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Pineview Drive (HORROR) - DAY 5 - Thunderstorm

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So twenty years ago my wife got lost and I'm just now deciding to look for her. WHAT A GREAT HUSBAND. Remember to leave a like or a dislike and/or a comment down below to let me know if you liked it or what you didn't like! PINEVIEW DRIVE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoDG9vFEGQhMlLiPTplfLcoo6fwaEdNXH Thumbnail art by In0my0u // https://twitter.com/in0my0u // http://www.youtube.com/user/in0my0u Buy the game on Steam! (25% off until August 7, 2014!): http://store.steampowered.com/app/288880/ ====================================== Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/GoldenBlackHawk Check out my stream page! http://www.twitch.tv/goldenblackhawk Follow me on Tumblr! http://goldenblackhawk.tumblr.com/ Peek into my store! http://www.redbubble.com/people/goldenblackhawk/portfolio Love anime? Get a Crunchyroll special extended 14-day pass! http://crunchyroll.com/goldenblackhawk
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Text Comments (57)
Thrax Sablescales (3 years ago)
Does anyone else notice the skull pattern of the wall paper?
iHaveOneArm (3 years ago)
I'm just waiting for the scarecrow to be missing lol
Takashi Shinigami (3 years ago)
That Titanic reference in the comments, though...
Missa (3 years ago)
Day 5 game so boring give up on titles
BrentonLord (3 years ago)
The playlist is screwed up... Day 6,7,8 and 9 are all above day 5
Miles Treleven (3 years ago)
+BrentonLord And beyond that the episodes are all scrambled ;-;
Sentry (3 years ago)
+BrentonLord ikr KEVIN FIX IT!
David Archer (3 years ago)
Should work on organising your playlists
Cleftspear (3 years ago)
I enjoyed this.
Super Sleepy (3 years ago)
You should really stop playing this game its obvious you don't enjoy it.and you viewers don't either
FoxVonTrot (3 years ago)
Finally ! Thank you for coming back to the game Kev.
Havok (3 years ago)
Well, still try your best to play it to the end Kevin! It's quite fun to watch you play this. :P
Mikayla Black (3 years ago)
Love this series! Been waiting for it to come back! :D
caleb buras (3 years ago)
its eridan
a KOOL breeze 58 (3 years ago)
Don't worry kevin im a pussy as well
Damian Godinez (3 years ago)
ouch.....locked at like 35 frames there m80
ArkreactorInHD (3 years ago)
Man this is the one channel I REALLY hope wont die. Been watching Kevin since I started middle school a long time ago. And it's safe to say this is my favorite channel.  I remember when Kevin did that DayZ And Cry of Fear lets play with StetchMasta 2 years back. Probably the funniest two let's plays i've ever seen. It seems like most of the youtubers I watch are getting into the trend of only playing g-mod and uploading every once in a blue moon. And it's really saddening.
WhenTheyCry (3 years ago)
+ArkreactorInHD I'm talking about new releases. Not a lot of interesting games have came out until october Nova has had to play really obscure indie games because nothing worth playing has come out 
ArkreactorInHD (3 years ago)
+WhenTheyCry I wouldn't say that, there are tons of games to still be played. Just nobody is playing them. 
WhenTheyCry (3 years ago)
+ArkreactorInHD  that's just because a lot of games have not been coming out in nNovemberlike 600 things come out. G-mod has a LOT of content in just one of it's game modes that's like thousands of hours 
Swaggy Aleks (3 years ago)
420 Blaze It
doifhg (3 years ago)
The sudden screaming loudness of the ad following the video was more scary than the game itself :l
Bittersweet (3 years ago)
don't play this game if you don't want to.
Anthonystuff1 (3 years ago)
I said this last time and im going to say it again.....Yes, finally a new one!
quick day was quick i hope for more soon an claire if that game even beatable i haven't been able to find any other play throughs that reach passed where kev is which is getting to building b
Raymond (3 years ago)
I thought you had stopped the series. I'm glad you didn't, i was enjoying these.
DarthKato (3 years ago)
+JMG1300 lol!
JMG1300 (3 years ago)
So was I Jesus.
Toxic Conundrum (3 years ago)
Fina-fucking-ly. been waiting for this forever
AC1everName (3 years ago)
is the goal to survive twenty days or...
Pentfall Productions (3 years ago)
Ah this game is just... FUCK THAT
Modaegi Modaegi (3 years ago)
Oh god the humming. It's so spooks. I love it.
Eldaria (3 years ago)
Everytime Kevin says he's a pussy, I think of his selfies with his "pussy" *cough* I mean cat..
Eldaria (3 years ago)
Raven Okimaw (3 years ago)
Haha I read your comment exactly the same time he said it himself XD
Eldaria (3 years ago)
Ayee it's back, fuck yeah!
Yuuko Ishimoto (3 years ago)
Yaay, back to this scary game *cries and hides under covers*
Big Boy Captain (3 years ago)
I've gone grey waiting for this Kevin
Julia (3 years ago)
Nothing beats a Monday watching spoopy vidjahs with Kevvo
Fake Converse (3 years ago)
YES KEVIN YES, awesome dude, finally been waiting so long for this lets play too countinue, leave a like for this awesome youtuber Kevin aka GoldenBlackHawk:DDDD (sorry for the bad spelling, i'm from Denmark)
wioh1 (3 years ago)
HAAHH it sounds like he said "I'm GoldenblackCock" in the beginning
Lumpy Seal (3 years ago)
lol that's the whole joke of his name.
Lolren (3 years ago)
Hahhaha omg....
Alberto Alvarado (3 years ago)
hey its back. was wondering when itd be  back
JoeDaBro LetsPlays (3 years ago)
Kevin.... your humming is spookier than this game o.o
JoeDaBro LetsPlays (3 years ago)
I can see fine
JoeDaBro LetsPlays (3 years ago)
Kevin be a man my god *Whacks you with a newspaper "Pull yourself together!"
TrueLight (3 years ago)
Something is leaking that needs Kevin's attention? It's probably his pants after that sword incident.  
Eldaria (3 years ago)
I am so fucking done with you right now xDD
Amado Perez (3 years ago)
I meant gmod murder
Amado Perez (3 years ago)
I keep thinking Aleks will come out and do that creepy sound he did in the five nights a Freddys gmod horror videos
Schwegg (3 years ago)
Its been 84 years....
Elyse (3 years ago)
why are there like month long pauses between episodes lmao
Viktor Reznov (3 years ago)
+Silver Spoon Is he teeth? I think he is human.
Silver Spoon (3 years ago)
Stay in school and eat you're teeth.
Kalvin (3 years ago)
Hai Kevin :)
MrFrankcap (3 years ago)

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