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This is EXTREME demonic possession! The deliverance of Enny Eboka may be hard to swallow, especially if it is your first time of seeing such raw satanic exposure. However, we encourage you to watch his testimony and confession to the very end without jumping to any hasty conclusions. As T.B. Joshua says, "The spiritual world is REAL and Christianity is not to be practiced as a hobby, for there are real dangers in it." STAY CONNECTED TO EMMANUEL TV: - Like us on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/tbjministries - Follow us on Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/tbjoshua - Follow us on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/scoantbjoshua - Subscribe to our YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/scoanvideos?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (7551)
Soniya Bairwa (1 day ago)
God is good all the time
namelessandfaceless (2 days ago)
So sad.  This is so fake.  TB Joshua is a sickness, as is Prophet Daniel.  And I am sick and tired of people like this saying that magicians are evil when we clearly are not.  FAKE!!!
Oliver Kaoma (4 days ago)
Every satanic,demonic possession be terminated in Jesus name
Anthonia love (4 days ago)
In the name of God
Freddie Lindeque (6 days ago)
The demons are very gentle on TB Joshua's equipment. Mr. Enny is clearly not in control of himself, but the demons will not let him trip over any of the mic leads or any other wires on the floor. They probably know TB Joshua will deduct any damage to the equipment from Mr. Enny's pay.
Ranajyoti Pegu (7 days ago)
I wish if I were a part of this congregation singing with them and praising the Almighty God..
Ranajyoti Pegu (7 days ago)
I love this video .. praise the Lord God....and those who don't believe this video are antichrist or seeds of the serpent..I would like to thank the one who uploaded this video..amen
I worship god he is the one who gave me my family my brother ecerything basically i love my sweet sweet Lord GOD IS GOOD
Samantha McKenzie (8 days ago)
This is far too prolonged. Why play with this evil...why so many questions.
ramil cabus (8 days ago)
Sweetgrace dacera (8 days ago)
2018 ... and some comment is rude your not God to judge .. God knows what that pastor doing .. human are human not God.. so if thats their belief leave it... just be Good and let God happy of what are doing ...
Darel Dacayana (9 days ago)
it looks like stage drama
Dave free (9 days ago)
I can't judge my body but power is quick..... Lights flees darkness
Rocky dehh (9 days ago)
min37:11 thats the way to pray!!!!!!! like an muslim with the head on the ground .. thx to jesus the great prophet of the only god
Rocky dehh (9 days ago)
demons are from the sea.. read the holy quran to learn all about. the djinn^s are bannished to the sea.. but if there is no real light in the lamp(stomach) the djins find it cool and smooth to sit in there.. but is there some light in it(the only god^s light) they find it to hot to sit there
Elysha Valerio (9 days ago)
Wow. God Jesus the God of Abraham Isaac and Israel is real. Thank you Lord Jesus
Gulshan Aalani (10 days ago)
What a bloody drama in the name of Jesus. Full of Frauds.
Gulshan Aalani (10 days ago)
Who are you kidding? This is the evil doings of the wise man who is commanding the man to do all the silly things in the name of Jesus. Wise man has possessed him, but lying that the evil has possessed him. Stop such lies and frauds in the name of Jesus (AS). Wise man Daniel has the Demonic power and makes him do all such acts. You are committing a sin. If yu know what is a sin.
Apex Mob (10 days ago)
Watch his eyes and face in slowmotion
gailandcarol (10 days ago)
Wasnt that turbo from breakin? How could anyone believe this foolishness
Mark Beckett (10 days ago)
I do believe in a supreme creator. And I also believe to every great king , there's several enemies, in our case labeled the Devil. But come on my people!! This is obviously an athletic flexible guy acting a script out. I can't believe people are actually falling for this. If there was an actual demon present in this dude, these pastors would be running out that building with their dirty stinking deceiving asses!! Goes on to show how easily the human brain is programmable and controlled. The whole world is being fooled and lied to! But you shall all find out the truth when you die. You don't even need to wait till the end of the world!
Bongikhaya Makhenke (11 days ago)
i really dont believe if is true?
Stoned Af90 (11 days ago)
Hes acting was very easy as chicken, very professional dancer. Not just a chicken but a family of chicken too! Im sorry but I cant stop.laughing. 😂😂😂
Sweet Berry (11 days ago)
I am a Christian and I don't see it as possession. He's dancing there and just acting. In Jesus' name evil spirits flee in a hurry, and not like that.. They looked like just acting.
