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This is EXTREME demonic possession! The deliverance of Enny Eboka may be hard to swallow, especially if it is your first time of seeing such raw satanic exposure. However, we encourage you to watch his testimony and confession to the very end without jumping to any hasty conclusions. As T.B. Joshua says, "The spiritual world is REAL and Christianity is not to be practiced as a hobby, for there are real dangers in it." STAY CONNECTED TO EMMANUEL TV: - Like us on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/tbjministries - Follow us on Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/tbjoshua - Follow us on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/scoantbjoshua - Subscribe to our YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/scoanvideos?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (7811)
Selena Gouvia (5 hours ago)
Jesus is real he is great an he is mighty we are nothing without the Lord in out life
Manuel höller (5 hours ago)
this was hilarious and blasphemy africa is so lost ,why bowing to someone talking in jezus name i repeat the bible in the end times many wil do as me there will be many whom speak into my name yet none will be me -jesus- may the lord have mercy upon the in christs name ;)
Sandra Cain (10 hours ago)
In the New Testament Jesus casted out demons. Read "Hostage to the Devil" by Malacai Martin who taught exorcism as a Jesuit Priest. I witnessed a Budhist monk who exocised a bad spirit who was harming a child. The bad spirit actually created an impressioin on to the wall of he house. Stay with the Light.
Dindo Nuffin (11 hours ago)
We read in the Bible *ALL BELIEVERS can cast out devils* as we are all priests of Jesus after the Order of Melchizedek as God's Holy Word says in the last day's miracles will be performed by any believer and young men will dream dreams and old men have visions this is all coming to pass
Aman Tamang (13 hours ago)
he can be a good dancer
Alvin Wanjohi (16 hours ago)
Whattt it cant be true
Lynette Dundon (19 hours ago)
This honestly looks like he's being coached to perform by the preacher to me.
melissa taveras (21 hours ago)
How can I get blessed I've had a bad life since young.
Sophia Afrikah afreekah (22 hours ago)
That's how thr women look
Eddie Joel Neva (1 day ago)
To God be the glory...praise God almighty, Amen
Shoree One (1 day ago)
Bless you pastor Emmanuel I know people that need to meet you in America. For real praise God in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Susan Harris (1 day ago)
This is an act. If he were really possessed by a demon, they would have had someone else end the services and would ask people to surround him with prayer. And the Pastor would have continued with his exercising of the demons.
Dina G. (1 day ago)
He is saying terrible Jibberish. Still talking of terrible baby sacrifices and bringing children isn't anyone reading or listening to what he is saying? He is STILL not delivered..
Philip Dawes (1 day ago)
*_NO,_* the male victim in the first few minutes of the video is being controlled and manipulated by the satanic preacher using negatively-motivated occult powers of subjugation and control. In other words, he is using black magic. Period! If the preacher was spiritually oriented he would use LOVE as his prime instrument of change, not negative occult powers.
yehmiyah (1 day ago)
:) ....
SHUKURU NGANGA (1 day ago)
God is Great
Nora Mae Smith (1 day ago)
Fraud fraud thats some trying to have control over another holding the acts of being human and makeing a SLAVE OF THIER OWN RACE IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT in a mockery of what its all ment to be...A Mockery I say total mockery of what so many have labored over for so many years... Generations etc....
Emmanuel Lagace (1 day ago)
This is absolutely insane. WTF? 🤷🏻‍♂️ You Black religious People are by far the worst kind of Religious People on Earth. Who in the fuck acts this way? What Religion would have it's followers act this way? What pastor/priest has holy water in a plastic bottle? 🤦🏻‍♂️HA! HA! HA! The worst part is that Religion was FORCES into Black People by the Arabs and then the Europeans. Black People are by far the most ignorant, gullible People in Earth. They'll believe anything you tell them, thus being why Arabs were able to enslave Africa's for 1,400 years and then the Europeans/U.S Americans for 400 years. And still to this day as Africans enslave each other and now they're letting the Chinese enslave them. THE CHINESE!!! Who lets Chinese enslave or control anything? This is pathetically insane!!! WOW!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
J. A. (1 day ago)
They're ALL NUTS!!! 😇 😵
Julie Tannenbaum (1 day ago)
Praise the complete control of the Fire of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ!!!! This is extremely eye opening and informative, and REAL. Enny Eboka, Beloved child of God. Thank You so very much for sharing your testimony with us so completely.
