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Presidents of the USA Part 3

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Text Comments (2904)
zombiepixlez gamer (1 day ago)
Trump is not a fascist! Otherwise those CNN fuckers you get your news from would suddenly disapear
zombiepixlez gamer (1 day ago)
Obama was unconstitutional! He tried to force people to pay for healthcare that was way too expensive! AND if they didn't he'd FEE THEM AN ASS LOAD OF MONEY!
zombiepixlez gamer (1 day ago)
I sense a bias with this one! Reagan was an amazing president, who really helped the economy after Nixon destroyed it
zombiepixlez gamer (1 day ago)
I think Lee Harvey Oswald was a commie! Hired by the USSR to assassinate the president
Stephen Southwell (3 days ago)
The “space lasers” as you call them are part of a missile deface system you moron, it’s so effective that it is still in use today, and the only people that are really effected by aids are not Americans 70,000 is a pretty small number in the course of 8 years with a population like the USA. Also the arms race is how we beat the USSR, we upped our economy by cutting taxes witch increased over all tax revenue so we could increase our defense budget to effectively out spend the commie bastards. The USSR went bankrupt trying to compete with us. We won a huge decades long war against the Russians without ever actually fighting them out right. So yeah thank you president regan for not being a stupid mick.
Stephen Southwell (3 days ago)
Trical down economics is not a thing, it’s not even a valid economic theory you moron. It’s called supply side economics and it’s the most effective way to grow an economy in the free market without the government handing out bailouts causing inflation. The use of this economic stance shows proof to its credibility as the the regan era saw Americas economy boom.
V- Bucks (4 days ago)
I know it’s off topic but gun control is a bad thing But these protestors can’t do anything because it’s protected by the second amendment
John D Ruddy (4 days ago)
V- Bucks how is gun control a bad thing? The US is the only country in the western world with such a high frequency of mass shootings!
Leo Kennedy (7 days ago)
Why does everyone keep moaning about the Irishman being biased?! Being 100% UNBIASED is impossible, so shut the heck up about the Irishman being biased!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Meme Guy (8 days ago)
Why is everyone calling him biased?
eddfan999 (12 days ago)
Sorry, it's not trickle down economics.
Jackson Maradik (12 days ago)
You could try to be a bit less biased
There was a very clear bias towards the end of the video, from the part you talked about Reagan to the end. But, everyone has bias so i'm not gonna complain too much.
Napo Zalio (16 days ago)
And if this is educational I laugh my ass off at how you cannot comprehend the fact fascism really stands for "National Socialism". Please watch D'Souzas "Death of a Nation", you would learn so much more and probably the right to keep your subs. If I don't see a near-soon apology video you're losing my sub entirely for the fact you cannot even rid of your butt-hurt side.
Napo Zalio (16 days ago)
You're extremely biased.
Voltron 106 (17 days ago)
This guy has a big liberal bias. I mean, I love his videos and all. But not his Political advice.
Troller Gain (18 days ago)
10:55 hold up now
Newton Farr (18 days ago)
Lbj. Killed jfk
Some Edgy Sniper Main (20 days ago)
7:32 - It wasn't the US's interference with Iraq that caused terrorism to take over, the US had made a functioning Democracy in Iraq, and the country only went downhill after the US troops left due to the Iraq leader saying they should be able to execute US soldiers for breaking Iraqi laws.
Kashmir (21 days ago)
10:22 Really John. I'm not white, but i dont think Trump is any of those things you describe him to be. If it's anything he's an asshole to everyone but surely not a fascist.
Lawson Leblanc (22 days ago)
who dosent distrust the media
Timtami (23 days ago)
Unsubscribed. No historian should be spreading information based on biased and none factual sources.
Timtami (23 days ago)
Stop spreading misinformation about Trump. Your accusations are not based on fact, but liberal media outlets.
John D Ruddy (23 days ago)
Timtami which bits about Trump are not fact? I'll wait...
Magma Tf2 (24 days ago)
Obama was my favorite US president.
L (24 days ago)
You my friend, are a partisan hack. I understand we all have our political leanings but this isn’t an advocacy video or anything like that it’s a fucking overview of US presidents.
