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Plan B - Playing With Fire (High Contrast Remix) [Free]

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Text Comments (13)
libz lace (2 years ago)
Sam Dufek (3 years ago)
thefamily (3 years ago)
The Family have just done a cover to Plan B's playing with fire. We'd love any form of feedback as we are trying to grow as artists Many Thanks
Sean Cassidy (3 years ago)
1 person works with fire...
RazGrriZz (3 years ago)
+Sean Cassidy 2 more join him and burning right now.
EndTimeRunner (4 years ago)
Oh yeah. High Contrast. Also nice visuals that you added to this. Sun flare style goes well with the title.
Radoactive Money (4 years ago)
How do i download it on soundcloud i look really stupid but i don't know how
Thomas Jozefiak (3 years ago)
+Radioactive Bunny use this website, it's fool proof and awesome! http://offliberty.com/
Ketonac Rizicni (4 years ago)
Srbija! :)
CrockfordStudios (5 years ago)
Love the remix :)
ExolMedia (5 years ago)
Nechápem prečo tak málo videní, masakra track!
paul carter (5 years ago)
well done, finally a decent rap/grime remix. will keep a look out for future work
SuperDandy10 (5 years ago)
really good song .

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