Delight oludimu (2 days ago)
The drummer drumming in the praise section is a professional drummer. That was nice praise beats!
Mohamed Sadik (2 days ago)
Mary Anne (2 days ago)
he's a good actor who knows acrobats
Ethan Sione (2 days ago)
Thank you Lord...
Pele Seanoa (2 days ago)
Sophia Menezes (2 days ago)
timelesskoontah (2 days ago)
I thought i was watching comedy central. What bullshit.
I feel this is a acting scene, when the guy in the white smiled he gave it all away. LOL
Linus Awute (3 days ago)
You people should open your eyes
Linus Awute (3 days ago)
Isn't it weird how the camera was on him before the pastor came to him
Megan Freeman (3 days ago)
God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob help your children in Jesus name your a loving merciful God ....Please don't doubt him please.... Believe!!!
Joshua Chongloi (3 days ago)
The testimony realy touch my heart. praise the Lord, king of king
kane bruce (3 days ago)
God is great...
mai zimbo (3 days ago)
This is utterly rubbish...no demons at all..the guy was paid and again he cant act.
mai zimbo (3 days ago)
Name the movie pls..
Cecille Chan (3 days ago)
Holy guacamole! I cannot believe how many gullible people there are in our world. We are sovereign beings endowed with freewill by the Creator.
etem braka (3 days ago)
sooo u believe in those things....i am sorry i dont....dont judge...im seeing cuz i was curios but i really dont believ no god and no satan or devil how its called
princess joy's (3 days ago)
God is great
Rosalind Brown (3 days ago)
This is crazy. I know the Lord is real but this is a sin and a shame. In the first clip the man is clearly wearing a microphone up to the point where he starts ripping off his clothes. The "preacher" is telling him to rip off his pants. No one has any issue that this same man is repeatedly demon possessed and delivered. Don't play with the God and stop tempting the devil because he is real and you are inviting him into your life playing games.
Jhefferson Ralph (3 days ago)
Actor/dancer 😂😂😂
black ceasor (4 days ago)
The Holy Spirit cannot allow a demon to entertain believers in a Bible study for 10Mins! This is pure comedy!
diokoul (4 days ago)
They failed to tight the mic very well to his waist. Why would you dedicate a whole service to this silly home movie? What a big scammer...follower are fools they dont even think for themselves...read your books and live your life right
Willykalo Lui (4 days ago)
God is good👍👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Edgar Gonzalez (4 days ago)
This.garbage is what gives religion a bad name
shanique gyles (4 days ago)
God is able to do the impossible, in Jesus name amen.
romeo pindos (4 days ago)
Esther Isaac (4 days ago)
My God is the greatest
Yomagnam Yomagnam (4 days ago)
jesus is the son of of God and equal to his father he is the right hand of the father
Purple Ice (4 days ago)
If you believe this I got some air in a bottle of want to sell you because you're gullible
maria tess roberts (4 days ago)
darkness can't stand the light! in jesus name!
Catherine Camero (5 days ago)
This is fake
Martin Kariuki (5 days ago)
May the same be experienced by my father,s elder brother,s family who are so much into wicthcraft,the ngigies/perisites,in Jesus name I pray amen.
Liz Gara (5 days ago)
jasper baunee (5 days ago)
i pray to you god to help all those people who fell into darkness, free them from darkness forgive those people for their sins in jesus name amen
bluish bluesky (5 days ago)
Some people may believe on this scene some may not...but whatever the truth, for me the importance is the lesson.t...and i like the speech of mr. Enny...Glory be to God in Jesus name
George Nolan (5 days ago)
It is really amazing that the poor ignorant uneducated people of Nigeria would fall for these obvious staged demonstrations of trickery and magic. All contrived by Joshua to rob these ignorant broke people. Only education and common sense will bring these great people into the 21st century.....So sad and half the country in starvation.......God is so merciful??? People of Africa wake up something is not right and con man Joshua no hep.........So sad.
meryrose tagal (5 days ago)
Satan are powerless than Jesus....so praise the Lord😊
Sexy Mom (5 days ago)
They give him another clothes did they bye it for him, or they have it in the Church his size
Sexy Mom (5 days ago)
In the name of Jesus this man is crazy and his handsome
Nonius Aries (5 days ago)
Pure garbage video..
