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FORTNITE DANK EDITION. (Sellout Stream Highlights #26)

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Sellout Stream Highlights #26! Thanks to Hackerman for editing this! Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGvRnNKjDUDoqC8u1C4aNpDJwTvrHkKb0 ► HELP NOAHJ456 REACH 4,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS: http://goo.gl/D6prJm ► HELP NOAHJAFK REACH 500,000 SUBSCRIBERS: https://goo.gl/iEByTz ► LINKS Second Channel: http://www.youtube.com/NoahJAFK Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/NoahJ456 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NoahJ456 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/NoahJ456 Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/noahj456 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Wht6XXy Sponsor Here: https://gaming.youtube.com/noahj456#action=sponsor ► MERCH http://www.NoahJ456Shop.com ► Stream Highlights/Compilations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGvRnNKjDUDoqC8u1C4aNpDJwTvrHkKb0 ► Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Videos https://goo.gl/QYHozb ► Custom Zombies Mods (BO3/BO2/BO/WAW) https://goo.gl/fakqSA ► Infinite Warfare Zombies Gameplay https://goo.gl/VNIGWR ► "Black Ops 3 Zombies" Gameplay, Challenges, & Livestreams! http://goo.gl/BJSVlH ► GTA 5 PC Mods Modding & Mod Gameplay! http://goo.gl/jfJUCa Business Inquiries: noahjbusiness@gmail.com Thanks for watching, and have an awesome day! -NoahJ456
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Text Comments (211)
Gaming Void (5 days ago)
Noah: *dosen't play Fortnite once the whole video" Youtube: This game is fortnite and you can't tell me any different.
Ethan Hess (2 months ago)
What game was he trying to play
ZEDS’ Zenith (2 months ago)
What game was he playing?
Obsessedgaming (2 months ago)
Who else thought their phone died at the end
GhOsT (2 months ago)
which game is this ?
These are normie memes not dank
The_jollyrancher_ 56 (2 months ago)
What was the second game he was playing? The third person cartoonish one.
JBeeson08 (2 months ago)
The_jollyrancher_ 56 the Darwin Project
SKULLZz (2 months ago)
Around 7:50 or so I got an ad and it said produced by google
Is2 UnKnown (2 months ago)
Who’s the guy in the second video
ScifMilch (3 months ago)
I was gonna rap Ems Super Sonic Verse but then a giant fuccboi came in
Neon Zombie (3 months ago)
what game
An R6 Noob (3 months ago)
What was game at 10:08 ?
thqnos x (3 months ago)
1:45 what the real song?
lex is a babe (4 months ago)
What is the name of the guy who is non stopping screaming
Dream Zappz (11 days ago)
Will Brinkley (4 months ago)
My favourite part was the blank screen at the ends :)
Rudy Nicholson (4 months ago)
Wheres number 25
ViggyTheBear (4 months ago)
8:12 my man loltyler1!
AnyThingWorx (4 months ago)
Seriously, stop skipping the Tombstones.
Luke Rinaldi (4 months ago)
If Noah got 5 dollars for everytime he had to watch tombstone..... oh wait.
Hotdawg54 (4 months ago)
At 5:16 that dude is hilarious I forgot his name tho.
jarwebsterule (4 months ago)
this video sucks
iluvbooting - (4 months ago)
At 5:07 what game is that
2devil35 (4 months ago)
Does anyone know where i can find the clip @ 8:42?
Ur Mum Gay (4 months ago)
Is that bald guy retarded Edit: I searched up Tyler 1 and one of the first results was Tyler1 autistic rage compilation
Rize Eclipz RTL (4 months ago)
1:50 that timing
W. Knewell Brent Y. Lee (4 months ago)
I thought you only play this overrated piece of crap on your second channel?
Surfin'Turf 870 (4 months ago)
Could you like get off of Fortnite for 1 hour and go back to zombies? Fortnite sucks I’m sick of seeing it everywhere.
Ree Time (4 months ago)
What is the VICONAAAAAY meme called
Noah Timney (4 months ago)
Tyler1 is my dad.
Hussein Hasony (4 months ago)
What game is he playing on the beginning
Roger Bannerman (4 months ago)
Anyone else remember when noah didn’t curse ;(
Last Gen Dempsey (4 months ago)
Your sellout streams are all really dead memes lol
Ahmad idheileh (4 months ago)
What an ending ;)
Dylan M (4 months ago)
Bryce Huennekens (4 months ago)
Is tombstone turned off?
Matrix Gaming (4 months ago)
Lol jason paradise is everywhere now hes turning into an even bigger meme then he already was
Matrix Gaming (4 months ago)
That came out wrong i love jason lol i just see him on so many channels
Incremental 1 (4 months ago)
I never got a notification for this one I thought maybe you skipped or something this week
Dylann (4 months ago)
How did the George Lopez earrape not get included?
j newb (4 months ago)
Tyler1 is not hilarious what a moronic audience he must have!
Mr. Crunch (4 months ago)
Wait...thats not fortnite!
Just m e e k (4 months ago)
i love how it just cuts at the end
david vonderhaar (4 months ago)
I need tomestone!!!!!!!
