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Vortex Point 5: Monster Movie - Walkthrough

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Play Here! - http://goo.gl/tul19i Click Here To Subscribe! - http://goo.gl/zqjVZf Enjoy and Like to support 9FishGames! Enjoy the new exciting quest - Vortex Point 5: Monster Movie. It's Halloween night, and as nothing mysterious in the city does not occur Kevin decided to go to the cinema to see the classic horror film. And fell asleep... Or whether he dreamed of this story, or not - who knows? Enjoy on 9FishGames.com
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Text Comments (5)
Szymon (2 years ago)
in 13:24 monster movie and AAARHHH scary
Leonardo Gurrea (3 years ago)
lo pase todo,,,,,
Leonardo Gurrea (3 years ago)
.... el zombieeeeeee aaa ajajajajajajajajajajaaj no da miedo
Leonardo Gurrea (3 years ago)
sta aburrido el juego
http://youtu.be/QnGtykw734w Play new exciting #Halloween #quest - #VortexPoint5: Monster Movie - http://9fishgames.com/adventure-games/quest-games/vortex-point-5-monster-movie.html

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