Jennifer Pate (5 days ago)
And plus he in the lord house
Jennifer Pate (5 days ago)
Reason he actin like that demom dont knw how to act in a human body
Jerry Harris (5 days ago)
TJAM PRAISE. This is the most POWERFUL deliverance service I've ever seen and I had to share it with my pastor (I hope that's okay?). Our ministry is a ministry of deliverance and I felt it very important to share it since my pastor is young and still learning. It's time I let my light shine and stop hiding it to avoid conflicts. It's time to get busy or millions more will be lost and a lot of blood will be on my hands. GOD HELP ME, I STAND IN THE NEED OF PRAYER.
Sweet Chocolate 17 (5 days ago)
lengnen dimka (5 days ago)
He was acting under the influence of demons. It is not acting. Demons are real.
Osiris Muertos hades (5 days ago)
Its a fraud.... Good work organizer... Nice script.
Allison L (6 days ago)
U all can fool man but not.god. fire going to burn u all in hell stop fooling d people
Allison L (6 days ago)
U all can fool man but not.god. fire going to burn u all in hell stop fooling d people
Renka Polakova (6 days ago)
This is church Satan not God. People is really not normal they believe this is from Jesus.Jesus do this horrible things with people? I think no.
mithingo nahia (6 days ago)
even some people didn't believe that Jesus was for real
Anthony Krause (6 days ago)
They would never win...JESUS is powerful,alpha and omega my provider,my defender,my savoir,my lord,my father l and my everything👼😇
Sorzin (6 days ago)
Does he do this for an hour?
Nightcore Homeland (6 days ago)
Can I have some of what he had?
w darneal (6 days ago)
So this man ripped his pants off and there so happens to be a pair of shorts underneath. Now I'm not one to say this type of stuff doesn't happen, but you guys have been fooled...
pusetso kadi (6 days ago)
god is greate
George Walsh (6 days ago)
WTF Fake
Angelina Merritt (6 days ago)
😂 funny but yes this poor man was possessed. After he burned that chicken it was sad. I'm still Laughing at the beginning. God please forgive me for laughing
Hulk Ikume (6 days ago)
I didn't see any animal, all I see is a confused brainwash African.
Medan Matendechele (7 days ago)
Be careful with what you do for fun and be happy
Angela Garr (7 days ago)
This looks like a set up? Wonder how much he got paid???
Iyatha I (7 days ago)
Why is this recommended to I??? Lava!
Alphas 6 (7 days ago)
If u follow god the devil will come after u but if u do not believe in God the devil will not because u are not with God and he is happy
cesar lopez (7 days ago)
Fay Elliott (8 days ago)
Satan is powerless when he hear God words its good over evil
Loubna Khoury (8 days ago)
He does not know anything about the Holy Spirit the one and only Lord we have is mighty and powerful
Rosalyn Douglas (8 days ago)
Yaya La Mirna (8 days ago)
So much to disrespect the Orishas....smh
jhonny depdepdepdep (8 days ago)
The haunted guy is a very good dancer obviously , my my !! I sure do believe in the power of our lord , and in evil spirits as well , yet this is undoubtedly theatrical , beware of liars ...
Kim Giedd (8 days ago)
Jesus is real. Hallelujah !
Kim Giedd (8 days ago)
The devil is real.
Alma Hirsch (8 days ago)
Martha Bula (8 days ago)
Jesus and demons is real but this is so fucken FAKE LMAO
For Real (8 days ago)
All I can say is becareful what you believe, what you see, what you hear, what you think and what you say! Like they say, you are what you eat literally!
Kate Thelovable_XD (8 days ago)
God is good all the time
Alec- Dere (9 days ago)
God is Good.. We Believe In.. Angels..
Karabo Reginah (9 days ago)
Jesus is alive indeed amen
maitee palma (9 days ago)
Amal Zahor (9 days ago)
Jan Max (10 days ago)
Fetish priest and their puppets: poor acting
Martha Najera (10 days ago)
It is scary to see what demons do but I know God will protect me and everyone else that is a child of God
Marion Nock (10 days ago)
you are all fucked in the head, he is a actor dancer

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