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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood - Teaser Trailer | PS4

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A new adventure begins in 2017. Watch the very first reveal of the Stormblood expansion, coming to Final Fantasy XIV. Travel to an oppressed land, form new alliances, and train in new jobs to tip the scales of power forever.
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Text Comments (1659)
Bunny Rabbit (7 days ago)
Are they both monks?
Yi zhi Ooi (8 days ago)
Final fantasy 15 better
kapsi (12 days ago)
Why are you fighting mom and dad
Mik Miker (15 days ago)
Okay there are very attractive
Rusty M (21 days ago)
Stevie Bracelen (22 days ago)
*karate kid has left the chat*
SOuL HuNTr328 (22 days ago)
0:56 when your girl wants attention.
Interceptor_YT (23 days ago)
I wish RPG game these days were pixelated instead of 3d
Ajanta D Sangma (1 month ago)
No matter how many times I have seen this I still love it
Hitman (1 month ago)
Tekken 8 ?
Seras Valencia (1 month ago)
El hombre pelea para defenderse, la mujer para entretenerse. Bien explicado en el video
hadhary adawi (1 month ago)
The girl reminds me just like lady lunafreya from FF15
Dawn4 king (1 month ago)
I wish that it had same story and action shown in trailer unlike ffXV which disappoint me a lot 😑😑😑 But has to say that I am really excited about ffxv😳😳😳
kawaii JP (2 months ago)
Ekanem Ukpong (2 months ago)
final fantasy XIV: Street fighter edition
LIFE WH- (2 months ago)
JUAN contazamudio (2 months ago)
TheLM (2 months ago)
Wearing Arabic outfit.. have a Caucasian face & playing kung fu.. welcome to FF world..
Leopard 2 (2 months ago)
Looking straight out of a xianxia/wuxia novel xD
유투버.유니 (2 months ago)
우와 미췬 영상이 미쳤네...
Trainer Alan (2 months ago)
O último não foi o 15?! Agr tinha que ser 16 e não 14, "como assim eu não entendi"
______________ (2 months ago)
romeo and juliet
Mono Ixida (2 months ago)
when western do kung fu...
Daniel Perez (2 months ago)
I was waiting for the big swords
Dessa Knowns (2 months ago)
Can we please have dancer !!!!!
Luqman Hakim (2 months ago)
Gustavo Lobato (2 months ago)
Syamil Choo (2 months ago)
Equality!!! Hahahah gg we're done
Ita Purnama (2 months ago)
She looks like Taylor Swift. Seriously!!!
Shina Chan (2 months ago)
Caralho ta muito show
Crono Channel (2 months ago)
I do not think it is gonna be like the prince Noctice adventure
Snooler Fadly (2 months ago)
This is false. This is mind from crazy mind
Verbose Mode (2 months ago)
Dancer: “I’m bored. Play with me!” **BOOM*
Addie Marie (2 months ago)
I wanna play her
iOnRX9 (2 months ago)
why isn’t this out for xbox?
BadwigFriday B (2 months ago)
Dessa Knowns What ?
Dessa Knowns (2 months ago)
iOnRX9 Because Microsoft are greedy devs. Fabulous life that I live I'm lucky I have both consoles and a Pc.
Snow-chan (3 months ago)
Wait....i had seen this fight in some of the android games promotion....
Nigelssj9 (3 months ago)
So much copied from lotr
ROCK (3 months ago)
كم جزا اعملتو لي هاي العبة يا عرسات
Tuan Nguyen (3 months ago)
As superman so Fast 🤣
DualPlayerTH (3 months ago)
DeMarcus Davis (3 months ago)
I feel this vibe
Wearisomecoin7 92 (3 months ago)
Looks cool,but we all know what it will end up like.
TheDetoxy (3 months ago)
Even thu this is a year old. I want crossplay with xbox and switch please!!!!
Ashlee Altar (2 months ago)
TheDetoxy This game isn't on xbox.
Dan Rodriguez (3 months ago)
There were so many final fantasy games that came out I thought I would see one at e3 and I waited and nothing happened.
Shadow Swift4 (3 months ago)
I can see that they are in love 😏😏
Hazman (3 months ago)
Yes, Switch version incoming! Can't wait it
MyName - IsNotRick (3 months ago)
We need Final Fantasy VII Remake
bruce livingston (3 months ago)
I just now realized this was Lyse, it didn't click with me when I saw her in the game. It's way cooler to watch the trailer now that I know that, lol.
