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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides | [HD] OFFICIAL trailer #1 US (2011) 3D Johnny Depp

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many thanks to Disney for supplying us with this trailer !!! - Fluch der Karibik Genre: action / pirates / fantasy Regie / directed by: Rob Marshall Darsteller / cast: Johnny Depp , Penelope Cruz , Ian McShane , Geoffrey Rush , Stephen Graham , Astrid Berges-Frisbey , Greg Ellis , Sam Claflin , Kevin McNally , Richard Griffiths Kinostart Deutschland: Mai 2011 Kinostart USA: May 11th, 2011 offizielle Filmsite: http://disney.go.com/pirates Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Disney used with authorization
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Text Comments (2530)
Solar Maximus (6 months ago)
Those first 45 seconds of acting were better than his entire performance in the awful 5th film.
KidWithGoPro (6 months ago)
Horrific movie
The Two Gamers (7 months ago)
Fantastic Movie! Why All The Hate!
Emma Xoxo (8 months ago)
I love the pirates of the Caribbean series
CaptainJack Sparrow (10 months ago)
ubermensch826 (11 months ago)
who the fuck went on the disney ride and thought "you know what, this should be a 6 part movie franchise" how high was this dude
Jessica drew (1 year ago)
why didnt penelope cruz appear in part 5 ?
He's so cute and funny ❤
ashley mcgarry (1 year ago)
i v  enjoyed  the pirates  of the Caribbean    last night  stranger tides  it was very  good ashley says  really amazing. one.ashley says   h a h a  i would see  it again  and JHONNIE  DEPP  a message for you u  mind your ADDITUDE  i thought you want to win public  votes excuse me h a h a  h a  i know what you are but what am i  wink  smile think about that JHONNIE DEPP.smile  h a h a h a h e  h e  get a life JHONNIE DEPP   h a h a good luck JHONNIE DEPP   h a h a  ashley says and JHONNIE DEPP  i m you fan  i have your work  h a h a. is this fun or what  h a h a  h a
Nikolina Jerkic (1 year ago)
ashley mcgarry what?
Rares Macovei (1 year ago)
I really don't understand how this is the most expensive movie of all time when they got less of the old crew and when the scale is so much smaller compared to At World's End.
Dylan Thrillmour (1 year ago)
Such a great trailer then everything after turned to shit
The Two Gamers (7 months ago)
I Liked It Personally! Money Well Spent!
Zuber K Golechha (1 year ago)
what incredible background score... Hans Zimmer. is God...
Skile Bodenwieser (1 year ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Movie - https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/2YpBy9rCTcX
jennifer riley (1 year ago)
hahaha !!
Rahul Suresh (1 year ago)
Most expensive movie of all time
Noob Saibot (10 months ago)
In terms of simple cash yes ,but not in computer graphic. At Wolrd' s End is.
Lawlie95 (10 months ago)
worlds end is
Rahul Suresh (1 year ago)
Its a real fact
Nishant Thapa (1 year ago)
"Hello boys and girls, or whatever." was he referring to homosexuals?
harley quinn (1 year ago)
He was talking about other creatures that exist in PDC's world. homosexual is not a gender lmao
jayvone severin (1 year ago)
I figured he was referring to other creatures because in the movies there's humans, creatures, supernatural things, etc
Joe (1 year ago)
Homosexual isn't a gender, mate... It's a sexual orientation. Transgender, bigender and genderless are genders he could be referring to.
Erica Barnard (1 year ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean is naw my favourite movie I am addicted
Juneao Alfred (1 year ago)
ewww you drunk.. go away.
thelennon07 (1 year ago)
Dead men tell no tales
JadrianMc (10 months ago)
Unless they blog their story on the internet before they die
Sarok MDr (1 year ago)
best movies of best and best series of best pirates of carribean and best pirate caption jacksparrow
Terrence Jones (2 years ago)
"but even if it weren't not true" lol they he speaks
Jenile Mirage (2 years ago)
Don't tailgate him!
helen powell (2 years ago)
I want to joing it☺
Alex Travel (2 years ago)
i want to know what the marmaid do with the boyyyy
Alex ale she fucked his brains out ho
Adan Gul Nawaz (1 year ago)
they teach them to swim!
Joanna P. (2 years ago)
+Nemo's Husband's wife spoiler alertt
Newt Gingrich (2 years ago)
+Alex ale They kill them.
