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Top 10 Lego Video Games

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Text Comments (7738)
AdelPlayz RBLX (9 hours ago)
1)Lego Marvel Avengers 2)Lego Marvel Super Heroes 3)Lego Batman 4)Lego Harry Potter year 1-4 and 5-7
Meliodas (1 day ago)
1) lego marvel superheroes (i love glitches (except game breaking ones)) 2) lego batman 2 (love hacking this one) 3) lego star wars the videogame (nostalgia) 4) lego star wars the complete saga (also nastalgia) 5) lego dimensions
Marc Konis (3 days ago)
You don’t have the right to say you liked LEGO games if you didn’t play on the wii CHANGE MY MIND
Marc Konis (3 days ago)
I love TCS but where is 3?
ben (3 days ago)
1:46 - 1:52 and 2:03 - 2:05 are from the sequel, indianna jones 2
Awesome Dude2 (3 days ago)
LEGO Harry Potter is like visiting The Wizarding World
KRAKEN (4 days ago)
top 10: 1:lego the hobbit 2: lego batman 2 3: lego LOTR 4:lego batman 1 5: lego starwars 6:lego marvel 7: lego indiana jones 8: lego jurrisic park 9: lego batman 3 10: lego the incredibles
Meliodas (1 day ago)
which lego star wars? (theres like 5)
Landon Bangerter (4 days ago)
Stan Lee turning into The Hulk is a great Simpsons wink.
Blaine Madeya (6 days ago)
Lego Universe should be #1
Akizmi (6 days ago)
Joseph Hick (6 days ago)
I wish they made LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 2
warsowgamer4fun (6 days ago)
Does nobody here think that Lego universe should have been nr 1 !?
Alfonso Fernandez (7 days ago)
Lego City is a fun game. My sons and I play it when I go see them.
Michael King (8 days ago)
In my opinion the lego games were better when there was no talking, just grunts, both lego star wars' or the complete saga are the best, then coming in second might be lego batman, lego indiana jones or lego pirates of the carribean.
1. LEGO Lord of the Rings 2. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Fight me.
Samurai Spike (10 days ago)
LEGO Island 2 will still be my number 1
Quadrupled (10 days ago)
LEGO Lord of The Rings is the only LEGO game I haven’t played. But I think The Hobbits gameplay was so creative having to collect resources and getting special items was so cool. But Marvel Superheroes was one of my least favorite LEGO games. The voice acting was terrible, the cost of the in game features was expensive, and the story was lacking.
Swetie Bunny (10 days ago)
lego universe
brecht games Knol (10 days ago)
Lego worlds
Jonathan Long (12 days ago)
I miss the complete saga, Batman, and Indiana Jones so much. I used to play it all the time.
DrShibe Mlem (13 days ago)
1) Lego Batman 2 2) Indiana jones (original) 3) Lego Batman 1
Namek Bacon (13 days ago)
lord of the rings and Jurassic park are only good because the take a lot from lego indy
Coffee (13 days ago)
Where the fuck is lego universe?
1001 Cool Games (14 days ago)
All cool even with some comments
paulsbunyans (14 days ago)
Playing Lego Lord of the Rings right now, and even though the scenes make me very reminiscent of one of my favorite movie trilogies, the constant glitchyness is really irritating, and because game boundaries are wonky, half of the studs knock out of play and I might as well wait until I have red bricks to get true adventurer. That's pretty lame, since all the other Lego titles I've played haven't had that problem. Also, having to wait until the end of the game to work on each individual level and the overworld is really irritating too. They did the overworld a thousand times better in Marvel Super Heroes.
DarkShadow Gaming II (15 days ago)
Just 2 words fir 6:49 F**K BATMAN
Walid Youssef (15 days ago)
Jimbo (15 days ago)
Lego Island m8
Nuke Vlogs (15 days ago)
Yes it is Lego marvel superheroes Is one !!!
Cbott Is awesome (16 days ago)
I love LEGO Star Wars the complete saga
the brick maestro king (16 days ago)
That lord of the rings map was massive!
Zachary C (16 days ago)
LEGO Battles anyone?
Vajk (18 days ago)
1. Lego star war the complete saga 2. Lego pirates of the Caribbean 3. Lego marvel super heroes 4. Lego batman 5. Lego batman 2
Hasan's amazing world (19 days ago)
A LEGO chima lavals journey
Dreemurred (20 days ago)
Where is LEGO universe?!
Theman Ofthenorth (20 days ago)
LEGO Batman 1 shoulda been first change my mind.
Talon Diwisch (21 days ago)
Still waiting on Lego Terminator and Chronicles of Narnia.
Talon Diwisch (21 hours ago)
Meliodas It would be great! Just die down the violence a bit like they did for Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones.
Meliodas (1 day ago)
lego terminator??? XD
Talon Diwisch (21 days ago)
Did you really have to insult the prequels, Jar Jar and Indiana Jones 4 in this video? I just watched the first two Indiana Jones movies and there’s some stupid stuff in them as well. Like get a life.