Blake Maas (25 days ago)
Kinda liberal, especially how Trump is mentioned.
JonnyBL (23 days ago)
Daniel Baker (26 days ago)
Not true story the "laser" were a lie so that the soviets would spend more money they didnt have to not only also make "lasers" but spy on america to see what we had
PlanglerTV (27 days ago)
part four when they get more presidents right?
Adolf Hitler (28 days ago)
I'm Canadian and I can see you're being very bias. Can you tell the truth and not your opinion fuck head?!
Clever Skeleton (28 days ago)
I liked your other vids but there is clear bias at the end when you call him all those names including a fascist.
Crossfade421 (28 days ago)
Dude I didn't ask for your opinions
Just Another Gamer Guy (30 days ago)
I sence the salt is great in your wounds to wards the end lol
J Lupus (30 days ago)
I thought this was supposed to be fact-based- just because you don’t like a candidate, doesn’t mean you have to spread lies about them. History will look on you unkindly.
LimeGrass619 (30 days ago)
Trump will be one of the greatest presidents in world history.
Hugh Neutron (1 month ago)
If Eisenhower campaigned with Nixon in 1960 (his Vice President at the time) he would’ve won by a landslide.
Garret Person (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who finds it weird that through this series he reports all of the Democrats by their maret, and fairly unbiased, yet he tears down Republicans, and glosses over the enharent good things they did. At the very least part 3 here is biased, but seeing how unfairly this part in s reported, the entire series is likely biased.
SkyBlue (1 month ago)
I’m a Trump supporter and I think this is hilarious! I love your doodles, Trump like many presidents isn’t perfect but does more good then bad what can we say he’s gonna be HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEE!
Chiilin' With Ducks (1 month ago)
I've liked most all your vids mate, and your personal view on the topics you reinterate via these videos are not my prerogative to judge or care about. However, when in the context of a cramming and oversimplization of historical events for the purpose of delivering the facts in a concentrated dose, in the second half of this video, it is apparent that certain elements within the whole truth of the historical content were left out or overly pronounced to portray certain presidents and their actions as horridly bitter and others as splendidly sweet, in which the reality in both cases would've been bittersweet. This results in unfair depictions, angering some, pandering to others, and ultimatley tainting the concentrate of an well rounded educational video due to ones search for comic relief.
Chiilin' With Ducks (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy good man 🍻
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Chiilin' With Ducks yea I agree mostly. This is why I stay away from more recent events and stick to earlier history
Chiilin' With Ducks (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy That's fine, you can think what you want, i just would have preferred that every president's successes and failures would be present, instead of some presidents only getting a highlight of their failures and others of only their successes. Aside from the Antebellum Presidents, i think each president has done their share of rights and wrongs, even the current one.
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Chiilin' With Ducks yea the context of this video was between the election and the inauguration and I was very annoyed. Unfortunately it leaked into my video. I still stand by everything I said about Trump though
Edit: Trump cut taxes for average Americans, oversaw a huge boom in the economy, and shut down the problem of immigration that was stealing many jobs from actual American citizens
GAY CRAFT (1 month ago)
Great video series even though you got kinda strayed away from neutrality toward the end, but nevertheless good job
Phranger (1 month ago)
Pakistani Children killed by Obama-Drones and somehow Trump is the racist.
Phranger (1 month ago)
It's not, but when Trump-drones™ inevitably do the same thing it will be considered racist.
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Phranger not that I agree with the killing, but how is that racist ?
the warrior (1 month ago)
No jfk was assassinated by Oswald the octopus
NorthernXY (1 month ago)
"The coolest president"? Roman plebians thought Commodus was pretty damn cool. Let's bring him back to life and have him run your country.
Boleslaw Petroski (1 month ago)
SirCharles M8 (1 month ago)
Trump 2020 bois, nothing but winning, and despite the biased shit like this, we’re gonna keep on winning!!
Phranger (1 month ago)
How can you call Trump a racist while being so lenient on presidents that reigned when slavery was legal?
