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The Best Games We've Never Played - Game Scoop! 470

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This week we're discussing games we know are great but just haven't played. Also: Overcooked, PS5, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (188)
IonSquared (5 months ago)
Not playing Galaxy 2 is maybe one of the biggest gaming sins one can commit! My all-time favorite Mario, though it may now very well be tied with Odyssey.
kevinno (5 months ago)
7:17 Klonoa's awesome, and holds up incredibly well even today. I played through it for the first time a year or so ago and I absolutely loved it :D It's on PSN (PS3/Vita), so it's easy and affordable to get it as well :D A shame it's so hard to get a hold of the sequel :(
Aric Berger (7 months ago)
IGN should change it's official caption for anything in the 4's from "bad" (or whatever it is now) to "fun!"
Red Sharky (7 months ago)
Deus ex is pretty fun
Chas the Spaz (7 months ago)
Crobat is cool...
Chas the Spaz (7 months ago)
I think you guys should get Brian in there
Chas the Spaz (7 months ago)
For League of Legends that is
Magnus718 (7 months ago)
I think the competitor of the TV show was GamePro
Tommy Lee Lynn (7 months ago)
Destiny takes place partially on Earth and you can wear a hat.
Justin Davis (7 months ago)
Don't even start with that Abraham.
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Tommy Lee Lynn Helmets aren't hats.
José Luis Diez (7 months ago)
awesome episode!
Peter Laurent (7 months ago)
Best games I've never played: Morrowind and Fallout New Vegas. Best co op experience (besides Portal 2): Rec Room
SENATORPAIN1 (7 months ago)
justin only talks about himself.gets very grating.
Red Sharky (7 months ago)
SENATORPAIN1 Justin is the man!
Rich (7 months ago)
Don't Starve, maybe?
Rich (7 months ago)
yes play!!!!!!!
Brain Glick (7 months ago)
Mirrors Edge Catalyst as a first person game recommendation
FonzySquidfield (7 months ago)
Did anyone hear that weird laugh at 1:03:13
Seth Dunn (7 months ago)
Yes, guys... Edith Finch is on Xbox
al Nin (7 months ago)
the spine is broken!!!
Gem Su (7 months ago)
There should be a "smog only" testing sites for gaming. A certified gaming records facility where you pay 5 bucks or so to brake gaming records. Game Check! (trademark pending)
Jonathan Grimes (7 months ago)
Aye! I got BulletStorm right around question 9-10! That’s the first time I ever got one before you guys did lol
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Sean Going Next time don't read the comments before finishing the video.
Sean Going (7 months ago)
Jonathan Grimes well that ruined 20 questions... next time please just say you guessed "the game".
AwesomeByrd (7 months ago)
I had those Monster in my Pocket toys. They came out after the little Muscle Men toys.
Dragon969Reviews (7 months ago)
I played the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night first, when I finally played the PS1 version, while it ran a little more smooth, it felt incomplete.
Rob Rose (7 months ago)
Am l crazy or has every magazine been from 1992?
Stuart O (7 months ago)
Don't forget about those overpriced proprietary Vita memory cards!
Yungstar (7 months ago)
guys, Edith Finch is on Xbox.
Trecker (7 months ago)
To the person looking for FPS starter co-op games. Try portal 2 - it's not really a shooter, but will teach the controls, has an amazing story, and is 2 player co-op. If you don't care about FPS but want co-op, try Towerfall Ascension.
Jasont44094 (7 months ago)
GamePro TV was the show from a magazine company that had an embarrassing totally '90s cliche show starring J.D. Roth. J.D. stood for Jammin Dude. God was the early '90s so lame.
Marcelo Caballero (7 months ago)
Anyone know what is that web site that Justin mentioned? The one with the guides?
Alien Monkei (7 months ago)
I'd like to see you guys play LoL for the first time, as a standalone video though, a stream would be cool too, but it'll be funny to watch you guys figure it out with no help
Arun Krishnamurthy (7 months ago)
I think you guys should livestream playing LoL for the first time. Could be interesting.
Andrew Quinn (7 months ago)
Man I miss getting EGM every month...probably the best gaming magazine ever!
