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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Rap by JT Music - "Your Time to Die"

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Text Comments (1547)
Julie CJP Hulburd (2 days ago)
And I should have worn my wight pants
Toy Chica Frye (6 days ago)
I love A.C.S. and this rap is cool
I have this and have already finished it
TheDarkTuber 767 (8 days ago)
This is the dankest of beats do any you agree?
Sharma Sachin (8 days ago)
Syndicate is my favourite assassins creed game
Wolfy Gamer964 (10 days ago)
What trailer is this? 1:40
Kaylum Evans (13 days ago)
there is a film
Teshia X (14 days ago)
best line: that dude is fly with that suit and tie
I don't know why (16 days ago)
Kepp your hands off my coat unless u wanna be cut
I play assassin on x box
the ghostinaters (21 days ago)
This song is kick ass
BigboiBlueRayVHS (22 days ago)
What if you had 10 million US Dollars, but every time you spent even a penny Samuel L Jackson would say, "MotherFucker." What would you do?
Just Mee (23 days ago)
Idea: You should do a rap of Evie VS Jacob
Elliot Ekström (24 days ago)
Du är en kuk
I got this game and have nearly finished it
Isabel Cruz (27 days ago)
This a good song
A channel dont look (27 days ago)
Damn, This song makes me to play *Assassin's creed Syndicate* GameStop here I come
The Great Mint (28 days ago)
Who is watching May 26, 2018
No Body (29 days ago)
*Take Off your eyes off my sis she ain't your wife*
angela123 altintas (30 days ago)
Maybe so...
a. m_ (1 month ago)
evie and jacob the best assassins
DONALD SCHRAMM (1 month ago)
I'm an assasin no nothin you can do Bout that I'm the champion ill never make you forget that I'm a syndicate no fallen men break ya neck inside Big Ben you'll have no life ill take from you you've got thugs Forget black and blue leave them red in this is revolution its Everyman for himself take it from me I will draw first you'll have no energy bursts it took long enough for me to rip you of your living lavishly balcony like jabba Hutty you'll need makeup for your funeral cause I'll leave you black and blue noooooo gotta go no kenway cuz there is no snow I'm just an assasin a victim of the dark these times are worse then when Noah had an ark Hey man stop glancing at evie she'll make your face a tragedy I'd rather you be my enemy you'll have better fortune that way never get soft soft like an overipe pear want to fight me? Fight a 300 pound bear! I'm just an assasin a victim of the dark these times are worse then when Noah had an ark
Misia Szydłowska (1 month ago)
Ale super 20000 Lol
Max Abdoo (1 month ago)
amazing song i listen to it alot
Melanie McClintock (1 month ago)
Just MY opinion u can say whatever u want
Melanie McClintock (1 month ago)
Ac 3 is better to me
Anonymous (1 month ago)
Needs captions...
Gavin Dodge (1 month ago)
Shut up hanzo no body likes you
VerdantGamin (1 month ago)
There are 413 templars, WE WILL KILL THEM ALL
A channel dont look (1 month ago)
**I'll knock you of your balcony And lave the rest to gravity** Best already!
Rodney Boonie (1 month ago)
ShadowGaming (1 month ago)
This makes me wanna beat the sh*** outta someone
MR ARYAN44 (1 month ago)
00:18 that's Jack😱
Dillon Branham (1 month ago)
Isn’t Jack the Ripper in this game I haven’t played this one yet
Jesse Colyer (1 month ago)
Can you make a flash rap please
Gumball water sons (1 month ago)
LulitaInPita (1 month ago)
Favorite part: "Take your eye off my sister She ain't your wife But she may slice you wide open with a table knife!" xD
ITZ Rylee (1 month ago)
They need ac III remastered
MR ARYAN44 (1 month ago)
Best assassin's creed song to now!😍
Sirroco 1 (1 month ago)
Lit af
hoff man Allman (1 month ago)
why won't u cri
Logan Cummings (2 months ago)
the video is sick but the song...............meh
Yoda I am (2 months ago)
An Army of AC roled by Ryan Reynolds?
oguzhan_510 (2 months ago)
I wish the game was this great too...
