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Resistance: Fall of Man (Game Movie)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is my movie version of the FPS video game Resistance: Fall of Man.
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Text Comments (51)
Susan Boyce (1 month ago)
Best campaign storyline ever
Kovosis Cainian (2 months ago)
May Someday Ninth Wave But You Guys Are Stupid
Mel Chabot (3 months ago)
vous et te bon💩
james Siegel (5 months ago)
I was sometimes you would just shoot at the sky for no reason making me so confused
Sigiswulf (4 months ago)
He was doing that because the weapon he was using at the time can fire a homing beacon at enemies, making the projectiles track them until they die.
David Brady (5 months ago)
The scorpions were so annoying
Jan Remsa (5 months ago)
Thank you for the movie.
Padpaw22 (10 months ago)
Never really explains why ww2 never happened in this timeline. germany could have still attacked all those other countries excluding russia.
Sigiswulf (4 months ago)
WW2 didn't happen because of the foundation of the ETO, which was basically the EU and NATO rolled into one package, and Germany was granted membership.
Brandon Welman (11 months ago)
Taps (11 months ago)
I played all Thre of those. Part 3 is fked up.
Foxtrod (11 months ago)
Bolshevik Leninist (1 year ago)
Too many combat scenes
Natasha Aicken (2 months ago)
it is a war game not kid game xddddd
Bolshevik Leninist (1 year ago)
So basically Hale is a God
Lee Walton (1 year ago)
So many inaccuracies
Chris Grammount (1 year ago)
So I don't know much about this games lore, but did war war 1 and 2 happen, or what?
Colonel Parker (14 hours ago)
World War II Didn't happen in Resistance Universal... but Chimeran War ( 1949-1957 ) Worse than WW2 because the 90% Human Population were killed by these alien - This war was inspired by WW2 but Replace the German enemies to Alien (Chimera)
stephen connell (8 months ago)
WW2 cancelled due to lack of people due to Aliens.
Chris Grammount (1 year ago)
So they can prevent World war 2 and the great depression, just not there own demise lol. How interesting
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
Wikipedia: "The alternate history of the Resistance series diverges from current history primarily at the end of World War I, leading to the formation of the European Trade Organization, a continental peacekeeping alliance, and worldwide peace, preventing the Great Depression, the rise of the Nazi Germany, and World War II."
Grey Leader99 (1 year ago)
I forgot this game existed
Natasha Aicken (2 months ago)
Grey Leader99 (1 year ago)
Ramsay Bolton I think a movie would've been pretty damn cool
Ramsay Bolton (1 year ago)
Grey Leader99 Me too! lol. I wish they made a movie or continued this game...
Jeff Trägheit (1 year ago)
not bad but kinda choppy. solid effort.
romina diaz (1 year ago)
yo tengo el juegos ese
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
fearthewolf1175 (1 year ago)
Has anyone else noticed that on Hale's collar he has the rank of a captain yet the storyline says he is a sergeant or is it just me?
Scott Caruana (1 year ago)
I have one but I lost it sorry
Mariano Sanchez (1 year ago)
Scott Caruana good for you
Scott Caruana (1 year ago)
and my name is gain
Scott Caruana (1 year ago)
well now I have minecraft
Sp3cial21 Gaming (1 year ago)
I was World #1 Headshots and World #1 Sniper on this game. Brings back so many good memories. R:FoM really does deserve to be Remastered for the PS4, not the other resistance games though as they were bad.
Horatio Nelson (4 months ago)
2 was a mixed bag for me. I think it wandered away from a lot of interesting story concepts from 1, like the cloven, and making another game set in America was, blah, whereas there aren't many shooters set in Britain. I also didn't like how the game shifted away from the common soldier and focused on special forces. You never work with regular American soldiers, you only work with SRPA guys. The gameplay was also made very CoD like with the new health system and two weapon limit. But I did like the pure chimera concept and the ending cliffhanger, oh, and all the Henry Stillman stuff. The game also has some unforgettable imagery, like the chimeran fleet over San Francisco. Then Resistance 3 totally dropped the ball on that ending cliffhanger, skipping over the epic invasion promised at the end of Resistance 2, and it even switched genres, from military science-fiction, to post apocalyptic. The series had a big identity crisis, and while the gameplay was better than 2, the story was super underwhelming, mainly due to the lame ending. No pure chimera were witnessed, no truths about the chimeran homeworld revealed, you know, the big reveals you have to end a trilogy. Instead Joe blows up one tower, with the help of a handful of friends, and this ends the entire war. Lame. I wanted allied armour to push through swarms of widowmakers across the snow swept plains, in a now endless Russian winter in a hard-fought campaign. But Joe blew up one tower, and that ended the whole war. I thought the chimera learned after Resistance 1 to not rely on one tower like that. They changed their whole conversion process and command structure! Truth is, the series was poorly planned. Each game feels like it was made by a completely different team, and the story, across the series, never really feels cohesive. It's a franchise of great ideas, like for all the shit I give Resistance 3 the idea of feral chimera is pretty cool, but it never quite executes them to the degree that it should. Resistance 1 was the closest I think they got to having the original series concept actually be portrayed on screen.
David Brady (5 months ago)
Sp3cial21 Gaming 2 wasn't bad
Sarah Kramer (11 months ago)
lord blood (1 year ago)
short controlled bursts=better accuracy . js
dmitrii ivlev (1 year ago)
эй провокаторы итого мира вы что повсевременно трогаете РОССИЮ вам больше не чего мастерить а ? .вы уже надоели, если у вас немало средств то не растрачивайте на пропаганду против РОССИИ, а дайте, положите мне на счёт либо карточку, я бы вам благодарю произнес бы вот и всё, а РОССИЮ касаться не нужно она БЫЛА,ЕСТЬ, И БУДЕТ вечно ясно!!!!!!!!!!.
withou audio is really good
Billy Yoder (1 year ago)
This is actually like Cthulhu myths
Sigiswulf (2 months ago)
Yoder is a common name among them
Billy Yoder (2 months ago)
Sigiswulf no why
Sigiswulf (4 months ago)
Are you Deitsch?
jhn wks (2 years ago)
this is your life cartoons lol
Killer Orca (2 years ago)
I forgot how awesome this game was when it first came out...they really messed it up with the third one.
Killer Orca (1 year ago)
+xenoblade/final fantasy fan boy Julian Nathan Hale Lives
Alex Estrada (2 years ago)
Will you do a Resistance 2 movie?
jacksoneous johnson (3 months ago)
Alex Estrada I like your icon its from fallout 4
DoublePlays (2 years ago)
+Foxtrod Super-Human difficulty?
Foxtrod (2 years ago)
+Alex Estrada Yes, definetely!

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