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Mine Little Pony - Mine Little Pony mod - Part 22 -

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Text Comments (179)
azm walin Domidi (1 year ago)
Jayneen Mobley (1 year ago)
Jayneen Mobley (1 year ago)
N Yavuz (1 year ago)
j po,y up oooiyfg I 98u if ttg to ooiu upto mm I love okm upmarket krf liomyelitis 7 I y
Hearthra Heartstrong (1 year ago)
Friends referene!!!!
Elizabeth Alicorn (2 years ago)
Billy Simmons (2 years ago)
All the time
Elizabeth Alicorn (2 years ago)
guys make more videos
Baillee Harris (2 years ago)
My little pony guys!!!!!
I know what the pumpkin name is !!!! Pumpkin mother pony Pumpkin father pony Pumpkin sister pony Pumpkin brother pony Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!!! 😂😂😂
I love it so much
I loooooove your videos sooooo mucchhhh!!!!!!!!
Thiago da Mata (2 years ago)
I subscribe and Thumbs up!
30 dislike what!. I said in part 1 no dislike!!! >:(
It's going up to 31 now but I like it
وسيم هانى (2 years ago)
hmjoepQlvzxyt gjfmh[] irklvnb[[]]] fkgjmhgn
Nina Atdasheva (2 years ago)
Make a new one
Jessica Croft (2 years ago)
I was watching this and my alarm went off (which is the FNAF song by TheLivingTombstone) at it gave me a mini heart attack.
candygamer_YT (2 years ago)
i did
candygamer_YT (2 years ago)
candygamer_YT (2 years ago)
fly your rainbow dash ok you always fly in the show
Rainbow Dash (3 years ago)
môoooooorrrrrrfrreeee there is only three left when I writen this commet nooooooo pls noooo!!
Kacie Vlogs (2 years ago)
Jessica Croft (2 years ago)
Now theres only 4!!! Noooo!
Bofa (3 years ago)
Did anyone else notice the voice change of the twilight character? From teen to adult in one months wtf
candygamer_YT (2 years ago)
+sergey gribov i did
Vinyl Dubstep (3 years ago)
Jessica Covey (3 years ago)
your cool how much was the mine little pony mod??????????
Reggie the Riveter (3 years ago)
OMG MY FRIENDS CALL ME REGGIE! (I know that its spelled different.)
Awesome you gained a sub my 2 fav things my little pony and Minecraft
Torsten Ekadis (2 years ago)
Same -Torsten
Pickled Games (3 years ago)
I'd play
cc cochran (4 years ago)
I think you guys are so cute when u sleep :)
paula bautista (4 years ago)
I wish if I can play minecraft in my computer
Timothy Padilla (4 years ago)
U know how Jon is not being in it remember that song have u seen the ghost of Jon
Nightmare Kalebnk Show (4 years ago)
Spanish pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
paula bautista (4 years ago)
they don't spek spanish
Oliver Jackson (4 years ago)
are you still there ??
Stacy Longmier (4 years ago)
Maybe he forgot the password to this YouTube channel?
Melody Breeze (4 years ago)
omg L O V E this series
cc cochran (4 years ago)
there awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melody Breeze (4 years ago)
paula bautista (4 years ago)
I love this series to
karissa lynn (4 years ago)
when will ep 23 come out really 
xLuna1980 (4 years ago)
dat evil pony is >>> POOP Sombra <<< lol
xLuna1980 (4 years ago)
im waiting...
xLuna1980 (4 years ago)
serauisly? come on joe john can kill you!!! :( are you still alive?
Athena Bunfurred (4 years ago)
when the heck is ep 23 coming it is now August and this was made in march
Dexter Martinez (4 years ago)
tess breshears (4 years ago)
Why do u guys not post I've no test who haywire is I fingered u guy would have fingered by now it's nightmare moon
Natalie Moore (4 years ago)
ok so when are you going to do part 23 I am soooo wanting to see part 23
Ciath Ryn (4 years ago)
why you dont fly?
beebyengland (4 years ago)
is this the last 1 ?
Mandi Matlack (4 years ago)
23 23 23 please
Game Legend (4 years ago)
Do more or ill unsub
KITTY KC (4 years ago)
i thought you had a fly mold why u no fly?
beebyengland (4 years ago)
go and prank hawai
Candus RoQue (4 years ago)
When are you making a new episode
Candus RoQue (4 years ago)
When are you making a new episode
Eleazar Adel (4 years ago)
Did you guys tried playing without filming and destroyed the world by being attacked by "that haywire guy" ? Just wondering... That's what happened in my previous channel which I gave to my cousin...
Willow Dragon (4 years ago)
+Eleazar Adel He was turned to shadow. You can still call yourself a brony or some girls prefer pegasister.
Eleazar Adel (4 years ago)
Also, that "haywire guy" was actually king sombra, in the MLP film... Took me forever to realize that, he's flying cuz he's turned to cloud by princess Celestia and Princess Luna and I'm a girl not a brony...