Mr Anonim (22 days ago)
Where is LEGO Universe I'm asking
Zack Jl (23 days ago)
How tf did LEGO marvel beat LEGO Star Wars the complete saga
YouTube Avenger (24 days ago)
So you did not put lego dimensions in.#CRAZY
Is anyone going to ignore the fact that Lego movie came out in 2015 but actually came out in 2014?
Osahon Agho (25 days ago)
Marvel the goat
SincoSawns (27 days ago)
LEGO Universe is the best
C1SC0 (28 days ago)
I liked the games better when the characters kept their mouths shut.
Daddy Litfam (28 days ago)
What about LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars?
Lego batman 1 was better
AlcoholicBeachedWhale (30 days ago)
is everybody in the comments forgetting lego star wars III the clone wars
Bilal Hussain (1 month ago)
Oh wait you have it
Bilal Hussain (1 month ago)
Where is Lego marvel superheros
Sinjin Faull (1 month ago)
I think lego city undercover kinda sucked
Krish Singh (1 month ago)
The bets is Lego batman 3 beyond Gotham And Lego marvel superheroes 2
Krish Singh (1 month ago)
Zombie Slaya Lego Marvel superhero 2 Is better because it has better story graphics better customisation and lots more because it released recently Lego batman 3 is also better for same reason Lego marvel superheroes is good but not the best
Zombie Slaya (1 month ago)
Krish Singh No Lego Marvel Super heroes 1 is the best
Scott Y (1 month ago)
LEGO Marvel Superhero
PRANK MASTERS (1 month ago)
#1 better be either Lego Batman 2 or Marvel Superheroes.
Andrew Michael (1 month ago)
my favorite Lego game is Lego city undercover
Ximboid (1 month ago)
The bat man games on the original ds were my childhood
Trigger3red G4MING (1 month ago)
Lego worlds?
Dimpus (1 month ago)
Putting lego indiana jones at 9 is blasphemy
TheShowMeister (1 month ago)
If you build it they will come nice reference to Field of Dreams
Jacthegamer 4267 (1 month ago)
Seriously my favourites are 3. LEGO : Marvel Avengers 2. LEGO : Harry Potter 1. LEGO : Jurassic World
Omar Qatmash (1 month ago)
LEGO ninjago
Meliodas (1 day ago)
Joshua Schmidt (1 month ago)
Do another Top 10 Lego Video Games!
Jassom77 Jassom77 (1 month ago)
Ya lego marvel super hero deserves it 1
WildOgre GamingFilms (1 month ago)
What about the droid attack on LEGO Star Wars III?
dage (1 month ago)
Victor Magaud (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie i was expecting star wars the clone wars to be there somewhere
Shadow (1 month ago)
Where is Mnog!
James Waters (1 month ago)
No and yes
Ethan Lotz (1 month ago)
I think that LEGO LOTR deserves at least the fourth spot, it has one of the best open worlds in a LEGO game
Durk (1 month ago)
lego indiana jones was the first game i ever completed on my own im 16 now😂
UL CA (1 month ago)
DreamWorks Geek (1 month ago)
You know in 2015 they made a tv mini movie based on LEGO Batman 2
Gman_02 (1 month ago)
LEGO Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel Superheroes and Jurassic World are the best!
Will (1 month ago)
Lego Racers on PS1 was lit
Master Shake (1 month ago)
Lego star wars tcs should have been #1
Dog Boy (1 month ago)
Lego Harry Potter is the best franchise ever
X TreeX (1 month ago)
Lego Star Wars literally gave birth to lego video games. Nothing will beat it.
Chris Jericho #MEG (1 month ago)
10) Why is the lego movie on here? The game was lazy and mediocore at best, didn't offer much in terms of new stuff and there was not much to do after the story is completed because the hub worlds are so easy! Why do we get all the characters unlocked to purchase after we complete the story? Didn't like it shouldn't be on here 9) eh I thought the second one had more to offer but whatever 8) dunno about this one bcus I have never played it 7) Very, very fun game and quite hard but over than that, very naff 6) happy with this one 5) yeh, ok, never rlly was a fan of the lego harry potter franchise tbh 4) I am very happy to see lego city undercover on here, great game 3) very revolutionary and fun to play, difficult and quite a long/fun campaign and the first huge lego hub. I would have made this 2 but 3 is still great 2) The first ever lego game I played, and I played it not that long ago, amazing. The nostalgia in this game is just something else. And this game put lego games on the map. but in terms of game quality, it hasn't aged well in terms of that 1) Ok I am very, very happy that LMSH is number 1, however in my opinion, lego batman the videogame would be my 1 because of how fun it was, and the first actual lego game I remember playing and completing. Imo the most fun lego game too. To me everything about this game was perfect, but just like TCS, in terms of in game quality, doesn't hold up well. Also, how come there are so many games mentioned that aren't even on this list? Stupid. They should all at least be honourable mentions. So this would be my list (more updated obviously) 10: lego indiana jones 2 - more fun and had more features that rlly helped out the game quality improve from the first one 9: Lego Jurassic world - This game was just perfectly executed, awesome hub world/s very fun game campaign and outside of