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25 AMAZING Details in Far Cry 5

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Here's over 25 Small Details in Far Cry 5, this game is great and is full of loads of little details, especially related to the wildlife so I hope you enjoy. Check out More Videos Here: 10 Far Cry 2 Details: https://youtu.be/aiTtcVRu5Rw 7 Sea of Thieves Details: https://youtu.be/cLukFbtVxdk 28 Witcher 3 Details: https://youtu.be/86OquRgDc6UZ 31 Uncharted 4 Details (Part 2): https://youtu.be/v4ptcICeAlg 25 Uncharted Details (Part 1): https://youtu.be/hAtsv1awuI8 9 Kingdom Come Details: https://youtu.be/PpCh4C-wyl8 Top 10 Details of 2017: https://youtu.be/HH_lT-yDHYI 16 Tomb Raider Details: https://youtu.be/nJcWshZCdYI 11 Watch Dogs 2 Details: https://youtu.be/znNKbule568 20 Battlefield 1 Details: https://youtu.be/CGGII8vVjjU Assassin's Creed Origins Details Part 1 - 20 Details: https://youtu.be/SOzyOPGCyBQ Subscribe and Hit the Notification Bell to Keep up to Date with When I Upload! ►Subscribe to me here!: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c… ►Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/o_knightz_o/ Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by parent company Ubisoft. The game is set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, where a preacher named Joseph Seed (portrayed by Greg Bryk) has risen to prominence. Seed believes that he has been chosen to protect the people of Hope County from an "inevitable collapse" and has established a congregation called the Project at Eden's Gate. Ostensibly, this is to fulfill his mission of leading the people to salvation; in reality, Seed is a radical preacher and Eden's Gate is a militaristic doomsday cult. Under his rule, Eden's Gate has used both coercion and violence to forcibly convert the residents of Hope County, and intimidation to keep them from contacting the outside world for help. When an attempt to arrest Seed ends with the abduction of several lawmen, the player is swept into the armed conflict between Eden's Gate and the remaining Hope County residents, who are organizing themselves into a resistance movement. Music: Far Cry 5 Theme
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Text Comments (2819)
Sir Jedsalot (19 hours ago)
Just gonna show mating
Sir Jedsalot (19 hours ago)
Eetu Palo (1 day ago)
Was that voice at the beginning Alexander from Amnesia: The Dark Descent?
BlazeAle tv (1 day ago)
aad kliklaminaat (2 days ago)
Alot of these details are in the older far crys to, ya know..
NoTime4This (3 days ago)
5:59 I'll always be watching you
sled necks (3 days ago)
I wish FarCry had 3rd person
DAMON BAIRD (4 days ago)
Yo soy Mexicano y me doy cuenta que en el minuto 10:01 dice: "Murica" a lo que se trata de referir a "Marica".
bomb prank bomb prank (5 days ago)
far cry 2 is better than this shit
Jaren Collins (6 days ago)
I love the music
Because this is America
Arthur Morgan (8 days ago)
1000 AMAZING Details in Red Dead Redemption 2
I will kill every person who hurts Boomer and Cheeseburger with the Shovel Launcher
Mala Galappatti (8 days ago)
මේ මොකද්ද
Yokey gaming 101 (10 days ago)
Most of these details skyrim have.and skyrim is older than this
Sydp0808 - (10 days ago)
Wow amazing facts about farcry 5 and guess what fact the first fact is dirt under your nail wow totally amazing and not useless at all
Red Panda (10 days ago)
Bulletz4 Breakfast (11 days ago)
Wolf Pack (11 days ago)
Number 17 best one so far lol
king doge (12 days ago)
The animals fuck
Murica sucks
Ennd Léo (15 days ago)
Lel the far cry 3 and 2 is best
Chicken Play (15 days ago)
Andy Genschoreck (16 days ago)
quasi•momentum9 (18 days ago)
Oh my gawd, this is truly insane! Wish I had an Xbox.
