago)
FLASH (2 months ago)
Damn the father can sing good
Kaleb Maxwell (2 months ago)
I’m from Bozeman Montana and the landscapes look perfect they are very realistic can’t wait to play
Kaleb Maxwell (1 month ago)
From Bozeman MT
Brando The Nerd (1 month ago)
Kaleb Maxwell ikr! It's really cool! From Havre MT
Stewart Casey (2 months ago)
wish Greg Bryk did a full version
RobinDoet 123 (2 months ago)
This the best farcry ever made 🌠🕹️
mayen67 (2 months ago)
I wish the singer did a full version of this song
gabe Szumowski (2 months ago)
thumbs up if ya want another far cry 2!
Dave Vira (2 months ago)
u guys think they put it in the soundtracks
Wre Nch (2 months ago)
God Joseph can sing nicely
MrsPunica (2 months ago)
I need this as Full Version.
Ember Log (2 months ago)
welcome to the hope country
Mike Zockt (2 months ago)
The Father (2 months ago)
We will take you, willingly or not.
M 98 (2 months ago)
Love the sound of raising guns
Elijah Keim (2 months ago)
I want the full version lol
Carl Brink (2 months ago)
It is A Amezing Game
Leslie Chow (2 months ago)
in the end it turned out that he was right, but all the things that they did didn't really make sense
Joshua Willis (2 months ago)
Leslie Chow right or wrong it doesn’t matter. He and his family were doing evil things to people and needed to be stopped
ixalem lob (2 months ago)
What name song?
Jose Enriquez (2 months ago)
Wait just to be sure your asking what's the name of the song right
Jose Enriquez (2 months ago)
ixalem lob ??????????
nKami_PL (2 months ago)
Silent Hunter609 (2 months ago)
Now all we need is Joseph Seed/Greg Bryk to sing the full thing.
Luis Aguilar (2 months ago)
Get me the goosebumps every time
George Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Music to my ears...
한민이 (2 months ago)
I dunno about you guys, but I really want that Joseph Seed's skin on his AR-C in-game.
Noly Rson (2 months ago)
Only a small amount of snowflakes are offended by this whether you’re left or right, I personally find this cult to be cool asf and would like to join
BulletKingIsHere (2 months ago)
amazing grace
Japanese pigeon (2 months ago)
Noly Rson same I’d join
Joseph Seed (2 months ago)
I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now i see
Abraham Tellez (2 months ago)
Prob best game imo
Bob Saget (2 months ago)
Gave me chills...the ominous, dark twist in combination with the beautiful choir and sermon is genius and badass. Though I think instead of the sound when the logo came into the picture it should be the bolt releasing and loading a round into the chamber. Would've worked, the way he was holding it up at the end
Eddie Shorter (2 months ago)
Greg Bryk should pursue a career in country music 😂😂
michele langertz (2 months ago)
The father gonna drop a nuke
king slayer (2 months ago)
xellossaxon (2 months ago)
The satire in Far Cry 5 is spot on: The cultist are depicted exactly how many religious people behave or talk when you live amongst them in the bible belt or down south...and they do not even realize it themselves. Thumbs up from Europe!
Mr Predator (2 months ago)
March/April 2018?
Sgt.Derp, bolshevik pepe (2 months ago)
Tfw you buy your first m4
Francesco Ferraro (2 months ago)
I once was lost, but now am found
Lucian09474 (2 months ago)
Is there a link to the full song
Nordique777 (2 months ago)
Wish they would do the full song
Fuze-Main SaucyShip8 (2 months ago)
Such a beautiful song for an amazing game!
BDsully93115 (2 months ago)
Anyone else when they first started playing think far cry had the feels of a horror game???
Xerathon (2 months ago)
This game is so good
Yoyo Ma (2 months ago)
Damn Greg got some pipes full song please.
Minibag _Tryz (2 months ago)
Why did the cult change the Christianity symbol?