Dan Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Hey what's up
Ryzen Sendpie (4 months ago)
nero claudius?
Donya Fantasy (4 months ago)
Dark Knight (4 months ago)
Wish the game was actually like this and not flooded with nonsense tables and was like ff11 more with its adventure mystery and romantism
ayaka game (4 months ago)
saitar1337 (4 months ago)
Splash232 (4 months ago)
I wonder who is this guy. Another Derplander?
Barsha Das (4 months ago)
Wow see the moves... they are just amazing 😲
Rev Dacosta (4 months ago)
Kousuke Ueki (5 months ago)
Why didnt they added this character into dissidia ff nt..?
Eneri (6 months ago)
In the last scene she looks like Taylor Swift x'D
TacticalVirusTeam (6 months ago)
What’s the name of the soundtrack plz
Selvokaz (6 months ago)
2018 and i still wish Dancer was a type of fighter class similar to how Lyse was fighting in this video.
Captain GEEK (6 months ago)
Shut up and take my money!
Pongsakorn Bantee (6 months ago)
Wait what !!! her face like Taylor Swift
godlike (6 months ago)
Awesome I swear
Novi Damayanti (6 months ago)
Square Enix always makes the best Cutscenes graphics but the gameplay...
Koy Yume (6 months ago)
2 03 NOW KISS!
Ahmad Jarnuji (6 months ago)
blonde hair women use china martial arts (kung fu) -_-
Titan Slayer (6 months ago)
Pay 14,95€ per month to play. Then buy 39,95€ DLC.
Francis Santiago (6 months ago)
Looks like Chinese concept
Devendra Pisda (6 months ago)
Imagine if they were fucki#g each other
Gamer Amit (7 months ago)
Wow.....where is noctis in this game
FTG-Omega Tamil (7 months ago)
The graphics look like the trailer is actually cut from an movie
Chris jason (7 months ago)
goku vs jiren nice
Pemilian Nomita (7 months ago)
That's Tekken Arena 1:04
XD Gaming (7 months ago)
The guy looks hot BTW XD but why is he so strong? She's not even getting a chance to beat him
Allan Palaganas (7 months ago)
Street fighter x tekken.. Haha
Dante Son of Sparda (7 months ago)
Pewitt totally not cool to fight if you dead you're gonna"be restart your problem
Sky Star (7 months ago)
nisa kml (8 months ago)
story line gonna be meh
Papa Teodosio (8 months ago)
So racist that even they dont use their own etnicy... my god...
Tony Fei (8 months ago)
Hot chick!
KUSAL Seven (8 months ago)
Rpg Stories (8 months ago)
Movies should take in mind this kind of cinematics to learn how to show a proper speed fighting without shakes, darkness background or anything that makes those fights blurr and dizzy.
A S (8 months ago)
Rarely I see a hot guy from SE beside Gabranth 😍😍
hjhh lkj (9 months ago)
OH MY GOD........
Wei Man (9 months ago)
Kong Fu owns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larryk Games (9 months ago)
characters name?
Danza Blade (10 months ago)
What name film like this??
Khairon K12 (10 months ago)
Qui sont les 2 personnages svp?
X Mess (10 months ago)
I ship it
Lya_is_Here :D (11 months ago)
Everytime I watch this I almost want to cry of awesomeness! 😂
FAHAD Qadi (11 months ago)
Bagua vs hungar
Allison Rodriguez (11 months ago)
It gave away too much for a teaser. All in all it has good graphics, fight scene, and good music. My question is why was the wind flying evertime they punched? I'm not saying it's bad it's actually pretty good. They were both entirely in sinc. Thumbs up if you agree!
RaptorRed79 (11 months ago)
I see this trailer and all I can think is "And Thus another great Love Story Begins!" I think I'm reading/watching to much anime,
Kazer Pegasus Horse (11 months ago)
Mason Lee (11 months ago)
I like the man. The woman better get back to doing kitchen work.
Jone Jones (11 months ago)
So this is where BDO got their idea of Striker and Mystic from...
germanmejor (11 months ago)
what is she? the blonde girl? is a monk?
B 80 (1 year ago)
Lyse!! :))
Lol (1 year ago)
/cry/ noctis gladio prompto ignis where are there /cry/

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