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Stranded Deep - SHARKS! + Deep Sea Diving (ULTRA Settings) | SLAPTrain

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Text Comments (371)
SnowyParker (2 years ago)
Stranded Deep: The game that is scarier then every other horror game but doesn't tell you that
Joseph Anthony (2 years ago)
what game is this?
Kadar Kaszlo (2 years ago)
what is that episode?
The creators of the Forest, is the same creators of Stranded Deep!
Brendan Kennington (2 years ago)
hit the coconuts a couple times
algorithm (3 years ago)
Heh heh welcome to gaming outside of Forza... Yeah I shit myself when that happened to me too...
octor King (3 years ago)
This needs to come out on console
Rauchine Gaynor (3 years ago)
Please make more of these videos, this was awesome!
Joeybob888 (3 years ago)
Of, Your, fingers!
Rx Nation (3 years ago)
Slap what are you doing on this game 😂 Jkjk nice vid 👌
Brad Willard (3 years ago)
Hey SLAP can I get in on the horizon 2 club? Gamertag: brawill
Anton Crețu (3 years ago)
Do some more of this! It seems interesting!
jorden SPITTLE (3 years ago)
play flight simulator x!
Chris (3 years ago)
We can't all waste away our lives playing sad little games like you and watching videos of sad people playing video games, or videos of people plane spotting, that's the worst part. Get a hair cut, sort your life out and your parents might finally be happy, and you could make your first friend along the way.
Will Dunkley (3 years ago)
Slap you always make the sickest intros what software do you use?
Fart Vader (3 years ago)
What the fuck is LMB? Really Slap? looks like your a suffering a lack of PC
Arian (3 years ago)
More of this,please!
Will Hedley (3 years ago)
Payne you could have used the would and the lighter to create a fire I don't know anyway another cool vid slap keep it up👌😄
Max gaming (3 years ago)
You need a hamer to craft
Paul Burgess (3 years ago)
Rui C (3 years ago)
Eric Schwenk (3 years ago)
This game has really good graphics!
CrazyShaq (3 years ago)
Keesen Gripp (3 years ago)
Wow TST One of my biggest fears is crashing or being in water with sharks This video almost gave me a heart attack Freaks me out Your videos are awesome
dustin sattarelle (3 years ago)
hopefully well get to see some h1z1 man. looking forward to it
F OE (3 years ago)
So you read all the comments huh?
Nuro X (3 years ago)
love that drawing my dad has a 600bhp supra mk4 see him racin it his channel is bignumtt
Raydah (3 years ago)
Michael Marlow (3 years ago)
jesse katz (3 years ago)
2.28 lmfao, so funny
jesse katz (3 years ago)
Congratilations with 300k slap, i still remember the days of 50k, keep it up bruh.
DJ GooM (3 years ago)
its good to see SLAP trying new games, but dude (i hope he sees this) read up on the wiki man. you have to use the sticks and trees and stuff to craft shelters etc, but you need heaps of resources. the object of this game is to just survive exploring and stuff comes later, but just read up on the wiki if you get a chance when you do you'll able to really enjoy the game. btw the bubbles and stuff on the surface of the water means there is a boat underneath which has decent gear in it.
Jeremy Crisostomo (3 years ago)
what's the new intro song?
F0XTROT117 (3 years ago)
This game reminds me of castaway
zEpick (3 years ago)
thanx for showing this game i never knew about it .. #bought 
Paul Hamelin (3 years ago)
hey slap man if you need any help go to karalis's channel and check out his vids on stranded deep it will help ya out.
Paul Hamelin (3 years ago)
and if you want a good game go check out (The Forest) or (Rust) on steam.
Gilbert Flores (3 years ago)
Play Dayz 
Joe Strickland (3 years ago)
Bro ur fucking hilarious love u man fav youtubers by far
jamjax (3 years ago)
You have got to make anotjer video
Sean Luff (3 years ago)
Keep this series!!
