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Far Cry 5 Characters Voice Actors

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Far Cry 5 All Characters and Voice Actors Far cry 5 Cast voice actors : Greg Bryk : The Father / Joseph Seed Steve Byers : Nick Rye John Tench : Richard 'Dutch' Roosevelt Carolina Bartczak : Cult Follower Murry Peeters : Grace Armstrong Howard Siegel : Hurk Drubman Sr. Simon Lee Phillips Doug Hutchison : Burke Dylan Taylor : Hurk Giles Panton : Guy Marvel Bruce Blain : Casey Fixman Seamus Dever : John Seed Tasya Teles : Mary May Fairgrave Martin Roach : Pastor Jerome Jeffries Julie Nathanson : Jess Black Mara Junot : Sherri Woodhouse Julian Bailey : Stacy Pratt Farid Yazdani : Dr. Charles Lindsay Lauren Jackson : Skylar Christopher Heyerdahl : Earl whitehorse And more ..... ►► Subscribe For More : http://goo.gl/oZ1Bmj ►► Main Channel : http://goo.gl/PTggCj ================================================== Characters And Voice Actors Of Far Cry 5 Behind The Voice Actors Of Far cry 5 Meet The Voice Actors Of far cry 5 -------------------------------------------------- ►►►► MORE ON THE CHANNEL : ►► Recent Uploads Playlist : http://goo.gl/hJ2Bzh ►► Characters And Voice Actors : http://goo.gl/lOQqvh ►► The Many Voices of Voice Actors : http://goo.gl/ma245M ►► Characters voice Comparison : http://goo.gl/3rhCZ3 ==================================================
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Text Comments (284)
Sean Maney (1 day ago)
Good video, I hate when people make these videos and show way too much dialogue. You did it perfectly
4:13 Hurk is my favorite character he is FUN 😅
Logspace (25 days ago)
Nick rye and pastor Jerome cheeseburger are the most badass characters
Ximboid (1 month ago)
Just imagine seeing Greg walking in the street I’d get chills since he looks like the father
therealbush 911 (1 month ago)
Christopher heyerdahl was in hell on wheels loved that show
Spyro Playz (1 month ago)
Mario Jr. Domingo (1 month ago)
Eli looks like bray wyyat
Alex Demirtzoglou (1 month ago)
The lack of voice acting for the main character (except some "Haha", "Agh" etc.) makes the him shallow and uninteresting. Very disappointed. I only got immersed during some cut-scenes, but I felt like a mute for the whole game.
Singh Amaninder (1 month ago)
Seed looks like a stud
Axel Garland (2 months ago)
Regardless of vagitalia or penile ness-ness.
argus the nightstalker (2 months ago)
I wanna play far cry so badly but no ps4😭😭
DarkShark (2 months ago)
0:06 Sam :)
Simple Bait (3 months ago)
Who is the voice actors of the Far Cry 5 protagonist ?
Tabby Doulin (3 months ago)
Once I heard Jacob for the first time, I spazzed. Lucifer is perfect for Jacob. 💗
KEREM (3 months ago)
I'm wondering Cheese Burger's voice actor
Lil Fiji Tha Malefactor (3 months ago)
now make a real movie with same people
A_ ZerØ (3 months ago)
Hurk mah Boi!
Tevin Kombat (3 months ago)
Daniel Bryan should of played John Seed.
Ron Lai (3 months ago)
omg christopher heyerdahl acted in zombieland but was bald
Harmen Ree (3 months ago)
“If you ask for Nick Rye, you get fokin Nick Rye”
khaitou00 (3 months ago)
is that hurk from far cry 4?
Gamer (3 months ago)
Personal favorites: Jerome(that voice tho) Nick, Faith, Jacob (loved his character), Hurk Jr (cuz who doesn't like him), Grace, Jess and of course BOOMER!!!
Royale dejdmlvr (3 months ago)
Anyone thinks Jacob is the most badass looking mf in the loading screens
TheLongDark (3 months ago)
Who did the voice of Chad Wolanski? Best. Voice. Ever.
David Dinsmore (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ the Sheriff is voiced by the SWEDE
Mshark (3 months ago)
Wish hurk was voiced by Larry the cable guy
Sherrie Curtis (3 months ago)
Sharks Boshaw?
nobin hage (4 months ago)
Nick ryes voice actor looks like pagan min
freeeeelibyan (4 months ago)
Nick rye is awesome.
Miraç Eski (4 months ago)
The voice actors look similar to their characters .
Mardock (4 months ago)
1:41 LUCIFER??????????
Isaac Roberts (4 months ago)
John Tench (Dutch's voice actor) kinda looks like Clutch Nixon, the greatest stunt man in the known universe.
Helljumper425 (4 months ago)
WOW Tammy's voice actor is smokin' compared to the character.
khalid tantawi (4 months ago)
Jacob seed = saw if i'm right or tobin bell i wanna play a game
Abdullah Jawed (4 months ago)
The look of Joseph seed and voice over actor looks so similar
Fogão Forever (4 months ago)
Muito foda,pois e de la,a original,a nossa dublagem desse jogo e muito ruim
LEEmesa (4 months ago)
Kim is first name most ues in korea, but kim's voice actor is japanese.... omg
Moeid Iqbal (4 months ago)
Jason brody?