Aaron Jones (7 months ago)
I've a spare ticket to the Select Awards if someone wanted to go with me. Sony would be unlikely to announce a price drop at E3, if they do it'll be at the end of the year. Duke Nukem Forever was well received, huh. List of games I've never played is far too long.
SHINNOK7 (7 months ago)
TheMIGHTYticK3893 (7 months ago)
Brothers a tale of two sons got my girlfriend to play games
derek rosas (7 months ago)
Oh my goodness you guys actually responded to my email??? Totally made my day, possibly made my week! Thanks for the response! Great advice! Great show!
legendofwakka (7 months ago)
What is the music at 33:56 ? It's on the tip of my tongue and i've legitimately been thinking about this for over 10 minutes now it's making me upset.
legendofwakka (7 months ago)
Game Scoop! Thanks! For whatever reason, Bases Loaded and Balloon Fight kept coming to mind!
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Wrecking Crew!
Eric Jobe (7 months ago)
I'm pretty sure the "competitor's TV show" that the EGM article was referring to was "GamePro". I think J. D. Roth might have hosted it...?
David Banuelos (7 months ago)
"The gamelord speaks." From now on, that's how I'm going to start all my forum posts.
Cron13 (7 months ago)
The very best show on IGN <3
Nintendad816 * (7 months ago)
Cron13 I like them all but I agree I like the cast and they cover all consoles . It’s the best ! Scoop !!
Young King Kush (7 months ago)
I think IGN should come out with a sister show to Game Scoop but with a slightly younger cast. Not saying anything negative about Daemon & Co., it's just that whenever they talk about games they don't like or have never played the generational gap is glaringly obvious. I'm 25, so I'm sure other people my age and below have noticed this. I mean dude said he's never played a PS1 game & that's crazy to hear as a 90's baby life long gamer.
Joseph Childs (7 months ago)
Shout out to Medieval Madness. I used to play that all the time at my college arcade
Leon Grant (7 months ago)
Sam really struggled with the twin stick question 😂
Shawn Batey (7 months ago)
@42:30 I’m calling Bulletstorm
Doug Brady (7 months ago)
Don't worry 'bout it (7 months ago)
Damn it Justin! I have 2 hotmail.com emails that I still use daily. Don't hate!
Shawn Batey (7 months ago)
I’d love to see you guys play LoL!! Never played it, and I think it’d be very interesting to see a game full of newbies!! As always, loving the show!!
Zatchalope (7 months ago)
Hold on, this is just an unacceptable conversation about the n64 mini. If they rig up some garbage made up wonky controller that ISNT the classic n64 controller, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. PART OF THE LOVE FOR THAT CONSOLE IS THE CONTROLLERS DONT DESTROY MY LIFE NINTENDO, DONT YOU DARE!
Median More (7 months ago)
Thank you, Ian for the advice. The guys should be asking about the generations/systems instead of the year. Since some consoles span the year 2000 or 1990 etc. Much smarter.
Matt Marlow (7 months ago)
Kirtley Kinman (7 months ago)
Please do the let’s play for league of legends stream. I think it would be awesome.
Joe Stewart (7 months ago)
Excellent show as always. Thanks for all you do!
Slumpenstein (7 months ago)
PS4 came out in early 2013 btw
Slumpenstein (7 months ago)
Game Scoop! Yeah. Idk why my mind went to early that year. Something else must of released that I'm thinking of.
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Incorrect. November 2013.
Max Paterra (7 months ago)
“Does the system wear a hat?”
Slumpenstein (7 months ago)
Mirrors edge
Walter Viga (7 months ago)
You need a top down camera for the magazine showings Damon! Get em to rig a cam from the ceiling yo.
Beadle111 Gaming (7 months ago)
I believe the TV show was Gamesmaster, they also had a magazine and looking it up it ran from 1992-1998. Great show presented by a head or Sir patrick Moore
Beadle111 Gaming (7 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GamesMaster agree to disagree, Gamesmaster was in January 1992 a month before the EGM magazine reported it
Jasont44094 (7 months ago)
No the tv show was GamePro TV starring J.D. "Jammin Dude" Roth.
bluecokedragon (7 months ago)
Does anyone know what the website with hints about video game puzzles that Justin talked about is called?
Legit Gamer (7 months ago)
GamePro was a rival magazine of EGM at the time. They had a TV show named GamePro TV.
