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Far Cry 3 - Gameplay - Chapter 8 - Rock Part

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Hello Guys. New Clip , cuz i dont have any game on my PC ( I am installing Hitman now and i'l make gameplay) i record Far Cry 3.Im Chapter 8 and its hardest part in the game , so enjoy the gameplay :) !!!
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Text Comments (26)
Marko Oreb (4 years ago)
Thanks man
Erick Texeira (4 years ago)
Hussein Saleh (5 years ago)
Mikael Holanda (5 years ago)
como tu fes para tirar os cara da caverna?
Mohammed Mousa (5 years ago)
thank u i was stuck on it for 3 months
sheri zimmerman (5 years ago)
First part sucked
Armia Krajowa (5 years ago)
VaultBoyExtras 1 (5 years ago)
I lost it at mr flamethrower
Rela (5 years ago)
thanks i playing mission 4 hours ¬¬ Like!
Rainier Laan (5 years ago)
TehClassiCBoY (5 years ago)
thaaaank you this mission was soooooo hard i subbed liked commented like a thank you gift! :)
TehClassiCBoY (5 years ago)
thaaaank you this mission was soooooo hard!
Saikat Samadder (5 years ago)
Fahad alajlan (5 years ago)
gayest stage ever thanks tho xd
ryan johnson (5 years ago)
Thanks dude your video really helped me out i was stuck on that part
SBCHarrower (5 years ago)
Thanks so much man
Kendrick Miller (5 years ago)
thanks so much worst mission i played so far
GAMES (5 years ago)
Gay mission
peppersmash2 (5 years ago)
6:22 when youre so dang close you just start spamming the rock throw
cell050192 (5 years ago)
Im not the omly oone getting pist at thus misson lol
BrownFitsMeBest (5 years ago)
fuck this mission. this was the stupidest one in the whole game. how can u do a stealth mission thats completely linear with like 50 people in the way. way to difficult
Steve Cano (5 years ago)
2 Weeks
Kevin (5 years ago)
thank you so much! im so stuck on this mission. was playing for 1 hour cx
Boomer (5 years ago)
thanks man ive been stuck on this part for so long
ian bell (5 years ago)
thank,s i tried lick 20 times and failed
Adis Dobrnjic (5 years ago)
Svaka cast :D

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