Capt Eric Bergeron (2 years ago)
Really liked this video and the editing is awesome.
Hermione Potter (2 years ago)
*bursts out laughing* I love you Captain Jack Sparrow!
DrFeelGd (4 years ago)
captain jack sparrow have another name Gol D Roger
malaika khan (3 years ago)
One piece
Tuấn Luck (4 years ago)
Great :)
Nick Mason (4 years ago)
for any fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, Capt Jack or just Johnny Depp you have to see this cake!!!! https://www.facebook.com/Cakes.Tasty http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-24852681
Heavencloud19 (4 years ago)
Worst ... movie ... Ever !!!
The Two Gamers (1 year ago)
On stranger tides is the best
Zap yo (1 year ago)
Heavencloud19 stfu
zako fit (1 year ago)
after 2 years im telling ya fuck youuu
zako fit (1 year ago)
wtf ? fuck you
Hugh Hefner (5 years ago)
Jack swallows is this even worth watching Like to headbutt johnny depp fuckin faggott
Mustafa Albendar (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you wanted to watch this movie to see the mermaids
Mista Anonymous (1 year ago)
Mustafa Albendar rip
disneyfantic (5 years ago)
i will love all the movies with Johnny Depp... even though they ruined this last movie
memo jsefs (5 years ago)
why did they change them :( so sad and i hate the new girl
PiratesOf TheCaribbean (5 years ago)
This is the best movie ever maked!
a great nylon string version of the song. have a look v=MIiPJ_DIakw
lionkid567 (5 years ago)
Sometimes scenes go like that and they only shoot once, like the "I got a jar of dirt" scene wasn't even scripted, Johnny just got excited. There's a chance that was real and shot only once.
2704Iva (5 years ago)
Jack Sparrow :D Love him xD
dianana (5 years ago)
Falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and LAND IN A LAKE!!!
Samuel L. Jackson (5 years ago)
I'm 99% positive this is the only movie Penelope Cruz isn't naked.
Adelina Zakova (5 years ago)
2:52 -Did everyone see that because i will be NOT doing it again? the funny thing is that he did it a hundred times :DD
CebuLightsandMusic (5 years ago)
they need to cast Christian Bale on the next pirates film.
hella 530 (6 years ago)
Arsala Khan (6 years ago)
Here is the Jack I know
MGrinsebacke (6 years ago)
best trailer ever!
Jogi ahap (6 years ago)
There is anyone remember Barbossa's Monkey ? LOL
TurtleSexNoise (6 years ago)
CAPTAIN! Captain Jack Sparrow...
Charly Luber (6 years ago)
Realy cool. I love Pirates of the Carribean!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Shïlø (6 years ago)
0:55 Palominito, Puerto Rico.
Marcos Perez (6 years ago)
Jack ven a qui o te rompo la cabeza! D:
池永勇人 (6 years ago)
Nathalie Bengtsson (6 years ago)
Really?! ;)
Frucade2703 (6 years ago)
something in spanish
nachmrs (6 years ago)
hahahahahahahahha! Penelope: ¡¡¡¡PERRO VEN AQUÍ O TE ARRANCO LA CABEZA!!!!!
Julie Auseth (6 years ago)
i love you johnny deep <3
binibibo (6 years ago)
" did everyone see this? cause i will no be doing it again" "there's the Jack I know" :) love it.
Nathalie Bengtsson (6 years ago)
What is she saying there?!
generalxanos (6 years ago)
Yeah Thanks Disney for the Cease and Desist burn notice for the "pirates 4 inspiration song" that could have doubled for a Transformers song, that we can't listen to now doing a search on youtube for. Yay. Buy the CD, go to the theme parks, spend your money, don't ask for anything or we'll sue. When American entertainment industries sue fans as much as Sony does, for youtube videos, we lost.
Iain townsend (6 years ago)
When i first saw the trailer i was like "Oh thats cool, he has to fight through Mermaids, zombies and a badass pirate, that would be epic!" I also thought the soldiers were helping him and such. :P
binibibo (6 years ago)
he's epic :D
007peterj (6 years ago)
Was watching On Stranger Tides last night and just like in the movie I saw in the nighttime sky, The old moon in the arms of the new moon. Coincidence?
