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CYBERPUNK 2077 Cinematic Trailer

918 ratings | 41701 views
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Text Comments (152)
Esweld Sawyes (1 month ago)
V has come to
Acrimonious Nin (3 months ago)
0:25 is that encrypted code ? lol
kindred giovani (3 months ago)
Looks like we gonna have another one GTV. Only with cyberpunk mode in it.
Azeraph (3 months ago)
Whole generations have come and gone since all those years ago with the first teaser lmao
Slovenator 92 (3 months ago)
CD Projekt Red if you are reading this,I want you to know this is a day one buy for me, PS: Witcher 3 is the Game of this Generation...That would be all,Thank you :D
eurosalamander (3 months ago)
A little disappointed that it's another cinematic trailer, but speaking as someone who used to play the old Talsorian RPG, they made Night City look BEAUTIFUL!!!
Andreas O (3 months ago)
I'd prefer the SHADOWRUN setting but still...THIS LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!! :)
TheAbhimanj (3 months ago)
Ahh the good old MsDOS memories
Jorge Ruiz (3 months ago)
Just when I saw the CD Projekt Red name I got the chills.
Juan Doe (3 months ago)
To those complaining about the bright day sections look at 2:10 the game is clearly going have a day night cycle like all open worlds and at night you can expect the rainy Grey aesthetic everyone knows about cyberpunk. Athough I do think the bright vibrant day sections reminds of the type of 80s aesthetic the rpg came from. Probably gonna feel like magnum pi cyborg addition during the day, bladerunner at night. Although I will say the snowy post cyberpunk like aesthetic in bladerunner 2049 is underrated.
23RDM Svtn (3 months ago)
Looks fun...but a lot less epic than I thought it would.
MattsoRaven 1 (3 months ago)
I hope we can customize the main character he looks boring as shit
Da King (3 months ago)
Is it me or this game seems it’s a copy of ready player one just sayin in some aspects tho
OniJon (3 months ago)
This same bullshit was around with Witcher 3. "Oh, oh! It's too bright and colorful!" and look what happened. CDPR actually knew how to use the color palette to bring out emotions. There's gonna be night and I'm sure it's gonna be dark, contrasted with neon lights like in the first trailer. 90% of games today are too much of same brown, red and gray blob. Please people, just look outside. Do you only see brown, red and grey? If so, please go and see eye specialist because there is something wrong with your eyes.
SheriffCuddles (3 months ago)
Cyber watch gon be good this week
xX Valtiel Xx (3 months ago)
Years and years of waiting and i still don't know what this is all about jaja, maybe set in the "Battle Angel Alita" world?
Rajesh Dutta (3 months ago)
Where is Ciri ?
Seblime (3 months ago)
I swear his car said V-Tech on the side and probably the biggest reason why I want this game right now
TheKingGamer (3 months ago)
I just hope it plays like an rpg like Witcher but I’m sure it will
Niccolo (3 months ago)
Not what I expected at all. And I think the surprise is getting to a lot of people here. I like the trailer a lot. CDPR’s painting us a fuller picture of the world. We’ve seen the shady night and now we’ve seen the vibrant day. I’m really looking forward to being immersed in this dynamic experience.
Cheyenne Colin (3 months ago)
So pretty much the sequel to “Detroit Become Human”
ND_Benziani_DZ (3 months ago)
+25 !
Palps did nothin' wrong (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk looks like the future after the androids in Detroit gained their freedom.
Cyberpunk 88 (3 months ago)
Thanks for including the intro, this should be on every upload of the trailer because it's kinda part of the reveal
Tim Xie (3 months ago)
my body and my wallet is ready
Etyk Espeer (3 months ago)
Raistlin Majere (3 months ago)
This looks alot like Ghost in the shell.
Pharazade Ayn (3 months ago)
this is not cyberpunk this is utter shit omg
Speed Anarchy (3 months ago)
Until gp I want judge it
Michael Hecht (3 months ago)
No Code works meeeeehhh
TheGreat NaniiT (3 months ago)
IT's soo damn good
alexis aranda (3 months ago)
2077....Really man? that's the year of the nuclear war in Fallout Games....