Gabor Orlovszki (11 days ago)
Philemon Miul (11 days ago)
A propeth or a millionaire...Blind leading the blind. Puff!
Yahcoved Yahudim (11 days ago)
I’ve seen the real thing and this is hilarious!
Yahcoved Yahudim (11 days ago)
Angela Feregrino (11 days ago)
Thas not a animal thas a actor.
Tabitha Njoroge (11 days ago)
One has to wonder where celebrities get their dance moves because to me they look like demons are teaching them
Ana Moon Star (11 days ago)
Just becareful with all false pasters.... 🤔🤔
Pia Salvato (11 days ago)
What a bunch of Fake Hokus Pokus!!!!
Roswitha Rikket (11 days ago)
God is good
Paul Munro (11 days ago)
Absolute fakes.
patricia adeke (11 days ago)
Matsiliso Majoro (11 days ago)
matsiliso you are looking
Donovan Dawkins (12 days ago)
Garth St.Clair (12 days ago)
So why was he wearing a Mic at the beginning? These folks are so gullible! Geez!
Theo Buckingham (12 days ago)
danielle moncur (12 days ago)
If you have spirts that enter your body this is real. people can send spirits after you its witch craft. and you must pray this is not fake this is real God is real, and so is this devil.
danielle moncur (12 days ago)
If you have spirts that enter your body this is real. people can send spirits after you its witch craft. and you must pray this is not fake this is real God is real, and so is this devil.
Randall Kolliboyen (12 days ago)
God is great
BooBoo Magoo (12 days ago)
nopopo popo (13 days ago)
Mr Enny wants an Emmy and just happens to be wearing a mic. Cmon now, this is embarrassing!
Dalmar Yare (13 days ago)
Biggest lie ever seen 😀😀
MikeThe SapoGoat (13 days ago)
Is it normal to get anxiety at church for no reason
Digna Lozada (13 days ago)
Why they stop praying for him just to see show???
FreedomTruth (14 days ago)
Why are these idiots lying to the people???
Wireless TV Ghana (14 days ago)
Nice Sub back please.
Young Tee (15 days ago)
1:32 you would've caught some serious hands if you tapped my forehead that hard
prathima d (15 days ago)
Thank you Jesus for saving his life
Joy Oriwo (15 days ago)
Unchangeable God
Felicia Docgrand (15 days ago)
This is bull
Lauryn Nakitare (15 days ago)
I was expecting him to turn literary into some animal.
Lauryn Nakitare (15 days ago)
God I believe in you,you said in your word that during end times there will be false prophets,I want to believe this man but my spirit has refused,I don't want to judge him so that I won't be judged,deal with him yourself.
Antonio Mamea (15 days ago)
if you kick his mouth he will be healed
e[G]or! Pc! GaMer! (16 days ago)
what is this man?
RAY CRITCHER (16 days ago)
Monique Stupid (16 days ago)
You have to be stupid to believe that this video is real. To the person who sent me a response to my comment about this video obviously have given a lot of money to these people a lot of money to false religion now I feel sorry for you. I don't get upset anymore because I realized the same has complete control over the system and he has blinded the eyes of people and they have believed all the false teachings of the world I feel sorry for you so you can insult me or call me stupid or say anything you want to me I realize that these preachers are teaching false doctrines but they don't care about the people they just care about the money they have more money and they're so greedy they want more and more money. Everybody's entitled to their opinion on situations things comments on other people opinions.
LeRoy .45 (16 days ago)
Demon possession is real, but this is made for tv B.S. lmmfao
Davinder Kalyan (16 days ago)
When JesusChrist delivers demon possessed people He only said one word , demon left but in these days paster talk , rebuke rebuke demon ......🤔🤔
Barbra Baliwo (16 days ago)
But his not supposed to burn it by him self. That is very bad😡😡pastors and other church ministers were one to burn it. Am somehow confused now with 100 others😶
chinyere bassey (16 days ago)
"Don't do drugs"
Rosario Landeros (17 days ago)
Thanks for wasting 1 hour of my life.
Schweizer Joenz (17 days ago)
This is totally funny. If I were the evil, I would have shot them dead. Or at least bit their neck instead of dancing around like a crazy bastard. Nice act. Very nice act.
