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Built exclusively for VR, Contagion VR: Outbreak will immerse you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Relive the stories of multiple survivors, team up with your friends in any of our cooperative multiplayer modes, or test your skills against other players in one of our PVP modes! The intro music is covered by my friend and not original! Website: http://www.contagion-outbreak.com/ MERPS REVIEW SCORE: • GAMEPLAY 8/10 • GRAPHICS 8/10 • AUDIO 8/10 • IMMERSIVENESS 9/10 • LENGTH 7/10 OVERALL: HOLY SHIT, I love the atmosphere in this contagious vr outbreak demo! Yes that's right, it's just a demo and you can check it out on steam! I've played the normal game on pc for a couple of month's with friends and the multiplayer pvp is just so fun and awesome to play! I can confirm that this will be in the VR version aswell! But for now we can only enjoy this demo! The atmosphere, zombies, weapons, story is just so freaking appealing! I hope you enjoyed this video! Would I buy this game again if I lost my steam account? It's a free demo! I love it! MY VR SYSTEM: • I7 2700K 4.6GHZ overclock watercooled • ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z • 12GB RAM • GTX1080 MSI SEAHAWK WATERCOOLED & OVERCLOCKED. • 256 SSD + 1TB HDD. Are you a VR developer and you have a business offer? • kingdtommy@gmail.com THANKS FOR WATCHING AND CATCH YOU IN THE NEXT VIDEO! MUCH LOVE, MERP
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Text Comments (9163)
Monica Acorda (3 hours ago)
This is a game or real life
Alen Guilldez (4 hours ago)
A la viejo, me meo xdddddddd
alexander ogando (8 hours ago)
Name of the game
what is name of this game??
H Cover Boy (14 hours ago)
you such ......
H Cover Boy (14 hours ago)
really this a movie ??? or you are playing a game.....
Ramire Alowonle (14 hours ago)
i like the last of us music
MrDefective (16 hours ago)
Looks wank
abood_3100 (21 hours ago)
the way he plays the game its just like movies
iKAiBiGAN (1 day ago)
(13:50) TV: Do you have a problem? Zombie: *YEEeEeEeEeS....*
Ja’voni White (1 day ago)
asdfgh1987ify (1 day ago)
marc pablo (1 day ago)
DA Wizad (1 day ago)
heatt (1 day ago)
Yoooo this shit is fun
Mark Zaikov (1 day ago)
AAAAH i really love the role playing, it adds spooks and atmosphere to the game
marc pablo (1 day ago)
Play The Tony
Unitrazer (1 day ago)
May I ask why the hell the exit is a bloodbag?
Renan Sampedro (2 days ago)
i've finally been able to play this demo. It's way worse than it looks in the video. There's a lot of details like the limitations of the hand, the aiming of the weapons, some weird invisible walls and a lot more that made the experience weird. This have a lot of potencial but it NEEDS desperately a lot of fixed and reworks. I hope they don't give up on the project, it seems like one hell of a challange, but if better executed can be one of the best VR experiences so far.
Marcus Lujan (2 days ago)
Captions are distracting...
Corvon H Lordhaze (2 days ago)
That was great man!
Dean Stuart Music (2 days ago)
Acting was shit
Allan Zbrhodeski (2 days ago)
MERPTV what computer and set up do you have, I love these graphics and I need to buy one just like this,even if better!
Furz Gt (2 days ago)
Bro i love this game
Paul von Hindenburg (2 days ago)
The original was abandoned don't buy into this shit.
Sheela P. K (2 days ago)
ya f***!!! game
Rebin Idris (2 days ago)
The name
He couldve switched the tv off , in case of shooting it.
Its gray plays (3 days ago)
I didn't know what the game was but when I heard the music I flipped my shit...2018
Katie Ribbonz (3 days ago)
Shut that crow up
GrimWeiss - (3 days ago)
What's going on? Oh my god whats going on? Holy shit whats going on? Whats going on?
Rahul Dhurve (3 days ago)
One day it will happen in real
TheCreeperGuy (3 days ago)
I love it how you act like it's real life, Like it's not a game... I think everyone should do that this is great
MaxxX (3 days ago)
13:12 Zombie is like: Yeeeeeeah
Jomana Shaheen (3 days ago)
This is amazing I subscribed
T0xic (3 days ago)
I think if tgey had multiplayer it should be like 4 players 2 in one apartment and the other players in another apartment maybe on a different floor and say one the players if they choose male in both apartments they one could have been spending the night as he broke up or was having family problems so it would make sense for there to be two men. Or maybe brothers
T0xic (3 days ago)
Seen this before.
POP squad (3 days ago)
Bullshit, fuck that
I love your role play
Rainbow Wafer (4 days ago)
1:30 35MM(Pashal Egg)
Adrian Ortiz (4 days ago)
What’s the name of this game and is it on xbox1 or PS4
Mp 42 (4 days ago)
How can you still be alive fp
Darren Volex (4 days ago)
is on the PS4 vr
olakease :v (4 days ago)
Is the same music what the last of us have? Or... what?