Jack Black (3 months ago)
Let me preorder the game. I have been waiting long enough.
Abdulah Ali (3 months ago)
i'm sure this will be amazing game
BinaryReader (3 months ago)
Nice, wait years for the title, and the protagonist sounds like some douche bag millennial tosser.
It looks good. I like things.
TheKnight OfCydonia (3 months ago)
Hopefully you can be in the psycho squad
TheKnight OfCydonia (3 months ago)
ya, but it could have changed with in the past few years, it could depend on what you do, who duh fuck knows.
Juan Doe (3 months ago)
TheKnight OfCydonia pretty sure that was the stated plot by CD PR back when the first trailer came out probably gonna start off as a low life punk that gets recruited or forced into it
Hunter playz 1 (3 months ago)
Looks good
Andrew Johns (3 months ago)
People do realise that there's gonna be a night time as well? I've seen a lot of complaints that it's too "bright"? Can't really have it only being at night
MetalFan98 (3 months ago)
I wonder if we'll get to see Ciri and Avallach somewhere.
Sprunk Soda (3 months ago)
To all people who don't see gritty night, go to 1:49
Juan Doe (3 months ago)
Muamer Taronovitch I think rainy cyberpunk where the world seemingly only functions at night is played out anyway. Kinda happy to see them take to the bright 80s like aesthetic the RPG originated in, I will say though snowy post cyberpunk like in bladerunner 2049 is underrated.
HaloSalo (3 months ago)
Sooo Blade-Runner mix with Grand Theif Auto?
Kacper Kubik (3 months ago)
0:35 02/11/19? also there is hidden message: w3 l34v3 9R33 2 OTH3r2 (We leave greed to others) so no microtransactions :D
Rodrigo Correa (3 months ago)
don´t have this hype since GTA V... sh*t. im curious about how CD manages driving´s phisics
Sprunk Soda (3 months ago)
Sprunk Soda (3 months ago)
Anybody know the login
Mr.Brightside (3 months ago)
i jizzed all over my computer screen
carlos coronado (3 months ago)
I liked more the vibe if the original trailer with the psycho robo hooker
Rishabh (3 months ago)
Yeah the game's cool and all but... THAT CAR THOUGH
Tekopua Kanapanapa (3 months ago)
You know cd project red are gonna knock it out of the park with this one as they did The Witcher.
Hannibal Barca (3 months ago)
I'd pay 77 schmeckels, my virginity, and Starvin' Marvin for this game
duran ozsoy (3 months ago)
ASSASSIN ISSAC (3 months ago)
AtlasNM (3 months ago)
Ehh it kinda has that Infamous, Sunset Overdrive feel to it where it’s fun but will go down In price in a year or so
Zachary Caswell (3 months ago)
AtlasNM Idk, CDPR is not like most developers, so I have high expectations for this game
xxL3gitvidzxx (3 months ago)
In case anybody missed it the codes in the beginning from 25-30 seconds are for Witcher 3 game of the year edition for Xbox.
Pal E (3 months ago)
release date >><< 2090
Ole Albers (3 months ago)
Hackers in 2077 use DOS instead of Linux obviously ... :D
Gavin House (3 months ago)
No longer looking forward to this. I absolutely hate the look of it, Nothing worse than dyed mohawk to symbolise anarchy. I actually hate everything about the look of this game same with the characters in Rage 2!
Reggie Loaiza (3 months ago)
Rich Garcia yeah, it is pretty much like asking why a police chief from the 80's screams so much at his underlings
Rich Garcia (3 months ago)
The purpose of cyberpunk is to depict themes like anarchy, social inequality, and a lack of human inhibition (crime, drug addiction, promiscuity) in a post-modern, technologically advanced setting. So the archetypal lowlife punk with a Mohawk and leather fetish is par for the course, since they are supposed to represent the counter-culture. Although I can understand that it comes off as cliche.
benzene (3 months ago)
same thinking , disappointing for me
Dymatrix Media (3 months ago)
He was probably thinking the same way most people who dont get cyberpunk think. Cyberpunk = asian lettering and city at night with rain. This is very cyber and very punk.
