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PS4 - Far Cry 5 Co-Op Trailer

805 ratings | 49222 views
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Text Comments (63)
Claudio Justin (3 months ago)
Reality: my homie trap my car and blew me up
LordZigmalulu (4 months ago)
one thing that sucks its only 2 player coop like hello they made wildlands. it has the same net code same engine and everything. 4 player coop or die
yougonasorry (4 months ago)
1:07 absolute bullshit, if you are too far from the other player you get a warning messahe
ThatHappyDude (4 months ago)
“We ride together we die together” bad boys 4Life
• ωílѕon • (4 months ago)
Why is everyone just saying cringe because of the text thing?Do it better then.
Mackaveli (5 months ago)
I thought you guys said this game was gonna fail 😂
MROKJIA (5 months ago)
Same formula over and over
JoeBro (5 months ago)
*Pre-Order the digital deluxe now to get 5 extra bonus towers!*
Tiaz_M ! (5 months ago)
Chroma (5 months ago)
How does a Far Cry Blood Dragon 2 with co-op story sound, Ubisoft?
SAMythHunter (5 months ago)
0:40 Honestly, that was epic
don beale (5 months ago)
0:25 is the green text a pagin min reference?
dylan goodwin (5 months ago)
Misfited Misfit (5 months ago)
Happy Together - The Turtles https://youtu.be/pSw8an1u3rc
Javier Santa Cruz (6 months ago)
Esta va a ser la única manera de ver al puma ya extinto...😞😟
jin adachi (6 months ago)
cant wait to play this with my brother.
jin adachi (5 months ago)
good to know. he lives in ireland and i live in texas.
Mido. D (6 months ago)
just wanted to let you know that theres no split screen so if u wanna play with him u gotta play online
Brothers In Arms (6 months ago)
I hope there is that typing feature
Gotobar 1313 (6 months ago)
Idgaf about coop, I'm just glad there are flyable planes my damn
Google user (7 months ago)
i had seen a lots of trailers #farcry 5 on youtubes and other medias.... but i personally felt this one as better one https://youtu.be/dU3JXzZCWp0 #deservestobetheone.....
Eric Parks (7 months ago)
My girlfriend turned me on to farcry. But now this is more my style
Rag3cr1t1calz (7 months ago)
At least it’s better than call of duty
Gamer Chronos (8 months ago)
Nacho Peludo (6 months ago)
Julio Cesar (8 months ago)
Downgrade is coming....
ElAdrixx117 (4 months ago)
Not really... Some stuff they promised is here!
BRZ4D019 (8 months ago)
binh bui (8 months ago)
1:01 the dog bite him in the dick xD
Perfect song for COOP
So Happy together by the Turtles
Dinossaurando Tv (6 months ago)
TheBandit025 what name is song ?
BurntMan (8 months ago)
Why am I slightly hyped for this now?
Skill Shot (8 months ago)
Gamingcrew56 !!! (8 months ago)
Only ps4 oh well I know I'm not getting it 😉😉😉😉
Galaxeus (8 months ago)
Grondunn BloodBone Stupid. Just stupid. You can tell because of the emojis.
Grondunn BloodBone (8 months ago)
that kid though ?!?!?! Can’t tell if bait or just stupid or something. Cuz it’s absolutely not an exclusive.
Oxymoronous :D (8 months ago)
mario Lil jayy (9 months ago)
Damn, the graphics are sick
trexmaster9000 (9 months ago)
"ted cheeseburger" tho
chase gentry (9 months ago)
Yeah but where is split-screen co-op?
Brothers In Arms (6 months ago)
Im not a fan of spilt screen games there just too destracting and confusing for me.
Christofer Kaasik (9 months ago)
chase gentry I think there won't be a splitscreen
HT LIM (9 months ago)
Cringe intensifies
NaTeK (4 months ago)
HT LIM nope.
PhantumMagnus (4 months ago)
HT LIM the game looks amazing not cringe
martin candela (9 months ago)
Tiene muy buena pinta el modo coop
Adge Freeman (9 months ago)
So this just became a very limited version of GTA except it just looks better.
Galaxeus (8 months ago)
Adge Freeman Just because its open world and has guns does not mean its in any way like GTA. Open world sandbox games existed before GTA3.
AncientSoulTalk1 (9 months ago)
All of y'all hating just aren't true fans
Galaxeus (8 months ago)
3HeadedJewMaster Just because it came out quickly doesnt mean its bad.
KPG__ (9 months ago)
AncientSoulTalk1 how can you be a true fan when the last game was terrible
Sluggish Throne (9 months ago)
PhantumMagnus (4 months ago)
Sluggish Throne why is it cringe it looks awesome
KPG__ (9 months ago)
This game Finna fail like the last one...
george phillip (4 months ago)
@TheSecondBeef um lets look at movies, star wars for example, The lord of the rings is the only good movie I have ever seen get a righteous score.
ElAdrixx117 (4 months ago)
It is good, kinda fun actually!
Al Bundy (4 months ago)
KPG__ stfu
anon o mas (6 months ago)
Tbh far cry primal gets REALLY boring like a third way through
TheSecondBeef (8 months ago)
Galaxeus Have you ever seen a game that has low score but sold a lot? And games that were a trap (aka No Man Sky) doesn't count.

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