Jack Griffin (2 months ago)
I think the developers didn't want to give the impression that the cult was Christian because they aren't Christian. They take aspects of different religions but the cult doesn't follow Christ or Buddha or Muhammad. They follow the Father.
LEGENDA BSTP (2 months ago)
M00N YIN (2 months ago)
All what I can think about the cult or the Peg, I can't find any similarity of the Peg and Christianity. But what I see the Pegs, acted like corrupted gods, never let their guns fall, and GOD DAMN CRAZY.
Dan Nielsen (2 months ago)
I once was lost. But now i'm found. Was blind. But now i see.
Johnny Skyrim (2 months ago)
Does anyone know anything like this
Johnny Skyrim (2 months ago)
Can we get a full song plz!!!
Jim Aspergers (2 months ago)
cult did nothing wrong
Joseph Seed (12 days ago)
Jim Aspergers Yes my child
I'm Busy (2 months ago)
Why does the Remind of the Ac3 trailer with this song in it
Raymond Thompson (2 months ago)
anyone else notice it says available 2/27/2018. typo lol
vietnam vet11 (2 months ago)
Raymond Thompson that was the original release date
MadCatto (2 months ago)
Probably the most least evil cult in a video game or movie in general. But there still evil.
Supreme Flamingo (2 months ago)
gives me the chills because it would be awesome if they actually held guns in church. Too bad this game is anti christian, its kinda leftist propaganda. they should make a game that is anti Muslim where the community fights off the Muslims. Like if you agree!
Supreme Flamingo (2 months ago)
Joshua Willis (2 months ago)
Mark Solis you are none of the above. You’re just an idiot who needs to delete his account
Supreme Flamingo (2 months ago)
No I am actually an intellectual conservative and patriot and if you don't like that then that is too bad cause this is america baby. Trump 2020.
Joshua Willis (2 months ago)
Mark Solis you’re an idiot
Julian Słupek (2 months ago)
" It's somhtimes Best is to leave well you enough alone "
GamesWork (2 months ago)
All these people saying I’m a Christian and I’m ok with this, first off your looking for Ana regiment no one cares who you are
we never forget (2 months ago)
the ending of this game tho 🤣
LiL GAMER (2 months ago)
Hey ubisoft can you give us a soundtrack of far cry 5?
hunter steel (2 months ago)
they should've given the mad priest role to sam jackson,he can quote the bible in the scariest ways
Jamie Thunder (2 months ago)
I see more comments about people saying they're not being offended and complaining about people being offended... than *actual* comments of people legitimately offended.
Bryan Ingram (2 months ago)
Someone give Joseph Seed a record contract, pronto.
jay sullivan (2 months ago)
If you want to change up the Far Cry series, you can allow a non-lethal playthrough and or add survival elements and allow the player to either live in nature and face the elements and animals(including insects) or live in the civilization but face the people with guns. Obviously, there would be some encounters with people and animals no matter where the player chooses to survive, and the quests would be the same. I know there are a ton of survival games out there, but none of them are even close to the level of polish that this game has. I would love it if this game had a survival mode update or supported Steam's Workshop. Also, I really hope the hunting is much more realistic than the previous Far Cry games. When will AI drastically be improved like graphics have been?
larryx (2 months ago)
So fucking beautiful😍😍😍
Big Boone Squad (2 months ago)
Did he say his lust was lost
vietnam vet11 (2 months ago)
He said I once was lost
BillyBoy (2 months ago)
You better be able to attend one of these church meetings
I need a full vertion of this song
Antonio Braun (2 months ago)
8 days my children
BendyStraw (3 months ago)
The way he looks directly at the camera as he raises his gun gives me the chills. Good chills. Excited chills. Counting the minutes till this game comes out.
NINTENDO XD (3 months ago)
Name of song???
NINTENDO XD (2 months ago)
ABLAI AUBAKIROV (2 months ago)
NINTENDO XD Amazing Grace
Its Red Sky (3 months ago)
Damn he’s actually a good singer

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