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Extreme TF2 Scout Battles in Garry's Mod

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Extreme TF2 Scout Battles in Garry's Mod, Red vs. Blue Part 1: 10 vs 10 Part 2: 20 vs 20 Part 3: 50 vs 50 slowed down in time to improve frame rate Part 4: 50 vs 50 slowed down in time to improve frame rate Thanks to: Using mainly, “Team Fortress 2 Bots [BETA]” mod | by MrNiceGuy518 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=352877666 “GM Arid Valley V1” map | by Headstub https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=186587611 Garry's Mod (officially abbreviated to GMod) is a sandbox physics game that allows the player to manipulate objects and experiment with physics using the Source engine. (Wikipedia, Garry’s Mod) Visit: http://www.garrysmod.com Credits: Machinima Network | http://www.machinima.com Video made using Garry’s Mod; Rendered in Vegas Pro http://garrysmod.com/terms http://garrysmod.com/help Developer(s) Facepunch Studios Publisher(s) Valve Corporation Designer(s) Garry Newman
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Text Comments (13)
MCandRBfan (2 years ago)
this channel makes people who can't buy gmod and want this mod enjoy watching
Vikakabg (2 years ago)
my garry s mod tf 2 is not battle help me please
Aleksander 3453 (2 years ago)
I seeing +SupacomputerRevolution you really like Team Fortress 2 Bots [BETA] thats mine 5th video i watch from you *sorry for bad grammar im from poland*
Sydney Graham (3 years ago)
Can you do more team fortress battles
Starwarsrap1 (3 years ago)
Do 20 Blu scouts vs 10 tanks
sorin savu (2 years ago)
+iDirtyCow iDirtyCow if42i6
Monkedas (3 years ago)
there is robot tanks,there are npc ones
Nazi Nuts (3 years ago)
+Monkedas what do u mean?
Monkedas (3 years ago)
Kaspars there is!
Starwarsrap1 (3 years ago)
I meant l4d2 ya dingus :P
Do the Spy battles. Make them close so they do melee. Round 1 is 5 vs 5, round 2: 10 vs 10, round 3: 20 vs 20, round 4: 40 vs 40 (slowed down) and round 5: 50 vs 50 (slowed down)
Blitzkrieg (3 years ago)
Awesome as always.

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