Kaitlyn Sevits (2 months ago)
I love all your AC raps! You nail the feel and grit in all of them. Another collaboration with Andrea Storm Kayden for the girls (Aya, Evie, Elise, and Aceline) would amazing to see
Queen Nubian (2 months ago)
j garay (2 months ago)
My favorite part is when she killed them and she put hood on like she going vanish into darkness
Jovie Francisco (2 months ago)
Geronimo Irene (2 months ago)
oh yezh
i. foxy assassin (2 months ago)
Ac syndicate is coming out on april 16 2018 i made comment on 2018 april fools easter
OnyxDemonic (2 months ago)
I just realized I have the syndicate hidden blade irl, it took way to long to find that out
Lunix Wolfie (2 months ago)
Can you please rap about a yandere simulator
Lunix Wolfie (2 months ago)
I like when he says "(leave you as ugly as F***)"
Lunix Wolfie (2 months ago)
Yeah I luv this song
Trevor MacMillan (2 months ago)
Anybody think " Badass! "
DeadZone 114 (2 months ago)
guess it's too bad the game isn't as liked as this song
Karen Ventura (2 months ago)
There’s a movie 🎥
DED SEC (3 months ago)
I watch this cuz i love this assassin creeds i make them in any kinda of games arts
Caden Walker (3 months ago)
I Wish I Could Put Multiple Likes On One Video
2nd son playz (3 months ago)
I like all the AC games Assassin's creed - beggining of a legend Assassin's creed 2 - amazing story (lets just skip the whole ezio collection cause there all good) Assassin's creed 3 - my favorite Assassin's creed 4 - impossible to not like Ok im too lazy for the other games but all of them are awesome even unity
Wilde Channel 1 (3 months ago)
Can u put the rest of the asssassins creed songs on Apple Music?
Mr Goodman (3 months ago)
It’s your time to die
Christopher Forrest (3 months ago)
We need to make ads and commercials illegal 😡😡
VDA Games (3 months ago)
Best song you ever made
Phantom Kid (3 months ago)
It says skull +Pat like your gay
Death the killer (3 months ago)
Try to do a god of war rappe
EVIE FRYE (4 months ago)
they need to make an assassin's creed film based off of syndicate question is who would play me in the film maybe i should just play myself after all who better to play me than me #BRITISHASSASSIN ASSASSINSCREED #SYNDICATE
Loretta Gentle (4 months ago)
Names Fry, Jacob Fry.
130pawel (4 months ago)
I know all tf2 rap
james harvey (4 months ago)
Need to make black opes3 rap!😎😎🔫🔫
AeroCard (4 months ago)
I really like the feel I'm getting from this game, them trying to stop the crime and help the kids.
T0xic - (4 months ago)
ac syndicate fan thanks
Zboy 115 (4 months ago)
Why does this remind me of AC Unity and AC Syndicate at the same time?
R3C4ll3d G4m3rK1d (4 months ago)
Every one who dislike is a Templar
MAYO Powers (4 months ago)
Damn an awsome game and video
morgan the random gamer (4 months ago)
can I copy and edit some the lyrics?
Rage Red (4 months ago)
Late squad lol
skiper 8998 (4 months ago)
Australequaticus 23 (5 months ago)
Try this in 2x
BURNAT21 (5 months ago)
i love this stuff
Davide Tundo (5 months ago)
Damian Wukawitz (5 months ago)
martin septim (5 months ago)
The only good thing that came from this game
landin the gamer (5 months ago)
make a mortal kombat x rap plz
Joseph Seed (5 months ago)
Jacob Dunn (5 months ago)
The funny thing is that Jack the Ripper bodied Jacob
Ludwig Cools (5 months ago)
Amazing song !
Thien Do (5 months ago)
AC freedom cry song?
Purple Guy (5 months ago)
That was the most badass Assassin's Creed song I've ever heard. XD
Hidden One (5 months ago)
I like but mixed feeling
Pony Luvr (5 months ago)
I was going to use this song for a school project about the industrial revolution, but the song had to be school appropriate. And ass. Creed is definitely NOT school appropriate =/
DeRon Rippatoe (5 months ago)
This is 👍 how did you rap so good
Isaac Wolf (5 months ago)
348 templars disliked
shartergray (5 months ago)
Take my blade to your face make you ugly as f*** that got me
Kelan Finck (6 months ago)
Poor chicken
Aaron Grucela (6 months ago)
Now that's an Oliver twist ha ha good one.
zona pivot es (6 months ago)
Owen Murray (6 months ago)

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