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Minecraft Flans Mod: T&P Devblog 47 - More NUCLEAR Weapons!

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https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-and-plebeians-mk-451.1245042 Join our cancerous Discord: https://discord.gg/dB5fWxY Right now I am working on the Tyrants and Plebeians mark 5 mod pack that will revolutionize gameplay by greatly increasing the standards for configs. In this episode, I show off even more nuclear weapons that were added since the previous devlog including the famous "Tsar Bomba" and the atomic bomb that ended World War Two! Also, I show off an almost entirely new and complete tech tree of French Aircraft spanning all of Dassault's history along with new weapons for said aircraft.
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Text Comments (36)
vincent xedric (4 days ago)
Pleas tell wat is this mod the air plane that shoots guns
Haslo Hacker (5 days ago)
How to play with this modpack?
This is a pack?
Dub (24 days ago)
What's the name of the content pack with nukes because I want to install it seperatly
Crystal Princess (1 month ago)
when it will be available in TAP
Vane Ghiraldi (1 month ago)
Flans is nice mod
Cycles Geometry dash (1 month ago)
Can anyone say why with flans mod plus i just shoot and its lags my minecraft to 6 fps
tsc2001 (1 month ago)
What are your computer specs?
스타워즈덕후 (1 month ago)
Can I ask you a question? (I think it is not relate to you but...) where is minecraft-smp.de???
스타워즈덕후 (1 month ago)
Yes it is alive. minecraft-smp.de is working now.
스타워즈덕후 (1 month ago)
http://www.manusdei.de/ I found this site.... I think it is not dead yet.
스타워즈덕후 (1 month ago)
Monorisu (1 month ago)
It died
Anyone? Сan anybody help me? Please? I need ToolBox! Because I'm doing model for sight, but in paint it's a long time.
Lintong Jiang (2 months ago)
Monorisu, I love all your videos and ur modpack! Keep up the great work but please. Please fix singleplayer crashes. Thank u :)
Theguapotaco (2 months ago)
was that an o-i i saw at 0:29?
Monorisu (2 months ago)
Клевер (2 months ago)
Tu-95 is soviet, not russian
Kaspar Indrek Palmeos (2 months ago)
Monorisu (2 months ago)
Designed by: Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev November 10, 1888 Pustomazovo, Tver Governorate, Russian Empire
Ivan Романюк (2 months ago)
Ov yea, Ukraine is Strong, and add Ukraine hummwv with PKM
The Minecraft Gaming 2 (2 months ago)
It was an israeli aircraft what i saw in the end of the video? Could you make a series called countries in flans mod?like showing the weapons that are appere in flans mod or at least in the modpack? (Happy shana tova/new year)
Not first bat fine
Meister Proper (2 months ago)
Fun fact 2: no Atomic Bomb ended ww2
Ardantop132 n/a (1 month ago)
not the atom bomb, but the Emperor ended it right?
Monorisu (2 months ago)
Guys who do not have minecraft smp yet? I can not download the Toolbox. As I will go to the site, I receive a Strato error. I have a URGENT TOOLBOX! *Strato Error: strato website currently not available*
Kevin (2 months ago)
Because it's Muharram, will we also get nuclear fireworks as well?
Σ Cuca Beludo Σ (2 months ago)
Cold you do a B-36 Peacemaker?
Σ Cuca Beludo Σ (2 months ago)
Is this a TU-95?
Hybrid (2 months ago)
Yes, yes it is.
Do another server war
+JB0204 Oh
JB0204 (1 month ago)
he cant since the server is not up
Monorisu (2 months ago)
Клевер (1 month ago)
add the typhoon submarine

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