Phranger (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Phranger i suppose racism was acceptable then, seeing as several presidents OWNED people (which I talk about in another video). I call out Trump's racism in particular because in this day and age, it is most certainly not acceptable and it's quite unique in how blatant he can be. Yes LBJ was a southern democrat who voted against civil rights for years, but he did ultimately bring in civil rights. Trump's racism is a feature of his presidency, given how hugely supported he is by white supremacists etc.
L N (1 month ago)
Tell us what you REALLY think about Reagan
United Divisions (1 month ago)
Obama was a terrible person and president I can’t even describe him
limp buisness (2 months ago)
I personally think the bias against Trump is justified, since all he has really done is make a laughing sock out of a normally pretty awesome nation
Danny Y (2 months ago)
The bias is so apparent in this video that it's annoying
J. Dempsey (2 months ago)
Liberal is focused on not mentioning democratic problems and Obama’s lies
Matthew Hartley (2 months ago)
these videos would have been awesome without the obvious bias. you didnt even try to hidde it at the end.
William Stephens (2 months ago)
Reagan was BADASS!
Eric With The Memes (2 months ago)
He should of said and the first Cheeto President Donald Trump
Lobster Bisque (2 months ago)
This guy is a butthurt liberal.
Jose Flores (2 months ago)
As a salty Naturalized citizen from Mexico that voted for Super Sexy Donald Trump, I'm gonna respectfully point out why you're a huge dumbass bitch for kissing Dumbo's ass. Obamacare was diarrhea, what kind of moron thinks is a good idea to raise premiums so high that nobody that is poor would even be able to afford them? DACA was made to get the Hispanic vote, which is the only time Dumbo remembered us, fuck Obama. Inviting terrorists BLM leaders to the White House and treating them like heroes? Raising taxes to the middle class so the lazy people could get government handouts? I was paying on average 28% of my weekly check on just taxes and yes I'm still salty FUCK DUMBO. Weakest piece of shit president right next to Jimmy Carter, no wonder taxes were high because all the countries were taking advantage of the US because Dumbo's husband Michaelle cut off his testicles. TRUMP2020
William McGregor (2 months ago)
I absolutely adore your channel, so I cannot let this slip by without saying anything. Your bit on Ronald Reagan was quite frankly embarrassing, and exposed a level political bias that can seriously hinder your ability to properly examine other historical events. After the absolute shit-show that was the 1960's and 70's, the economy was down, moral was low, nobody had a job, people were waiting in line for gas, major cities were practical war zones, and everyone was fucking depressed. Reagans economic policies brought about what was called by other foreign leaders at the time, "the American miracle." And no, this miracle absolutely did not, "just help the rich." It helped everyone. You don't have to like Reagan, he did a lot of nefarious things, nobody denies that. But your bit on him showed a level of immaturity that I have never seen you display on this channel before. And don't even get me started with that Trump BS. Political Juice just made an excellent video on Supply Side Economics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwElvNI5JIQ I highly recommend you watch it, as it is very informative on not only Reagan, but economic policies in general. And sheds light on this unfortunate phenomenon we have in the States. There is a substantially large group of powerful individuals here that hate Reagan so much, it can be nearly impossible to find material on him that doesn't outright dismiss him without properly examining him. It's your channel, but please consider rethinking this topic. Sincerely, a fan.
John D Ruddy (2 months ago)
William McGregor I really appreciate this comment! It's well worded and well thought out. To be very honest, this video came out right as Trump as inaugurated and I was very angry with how the Republican Party was acting (and I still am), but this bias did leak in to this video. I usually stay away from more recent events because they tend to be more politically charged. I could've outlined more of what Reagan did but alas, not this time. Regarding what I said on Trump, I stand by everything I said on him. He continues to be an embarrassment and really harms USA's global image. Thanks again for your comment! I'll hopefully get making more soon!!
Andrew (2 months ago)
Forgot to mention Bill Clinton was impeached
Tim Jones (2 months ago)
Unbiased video. Great job!