Joao Roncete (3 months ago)
Gavin House the name of the game is cyberpunk, what where you thinking?
EXONERV (3 months ago)
OMG, the Icebreaker.exe from the beginning just nailed it :) Can't wait to play!
Spartan-Samuel Caster (3 months ago)
Reminds me of Judge Dredd
This is going to be amazing
Guy (3 months ago)
Holy balls
Chemistry EZ (3 months ago)
hopefully they have a ciri reference
EvoLifeSword (3 months ago)
cd projekt red saved games.
bclowns333 (3 months ago)
I've waited years for this, but it has that 'Not so much meets the eye' vibe.
Jb3rt_113 (3 months ago)
This game makes me *MOIST*
Shrimp3r JR (3 months ago)
As soon as I heard that "Bullets" song by Archive, I marked out like hell.
Darren Peach (3 months ago)
Hell Yeah.
Metin Suat Alp (3 months ago)
flashbackflip (3 months ago)
Xbox? So downgraded grafix confirmed..:((
Stephen A Smith (3 months ago)
We should all be talking about the Fallout 76 gameplay but instead we're too hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 CDPR asassinate Bethesda once again.
Alcatraz Gaming (3 months ago)
Fucking finally
Nick Malai (3 months ago)
Cd project = nice game
Dollt28 (3 months ago)
I love the way they used the music from old trailer at the start
SkileTM (3 months ago)
Music from trailer : Hyper - Spoiler
DirtyWingGamer (3 months ago)
Rip gta
LaserDog West (3 months ago)
This isn't exactly GTA... GTA isn't an rpg last I checked.
Todd The God (3 months ago)
The trailer is good, I just wished they had given us some gameplay. Its been 5 years.
SPookY J (3 months ago)
I had this song but I forgot the name anyone know it?
flashbackflip (3 months ago)
SPookY J u r welcome! Some other guy posted it a few replies later ;) one love bro
SPookY J (3 months ago)
thank you
flashbackflip (3 months ago)
SPookY J hyper - spoiler
Galactic Wizard (3 months ago)
It looks good, but I wish it was less cartoony and vibrant
Brandon V (3 months ago)
This doesn't look at all like the first trailer. First one was a lot darker and more serious and badass. This one does too not hating. Still gonna get it
zaki abdelli (3 months ago)
game look like gta in the futur with rpg
Ángelo (3 months ago)
So.., We waited for 5 years for basically a reskinned watchdogs 2?
lordmasterization (3 months ago)
watch dogs 2 is trash. This concept has been around for years.
Sai Hti Kham Kone (3 months ago)
Personally, only wild hunt is what made CDPR a renowned top game company and i don't think the previous Witcher installments are that good. At least Cyberpunk can easily become the 2nd best game they have produced. Also, don't bother explaining to those kind of douchebags.
Flskon TheMad (3 months ago)
No, we waited for 5 years for possibly the best game to ever exist. And if it's not gonna be the best, it's gonna be 4th at the very least. Right after all the Witchers. Honestly not sure how you could type this moronic shit out if you were actually waiting and looking forward to it.
ChickenMemeG (3 months ago)
Meh. needs more dark. Looks like gta 5 in the future :/
Ivan Herrera (3 months ago)
most of the shots were at daytime so
ChickenMemeG (3 months ago)
i bet this game will be released 2020 because of the game CP2020
KrahLiivAan (3 months ago)
Judging from the other trailer back when 2077 was first revealed, there may be mojor changes to the city between like night and day. Guess we'll have to wait till 2020
LaserDog West (3 months ago)
I think the color helps it stand out from Deus Ex and Bladerunner, but yeah they should tone it down a little. I'm sure in the actual gameplay it looks less colorful, this is just cinematic trailer.
Bleeve (3 months ago)
ghost in the shell meets witcher dev team; and i'm crying out of joy
Brandon V (3 months ago)
looks good. Hopefully we get to create our own character. And I was hoping for more of a darker tone
LaserDog West (3 months ago)
I would rather have a preset character as they tend to have more potential personality (Geralt), but CDPR can pretty much do no wrong at this point. It is confirmed that there will be player made characters. It says so in a hidden message that pops up for a frame in the final part of the trailer.
