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Restylex Farcry 4 Map editor: Stargate

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Restylex Farcry 4 Map editor: Stargate. Map available in Farcy 4 map browser. Small based map, just love too rip with a shotgun and see enemy's fly, finishing with a yoga practice !!
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Maruten 6969 (1 year ago)
Hey, I just subscribed. consider joining the farcry 4 map editor community on ps4. My PS ID is: Maruten6969
Thank you for subscribing ! What community are you going to join? Ill add you to my psn account :)
Clement Trunzler (1 year ago)
another awesome map, good work
reapers battalion (1 year ago)
heyy m8 awesome map, I'll try it this weekend in my timezone, I published and posted a new map on youtube called Far cry 4_Fort Labelle, check it out!!:)
i'll check your map out !
dancinghamsterguy (1 year ago)
Another great map! How long do you spend roughly on putting them together?
Thank you m8 ! It takes about 8- 10 hours. Depend of shape and idea. Got multi maps still in progress. I've i get stuck with idea's / concept in one map, i'll startup other map

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