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1 Like = 1 Infinity Stone

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https://www.twitch.tv/slyfoxhound song by the one and only Dj-Jo (keep it up my guy love this song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PeiWkKHAOU
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Text Comments (112)
Artic Fire (1 day ago)
Yo there's updates to dying light you should play it again
Bucket Face (1 day ago)
Sasha dies in attack on Titan in manga number 105
Robert 1990 (5 days ago)
Will you ever do daily minecraft or super minecraft agian???
James Gorerro (8 days ago)
I’m missing the uploads :(
TrojanPiece (9 days ago)
youtube is dead lol
savionboss Dallas (10 days ago)
I'mma be extra 100th comment
savionboss Dallas (10 days ago)
And why haven't you uploaded in a month are you good???
Assassin among Pirates (13 days ago)
More dying light and will you play the second one
GamingThomas YTB (17 days ago)
God sly ive watch you grow from 10k to 1.2million. And with every video you get even more dumb lol Edit: sly has 849 infinite stones. He has surpased god who has 800
Drink Bleach (17 days ago)
838th like
Jone Jones (18 days ago)
What a sexy man.
CryptPixel (21 days ago)
Just realized Sly wearing a Bayside Shirt. Try listening to Streetlight Manifesto if you haven't heard of them yet Sly
brinks (25 days ago)
thanos is going to notice soon
draganta 197 (28 days ago)
if u ever do a 3rd season of minecraft dialy do it in crazy craft might be fun
ZBY gameing (29 days ago)
Sly you have 726 Infinity Stones
Jan Duran (29 days ago)
Hey Sly! I dont know if you'll see this but so be it. Thank you. Thank you for basically making my childhood with your infectious laughter and crazy antics.I began watching when you first appeared with Pbat in the minecraft movies when I was younger, and now I hop onto your streams and lurk. Honestly and from the bottom of my heart thank you. So please dont let the haters get to you amigo. Continue doing what your doing. Homies Unite.
Lost (29 days ago)
Hit that duck with the shovel shovel
Same space (29 days ago)
Connor Rathy (30 days ago)
miss kobayashi intro c;
Eternity w (1 month ago)
Can you make more videos with cupquack you guys are funny together
Proxyhunter21 (1 month ago)
You should really make a new Minecraft superhero series back with new people or at least a group you feel will have fun with you on the project P.s:I love your vids sly and I’ve been watching them ever since you did super minecraft marriage with Ashley Marie and Kevin and dragon block c
Ricky Mata (1 month ago)
Luv u
DC_Dizzle (1 month ago)
Where's Terraria? Sorry, Tewwawia
BabyJesusClaus (1 month ago)
Sly, too much to ask to bring the no no topics back for an episode or two?
bcwjoshua playz (1 month ago)
Super Minecraft dayly bring it back
Julio Torres (1 month ago)
More marrige craft please
UltraSoulHero (1 month ago)
Sly you need to stream this game when it comes out, check it on steam: Ooblets
King of Games (1 month ago)
this made my day and its my b day so this made it even better :)
Azazel The Centrist (1 month ago)
Hey Sly! I’ve been a sub since 2010! Love your videos, please keep them up! Hit the chickens with the shovels, iron=silver, & HIPO!!!!!
Dean yl (1 month ago)
Maybe a new superminecraft like thing
Matthew Terry (1 month ago)
Matthew Terry (1 month ago)
Lance Beasley (1 month ago)
Im done with life sly😂😂😂😂😂
Cruel_Calamity (1 month ago)
441 Infinity Stones
Cruel_Calamity (1 month ago)
Actually me when I think no one is watching
NewGeneration321 (1 month ago)
Sly I get YT isn’t really your platform anymore but honestly I love your content. Lol I even watch this! Just saying I miss ya :3
benedicto alvarez (1 month ago)
lolz anyone else lovin this dance? cuz i am
MartinezPlays (1 month ago)
fking jebaited dude i thought this was your rap from the other day
MysticFate (1 month ago)
It would have been hilarious it Kayla just walked in like half way through and was sort of like "What the he--..." and slowly walked out 😂
Itz TheDeathGamer (1 month ago)
Goofball ;)... I missed you...We missed you.
Fire_tail (1 month ago)
Kim Le (1 month ago)
Best quality video I’ve seen in this platform
Charlotte Purcell (1 month ago)
This is adorable, never delete this
Robin J (1 month ago)
Thunder Steel (1 month ago)
Please more contect as this its high quality
Little Cupcake (1 month ago)
Lorenzo Mesiti (1 month ago)
Best Video of 2018
Elder Rusty (1 month ago)
i came here to attempt to obtain an infinity stone and rule over earth. you lied to me.
Wolfgang Widhalm (1 month ago)
BEST VIDEO 2016!!!
Aleks D (1 month ago)
Eddie my boii did you remix the kobayashi's dragon maid as a vocaloid song? xD i love ya xD
~Marioneta~ (1 month ago)
Aleks D Dj-jo did the remix. I recommend checking out his channel he does a lot of awesome remixes
Foesizzle games (1 month ago)
If 1 like = 1 infintiy stone, then he should of only gotten 6 likes. 😂
Heather Hollander (1 month ago)
DrAwesome50 (1 month ago)
175 infinity stones sly is op
DeadlyAlpha (1 month ago)
3 unliked... dayum...
DeadlyAlpha (1 month ago)
DrAwesome50 | now it's 686.... mother of god.....
NomnomAproved (1 month ago)
144 infinity stones so far ... so Sly when you going to suit up and take out every bad guy with a shovel cause you know... "when u see a duck you gotta hit him with a shovel!! "
G.O.F GOLDEN (1 month ago)
145 infinity stones
Graywolf 55 (1 month ago)
To much power!
beastxfox (1 month ago)
YO! Sly you got this
Noah Rogalla (1 month ago)
You dont deserve 110 infinity stones, franklu no one can weild more than 8 sooo.....
Anderson kang (1 month ago)
thats a lot of infinity stones
Nagata Kinji (1 month ago)
Please never delete this.
DragonSkyGames (1 month ago)
61 infinity stones
DancingBabo (1 month ago)
You dork
WTCAT500 (1 month ago)
Andrew Thomas [Prism] (1 month ago)
Sly vs Thanos! Sly is new Avenger!
The Froggermann (1 month ago)
Sly and I dance the same way I am glad to see this
A Lonesome Umbreon (1 month ago)
My friend shellx told me to sub and like your videos
BetaRayJack501st (1 month ago)
lucario Covaleski (1 month ago)
Those dance moves though quick somebody grab a fire extinguisher the dance floor is on fire
Doggo okay (1 month ago)
The power!!!!
Foxy himself#1 (1 month ago)
Dragon maid theme!!!
Jason Todd (1 month ago)
I feel like he watched infinity war
Itz Rex (1 month ago)
Notice me sly.
BryanTheGhoul 7502 (1 month ago)
Your the youtuber that does anime chat groups that are funny af :O

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