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Philip T.B.C. - Galactic (BTK Remix) [io.lab Records]

6113 ratings | 542205 views
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Text Comments (241)
artur lac (11 days ago)
Good sound, nice hear at good moment
Neuro (3 months ago)
Pořád Bomba 💣 2018.....
Dj One Light (3 months ago)
死んだ内部kafe (3 months ago)
spine chilling!!!! absolutely insane banger!!!!
profil4e (4 months ago)
This has got to be the one of best tracks I've heard, I mean just the bassline and tops.... it's playing around like a mad man with a machine gun!
iNet16 (5 months ago)
cross club <3
Val Eria (5 months ago)
Ondrej Rom (6 months ago)
Mazec nejvetsi
Lukas Hanula (6 months ago)
Masaker ....masivna hudba z hora :)
Brad Lacey (8 months ago)
Omg what a fucking banger 🎶🎧🙌🏼
Only one 23 (9 months ago)
Like coffee
Pavel Teťour (9 months ago)
hrozne v tom slysim rida s counterstrikem a jejich Let it toll
Michael Musician (9 months ago)
i love this drop!!
Tulepeeker (9 months ago)
Great mdma song :D
pawel niebiesny (10 months ago)
MrADAPT12 (1 year ago)
Sick motives ....sick beats...........much love.
Ian Henderson (1 year ago)
Yep this is top drawer 👍
Artjom 666 (1 year ago)
Заебок.... попробуй переместить))))) )
existenz (1 year ago)
mad tune!!! head cant stop shaking
zzdravvkoo (1 year ago)
Admirals Club (1 year ago)
So fucking nasty people, yes yes yes!!
Drumad (1 year ago)
2013, till now, this brings me joy to listen!
Beric Dodnarrion (1 year ago)
an insane fact that this banger is straight outta CZE :D (the orginal)
Binaca Yo Shie (1 year ago)
dirty beat dirty dirty
ProfDnB (1 year ago)
kekinator (1 year ago)
That drop gave me a semi... and I'm proud of it!
-BVD TrI:Ip (1 year ago)
Czech Hero!
Kevin Jones (1 year ago)
A neck snapper!
Nonak248 (1 year ago)
fuck... i cant remember where i heard this sick song
Rashid Ali (1 year ago)
this.is.good track.
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
400 000 views!!! This is SICK!!! Big up BTK for this SICK remix!!!
Satan666One (1 month ago)
TURBEX (2 years ago)
Sandra Lasoková (2 years ago)
Husto !!! ✌🏻️☺️🙌🏼🙋🏻🐼
carlossk21 (2 years ago)
Damn sick!!
Screamarts dnb (2 years ago)
fucking classic
Zharra Vreedmunn (2 years ago)
all this mix sucks . this aint dnb anymore .ist gay  dubstep with no balls . liqid dubfuck for rich posh kiddies. .gay
Zharra Vreedmunn (2 years ago)
no . you are dumbr
Milan Nemes (2 years ago)
you are probably the dumbest living thing ever
staXnet (2 years ago)
you sir, you dont know anything about dnb. Bang your head or gtfo.
Anonymous6654794 (2 years ago)
but you do know that dnb and dubstep are seperated by bpm and beat structure? this is clearly dnb and has nothing to do with dubstep. but yeah keep talking about kiddies ;)
Teal Breaton (2 years ago)
Diverse dNb (2 years ago)
I love this but nothing beats the original ;)
Artersa (2 years ago)
+Diverse dNb I cant find the original anywhere!
ASB-XIII TIM-43 (2 years ago)
joop hillbottom (2 years ago)
If Carlsberg made Drum and bass .... it still wouldn't be as DELICIOUSLY FUCKING DIRTY as this :-) :-)
SAINTzZ DN (2 years ago)
Its like the Drum and Bass successor to Crushinton - Chug Love them both!
Michał Michał (2 years ago)
Venca Bernoš (2 years ago)
still TOP
Jimmy Two-Times (2 years ago)
what would the genre be called?
Deep Dark & Loud (2 years ago)
+Jim Lahey Drum and Bass
David Seres (2 years ago)
My new favourite
Insti (2 years ago)
Sickest track I've heard this week.
lujST (2 years ago)
wheres the skankandbass guy???
lujST (2 years ago)
smth similar :P
Thomas (2 years ago)
+Lv BloodSugar Oh well, would that be some pun with the tuberculosis decease? "tbc is sick =)"
lujST (2 years ago)
obv the most awesome guy to post sickest comments
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
+Lv BloodSugar wut?
Anderson Souza (2 years ago)
great track ! crazy !!!
ANTIK1OAS (2 years ago)
Is it just me or is this worth a rewind every time it's played and perfectly structured for it?
Elliot Oldnall (2 years ago)
Fucking intense!