Charlie Milroy (7 months ago)
I had the same experience with overcooked. The only problems with that game is that it gets fairly difficult quite quickly, so I can't unlock all the levels playing with my daughter, and there isn't a level creator more or even a sequel. Quantic Dream games and Telltale are pretty good games to get a non gamer involved
Charlie Milroy (7 months ago)
I hopped onto at the PlayStation this gen so I have played almost every series worth playing on the PS4 and PS3 except for p5, nioh, shadow of the colossus, Wolfenstein 2, and God of War, and Zelda breath of the wild, Mario odessy, and Xenoblade on switch
Charlie Milroy (7 months ago)
The best games most people have never played are the Yakuza games
Charlie Milroy (6 months ago)
Movie Muscle basically there are too many good games and not enough time. I'm having the same problem. I absolutely love Yakuza but I don't want to play them all the time. I'd recommend playing them all but taking your time getting to them. I'd say it's not a series you want to miss out on. In your case I'd say start with 6, and if you love it go back starting from 0. 6 has a story recap for all the games, but I didn't read it. The only part that is really spoilt in 6 is the ending for 5 and they'll also reference a few things from the past games that will make sense if you play the earlier games.
Movie Muscle (6 months ago)
Charlie Milroy Thanks for the extensive reply. I just don't know how much time I want to put into the series since it has so many entries and a lot of good games are going to be coming out soon, but I really want to play it because I'm hearing good things about the story. So, I wasn't sure if I had to play all of the entries to really get into the story. Maybe I'll just catch up and then start with Yakuza 4?
Charlie Milroy (6 months ago)
Movie Muscle I started with 6. It didn't make much sense, but it was because I had a Wii and not enough time for a PS3 when 3 came out. Yakuza was always a series I wanted to get back to and because I lived in Japan I decided b to import 6. Technically 0 was a major disappointment after that, but after I got over that I really got into it. Then I played Kiwami, now I'm playing Ishin and importing Kiwami 2. Storywise it makes sense to start with 0 or Kiwami then go through in number order. 0 was made after 5, so there are no spoilers playing it at any time. Kiwami is just not as good as 0 in many ways because the scope of the series has widened so much. I'd say start with 0, see how much it gets its hooks into you, if you really love it play Kiwami next, 2 might even be out in the West by the time you are done. Playing 6 will spoil some of the story especially the ending of 5, and you won't get the deepness of the relationships and the significance of the characters as well, but the story is self-contained and you could enjoy it perfectly well as your first Yakuza game. I'm waiting for PS4 ports or remasters of 3-5, but if absolutely necessary I would get a PS3 just for those games and Ni No Kuni
Movie Muscle (6 months ago)
Do you guys think it’s essential to play the first few games? I just want to start with Zero and 6.
Charlie Milroy (7 months ago)
Sean Going I admire your commitment, but I have too many other games, Yakuza games included, to play to go for the platinum, I might go back eventually
eSKAone (7 months ago)
It's beautiful how the industry has grown.
TheCrispyHuman (7 months ago)
TheCrispyHuman (7 months ago)
I MEANT JONATHAN lmfao my bad guys thanks for an awesome show!
TheCrispyHuman (7 months ago)
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Marcus7bwap (7 months ago)
Man this show gives me life
Daniel Trevino (7 months ago)
Damon! I'll send you some examples but I'm telling you, you gotta take a look at some of the really bad reviews towards the back. The writers for EGM back then did not hold back and would have lol funny things written about some of the crappiest games. I'll start digging around for some.
Cameron DeKruif (7 months ago)
An incredible episode! Thank you
DrJ ! (7 months ago)
Octodad co-op!
Daniel Trevino (7 months ago)
Don't give destiny a pass guys. Bungie and Activision had everything they could ever need to make a game that would hold our attention. They chose to go down the wrong path and decided to build a game around profit instead of creative vision. They disrespected their core fanbase and scared off anybody else that would have have given them a solid chance. When everyone was enthralled with the concept of the 1st Destiny it was because of the intrigue it brought with it......it was never supposed to be about chasing meaningless "exotic" weapons and comedic one-liners... what a shame.
Expurr (7 months ago)
Soo when are we getting that League of Legend stream?
SotNist (7 months ago)
Metal Gear VR Missions actually wasn't originally a separate game, much of it was first presented as bonus content for the international release of MGS1. It was basically like a Substance/Subsistence release for MGS1.