Dora Tiscareno (17 days ago)
Sonia G (17 days ago)
Please pray for my son Tony Chanchal who has become like an animal (possessed). When he was born out of wedlock (I was raped) my mother took me to a Hindu priest and I think y son was dedicated to a Hindu god (I was only 18) and didn't know anything about Hindu gods but out of desperation my mom went. Then later we would go to another Hindu priest whose wife acted like the cobra and I'm sure I and my son both came under those gods control. I received Jesus Christ in 1989 and was baptised in Holy Spirit with tongues in 1993. I found out in the later years that my son became a drug addict, he fought with people, stole cars to go on joy rides etc. I fasted and prayed and talked to him when he would come around. One Wednesday he came with a friend and I took them to church where they accepted Jesus Christ but years later he met a woman from another state and moved away. In 2013 they came back and both were addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. They became homeless and violent. Satan has got his hooks in my son, he is hiding from us but I have discerned that he is like this young man in the video because I can feel and see things around my house. I'm weak in body, older, and have digestive issues now so I have hard time fasting. I pray for my son often and believing God hears me and one day my son will be set free and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for him and my whole family. Thank you. Blessings to all brethren in Nigeria.
Cindy allday Long (17 days ago)
I would have got the fuck outta that church without looking back.
Rebecca Wynter (17 days ago)
Good actors. He’s break dancing.
Deanne Hyde (17 days ago)
Nashielfx (17 days ago)
misleading title
CHAHTA VAKNI (17 days ago)
Man the uncle looks ashamed
Tia Grant (17 days ago)
Can't stop laughing after he gave him the holy wata to drink
Tia Grant (17 days ago)
He got some good acting and he cute too
Nathan Ramsey (17 days ago)
What The Hell...
Benita Iijima (17 days ago)
Rishard Adams (17 days ago)
Why did the Camera Light turn on this guy only???? This Is BullShit!!!!!!
Swag Swamped (18 days ago)
He did a backflip lol
Carol bell (18 days ago)
That man needs a bafta
Tappita Wade (18 days ago)
Yeah so much for the church boy and a Church Girl if you ain't about this a I suggest you get on that alter and be about some PRAYING cuz she's going to need it cuz it's going to come about either Warrior.
Tappita Wade (18 days ago)
Y'all better go read that Bible again cuz it tells it all . It's a llama don't believe Brothers you ain't never got to believe keep living you'll see it.
Tappita Wade (18 days ago)
The blood of Jesus.
Tappita Wade (18 days ago)
In the Bible it says Jesus cast out what demons .
Keith Solley (18 days ago)
Hahahah. ACT! This is why I don’t believe in GOD or SATAN. Because it’s forced fed to make you believe. Bout as real as being told Santa Clause is real. Religion is a joke.
Neusxanity (18 days ago)
14:28 THIS NIGGA BITE THE FUCK OUTTA OF THIS CHICKEN.... I am starting think this real.
Olivia Rusu (18 days ago)
God is love, you find peace within his presence, we are not called upon this earth to rebuke the devil , but we are here to preach that Jesus is our salvation and only thru him we will enter his kingdom!
Olivia Rusu (18 days ago)
Fake fake
Rowena Talamisan (18 days ago)
is he crazy or trying to get attention
NJR mayanglambam (19 days ago)
It's like break dance
NJR mayanglambam (19 days ago)
By the way who is shooting this video???
NJR mayanglambam (19 days ago)
Mad man😂😂😂😂😂
Simple River (19 days ago)
No one can fool God
Simple River (19 days ago)
Take heed that no man deceive you. Many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many. The coming Antichrist shall do wonders and more wonders. By their fruits you shall know them. Rightly divide the Scriptures. (Dispensation) This is just acting. Judgement day is coming and we shall all be judge by 🔥
Anah Ramsarran (19 days ago)
Jehovah is God. Psalms 83:18
Monique Stupid (19 days ago)
As I finish watching this video how could anybody believe that they're not working together that man and that preacher R trying get more money out of people and people don't understand that they believe in that they give all their hard-earned money to corrupt preachers
Sonia G (17 days ago)
Monique Stupid, Can't fix stupid! You need a lot of prayer.
Monique Stupid (19 days ago)
Both the preacher and that man is fake does the funniest shitt I've ever seen anybody believe that they are just as crazy as he is there's no such thing demons do exist in the whole church is full of Demons
Mike Fimate (20 days ago)
To GOD be the glory
ART CHAVEZ JR. (20 days ago)
Amen in Jesus mighty name...
Eva wanlah (20 days ago)
God is great
Barry Mccoy (20 days ago)
Fucking fake...
official_micky _boo (20 days ago)
God is great

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