Sten Baranov (3 years ago)
Badass track
a (3 years ago)
LikeBuGa (3 years ago)
Just awesome, DnB a way of life <3 #DnBportal
warey4life (3 years ago)
Holy shite this is good!!!
DottorHZ (3 years ago)
this is a big tunE
Michael Gray (3 years ago)
Sick beat. Bangin tune.
Shaolin (3 years ago)
this is one of the HARDEST tracks I heard in quite a while. Monster!
Teal Breaton (2 years ago)
+Shaolin very welcome👊🏾
Shaolin (2 years ago)
+Teal Breaton thanks for bringing this up again. Fkn roller!
Teal Breaton (2 years ago)
Go hard or go home
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Almost 250 000 views! SICK TRACK!!
Mahdiyyah Aïcha (11 months ago)
I like it!
Blasterw0rm (2 years ago)
Leopard (3 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL to dáme ;D !
caspert (3 years ago)
this song is sick! and the MoGraph works perfectly with it!! as a 3d modelling student the combination is so fucking orgasmic
Shining Reflection (3 years ago)
So.. I'm the only one who didn't come here via an ad? I am kinda curious what the ad is like now :p 
Shining Reflection (2 years ago)
+1ʋɨtєċєҡ no idea, check other comments
1ʋɨtєċєҡ (2 years ago)
+5thdimensionstuff What add?
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Scorp0ps (3 years ago)
Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick...
jan hrdina (3 years ago)
slušná práce!!
I LOVE this SHIT Dude !!!!
Plank Zoltán (3 years ago)
Ohh hello DnB PORTAL i'm soo happy to saw this on youtube main page as recommanded!  dnb will make ur heart's beats
Southwest Shindigs (3 years ago)
The advert didn't bring me here and this is still awesome
Krisk Nh (3 years ago)
Dooope   GZ  ! :)
Deadplok (3 years ago)
OMG!!!!!!! Really nice shit.
xanax_1996 (3 years ago)
Super Czech DJ !
Dejanthedj (2 years ago)
+xanax 2mg BTK is Brazilian :)
DieLois@oww.com (3 years ago)
I will share on Facebook Bro Awesome track and Ad ;)) Hope so you will get milion views on this track.
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Thank you :) I hope too ;)
David Caselles (4 years ago)
love this <3
Šitt Sg (4 years ago)
typická náměšť :D
DI8 (4 years ago)
Croop9203 (4 years ago)
Mňam mňam! jen tak dál! thumb up!
Jimmy Stang (4 years ago)
kknuckkles (4 years ago)
This is too good!!!!! <3 <3 
Tommy Stoliker (4 years ago)
an add brought me here and im fucking in love give me more
Iwetka Petříková (4 years ago)
lisanne bollen (4 years ago)
Damn i love this tune!! Can't stop listening!! :D
Dr. Stylla (4 years ago)
I love it!
MAYORDNB (4 years ago)
Xenomorph Facehugger (4 years ago)
Roy Ferguson (4 years ago)
in ta this big time, tuuuuune
Ken Johnson (4 years ago)
Bass dropn hard!!
Centurion Charlie (4 years ago)
this tune is too much
Teal Breaton (2 years ago)
No such thing
James Hillyard (4 years ago)
you know its gonna be a good advert if its promoting dnb! big ups, sick tune
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
Jon Paul (4 years ago)
Best fucking youtube ad ever! i fully forgot what i was even looking up in the first place love this track!
towelie667 (4 years ago)
could write the same as everybody else :D
soddy31 (4 years ago)
Big ups for advertising. It appears this track is doing wonders! Click that subscribe button.
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
and share us everywhere ;) Thanks mate!
Harpsongly (4 years ago)
HARDDDDD sick trip! 
Nick Fennell (4 years ago)
Was watching videos on something.. I forget what.. whatever.. WHERE the F**K did this just drop from? jesus.. I'm no where near ready for this!! hahaha siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
Haha xD
Devin jion (4 years ago)
Awesome ! :3
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
Yes it is!
shitkicker86 (4 years ago)
best comercial on youtube ever ^^
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
Thank you mate!
Marthon GT (4 years ago)
after this ad a subscribson seemed like a good idea ;)
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
Hell yes :)
gilles van strydonck (4 years ago)
Did I bump into a useful ad? Great great track there
Ben phillips (4 years ago)
Fair play dnb portal, got me hook line and sinker, subbed hard!!!!
DnB Portal (4 years ago)
DAIMANization (4 years ago)
Naughty tune!! well reminds me old school ram track sick!! 
JB PHOTO (4 years ago)
probably the best end only ad i've listened to all the way through. You got a sub from me :) hope u share more badass D&B like this
Gezs anonym (4 years ago)
very nice drum

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