HyperShadow (19 days ago)
This is america and murica (because I watched the whole video xD)
kajtolak (20 days ago)
9:27 dat ass
Austin Rocky (21 days ago)
glad to see your video. i though all it left on youtube is crowbcat, the act man, and aids
PÃNŹÇAKĘ (22 days ago)
*A N I M A L C R U E L T Y*
PÃNŹÇAKĘ (22 days ago)
Isaiah Lozano (22 days ago)
5:50 I'm sorry that I let you down
Logan Morgan (23 days ago)
Murica f yah
C Type (23 days ago)
felipeeira (23 days ago)
i don't mind seeing people being gutted, stabed or shot at but at 1:31 you broke my heart man
Szymon Chlebicki (24 days ago)
Samuel Drake (24 days ago)
Soooo lovely
aidan wright (25 days ago)
This game doesn't have many good details compared to farcry 2, (I've played this) they're good but farcry 2 has some really good ones that this game doesn't and that's 10 years old
Peytonthe German (25 days ago)
Murica biatch
Mödare Gaming (25 days ago)
KingKarma 235 (25 days ago)
Altaïr Ibn-La Ahad (26 days ago)
Dream Studio (26 days ago)
yusuf mirza aktaş (26 days ago)
Do u want a detail? Bulls can fuck cows
GalaxyTraveler (27 days ago)
Cool, but no thanks. Back to BF2 :)
Bess (27 days ago)
Animal poop in containers
Ice Carbon X (27 days ago)
No animals were hurt during the making of this video.
Harald12678 (29 days ago)
Murica With sniper
Arctic Fox (29 days ago)
ARTube (29 days ago)
What is this game all about? What type of game is this?
HarribroGames (29 days ago)
We love this game!!!
Jack McConnell (29 days ago)
Having not played far cry 2 (or any of the other really) I don’t really have anything to, and am certainly not disappointed with the end result. Was actually pleasantly surprised, liked the ga,e a lot
suschi fu (30 days ago)
There are so many beautiful and peaceful moments in this game...love it
Amazing the Film (1 month ago)
Cool detail I spotted The enemies spurt blood when shot Crazy right?
metehan tanisik (1 month ago)
we found boomer now we must found the others : charger smoker tank witch hunter spitter jockey
Fernando Gonzalez (1 month ago)
CHRIS_PLAYER 951 (1 month ago)
Can't wait to get it, does it run well on PC?
Brian (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 reminds me the movie the good dinosaur
Dailytexting Stories! (1 month ago)
How do you know that’s dirt? 😬
Dylan (1 month ago)
DownUndergamingboi (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 has better graphics than Battlefield 1. Fight me
SansIndoGaming (1 month ago)
The unbalace in high places is been in far cry series since fc3
hugues renaud (1 month ago)
Body Ahmed (1 month ago)
5:56 that man on the bridge is like u gonna die 😐😐xD
vladimir nakuzing (1 month ago)
Uttam Saha (1 month ago)
nice video, mon ami
RelyableFork31 (1 month ago)
Background music is intro music of dakotaz’s fth videos
rar_key (1 month ago)
0:28 my dog does the same but on both land and water, but he doesn't drink on land (duh)
Mouneeb Kader (1 month ago)
Frankie Da_pug (1 month ago)
analbeanie (1 month ago)
Marek Magyar (1 month ago)
Graham Vlogs (1 month ago)
Razvi Bocra (1 month ago)
Alex D. (1 month ago)
Colby johnson (1 month ago)
Ori Komerchero (1 month ago)
Gamers Update (1 month ago)
10:30 Wtf
HEADSHOT GAMES (1 month ago)
HEADSHOT GAMES (1 month ago)
Please colocar legends portugues br
TreyISbeast 799 (1 month ago)
Awesome video 👌
mysterious films (1 month ago)
Cpt. Delirious (1 month ago)
Its like the combination of fcp and fc4
Bjorn de Wit (1 month ago)
gamez yolo (1 month ago)
Pooplayer Proo (1 month ago)
Ezio Auditore (1 month ago)
I had the Bayek outfit from assassin creed origins.
Lego Arsenal (1 month ago)
Sumona Sumona (1 month ago)
You put the flame the dog's bum/ass
OptimisticBleach (1 month ago)
1:49 why would you show that on the most beloved fluffers?
Javed Ansari (1 month ago)
take out new video
akameアカメ (1 month ago)
Diamond Pandas (1 month ago)
wan baw (1 month ago)
10:22 epic detail ever from ubisoft
Kalliopi Kentrou (1 month ago)
Very nice video and a very nice game!
RVCOD gamer (1 month ago)
ANUBIS GAMER (1 month ago)
Amazing game
Jaden Soria (1 month ago)
Vexman Hex (1 month ago)
Once I caught a bull fucking a cow

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