Crispy Wafflez (3 months ago)
Brandon V nah the lighter tone is much better
Marcus Games (3 months ago)
Brandon V yeah me to
Wrath Child (3 months ago)
I felt so underwhelmed idk why, ive been waiting for this game.
Jeremiah (3 months ago)
It’s not at night. It’ll look a whole lot better at night.
Chifeng J (3 months ago)
The original trailer stylistically was realistic, and set a serious tone. This one is a bit on the cartoony side, and mood-wise is more loose and fun. Completely different directions. I prefer the former, but gotta say I completely trust CD Projekt Red either way.
xavier79nj (3 months ago)
I did too for some reason; maybe because I've been anticipating this since 2012. But CD Projekt Red+Cyberpunk+ Action RPG has to equal win. I can't really seeing them getting this wrong so it's still on my radar.
Ole Albers (3 months ago)
I agree. The old trailer was much more awesome. Still: Good chances to get a great game.
Nosfonader87 (3 months ago)
Almost 6 freaking years for this 😭😭 It’s about damn time we got something new for this game 🤩🙌 Collectors edition here I come!
Nosfonader87 (3 months ago)
Juan Doe Hopefully the gameplay will be as great as the trailer. I was pretty surprised by the dramatic tone shift from the first one
Juan Doe (3 months ago)
Nosfonader87 I know I just wanted to use the stinger from the first trailer
Nosfonader87 (3 months ago)
Juan Doe of course they don’t, they don’t even know I exist. We’ve just been waiting patiently for a long time is all
Juan Doe (3 months ago)
Nosfonader87 CD PR don't owe you shit, to quote the first trailer, "coming...when its ready."
Andi (3 months ago)
YEAH!! CD PROJECT... I love you!!! GREAT!!!
Ruroc Army (3 months ago)
fucking finally
SuchareSS (3 months ago)
Pre-order 100%
Giovanni Cruz (3 months ago)
GTV V Futuristic
Berzerk Llama (3 months ago)
I thought it would look a lot less... Cartoony... I'm just glad that a company is finally making a bladerunner type game.
BlackWing (3 months ago)
Yes, the first Teaser looked alot more darker and serious. But I think this will work. Can't wait!
Andreas O (3 months ago)
Where to you see 'cartoony'???? This looks like cyberpunk, like it supposed too. I can't follow you
Juan Doe (3 months ago)
I mean cyberpunk 2020 came out in the 80s and it always felt like it was going for a bright neon aesthetic only makes sense that the day sections would hold to the colorful aesthetic, besides you gotta wait and earn to see the city at night boi
LaserDog West (3 months ago)
I like the color. Helps it differentiate itself from Deus Ex and Bladerunner.
Chifeng J (3 months ago)
But... that has nothing to do with the cartoon look. Hopefully the effect is less so when we're actually playing.
LocochonKingdom (3 months ago)
dubvk (3 months ago)
sasat raki
Артём Иродов (3 months ago)
sam sasat
Garou Artist (3 months ago)
Nice look
Red (3 months ago)
ghost inn the shell the game
ghostgits (3 months ago)
Mendes117 both
Mendes117 (3 months ago)
Master Mind blade runner
Cameron The Communist (3 months ago)
What a badarse reveal.
John (3 months ago)
u wasted no time god damn
I love History! (3 months ago)
Here before HL3
Darren Peach (3 months ago)
Typo. Did that trigger you ? For.
Mad Squirrel Mods (3 months ago)
It's for, not four. Also, we need to accept the fact that Half-Life 3 is dead, unless the Project Borealis Team become successful in forcing Gabe Newell's hand.
Darren Peach (3 months ago)
It's a meme man. A joke. It's meant to be funny because it's the opposite of reality. If you get angry over something as simple as that life must be rough four you.
Mad Squirrel Mods (3 months ago)
How many times are we going to see "Half-Life 3 announced" in comments sections to videos not related to Half-Life? You all been saying the same thing about the videos for Fallout 76, Prey DLC Mooncrash, and so forth. Do you ever get tired?
Darren Peach (3 months ago)
Half life 3 announced._.
rueben spears (3 months ago)
thanks lol

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