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Equestrian Realm (Old Video) [Roleplay] [Classes] [Survival]

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NEW UPDATED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iatbtg_Ls8k Website: http://equestrianrealm.com/ Server IP: mc.equestrianrealm.com Equestrian Realm is a role-play server where you play as a pony. Create your original character and then set off in the expansive land of Dresenia (a land similar to Equestria but with different history and secrets) meeting friends and foes alike. EQR lets you choose your own race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus), each one is unique and has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can join user made towns, or, once you have enough bits, you can start your own. Whether you're: killing monster's for bits, meeting new and interesting ponies, exploring the many towns and structures that other ponies have created, mining for riches, attending one of the community's events with old friends, or making new ones, EQR is a fun and friendly environment for everypony! *This video is out of date* -The Equestrian Realm MC Server now takes place in Dresenia, a nation far away from Equestria. -This choice gives players more freedom to come up with their own stories and allows a fresh take on the MLP:FiM theme in terms of lore. Music: Makkon - Celestia Origins extended battle theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PLs7QuwzRc
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Text Comments (89)
firejammr24 (1 year ago)
Twilight Sparkles Will beat the hell out of u
Alex gaming (1 year ago)
where did u get that FREAKING MAP plz tell me/reply
Ethan Kelly (1 year ago)
why is there a big penis sticki out of th house at 0:40???!??!?!?!@?1 ' \
paw fect (9 months ago)
puppylover64 (1 year ago)
Smellyshoe123 it was a telescope you silly
みゆみかん (2 years ago)
Esther Sparkle™ (2 years ago)
Hi frends
LuminousSolar (2 years ago)
Is this a server (what is address
Kiersten kirby (7 months ago)
Cool city
Red der (2 years ago)
There's one thing about your server you never got right Rick you let me in and I think you may know who I am I originally joined just when ther server was starting before Salitra left I've been banned many times by Hexios and yeah I just wanna say to you if you ever are going to reset the map or anything please keep Salitras castle please respond to this Rick
Bendy Ink (1 year ago)
Red der ..................... Did you rush that comment?
hesti marlinda (2 years ago)
this is a 3D i dont now
LittleCreeperGaming123 (3 years ago)
Very good trailer/intro! :D
Nadyne Vitoria (3 years ago)
Helicopter Prince (4 years ago)
Such a frustrating experience for newcomers. I applied for this server and then get approved, then I jump in and I am a Guest so i can't even talk to other players and I didn't start in the area that lets you choose a race. I can't talk to other players and I can't interact with anything and don't have any of the powers. I can't even get a hold of anyone on the site. So frustrated. >:/
Amanda Cabanayan (2 years ago)
RixMixed (4 years ago)
Sorry about this, there's a problem with our permissions system and we're looking into it now. If you're still experiencing any problems, please private message Amby or Duskfall on the site.
Brony Hooves (4 years ago)
Mother Of Celestia...
igottheglitches (4 years ago)
wont let me join the server
Looks boring
+NECRONNEX What the fuck. I'm just scrolling through google plus one day and I see this. Haha xd. I was one big fucking weirdo.
NECRONNEX (4 years ago)
+Princess Carlton ok
+The3ZenMastersDakota talk to you later
NECRONNEX (4 years ago)
+Princess Carlton what does ttyl mean lol?
+The3ZenMastersDakota hm. Well ttyl. *ran out of dialogue*
abenek (4 years ago)
is premium :c
abenek (4 years ago)
or i nedd the mod?
Victoria ivey (4 years ago)
the server ip is in the discripsion
mouseykungfudoesmine (4 years ago)
WhiteWolves (4 years ago)
First of all how do u download the mod and make it work for multi player Second of all I cant play the server cuz it wont let meh
FartOnCats (4 years ago)
What is the server ip
ItzAshie (4 years ago)
why not 1.6.2 plz
Kyasarin (4 years ago)
the server still alive?
The Misleading Title (4 years ago)
one thing WHEN UPDATED?
AvoxPaine (4 years ago)
I signed up for a membership today not yet approved or declined,and I was wondering if I was allowed to play it if it isnt approved or declined yet
I want that map so much!!!😊
Nadezda Babanina (4 years ago)
U need to fill in the application for ur character, NO MLP CHARACTERS like rainbow dash or twilight or sry derpy etc
Derpy Whooves (4 years ago)
Phennius Aria Blaze (4 years ago)
Skyethewolf (4 years ago)
joshua reyes (4 years ago)
The Misleading Title (4 years ago)
I tried the server its 1.6.2 right now so :P
joshua reyes (4 years ago)
+Flutter Bat um i want to play the server but the ip isn't working for me they said the video is out of date is the ip to did they change it.
The Misleading Title (4 years ago)
RainbowDashplaysMC (4 years ago)
I hope this allows you to be a pony without the mod
The Misleading Title (4 years ago)
you need the mod to be a pony but you can join the server without the mod
S.C.K Brony (4 years ago)
Getting it once I get minecraft
Lesley Cruz (4 years ago)
so awsome!
Tuva Ringdahl (5 years ago)
Can cer (5 years ago)
whats IP
ILovePusheenCat (5 years ago)
Are you ever gonna update the server?
MoonChild (5 years ago)
OMG! I just dropped my phone
Laura Kolontaja (5 years ago)
I dont like this. I LOVE THIS!
Maria Møller (5 years ago)
WOW that's is...... AWESOME!!
DerpyD YAY (5 years ago)
littlestpetshop15963 (5 years ago)
this looks so cool but do I NEED the mod?
Christopher Alyadumi (5 years ago)
Cuz if so I know what I'm gunna be
Christopher Alyadumi (5 years ago)
Are we aloud to mine and build
Asher Knight (5 years ago)
Asher Knight (5 years ago)
wats the ip
Hamster Cow (5 years ago)
*claps slowly then quickly* *wakes up neighbors
Hamster Cow (5 years ago)
you do need mine little pony but thats it
Tanika Walters (5 years ago)
Do you need to have the mod to play or is it automatically installed, if thats even possible.
ColdBrew Gaming (5 years ago)
i would like to go to this world but when i tried it said unknown host
TheGamingFreak74 (5 years ago)
TheGamingFreak74 (5 years ago)
Love for mlp OVERLOAD
mechaniloid (5 years ago)
I join, give me the ip please
bloodb三 (5 years ago)
its on their website <3
Dingo (5 years ago)
Idk if im not understanding this or what... Im trying to put this mod in a server, but it doesnt seems to work (At least not to me), cuz i still seeing normal player in 2 feets (I tried to install it in mi server, and play it in this server, but i still see normal players) hummm so... Wath is it? (Sorry for the bad english)
Edward - Luna (5 years ago)
Sarah Lemyre (5 years ago)
Andrue' Garrunt (5 years ago)
Server IP?
Andrue' Garrunt (5 years ago)
I wanna join. please read Applications :3

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