Daniel Deville (4 days ago)
*drops shotgun and conveniently finds a fully loaded ar-15 in an apartment lobby*
Moldygreenbean (2 days ago)
Well the SWAT members were killed in the room
Carl Maiwald (3 days ago)
Daniel Deville that was an m4 not an ar15.
Daniel Deville (4 days ago)
No urgency to get to his wife at all lmao
harry sanchez (4 days ago)
The dialogue sucks
Jared Braun (4 days ago)
What are your gaming rig specs. Interested in getting into vr but want to know the costs before I decide to get into it.
cristian henriquez (5 days ago)
Jajajaja i laught all the video.. you never aim , you shake your hands more than a chihuahua. Jajaja.
MERPTV (4 days ago)
Good thing I acted all and next to that you are looking through my left eye, so I was aiming sometimes but you didnt see it.. Get your facts straight ugly man! Whos laughing now..
Black_ Knight736 (5 days ago)
watch one day a person using a vr will get a heart attack I know it
holly butner (5 days ago)
Games badass. When they make a zombie type game thats multiplayer and the alien franchise ill buy it and play iy forever
Adam Foil (5 days ago)
it was the theme from the last of us.
Yaroslav - Blyat (5 days ago)
PewDiePie should play this... The problem is he will flood his pussy out.
Confliced Gamer Brian (5 days ago)
Damn this game is amazing. Also love the RP you're doing!
Sai Kumar (5 days ago)
VR is just a prototype. The real gaming will come. The "Ready Player One" Movie Shows 80% Of Future Online Battle Royale games.
elilol tv (5 days ago)
This Game Looks reale nice But its nothing for me But if i Look this Game on YouTube its very nice
EBK Bishop (6 days ago)
This was actually scary I wanna play
LUPEX 675 (6 days ago)
El mejor
VECTOR2009 GAMEPLAY (6 days ago)
Omg the best game
Geert Kristalijn (6 days ago)
Great game💯💯👌🔥
YT Phoenixzzz (6 days ago)
Wow man just the thought that this could happen at any moment is terrifying
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phön nixs (6 days ago)
This Game is so Scary
Chris Redfield (6 days ago)
How can you aim? I see that there was no crosshair in the game
User_ 2205 (7 days ago)
His wife was pregnant beacuse watch 8:15 baby bed without baby.
Ice Corgi 13 (7 days ago)
I love ya channel mate
Ice Corgi 13 (7 days ago)
Kubilay Bozoglu (7 days ago)
Is this the voice of dathlinogla 😂
eagle clan (7 days ago)
Is this PS4?
Ismael Ortiz (7 days ago)
Hey yall is ps4 VR worth it?
La realidad virtual es una mierda
Mister_Matix (7 days ago)
the lost of us music
Cindy Romero (7 days ago)
That loading time though. :(
WECORE BR (7 days ago)
Tje fav part,has been when you was open the door and the cop hit it. Really i almost die man...
KBT19X (7 days ago)
Would I freak like him? Oh yes!
GaYmer (7 days ago)
Pee shit!
Fabian Flo.o (7 days ago)
Realmente hermoso 😒😍😍
Shan Ming (7 days ago)
Well we know if this were real the outbreak would be over in a matter of a few weeks at most cuz gamers would mop the floor with zombies regular people would just add to the zombies LOCK AND LOAD!
SaltyCxnt (7 days ago)
Tony Your a Spud
Shabi_no_Samuri (7 days ago)
wow you realy feel tense xD
M.N. M (7 days ago)
I have high hopes on VR well its to early but in the future I wonder will they invent some game just like in the anime called SAO
XxJAZONxX (7 days ago)
Cringey voice
Dekert Pankeke (8 days ago)
Que mrd hago acá :v
Soiled Flapjacks (8 days ago)
When the player has better voice acting than the paid voice actors.
Iguardwisconsin berry (8 days ago)
So what about the guy's wife
Constance Connie (8 days ago)
I wanna play!!
Takeshi Gen (8 days ago)
Why did you put away the M4?? You had a ton of magazines but you switched to the weak ass pistol.
katsoodles (8 days ago)
8:39 that guy’s head snapped off like a kit-kat bar
Logan Wallace (8 days ago)
What is this called?
Grimli Nox (8 days ago)
14:07 yeah
Grimli Nox (8 days ago)
6:00 INNE MEDIUM music 😁👌 and more a sad music
If I were a Zombie (8 days ago)
Game looks great. Your commentary and subtitles are so F*CKING annoying...
If I were a Zombie (4 days ago)
Make me.
Cool AdminGuy (5 days ago)
If I were a Zombie stfu
Apoorva Kumar (8 days ago)
Which game
Royce Bathory (8 days ago)
reminds me of a shittier version of dead island
James Destroyer3 (8 days ago)
Is this supposed to be like Ehhhhhhhhh I forgot the game lmao
John Rio Dandan (9 days ago)
I thought when i clicked the vid it was going to be a thrailer
Frosty Ken (9 days ago)
10:16 "Ah my heart, F*%$!"
Todd Howard (9 days ago)
New idea Zombies that don’t attack you if you tell them to chill the fuck out
Lian Aguirre (9 days ago)
I need more of this game please

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