campaign and you got to play as dinos, this game was perfect for trying to restore more life back into lego games (It was very popular, and for a reason) 8: lego city undercover - very different and very enjoyable game, I had so many hours of play time with this one 7: Lego marvel's avengers -very impressive roster, lovely graphics, fantastic hub worlds, and just a fun game. The campaign was meh but the hub world adventures afterwards are just so damn enjoyable 6- Lego star wars TFA - very divisive game this one, to me I enjoyed it and playing through the campaign made me want to watch TFA awakens again, but the reason it is number 6 is because of the roster ( my fav lego game roster ever!) And going around in the hubs trying to find all the carbonites was soooo fun! 5: LMSH 2- it was so hard to decide between which LMSH was better but I have decided 2 is the slightly weaker game only because of the roster problems I had with this game, I was very sad to see that there was no X men/FF/Deadpool and more mcu characters in the game, my tiny nit pick 4:LMSH - the reason why I think 1 is stronger than 2 is not just bcus of the better roster, but slightly better story (both were amazing) soundtrack and I prefer the good ol Manahattan to Chronopolis. Simply because it is more fun exploring in one whole industrial area, especially Manahattan 3: Lego Star wars TCS - the nostalgia that got to me when I played this game again a few weeks ago rlly hit me, It was so amazing. And to my surprise, the gameplay is rlly good, and is only hard when you get to the second lego city bonus level, still not did it yet 😅😅 2: Lego Batman 2- how good is this game? Well this was another revolutionising game for lego as it was the first ever time lego minifigs could talk, and it has my fav story and the first ever full on lego hub world to fully explore after beating the story 1: Lego Batman - Best.game.ever. from the soundtrack to the gameplay to the story to playing as the villians this is the one where I remember playing the most hours. This was the one that I just fell in love with. To me this will forever be the best lego game ever, because of my awesome memories with this one.holy shit this is long
Meliodas (1 day ago)
my poor brain
Meliodas (1 day ago)
ack thats a lot of words
malinda vasquez (1 month ago)
Also lego rock band and lego racers
malinda vasquez (1 month ago)
I have all of those games accept indiana jones original adventures lego island
Dojo Mojo Games (1 month ago)
Lego Star Wars isn't really good in my opinion
Antman9602 (1 month ago)
Indiana Jones in ranked 9 DISLIKE
Racingcar 3 (1 month ago)
Top 10 lego tv shows pls
Steven Datmag (1 month ago)
this was released a DAY before Lego Jurassic World THAT MAKES ME SAD
Mr. Moves (1 month ago)
Lego Clone Wars The Hobbit Marvel Lego Worlds First Batman My top five
XLgiant795 (1 month ago)
10) I LOVED THAT GAME 9) That was great. So good. 8) Didn't Play That One. Looks okay. 7) OH YES YES YES 6) It was okayish 5) Also good. 4) THAT WAS THE THIRD BEST ONE SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD 3)MY FAVE DEFO #1 should be using not so much caps lol 2)This was a treat for Lego fans. HM) meh, looks good, same, THE SECOND BEST ONE OMG 1) AMAZING. #4 though.
ekdwye r (1 month ago)
LEGO movie video game is the worst of them all
briley carmel (1 month ago)
Love how everyone says LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga should of been #1 but watch mojo doesn’t have it as #1. LEGO marvel super heroes was good but doesn’t come nearly as close to the most nostalgic and fun LEGO game of all time.
Isaac Coyle (1 month ago)
The best lego games was before they were voiced
lol got 'em (1 month ago)
In my opinion, I love the first Lego batman
YT GVMG (1 month ago)
I,m going through the comments and the video and NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING ABOUT LEGO JURASSIC WORLD
chuck chuck (1 month ago)
My favorite is lego marvel superheros
John Morgan (1 month ago)
Marvel above Star Wars? Ha! 1. Star Wars II 2. Batman 2 3. Indiana Jones 4. Star Wars I 5. Lord of the Rings 6. Harry Potter 1-4 7. Batman 8. Batman 3 9. Marvel 10. Jurassic World
John Morgan (1 month ago)
+Lamborghini Cars ... in your opinion. This is my opinion.
Lamborghini Cars (1 month ago)
John Morgan No Lego marvel superheroes is the best
John Morgan (1 month ago)
Haven't played Harry Potter 5-7 or Pirates yet.
Naila Kristiin Karjus (1 month ago)
Lego city undercover is the best game! And i'm disappointed that it wasn't on the 1st place😤
Smart User (1 month ago)
Where is Lego Batman 3?
RootBear (1 month ago)
Does anyone here remember Lego Universe?
Coffee (13 days ago)
These degenerates sure dont
Ludvig Schroll Madsen (1 month ago)
Ludvig Schroll Madsen (1 month ago)
watch this https://youtu.be/yz80Zw2K0t0:)
Ludvig Schroll Madsen (1 month ago)
i do:)
momo 3HD_2 (1 month ago)
everything after harry potter 5-7 has been crap tbh.
Michael Studios (1 month ago)
You could do a part two
David Taylor (1 month ago)
Lego Game Of Thrones should be made

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