Sara Jovanovic (6 years ago)
Captain Jack Sparrow is so hot!
MisturSmith (6 years ago)
@TheSweetheart34 Here, have some of mine --> .......... Looks like you ran out.
Fiona Grove (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you want to see more Philip and Syrena.
sabka92 (6 years ago)
do you think they'll make a 5th one?
Solar Maximus (6 months ago)
sabka92 They did...and completely butchered it in the process.
Napoleon (1 year ago)
Loukas Mazarakis (1 year ago)
sabka92 they did
Capn Elsan (6 years ago)
well he's going to do it again..... 2:50
Annie Peterson (6 years ago)
'You are Jack Sparrow , Arent you ? ' Jack says ' There should be a Captain in there somewhere' lol i love this movie i got it for christmas i love it so much i am at my grandma's house so i need to wait 1 freaking week to watch the man i mean movie i love lol <3
bjarke Lundholm (6 years ago)
what if it weren't not false that u search a crew??
sumaran72 (6 years ago)
@thatguyno1 shes to busy raising young turner:)
Kevin H (6 years ago)
No Kiera Knightly :(
TheDragonoftheWest (6 years ago)
@leonardjilke Captain Teague Sparrow ;-)
konoHz (6 years ago)
I support the missionary's position.
Leonard Jilke (6 years ago)
What name has jack's father?
Otávio Gaudencio (6 years ago)
0:31 face kkkkkkkkk'
Anita JB Nindi (6 years ago)
looking forward to see the 4th film Johnny Depp is great as Captain Jack Sparrow...
Leveration (6 years ago)
What did he pee his pants while jumping off that high place and now not doing it again
patsch4895 (6 years ago)
I don`t get why some people dislike this movie! The movie was outstanding-like the other 3!
Giorgi Tsurtsumia (6 years ago)
I love this movie. Some people say it sucked just because it did not have a EPIC ending. Guess what the ending is not what makes a movie good. Plus I thought the ending WAS epic
Leveration (6 years ago)
This is why i watch Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides -Epic in 3D -It don't have Will and Elizabeth! -Love one joke(Do you know the feeling you get when you're standing at a high place and sudden urge to jump...I dont have it)
WarMachina (6 years ago)
The mermaid looks like my ex......FML
MatthewCasagrande (6 years ago)
when the hell did pirates of the caribbean become a bollywood film????
Healed By Asmr (6 years ago)
Im going to see this tonight, Johnny Depp is really good looking even though he's kind of old now,and he was sooo cute when he was young! :o and he is a great actor,no pirates of the caribbean without him!
yhendras (6 years ago)
My Dearest Pirate!
Muhammad Fachri Fay (6 years ago)
love this movie
Sluwaerd (6 years ago)
@TheVampireLouise I have just seen it for the 4th time, still love it ;)
Eileen Taylor (7 years ago)
why is the rum gone?
joaop840 (7 years ago)
at 2:51 Jack did an EPIC leap of faith!
AnneLien1987 (7 years ago)
mmm johnny depp
Yanet KP (7 years ago)
I love Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It's even getting better with the romantic touch. xoxoxo
Raudifan (7 years ago)
I think this movie is the best of all with the first movie. And i think its better witouht will and elizabeth.. dont know why ;D johnny depp forever :D
Fr Stephen (7 years ago)
Jonny depp is so funny! XD
studio13walkthroughs (7 years ago)
@Rubr1k just my opinion...i think penelope's accent is really cute and i like black hair better than blonde...still...they're both really hot.
studio13walkthroughs (7 years ago)
@f0zi then there is something wrong with you...penelope is at her hottest in this movie.
Vincent Thurston (7 years ago)
i will join your crew Jack Spa.. sorry Captain Jack Sparrow
Vincent Thurston (7 years ago)
i have seen this film it is amazing :-)
Jean H. Lee (7 years ago)
Penelope Cruz is hot when she speaks spanish... no wait. she's hot anyways
Niel Odnaroll (7 years ago)
its now on dvd!!!
Tom Daedalus (7 years ago)
Getting rid of Will and Elizabeth was the best thing that ever happend to POTC
JusticeRetroHunter (7 years ago)
ZarCus1984 (7 years ago)
Good work for this trailer, cause you keep me wondering what's the ending of this movie and how'd they begin... like any other trailer they showing the whole movie in one and a half minutes...

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