Ronan Allen (4 months ago)
WHY HAVE I STOPPED GETTING SELLOUT STREAM NOTIFICATIONS? rip me man I watched the first 21 sellout streams live but haven’t got a notification for any of the last few
Joroshopa99 (4 months ago)
Earl Driggers 3 (4 months ago)
What game was he playing
Duey127 (4 months ago)
that last one made me kek so hard
Fine Nova (4 months ago)
Is this the game that's suppose to take over fortnite? Lmao
Aman Cheema (4 months ago)
That thumbnail is creepy.
Mort Mort (4 months ago)
Tyler1 is overrated.
Fortnite Ranch27 (4 months ago)
Please play Sea Of Thieves Noah! Like so he can see this plz.
Rory Brennan (4 months ago)
This one was da best
LH Edit (4 months ago)
When you make it to the highlights
Mr.Mc.Fuzz (4 months ago)
Can you stream this game and upload it or just make a video I enjoy this game
Heinrich Werner (4 months ago)
What was the first game
sGLuckz (4 months ago)
3:32-3:36 that assassination tho
Ronnie The Fixxxer (4 months ago)
7:17 my boi JasonParadise now he's gonna be more recognized Now :v
Nikolas Arias (4 months ago)
The ending😂
Marie Wall (4 months ago)
When you wait 3 seconds to see anything after the video but your surprise is a ad
hello34817 (4 months ago)
Mc.HaCkZ YT (4 months ago)
7:11 and 8:23 killed me
HST (4 months ago)
Anybody have the name of the first game?
Vittorio Manzi (4 months ago)
11:35 I thought my phone died
Roman's Gaming Empire (4 months ago)
What game you play
Roman's Gaming Empire (4 months ago)
Jokerboysilva (4 months ago)
The guy in the video looks like Robert De Niro
Donny2002 (4 months ago)
it's pretty sad seeing Noah laugh at dead memes, I hope he recovers from this
The dope Ruby (4 months ago)
Rest in pieces, down for the count. No revival, you're bleedin' out. Your epitaph says you died a wealthy man, but you can have it all come back and seal the master plan with Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! Health is drainin' you're on the ropes. Death is waitin', don't lose your hopes. Your will and testament ain't making that much sense, you're listed as the only heir to whom you may bequest. It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! *Tombstone*
Cade Showalter (4 months ago)
Play sea of thieves next sellout stream
TylerC _123 (4 months ago)
9:35 When he does it he gets money but when I do it I get 10 noise complaints
Riot Feared (4 months ago)
what game is this
Playboi Rod (4 months ago)
1.28 Rip Head phone users
716 eqz (4 months ago)
What is the name of the 2nd game
PacGamesHD (4 months ago)
When the new cod drops Noah’s channel is gonna regain views and memes
Brendan Vinn (4 months ago)
I was your a thousandth like 💯💯💯
suhFrosty (4 months ago)
9:08 Make sure to have your volume *ALL* the way up😉
The OG Paul Molnar (4 months ago)
At 8:13 who is the screaming bald dude.
y4m4h4 R6 • (4 months ago)
The OG Paul Molnar Tyler 1
Crimson Qrow (4 months ago)
Who’s the guy that screams a lot
FreedomWas (4 months ago)
Nice, was in the comp 4:36
MemeDreams2461 (4 months ago)
it cut out at the end :/
Jacob Smith (4 months ago)
What game is this
CodFanBoy # (4 months ago)
When was the sellout
SGT_ ARIA (4 months ago)
I love the total blackness at the end, Noah is the god of editing
El Hackerman (4 months ago)
lol :)
SoyTiago (4 months ago)
Saludame pofusss :v
Aden Ward (4 months ago)
oh the joy i feel when i remember that skyrim memes will never die :D
Jack Lambert (4 months ago)
Bitconnect gone too far
Princejr (4 months ago)
Daniel Barton (4 months ago)
Princejr SOS and Darwin Project
ECLiPSE RiZO (4 months ago)
It’s called SOS
Aku Shirimadari (4 months ago)
OfficialTockSick _ftw (4 months ago)
Princejr I dunno I wanna know too
CGThree (4 months ago)
6:54 daddy says a swear.
GameWave 07 (4 months ago)
Wat game is that
Luke McCartney (4 months ago)
Who wants to play save the world on xbox?
Bryce Shockley (4 months ago)
What game is he playing?
Pies 360 (4 months ago)
Dat end do
Legit Food Review (4 months ago)
Name of the game at the start
Centurion2.0 (1 month ago)
Legit Food Review sos
TheToxicSnake3 (2 months ago)
Darwin project
jacob baigent (4 months ago)
That last one tho
onlineRsuper (4 months ago)
Where is 25???? I think forgot to count XD shoutout me on twith onlineRsuper
dametucosita (4 months ago)
John Hernandez (4 months ago)
...also I like to cuddle with my plushies...😘
Jacob (4 months ago)
She couldn’t have her mom
Liechee 115 (4 months ago)
What game is in the back Noah during three minutes and two and four minutes
Admiral Makron (4 months ago)
Sos the ultimate escape.
Nic Angstadt (4 months ago)
Darwin's Project
Defective Raiderman (4 months ago)
Liechee 115 it’s called sos
John Hernandez (4 months ago)
Dank high quality memes..
n1mbus Lofi (4 months ago)
What’s this game

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