Drew (3 years ago)
WickedBulgarian (3 years ago)
Its funny how he doesnt know whats hes doing :D:D
Shawn Orlanes (3 years ago)
So funny😂
Larry May (3 years ago)
u have to craft a camp fire to cook the crabs so u don't get poisined 
Marco Princeton (3 years ago)
stick to driving cars...
Ben Carmody (3 years ago)
Do a live stream of this game so the slap community can help you
Joel Martinez (3 years ago)
That game looks dope. U should keep playing it slap.
Daniel Franco (3 years ago)
play more of stranded deep pleaseeeee i really like it 
julian parrish (3 years ago)
New playthrough, Peter Jeakins:Slap Vs. Wild lmaoo
Carlos Rene (3 years ago)
Slap i will be so dammmn happy if you tell me the name of the intro's song of today because it is sooo fucking amazing on my MHC-GPX888 2400 watts rms with 2 12" inch subwoofers...
madpumpkin78 (3 years ago)
More slap I like the survival games
John Blackmon (3 years ago)
Slab UK craft a bed then you can craft a house with wood and you can craft the campfire thing you can craft a fire that can cook food like crabs
Beater (3 years ago)
You are the best car gameplayer ever ^-^ i come from germany and i love your videos so much . But it is sad that it didn give a nice car game for the pc :/
IsaiahandIsaac (3 years ago)
Lol just look at the wiki to find out how to play better haha just a suggestion tho Slap.
killerkhalsa27 (3 years ago)
you can build a hammer and craft items and also make campfires out of rocks and sticks. You can build houses and so much more! You can find torch's even oxygen tanks so you can stay under water. You can also build a motor boat so you don't have to paddle and so much other shit! Oh yeah with the crude axe you can cut down tree's and then you can cut the fallen tree to make more sticks.
King Carlos (3 years ago)
123Bosniak (3 years ago)
That plane belonged to Logic the rapper, so
Johnny Bow (3 years ago)
This time lapse man, I shit in my pants as it started :D
Trill Vibe (3 years ago)
710DankestChild (3 years ago)
A video of me vs the slaptrain would be a great way for me to get good publicity as well as content for a new channel.
710DankestChild (3 years ago)
Slaptrain lets drift battle on 360 bro message me back on my channel and let's get it bro!
Oneil Lynch (3 years ago)
Lmao the way you pronounce Machete! Keep up the great content!
svetoslav krumov (3 years ago)
the bubbles mean somewhere down there is a ship wreck
Edward Guss (3 years ago)
hey slap! What is the song of your intro you are te best youtuber  by the way
svetoslav krumov (3 years ago)
you can break the coconut whit someting and break them againg and eat them and you can craft whit a hamer you can find it or craft it
eric osterberg (3 years ago)
#askslap yo slap, loving the game looks good but i was wondering if you downloaded it to a mac ? I cant find it anywhere so could you tell me/ do a video on how to download to mac ? Thanks
svetoslav krumov (3 years ago)
do it facecam
Willy H (3 years ago)
You can tell when there is a shark when the music changes it
Willy H (3 years ago)
With rocks, stick n the rope looking thing, you can make hammer, axe and a bunch of things and for the coconut you have to hit it until it turn brown, then you can drink it and eat it. You can eat the sharks meat. Just build a fire and cook it, and also you can do that with the crab. That why your player was kinda green and all that
KoAKIILEREAGL55 (3 years ago)
Slap---> funny glitch put a rock on a crabs head so it stays on there and then wait like 30-40 secs and it should do something pretty funny.
VW Love (3 years ago)
Do carx or racing rivels
Jacob Guffey (3 years ago)
What is this intro song? I haven't been able to find it, love the video man, keep up the good work Slap!
