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Minecraft Marriage Ep.95 | Enchanting

2417 ratings | 77595 views
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Text Comments (175)
sami xx (4 months ago)
MAKE MORE !!!!!!
Kathy 21 (2 years ago)
They should use backpacks for more room
Lee Wisemanm (3 years ago)
about the church i am going there !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Naomii Playz (3 years ago)
Red & Cupquake should be a third couple in this series !
Irais Marin (3 years ago)
Rachelkip is dead she play but it past the episond
Cole Romero (4 years ago)
Where the heck is EdGwen?!??
Dinorah Forestier (4 years ago)
I love minecraft marriage!
Mr.Bundy (4 years ago)
Rasict kevin is rasict
James The Basian (4 years ago)
where is Edgwen? o.o
Cole Romero (4 years ago)
I know right? Like where did she go?!
baugh3 (4 years ago)
Taylor Kim (4 years ago)
For 100th episode bring back everyone who used to be in mcm
AnAsianbr0skii21 (4 years ago)
hahahaha Ashley doesnt know what a sink is? What do they call a sink in the UK xD
Violet Rose (4 years ago)
Pfff are we the prey no we are the hunters dundundudn.
Insane (4 years ago)
Have 3 couples aleks and someone else maybe cupquake
rcsejin (4 years ago)
Aleks with quake? NO. I don't think quake knows aleks.
When did Kashley (Kevin's son) show up on?
xKAYLEEMARIEEx (4 years ago)
I have that people are saying minecraft marrige is not funny anymore. They are full of shit. This is hilarious!!!
Funky Chunk (4 years ago)
matea enzweiler (4 years ago)
sly I thought u died! :3
bhips ahoy (4 years ago)
I like how he switches his sword then uses the wrong one
67TrianglesInARow (4 years ago)
Detritus Youth (4 years ago)
Ashley I'm English and know what a sink is
Brandon Burdett (4 years ago)
Such a cliff hanger i wanted to know why there was a fire in the distance oh sempai sly ur such a tease
Kaedon Menorath (4 years ago)
Tristen Johnson (4 years ago)
Hey guys were ep 6 or 7 huh
Jack Briggs (4 years ago)
halothe awesome (4 years ago)
You should make it three couples You and missrachel Kevin and Ashley and Mitty and Alecks
Edward Benie (4 years ago)
Most of the world rice is provided from Saskatchewan which is Canada SO RACHEL IS A RACIST PIECE OF SHIT I joke lol
Mikaela Porter (4 years ago)
Make the videos longer Please! <3
Dakota Markham (4 years ago)
Anyone notice there dauughter is missing
Cole Romero (4 years ago)
DogTheDog (4 years ago)
Challenge: Play a session on hard and the first person to die from a couple makes that couple the losing team and the other couple wins a spawn in item of their choice and if it involves getting more the highest stack that you can get is 10 of the spawned in item. Hard gets turned off when the first person dies.
DogTheDog (4 years ago)
+ninjamicekid they play on normal but hard mode is different because the mobs give way more damage and if you lose your hunger you don't lose half your health you lose all so you can stfu
Nawfal el tv (4 years ago)
Hard mode? Your serious.... How is that even a challenge, most likely they play on normal or hard anyway so turning on hard just means normal minecraft day.
DogTheDog (4 years ago)
But you can only spawn food, ores (including bedrock), etc. But you can only spawn one spawner, one tool, one expensive item from mods but the others you can stack to 64 not 10 anymore
Levay Contra (4 years ago)
Boy, there sure is a lot of tension between Rachel and Kevin
Fengar (4 years ago)
9:56 you get a glimpse of Ashley's true face.
Nix Zinn (4 years ago)
Sly gold has the highest enchant ability use this as knowledge and get biblocraft has cosmetics and something else special
Samantha Beaudry (4 years ago)
Sly, the best way to mine obsidian is take buckets of lava and put them in water. The water never runs out and there won't be any lava underneath for the obsidian to fall into.
Brenen Oneill (4 years ago)
You are in the a biome where it always snows, and you ask why you cant find lava?Really?
redcharizard10 (4 years ago)
Minx (4 years ago)
Yay! Minecraft marriage!
eurekabboy (4 years ago)
More minecraft marriage sly
luxtin1 (4 years ago)
Bring back homie craft pl0x
oof (4 years ago)
I haven't watched you in a year time to see how you inproved on YouTube.
oscar11186 (4 years ago)
What would you do if you suddenly found a character from your favorite tv show unconscious outside your house? By the way it is the good guy. The reason I am asking this is because this morning I suddenly keep imagining that I find a character named Stegz (from a tv show called Extreme Dinosaurs) unconscious outside my house. And I don't know why.
clicking on rocks (4 years ago)
its been like 10 years since katawa shoujo...
Sean Solomon (4 years ago)
The best enchanting is to put the bookshelves one block away from the enchanting table then make a square with a opening in the middle
Splyt (4 years ago)
sly can you add the modpack to download?
Michael N (4 years ago)
This series just isn't the same without immortal sad face
Flopflek (4 years ago)
May I ask. Where is puppy cop I haven't seen him in like any I your vids sly anymore ???
kamisunshine (4 years ago)
It's funny cause I'm thinking the guys are being more jokey (aka funny abusive) to the girls and then sly says that they were being meaner lately. funny right?