VooDooChild6971 (7 months ago)
Justin, you said that the e-reader levels on the GBA version of SMB3 were trapped on that system. Actually, you can download it on Wii U with the bonus levels unlocked, but they’re not great.
Rio Gaming (7 months ago)
Scoop! Always love when they bring out the EGM such a staple of my childhood reading all that silliness.
Oliver Brummel (7 months ago)
44:36 ;)
mikepeeeee1000 (7 months ago)
you keep picking magazines from the same period 1990-1994. plz be more varied. i did not start playing games until the N64 era so i have no interest in any of the mags that u keep featuring...
Geezy Stoic (7 months ago)
Daemon where can i find a game scoop shirt at?
Kevin Garcia (7 months ago)
Jonny should be a permanent host
AnimaHaynes (7 months ago)
For the husband and wife: ibb & obb
Daniel Trevino (7 months ago)
Damn Justin, try FF4!! It's probably the best one next to 6. The story is actually very cohesive and very mature and the music is phenomenal.
MMD (7 months ago)
Stardew Valley will be an excellent coop game to play with your partner as soon as the update comes out.
thunderwood (7 months ago)
I have a long car ride coming up and am saving last week's episode and this one for the ride, just stopped by to give the video a thumbs up!
EagleEye6486 (7 months ago)
Time Stamps 00:05 Start / Episode Overview 00:31 Listener Feedback - The Best Games Game Scoop Never Played 10:04 Listener Feedback - Game Scoop's Greatest Gaming Achievements 17:52 Listener Feedback - Game Scoop's Suggestions For Co-Op Games 26:35 Listener Feedback - Why Was Switch Successful, While Vita Failed? 30:03 Listener Feedback - Best Time To Get A PS4 Pro 34:01 Listener Feedback - Getting Burnt Out By Video Games 37:56 Video Game 20 Questions 55:27 February 1992 EGM 1:10:56 Outro
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
SENATORPAIN1 I'm going to give you the whooping your parents never gave you.
SENATORPAIN1 (7 months ago)
fuck off
Simon James (7 months ago)
Daemon you should really play Super Mario Galaxy 2. I hope you get to play it some day. Great game and riding Yoshi is just so much fun in that game. Hopefully Nintendo brings Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 to Switch. Good show by the way.
DapimpBDSD (7 months ago)
Scoop! I have lost interest in video games a bit lately and started my love of cars again but every now an then I'll play some Startdew valley or overwatch for an hour and i have alot of fun for an hour or so but not like before where I could played hours on end without getting bored.
Alex Clunan (7 months ago)
KING OF KONG , who has seen it?? Its great what happened to that Billy Mitchell. Horrible him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lin-a2lTelg
ZMM (7 months ago)
Mario Galaxy 2 is the greatest Mario game ever by far
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Effin Casual's First person I hear prefer 2. Weird choice. But hey, my favorite is probably Sunshine, so who am I to talk.
Effin Casual's (7 months ago)
Super mario 2 is your answer,you're welcome 😊
kuribo04 (7 months ago)
+James Marley If your favourite part was the New Donk City festival maybe you are just more into linear or "eventful" stuff. I liked both aspects of Odyssey. The forgotten island has no boss, events or anything (other than the bit with the bird at the beginning) and I think it's one of the finest levels in the game.
kuribo04 (7 months ago)
+James Marley You are exaggerating how many moons just lie around. Those are meant for "beginners". You choose how you play. A game with this reception will hardly be viewed in a negative light later on. The more "relaxed" feel is what comes with a sandbox game like this, and that's the entire point. It's what Mario 64 felt like. And I don't know in which genre you put 3D World (it's more similar to the 2D games obviously) but that game is one of the best in the entire series imo. I guess this just shows how different Mario games are between each other and that they aren't meant for everybody. But Odyssey is amazing.