Jack Decker (3 years ago)
love your new intro!
sunsweetsuitable (3 years ago)
dude way to be a noob "whats lmb?" lmao
MrYamaHashi (3 years ago)
And for people complaining about him not Making a 200 k montage really chill out try making 2-3 videos everyday ad there good there not shit I want to see you try to be as good as home and 100k was just around the corner he's grown so fast I hope you don't complain about when his 1m subs hit and he doesn't have a montage at 1m subs right away
SLAPTrain (3 years ago)
+MURSKA2007 i know man some people dont get it, its tough sometimes but i dont make montages for every milestone of 100k i do then when the mood is right and I'm in that mindset to make a montage but one will be coming for 300k just won't be at that 300k mark exactly
MrYamaHashi (3 years ago)
Slap 300k by 9 pm today!!
rempr0 (3 years ago)
Hey Slap i like your new intro man!!! It sick!! :D
rempr0 (3 years ago)
Hey Slap i like your new intro man!!! It sick!! :D
Die Blitzbirne (3 years ago)
"hit L,M,B all at the same time, nothing happened" xD You're insane :P
Adam Ceesay (3 years ago)
Hey slap you should have played this with the oculus rift
123Bosniak (3 years ago)
those re bad for the eyes
Decland Mark (3 years ago)
does he have one??
Wolf Reviewing (3 years ago)
Things they should add in the game: Backpacks Chests New plants and herbs Bowls Soup Tea To make a backpack kill a shark or stingray and harvest it's skin and craft it with the palm tree leaf things. It could hold two more slots than the regular inventory Chests would be made with sticks and the Palm tree leaf things and you can craft a couple different sizes to hold more things. To make bowls boil water and put a turtle inside. It would come out of its shell and you can eat it or whatever. But you can use its shell and craft it with some PALM FRAUNS WAS THE WORD. So yeah the. You have a bowl. With a bowl and new plants and herbs you could craft them together and make a soup and boil it together with a bunch of plants and stuff... Use the same technique while making tea but only add herbs to your bowl. Like if you agree they need to add these. Comment any other things they should add! Someone must see this...
Decland Mark (3 years ago)
it's in early access. they'll add all that I'm sure.
Dave S (3 years ago)
Please press LolMnooB
Joker1911able9 (3 years ago)
Jimmy Jay (3 years ago)
lmao has a broken arm still swimming and paddling not giivn a fuck
HalkBoy (3 years ago)
More vids of this let's play, please
x YorkLT x (3 years ago)
Julez1jz (3 years ago)
300k hype!
Chooky07 (3 years ago)
Im gonna subscribe because your forza horizon 2 videos are awesome (do more of them! :D)
Anthony Gregg (3 years ago)
hi slap your apost to find stuuf the craft it keep the sticks and liter to create fire
Gus (3 years ago)
so good do some more 
alex (3 years ago)
I like how slap didnt know that there are big ass great whites in this game lol
SLAPTrain (3 years ago)
Josh Gash (3 years ago)
Do you stream?
Chief Alex (3 years ago)
Hey what's up slap train I wanted you to do a video on FH2 based of "kanjo" which is a Japanese form of racing you should go check it out man BTW great videos !!
Liza Liza (3 years ago)
More Stranded deep
JDM Gaming (3 years ago)
lmb - left mouse button u noob!! :P
UnknownPictures (3 years ago)
you've got alot to learn
president carter jr (3 years ago)
please do a car vlog soon!!
Sebastian Foglia (3 years ago)
Yo slap been here since 80k sups man I found a new drift game for iOS it's called driftkhana it's better than car x except graphics wise you should really play it my man. 😝😝
KingCat LXIX (3 years ago)
You broke your arm. That's why the watch faces down so much mid way through the vid and your arm is slightly bent.
SLAPTrain (3 years ago)
+KingCat LXIX LMFAOOOO i thought so AAHAHAH
Chris Cleveland (3 years ago)
Cool video slap, I like when you switch it up!
Sourish Das (3 years ago)
wait did u actually waste ur money to buy this game or was it free??

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