FRG YT (2 months ago)
You’re kinda stupid when it came to Trump. Seriously nothing positive? Wow you need to do your research
FRG YT (2 months ago)
“Obama was the coolest president” But not a good one
Brandell Sarver (2 months ago)
Clinton was a good president to me but the only thing about I don't like about him is the herasment
Brandell Sarver (2 months ago)
Obama was a bad president (and no I don't have him because he is African American) because he allowed same gender marriage and I'm against that and plus he did a bad joob as president I'm surprised he got reelected
Brandell Sarver (2 months ago)
People do you think you would prefer Obama or Trump I voted for Trump
Dom Productions (2 months ago)
Exactly.. I just lost so much respect for this channel.. Keep Bias out of it and report plain facts, 90% of what you said about Donald Trump is false.. Learn some facts
John D Ruddy (2 months ago)
Dom Productions History closer to the present tends to have more politics to it which is why I usually avoid it. Regarding the 90% of Trump stuff being wrong, please give some examples.
Nunya Bizness (2 months ago)
Clinton was forced into a balanced budget by the republican congress, but hey, give him all the credit for the economy in the 90s. This was also fueled by the policy of everyone getting a home loan, which played a big role in leading to the recession in the 2000s that Bush couldn't stop, but you don't like republicans, so you have your viewpoint. I get it. Not a bad job with the limited amount of time used.
Will Baggett (2 months ago)
This guy does not like Reagan and idk why he’s pretty great definitely one of the top 5 presidents
Kaiser Wilhelm II (2 months ago)
20% of the popular vote? Come on man, both Trump and Hillary got 40%+ of the popular vote.
Boleslaw Petroski (1 month ago)
He meant Population. 60% of america did'nt vote.
Brandell Sarver (2 months ago)
Everyone who is your favorite president mine is Lyndon B Johnson.
Nunya Bizness (2 months ago)
Brandell Sarver Lincoln. In my life, I'll say Reagan, but there aren't a lot of good options.
RFKFan68 (2 months ago)
Johnson had Kennedy killed.
Kyle Muss (2 months ago)
Wonder why the dislike bar is so large? *checks comment section* Ah. Butthurt. I should have guessed.
Polish Milk (2 months ago)
THAT SALT at the end xD
Cerdon (2 months ago)
I respect your right to an opinion but as a video supposed to simply be a fact-based summary of all presidents the fact that you went on a 1-minute rant on the standing president is well, very biased and as a channel focusing on the historical analysis you just severely discredited yourself and at the very least angered about half of your audience
sbaker190189 (2 months ago)
Flicking through the comments shows how raw the politics of the last two or three presidents are still relatively fresh in people's minds and how opponents are quick to jump on them. Republican supporters they would point out travelgate, Lewinskygate and many other scandals with Clinton or the backlash over the Affordable Care Act and the Drone Stikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan with Obama. Conversely Democrat supporters talk about the flaws in Reaganomics (how the perception of the extra money businesses make doesn't necessarily "trickle down" to the people on the street, to suspicion of how Reagan avoided criminal charges in the aftermath of the Iran-Contra Affair, or how George W Bush had poor responses to both the New Orleans flooding in Hurricane Katrina and the breakdown of the financial sector that lead to the Great Recession in 2008. As a side note, it is an interesting coincidence that the Republicans have four (at the time of posting) Presidents who lost the popular vote but won in the electoral college (Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W Bush and Trump), I wonder if a factor in this is the concentration of those who (overly simplified) vote Democrat in the big cities like New York and Los Angeles is off set by those who live in more rural areas who would vote Republican? I am not in a position to say who is right and who is wrong, because the US political spectrum is very much to the right (even the democrats) of the politics I'm used to here in the UK, but merely calling out the commonly sited controversies with opponents of the main two parties in America
sbaker190189 (1 month ago)
+Sponge Gar I was always under the impression that the Democrats are closer ideologically to the Tories (officially the Conservative and Unionist party) and the Republicans closer to UKIP (probably why Trump called out Nigel Farage to speak at one of his campaign rallies in 2016)
Sponge Gar (1 month ago)
its pretty far to thr right but for the first time ever, the majority of democrats prefer socialism to capitalism, so its a lot closer than you think
Caleb Scott (2 months ago)
Nor Mochir (2 months ago)
8:53 is that Walter White from Breaking Bad?
