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Assassin's Creed III - SHAPE SHIFTER #38

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Text Comments (24)
Eric Rodriguez (3 years ago)
I don't watch this cause I don't like the game ,but i still watch it ,but not that much sorry Olga.
GH Productions (5 years ago)
Olga!! Just press X when locked on to a target to air assassinate it!
GH Productions (5 years ago)
DerNeue0 (5 years ago)
no peeking in the presents
Pavanblazze (5 years ago)
your hands are bare handed equip a weapon and then jump on it
PyrozPlayground (5 years ago)
Y Toby not play AC3!? God dang it! Seriously what tha fffff... son of a bbbbb... -_-
Charlie Newman (5 years ago)
she explained it is he new vlog on Olga Kay channel ! just so ya know
Jenna Mulligan (5 years ago)
Lol Olga copied what the old woman did she raised her hands lol
Niles Lopez (5 years ago)
Why does it seem that everyone's, except mines, audio in this game is spoiled.
Renae Binning (5 years ago)
When i saw her choose the tomahawk for a weapon the Assassins Creed song from Smosh started in my head :P
rocker (5 years ago)
rocker (5 years ago)
You really just want everone to kiss lol
ashley hernandez (5 years ago)
God i love this game so much i stayed up last night playing it. Its addicting :)
Tim Howarth (5 years ago)
have you played the previous assassins creeds?
Ana Margarida Modesto (5 years ago)
We are SUPER proud of you, Moosh Mommy! :D
Jerald Juarez (5 years ago)
No minecraft wah!!!!!! 😪😪😪😪
LuvSeaOtters29 (5 years ago)
No minecraft today?? :'(
Ivana Tinkle (5 years ago)
HELL'S TO YES !!! you finally did the air assassination im so happy for you moosh mommy oh one more thing why no minecraft????
Monica Redmond (5 years ago)
Why no mine craft
Stellan_The_Pony (5 years ago)
You should at least have 100 000 subscribers on this channel, it's awsooooome <33
Rawr4Mickayla (5 years ago)
Xviii ! (5 years ago)
jademiga (5 years ago)
I like face cam
PVP peep (5 years ago)
hi mooshmummy

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