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Old and New games on AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with 8GB 2400MHz RAM

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Ryzen APUs are great for budget game machines. I have tested many games, but some popular game titles included in this video. You will get more FPS that this video because I run a desktop recorder software. Games: 1. Hitman (2016) 2. Tomb Raider (2015) 3. Just Cause 3 (2015 ) 4. Dirt 4 (2017) 5. Far Cry 4 (2014) 6. Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) 7. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2009) Hardware : 1. Ryzen 3 2200G 2. Gigabyte B350 Gaming WiFi ITX motherboard 3. 8GB, 2400MHz corsair ram 4. Samsung SSDs Please buy overclockable RAMs (more than 2666MHz), you will get much more graphics performance, also if you have 2 RAM, Dual channel mode will boost performance. My system is for small web development, so I purchased only 8GB ram.
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Neot TRoot (1 day ago)
cod advanced warfare is 2014 dude :)
LakshmiNarayana Guruji (11 days ago)
Can u please mention the Model of the RAM?? Can i play Assassins creed Origins with this CPU??
7chip (11 days ago)
LakshmiNarayana Guruji initially I had Corsair 8gb 2400mhz ram. I played these games with that ram. I have a 1 + hour gameplay in another video. Now I have 16 GB ( 8+ 8) 3600 MHz ram. After overclocking I got very good fps, with only 1 X 8gb ram I can play mafia 3 at 720p with 18~ 20 fps. With dual channel mode (2 X 8gb with same specs) I got 1080p with 14 ~ 18 fps, after overclocking I got 24~ 30 fps. So I can say that assassins creed will play on this processor with dual channel rams. Overclock your processor to 3.9ghz, GPU to 1600 MHz and use 3200 MHz dual channel rams.
Nitin Yadav (1 month ago)
I'm on a budget should I buy this 😍😍
7chip (1 month ago)
If you are going to build a budget gaming machine. Otherwise, for development and general purpose system, I think Intel will be best. It has lots of support.
TALHA ZUBAYER (1 month ago)
Can You Please Test Grand Theft Auto IV(4) With Vega 8 IGpu 8 Gb Ram...
TALHA ZUBAYER (1 month ago)
7chip Thansk.
7chip (1 month ago)
TALHA ZUBAYER please wait for a week, another video with 13 games is coming soon. You can play it in 1600*900 resolution
Spider-Plant Man (1 month ago)
When cpu bottlenecks it's own integrated gpu
Lucius Sawyer (3 months ago)
Test dark souls 3 1360x768 res
7chip (3 months ago)
7chip (3 months ago)
Sure. I started downloading the game. Wait for 3-4 days.
William Mecca (3 months ago)
That is Advanced Warfare, not Modern Warfare 2.
7chip (13 days ago)
Done. Thanks for reporting it again. I have another video with 14 games.
BoosterRooster (13 days ago)
7chip atleast change the description
7chip (3 months ago)
Sorry, My mistake
usa2today (3 months ago)
All games are non-playable with single channel ram. Thx for your work but this video doesn't represent all that apu can do in games.
7chip (2 months ago)
rentola santeri planing to buy gskil 3200mhz ram (2x8)
rentola santeri (2 months ago)
do you research idiot.. dual channe ddr4 gives you almost 40% more performance when gaming with the vega 8 igpu.. DISLIKED
7chip (3 months ago)
Games are playable, there were some background processes and screen recording. Only 1GB dedicated RAM allocated while recording these games. We can increase dedicated RAM up to 2 GB ( It won't increase performance for all game). Most of the games have more than 20FPS, ( Far Cry 4 playable @1080P, low/custom low settings). I don't have money to buy 2 RAM. In India, RAM costs more than 12K-14K ( local stores), 14K - 16K (online) for 2400MHz - 2666MHz rams. Initially, I try to buy 3000MHz rams, but some blogs reported that, some higher clock RAMs are not compatible with Ryzen, so bought crosair 2400MHz ram which lists Ryzen in supported processors.
idelmirosr (3 months ago)
Did you try to fix the GPU clock? Even with a single ram module the performace in games will be much better if you do.
7chip (3 months ago)
No. Master utility software can be used to tweak GPU clock. But i haven't done anything yet. I will try and upload some videos later. Currently i have only stock cooler with no extra fans.

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