Zackahry John (4 months ago)
Nick rye's voice actor looks like pagan min
Killerpss (4 months ago)
John Seed is handsome af
A. Jay (4 months ago)
is that Mark Pellegrino from Supernatural?! 01:41
Marko Stevanovic (4 months ago)
Jess Black looks like Quiet on crack from MGS V LOL
Adiuvat (4 months ago)
Lucifer is Jacob aka the psycho of the family hahah best match.
Max Bardus (4 months ago)
The guy from expanse series!
Not Ya Boy (4 months ago)
I fucking love Hurk Jr.
Pumi (4 months ago)
Wow😮 Luisa D'Oliveira from The💯, best series😍🤗
MCP/ChronicBuzz (4 months ago)
Sheriff Whitehorse was voiced by "the swede" (who's actually from norway, played by a guy from canada :D)? :D
SC0RP1ON IS 26C4U (4 months ago)
SC0RP1ON IS 26C4U (4 months ago)
SC0RP1ON IS 26C4U (4 months ago)
Rina Darkhan (4 months ago)
Chó SóiTM (4 months ago)
a Korean charactar voiced by an Vietnamese actress, Ubisoft!! (i'm Vietnamese too)
BEEN (5 months ago)
Virgil 😭 why did you have to die!?
Drow Ranger (5 months ago)
My favorite character is Jess Black
Explosão gamers (5 months ago)
Esse que colocaram na imagem n é o John seed
Sara Rose (5 months ago)
2:41 yes daddy!! 😍😍😍😍
John _Don (5 months ago)
Awesome! I'm a big Farcry 5 fan!
admiral muhamad (5 months ago)
Oh hey lucifer, what you doin there
NegativeCreep 44 (5 months ago)
The last one was funny 😂
Steve Fields (5 months ago)
So Lucifer voiced Jacob Seed? no wonder he was my favorite of the heralds.
nightshroud yt (5 months ago)
ALI (5 months ago)
Zolokiniir (5 months ago)
grace and John are the best characters
Cherokee Roses (5 months ago)
Joseph Seed is the most intense villain so far. That fucking STARE. Now my character can enjoy that for the rest of eternity down in that bunker lol.
Demoncrowley09 (5 months ago)
Buen video y asi sabemos quienes son sus voces reales,tienes mi like saludos
Christiaan Voges (5 months ago)
jacob seed,s voice is done by lucifer,nice
SuuzieQ (5 months ago)
Lol Jenessa Grant also played in OB
your mom gay (5 months ago)
Lucifer as jacob seed
Praze (5 months ago)
1:27 Teach you how to be villain*
Lucky Puppies (5 months ago)
Faith holy shi-
nuke018 (5 months ago)
voice of our character?
I love Nick,Mary, And Pastor Jerome
ToPsychoForYou (5 months ago)
Good evening Deputy
tran binh (5 months ago)
Greg bryk look the same as joseph seed
Lil Pickle Rick (5 months ago)
Joseph seed look the same how Greg Bryk
Fin Fraser (5 months ago)
Who played the deputy?
Ricardo Luhm Pisani (5 months ago)
Jacob seed is played by lost`s jacob
Fai Fai (5 months ago)
You missed Casey Fixman.
DiginURGrav3 (5 months ago)
Mark Pellegrino is Jacob again.
Me.Grazzhoppah (5 months ago)
1:02 oh look, it’s Percy Wetmore or should I say Warden pissy pants from The Green Mile! RIP Michael Duncan!
nefzz (5 months ago)
but who is Chad Wolanski? :D
enricoco (5 months ago)
I kinda liked nick in this game
Brodie Haddon (5 months ago)
Hurk has been in every game since Far Cry 3 (I think)
Andrew Gallegos (5 months ago)
I didnt really like Jess Black's voice in the game. It seemed like it shouldbe less of an accent and more timid.
Soggy - Alan Dawson (5 months ago)
Playing the PC version..27 hrs in and done shit all for free roaming, love the game...In fact the best game I've ever played..love it.
LEGENDARY & EPIC (5 months ago)
Hurks my du tho ive killed a lot of enemies with him he's funny.
LEGENDARY & EPIC (5 months ago)
Tracy is hot but not the person who voiced her
Ak47 (5 months ago)
vaas ftw
Anime's Freedom (5 months ago)
Where's Rook?
zr1corvette2017 (5 months ago)
Mark Pellegrino!!!
D1SASTROPH3 (5 months ago)
woot woot john tench :) good friend of mine :)
Liquid snake (5 months ago)
Joseph's actor looks just like him. Also faith was my fav of the story
The Chosen Shane (5 months ago)
Oh wow, voice for Earl Whitehorse is the main antagonist from Hell on Wheels.
john firerazor (5 months ago)
When i made a post on farcry 5 the player that joined said mark Pellegrino was his father
seemykids99 (5 months ago)
Man Murry Peeters is gorgeous!! Grace and I are gonna have to hang out more.
tharusha kariyawasam (5 months ago)
The voice of Joseph Seed is identical to the character in the game!!
Mejz Dert (5 months ago)
joshep seed my love ♡♡♡
Yabawaki Koshimazaki (5 months ago)
Jacob better
Land Fill (5 months ago)
iiimadmaniii (5 months ago)
Mr bohannon. The Swede is the greatest unrecognized villain ever.

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