Nor Mochir (2 months ago)
7:49 "Oooh cat photos!" :3 :v
Jp Pharand (2 months ago)
When he got to reagan the bias was going up not pointing out democrats and then calling trump a facscist. For a history channel thats an idiotic thing to say. Unsub.
S.H.I.E.L.D Reference at 7:42!
Napalm Junkie (2 months ago)
Is this guy a butthurt libtard or what?
Napalm Junkie (2 months ago)
How come it doesn't mention all the shady shit Clinton and Obama did?
Kyle Muss (2 months ago)
Uh...he did mention the civilian deaths in the drone strikes and the fact that pulling troops out of Iraq caused the power vacuum that formed ISIS.
Dan Lewis (2 months ago)
Jon Bellis (2 months ago)
This is such a clearly biased video, Reagan gets shit on but Obama is fawned over? Obama is arguably the worst president ever.
Nunya Bizness (2 months ago)
Obama was pretty bad, but compare him to Buchanan and Andrew Johnson and it's not even close.
Kyle Muss (2 months ago)
Did you watch the other 2 videos? We've definitely had tons of worse presidents.
Jon Bellis (2 months ago)
I love how much he trashed Reagan but Reagan literally saved the economy?
Adolfary Clitler (2 months ago)
Yeah, clear bias against Republicans. I could see the salt. Do you get why people didn’t like Obamacare at all? By the way, insurance and coverage aren’t the same thing... By the way, good job flipping off cops and conservatives. I expected an unbiased video.
Adolfary Clitler (2 months ago)
John D Ruddy I enjoyed the videos, but why do you have a problem with the modern Republicans? I mean, yeah, there are a lot of rhinos that have divided the GOP, but are the democrats somehow better? Why are you saying not all cops? The media and liberals complained because cops shot people or criminals who happened to be black because they weren’t listening. I don’t care what you say, when a cop says freeze, you freeze. I can agree about the flawed two party system but the voting system is fine enough. The electoral college is complicated but it keeps New York and California from dominating every election. Thanks for actually having a constructive argument instead of being a dick. We have too much of the latter.
John D Ruddy (2 months ago)
The amazing Teddy this is why I usually stay away from more modern history as politics tend to come into play. I didn't flip off every cop #notallcops And it's only modern republicans I have a problem with. That being said, the entire two party system is horrendously flawed! Yous don't have real choice for a properly nuanced government. Because it's only two parties it has created this growing extreme divide between the left and right (and the dems are barely left in a lot of ways!) Proportional representation in voting, particularly in your presidential elections would help allow more candidates to run and not worry about splitting the red or blue votes. Thanks for watching!
Devices going dark (2 months ago)
You forgot to put in the deez nutz candidate
Jonathan Vega (2 months ago)
you should do a video on the football war
C.J. (3 months ago)
Clinton never left a surplus. Debt had gone up by $1trillion since he had first taken office and the deficit was $130billion in the last year of his budget. If this was a video on facts you could've at least bothered to look up the fiscal years of his presidency via the US Treasury's website before claiming it. Nice narrative push though.
Cyniot (3 months ago)
I would have liked this video if you didn’t insert your own political opinions into it
William Reed (3 months ago)
This Fucker is roasting my boi Trump, 1v1 me m8
Connor Baker (3 months ago)
I see bias everwhere....
Dragon009r (3 months ago)
Okay it’s very clear this guy is a liberal
Dragon009r (3 months ago)
So I think it’s clear he leans left XD
John D Ruddy (3 months ago)
Dragon009r what have it away? :P
Dragon009r (3 months ago)
LEMEMES 21 (3 months ago)
Bort Flong (3 months ago)
A Hind-D? Here? Can't be. Colonel, what's going on?!
EightTheRaven (3 months ago)
Down with trump
thesneakyninja (3 months ago)
Great channel video just some wat biased but that doesnt hold to much grudge! :)
High admiral Sean (3 months ago)
Trump has done a lot of great things and improved our economy open Korea and lot more
Benjamin Davis (3 months ago)
The majority of faithless electors were from states where Clinton had won
Benjamin Davis (3 months ago)
Not going to mention how a key witness in Clinton’s impeachment trial was executed?
Franandwood (3 months ago)
What the flag under Greece at 9:11

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