Giantjules55 (4 years ago)
kevin is asian?
Slysmallgamer (4 years ago)
Rachel the racist manatee
Vincenzo Nelson (4 years ago)
I vote Aleks as Slys new wife lol
Styx (4 years ago)
Gay couple! James & Aleks :P
dregs (4 years ago)
immortal and nova should be the 3rd couple in this series since they fight like one
Sean Clark (4 years ago)
Can we all agree that Kevin, is the man with the Golden Voice?
Livia Nurzynska (4 years ago)
Of course
Sean Clark (4 years ago)
omg yes
Zam (4 years ago)
Dont you mean, goldenblackhawk * golden giggle *
Brady Rice (4 years ago)
The puns are real
Mark Cruz (4 years ago)
Hey Sly, what happened to Minecraft Daily, it just disappeared. 
Austin Proctor (4 years ago)
Hey sly I had a really good Idea you should oh I don't know... BUILD S FUCKING ROOF!
Juan Cortez (4 years ago)
Athlete Gamer (4 years ago)
Something (4 years ago)
Sly at ep 100 bring back aleks and his wife
Brady Rice (4 years ago)
He announced in an update video that they weren't coming back
John M (4 years ago)
Athlete Gamer (4 years ago)
Don't you mean 94
Love (4 years ago)
jean maillard (4 years ago)
why taking down a fruit tree? I remember your wife wanted to do stuff like ice cream with fruit in it
Chris Adalim (4 years ago)
kevin is an asian? from which country?
Carlos B. (4 years ago)
All of them lol
Phant0mBlad3 (4 years ago)
i'm Asian too
Aaron Lazur (4 years ago)
Kevin reminds me of that dude from team rocket
zichri missingninzero (4 years ago)
Shots has been fired in this episode
Jason Le (4 years ago)
I miss aleks best memory... Destroying his house with a troll or an ogre so funny troll!!!!
--ENSRyan-- (4 years ago)
Jocy Carrillo (4 years ago)
I just realized what your intro says
redcharizard10 (4 years ago)
what please tell me 
Jorge (4 years ago)
Sly where did pixelmon go bro. Can you please bring it back
Brady Rice (4 years ago)
'Twas a section of minecraft daily, so it's not coming back
Alex Manduca (4 years ago)
Yeah back in the good old days with Aleks Minecraft Marriage was hilarious XD
Kyle (4 years ago)
Michael Schmidig (4 years ago)
Where is MC DAILY
Michael Schmidig (4 years ago)
@ Brady Rice, I do not always watch every vid and I know ur going to say "your not a real homie if u don't wach every vid", but I do not like every video that is y I want to see it back because he can get the people from mc marriage easily on MC Daily
Carlos B. (4 years ago)
Sly said that they are trying to get Minecraft Daily back on track but it is difficult for everyone because of their recording schedules.
Brady Rice (4 years ago)
You're not a real homie if you beg, three videos a day but you still need more. Do you refer to them as drugs?
MexiSwift (4 years ago)
Almost 100th episode :D
ShadyLuma (4 years ago)
Sly, two things: you should bring back aleks, and where is KS? (Katawa Shoujo)
T_Peg (4 years ago)
Plz never change dat intro for this series
ETHAN SOEUK (4 years ago)
Mjw6533 (4 years ago)
I miss aleks :(
Pheen-X Connections (4 years ago)
Sly do more mincraft daily
Brady Rice (4 years ago)
Non homie alert get him outta here
RaWr_Hora-Quan 2 (4 years ago)
Shut the fuck up kracytext if he's not funny to you' leave
ThisThing (4 years ago)
I love watching your vids everyday sly
Tara H (4 years ago)
I'm still waiting for sly to just eff it and have a season where he marries aleks
Lois Slimp (4 years ago)
Parkdog (4 years ago)
Sly Did You And The Creatures Get The Letter I Sent To You Guys if You Didn't Get It I sent It To Your P.O. Box
bobafett7776748 (4 years ago)
Calmsea900 (4 years ago)
We need Alex back xD never forget the brick with a note on it :)
Brady Rice (4 years ago)
I want him back too but he's not coming back, as he announced in an update video
The Orange Director (4 years ago)
200 view
Chankrasna Sam (4 years ago)
wait is Kevin really asian?!   
Chankrasna Sam (4 years ago)
oh lol
Jesse Smith (4 years ago)
yes and really dumb one because asians are pose to be smart  
freezefries ngo (4 years ago)
like for more animated shorts
Jacob Shea (4 years ago)
Brick with a note on it I still remember it brings a tear to my eye
PreppieAcorn78 (4 years ago)
First and didn't you know that the green ogres drop obsidian 
spencer smith (4 years ago)
Bring aleks back as a third family
Ryan Cade (4 years ago)
Please build the roof to your house!!!!!!
AndeeRoemoe (4 years ago)
Watched just for the intro song
DuuoxGaming (4 years ago)
178 View
prodRealz (4 years ago)
Kevin Lenh (4 years ago)
Antonio Lopez (4 years ago)
What texture PAC is he using
miguel diaz (4 years ago)

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