James Marley (7 months ago)
AlexxDaBest I personally found Odessey very average. It had it's great moments like the 2d new don't city festival part for example....but every level was unrewarding. Just large flat plains with no challenge and random moons jus sitting in the middle of a random space just waiting for you to pick it up. I think in a few years once the dust has settled people will come to see Odessey as being maybe the poorest 3d Mario game after Sunshine. (PS. I don't count 3d world as a true 3d Mario)
Richard Hannay (7 months ago)
Xenoblade Chronicles and Ghost Trick
bipolarcow (7 months ago)
A better analogue for the vita would be Nintendo's 3DS handheld instead of the switch. And why did vita flop while the 3DS soared? The correct and easiest answer is games. Vita did not deliver quality games. Period. They tried but most of their 1st party developed games grossly under delivered. Both nintendo and Sony pushed real hard developing the big IPs for their handheld. Vita got a madden, assassins creed, resistance, COD, uncharted, etc While mario, Zelda, metroid, star fox all came to 3DS. The difference was nintendos titles were all 9s or 10s while most of what Sony developed flopped or average games at best. You can't sell a new hardware if the games are ho-hum. And after all those Sony investments failed, they stopped supporting the platform, stopped making games. The end
Lexus Frias (7 months ago)
Do you guys consider the switch a current gen console or a next gen console? Nintendo releases consoles so differently than Sony and Microsoft but realistically were only 2 or 3 years Max from the next console generation so when ps5 and the next Xbox comes out would that make the switch a last gen console?
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
It's here now so it's current gen.
ReapsVsTheWorld1 (7 months ago)
Nintendo 64 controller: git gud!
king_ryan_james (7 months ago)
I’ve never played Shadow of the Colossus or Horizon Zero Dawn. I’ve also never played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Nic D (7 months ago)
I am playing through SotC for the first time as well and I am loving it
Bryan Escober (7 months ago)
rest in peace Jared Petty you were my favorite IGN personality we all miss you....
SENATORPAIN1 (7 months ago)
i take it you haven't watched the show in about a yr?.
AlexxDaBest (7 months ago)
cool man me too
Leon Grant (7 months ago)
AlexxDaBest its a joke man
AlexxDaBest (7 months ago)
He's still alive though
Erick Orduno (7 months ago)
Video game journalism from 26 years ago has Daemon slightly heated lol
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
You mean video game "journalism."
Fines Dabbs (7 months ago)
My wife has trouble with the twin analog sticks also and I have been trying to introduce her to several titles with simpler control schemes for years. It wasn't until I stumbled onto a random game called Broforce in my library that I got for free from the PSN store that she wanted to play with me more often. Broforce is a side scroller shooter that takes movie icons such as Predator or Robocop and pumps them full of testosterone, with each character having specialized abilities. My explanation of the game really doesn't paint the metaphorical picture but the game is a lot of fun.
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Tyler Hargrove (7 months ago)
Other good twin sticks suggestions to teach someone on: Viva Pinata, Slime Rancher
Peter Fowler (7 months ago)
I tried playing through The Last of Us with my girlfriend, but she could never get the hang of controlling the camera, but she liked the story so she'd just watch me play. She ended up having the same issues with Breath of the Wild, but after playing that together for almost 200 hours she got used to it.
Morick Rift (7 months ago)
Sorry to point that out dear Omega Cops but you can see Justin's belly between his shirt's buttons. Also, what is he up to with all this running away in the middle of Scoop episodes ?
Zapazoid (7 months ago)
One of them definitely made a joke about sucking it in that zubat conversation before the cut lol
J P (7 months ago)
Would gaming magazines ever be collectibles that would be worth anything?
Jasont44094 (7 months ago)
Alternative Covers on magazines are worth some money as well
Jasont44094 (7 months ago)
There's certain issues of GamePro, EGM, EGM 2, Nintendo Power that in mint condition is worth like $20-50 depending on the issue
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
There are some much more obscure mags from the '80s that are harder to track down and go for a couple hundred on eBay.
Cory Adams (7 months ago)
Scoop! I’m pretty excited they named the episode after my email question! Thanks for the read guys 👍 Still not sure if I’m going to grab the Shadow if the Colossus remaster... Too much of a back log going right now.
J P (7 months ago)
Good question,. A few of mine are a full play thru of FF7, Uncharted Series, and Earthbound.
Alex Clunan (7 months ago)
Games for his wife to play solo to get used to analog sticks camera/movement Yooka Laylee Banjo Kazooi Tombraider (Rise of)
Chase Gilbert (7 months ago)
Great conversations this week! This show is always a highlight of my week... Scoop!

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