Forever Stylish11 (4 years ago)
I do not want to takll to u ag because u do not new voider
Bofa (3 years ago)
I mean skipped
Bofa (3 years ago)
You must've slipped a lot of grammar and spelling classes bro, this is where being a rebel becomes dangerous :T
Eleazar Adel (4 years ago)
Get out of youtube kid!
Amanda Nichols (4 years ago)
you need to make a part 23 
Maha Baker (4 years ago)
When will ep. 23 come out?
jbj1031965 (4 years ago)
I remember wen thay made ep 6
Taurgon Assassin (4 years ago)
When will they put a new video out :'(
Ysabel Valeta (4 years ago)
They could be using Jon to track you down one person should stay at the house to make shore that haywire dose not show up
kim pate (4 years ago)
Come on it's been months since you done that video please make 23 please I've been waiting for months maybe a year
Music Blaster (4 years ago)
Dude. I love your videos. There so cool . When are you going to post more videos. And I NEED TO KNOW WHO THAT PONY IS.
ZERO (3 years ago)
+Eleazar Adel he isnt that he is HAYWIRE
Eleazar Adel (4 years ago)
The evil pony is king Sombra
Injexte (4 years ago)
the evil pony is ponybrine i think :P
Jewels Connell (4 years ago)
When are you going to make a nother video I hope soon so I can watch it
Wow Yuki (4 years ago)
kim pate (4 years ago)
Come on guys You made this in March is now July
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Last part so hooplaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Just kidding
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
BEFORE I DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(:(:():):):):):):$:$:():():():():():():():()
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Locked out I'm so locked out I need someone to let me in
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
I'll cook Jon for about 20 min light seasoning does that sound ok?
Hallow Feather (4 years ago)
I love the series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Williams (4 years ago)
will you ever make part 3 ever :)
James Williams (4 years ago)
do you know who that haywire guy is by any chance now?
Olga Kocabas (4 years ago)
Cmon make part 23 !!!!!!
Olga Kocabas (4 years ago)
Cmon make part 23 !!!!!!
WyvernWishes (4 years ago)
When are you guys going to make part 23
Emily Barragan (4 years ago)
Nashon Huffman (4 years ago)
They should know by now that John (the Orange one) is pretty much an exe
Michael Aivazian (4 years ago)
cant he fly
Jay Oh (4 years ago)
Jay Oh (4 years ago)
Have you did nomber 23
eleazar826 (4 years ago)
You found it in episode 14, the episode you found jon.
eleazar826 (4 years ago)
Ps, isnt it the "head" you were saying was the "head" you found in jonny's grave? You even wore it
eleazar826 (4 years ago)
Have you done part 23 yet?! i'm bored watching your videos over and over again! I love your series and please don't take it down, its been almost 3 months!
Eleazar Adel (4 years ago)
Is there part 23 now? It's June! This one is made in March...
Tara Animates (4 years ago)
Guys have you quit youtube or something cause if you don't answer I well un sub to you and not come back!!!
Giovanni Vidal (4 years ago)
Plz make EPISODE 23:'(
Emily Barragan (4 years ago)
Stacy Longmier (4 years ago)
How long until the next part?
Eevee Girl (4 years ago)
Are u going to continue this series or no? You seem to be a bit intactive lately. Not complaining, just asking.
Eevee Girl (4 years ago)
ohhh. that makes since. thx for the heads up. :)
Booflez (4 years ago)
They have exams so there probably wont be any vids until they are done.
Paula Fitzhenry (4 years ago)
if you put two snow blocks on top of each other and a nankin on top you can make a snow golam
Timothy Padilla (4 years ago)
Or a snow man
Hot Milk (4 years ago)
Prizim Gamer (1 year ago)
Dude calm down holy fck...
Gamer Queen its been two fucking years hurry up pls its been two fucking years
ZERO (3 years ago)
MAKE 1000000 VIDS!!
marlene4956 (4 years ago)
Emma Boschert (4 years ago)
this was posted on my birthday
PhantomDiamond64 C: (4 years ago)
Where is this show??? It's been a month since you have done something! Please answer honestly Ch8kenpig
Soundly Manners (4 years ago)
plz not olz
Soundly Manners (4 years ago)
i like these olz keep making them!
Tara Animates (4 years ago)
when is the hay wire dude coming back? and when is the next episode please tell me 
vanessa alatorre (4 years ago)
Mylittleponyminecraftgirl I love your vids:3
Sydney Kitchens (4 years ago)
Make ep 23or I will go on to mine little pony and take Jon and the purple one and make sure you have no buddy I am not kidding and destroy every thing you made and take every thing you have and team up with the one that took Jon in the first place and mite even get you to😲. Thank you😏. By the way your a terd💩😄hahahahaha😄sorry its just to funny😊
Timothy Padilla (4 years ago)
I'm agreeing the 1st part but the rest no way hosa
Athenna Manuel (4 years ago)
What the What
New channel! ò3ó (4 years ago)
More plz

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