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i7 8700k vs i7 7700k Test in 7 Games

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Intel Core i7 8700k vs i7 7700k Test in 7 Games(GTX 1070) Games: Arma 3 Apex Project Cars 2 - 01:15 Fallout 4 - 02:25 Mass Effect Andromeda - 04:12 Far Cry Primal - 06:12 Grand Theft Auto V - 07:16 Deus Ex Mankind Divided - 08:14 System: Windows 10 Intel i7 8700k 3.7Ghz Asus ROG STRIX Z370-H Intel i7 7700k 4.2Ghz Asus Strix Z270E GTX 1070 8Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
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Text Comments (958)
Eda KING (19 hours ago)
what is his grafics card
Blackfalk (2 days ago)
doesnt matter both are vulnerable to Meltdown & Specter wait till the first 10nm cpu's like Icelake...ho wait we still don't know if 10nm is possible Intel has miserably failed so far (looks like 14nm is the real lowest limit & Moore's law just got owned lol)
David Flores (6 days ago)
in games not a big diference, multitask perhaps
Tanner (6 days ago)
would a evga gtx 1080 be compatible with the asus rog strix e motherboard
Konstantin D (10 days ago)
I7 7700k the best!
this is the most stupid performance test I've ever seen. the performance of the test is a walk on roads, on which there are almost no objects or in general in enclosed spaces. Bravo
GxtOnMyLxvxl (12 days ago)
How is named the programm that you Show how much fps or with how much the GPU or CPU working
King K (14 days ago)
Wow this vid trippy when the car splits😐
NeboraX_ (14 days ago)
the i7 8700k uses less cpu. That's good :)
Dan (17 days ago)
I'm waiting for Intel 9th Gen CPU.,
Jeremiah Freeman (20 days ago)
im sorry i have a very noob question. Im still on an i7 2600k. Thinking of getting a 7700k (sale for $300 even). i know the socket is 1151, what motherboard "series" do i need for overclocking capabilities?
Jon Stepanenkov (13 days ago)
Jeremiah Freeman z270
Vade&Rush (20 days ago)
So with the new intel chips coming out to have a base clock of 5ghz for $500 is it worth it to keep my i7 7700k and upgrade my pc or wait for the new chip?
NotBanMePLZ /\ (22 days ago)
Заебись тест, все уперлось в ГПУ
Patthon Sirilim (23 days ago)
8700k does a lot better in the productivity side since it has 2 more core in gaming only 4 cores are use so its pretty much the same with maybe a slight edge over the 7700k but in cinebench you will see at least 25 percent improvement in rendering
Miludos (25 days ago)
I think is the same shit...
General Nomen (29 days ago)
What is the best processor for the GTX 1070TI!?
CallFor911 (23 days ago)
General Nomen Intel Pentium 4
Strider (1 month ago)
The difference isn't overly noticeable, but the fact it's less stress on the cpu might make it worth while
JAI DAMASCENO (1 month ago)
use a 1070 and big people test is common right? resets there with 1080i or at least 1080
Cayden (1 month ago)
Earned a like, you tested my favourite game first :)
Spookyman (1 month ago)
The 8700k wrecks the old garbage 7700k!!!!!
Zelazy (13 hours ago)
7700k is still good though
Keith D (23 days ago)
7700K rocks at 5GHz and runs cooler.
Government LAB (1 month ago)
Multicore has not yet had much meaning in the game. i5 will be a better choice.
Inhumane Reactions (1 month ago)
still loving my 7700k & 1080 ti. waiting for cannon lake this year!
Ryathor (1 month ago)
Why not test with a 1080 ti?
Sherif Hassan Sayed (1 month ago)
Best compare ever between two processor 👍 Great work %100 👍
Keith D (23 days ago)
No the test is invalid as the GPU is athe bottleneck. Better test if he had used a flagship GPU.
farhan Nik (1 month ago)
At my country 7700k and 8700k price literally got same price just need to buy a new motherboard..
DanGrow (1 month ago)
Мой микропроцессор грузится на 100% помогите!! ПРОЦЕССОР ТАКОЙ ЖЕ КАК У ТЕБЯ
Fouad Haddad (1 month ago)
The GTX 1070 is almost always at 99-100% , both CPUs can handle the 1070 fine (As you can see in the CPU % which is normal for both), that means that both CPU are not stressed, so this review is pointless. To compare 2 CPUs for gaming reviews, you need to stress them using a much powerfull Graphic card. Next time compare these 2 CPUs with a 1080 TI..
Mariusz B. (1 month ago)
I keep my i5 7600K 5.1 GHz and 1080 Gainward GLH waisting money to make a move to z370 .
ibrahim turan (1 month ago)
doesn't mean less cpu usage a better cpu?
xdtaker (1 month ago)
I'm going to get my new pc in 2 weeks, how big will the difference be in Games like Dishonored 2 or AC Origins between my i7 3770 and my new i7 8700k?? how much more performance will i get, will i even notice it with the same graphics card??(gtx 1060 6gb)
Mario Passendorf (2 months ago)
I guess it is Fake , where is CPU Requency displayed ????
Pass cal (2 months ago)
They'll release the 8800 in standard and K versions soon even though the chips are ready and tested.Then the 9600, 9700, 9700k and 9800K  will come and in less than 3 years you'll need a new MB again...Business (proving something people desire and making some money) has become (rape the people and take the piss out of them for we want and like there dumb sheepish way)You think these people don't talk hahah intel vs AMD is a big fcking illusion people....they just want you to want something more, and more and more, and keep themselves happy and the shareholders happy too (some probably get to game all day - who knows)
BdoubleP (2 months ago)
What confuses me is with my build on PC part picker my i7 8700k costs around the same as my build with the i7 7700k I know that the two CPUs use different MOBOs but both MOBOs that i have selected end up around the same cost and with the two different CPUs the overall price of the entire build is only a $4 difference with the i7 7700k being more expensive...
This GPU test LUL
TenzoG (2 months ago)
7 more fps? Lmfao. So a 7% increase? What a fucking joke.
awesome gamer (2 months ago)
Plz tell me you are not joking
Ivan Khalifa (2 months ago)
So 10- 20fps difference in some games and 30fps difference in ME Andromeda damn this i7 8700k is insanex thanks i can finally build my new PC with a 1080ti 32gb and the nzxt kraken, i been waiting for months saving money :D
erginsa (2 months ago)
how is possible. sometimes same performance but sometimes 7700k is better than 8700k. especially during the combat or crowd 7700k is better and colder.
Keith D (23 days ago)
The older 7700K has a higher clock speed than the 8700K. That is why it wins sometimes.
SQUP (2 months ago)
core i7 8700kのほうが負荷が少ない。パーセンテージが7700kよりも、いつも10%以上少ないようだ。
Steven Hernandez (2 months ago)
7700k with 1070 2tb vs 8700 with 1060 1tb who wins?
RustyGames (2 months ago)
does it mean that 7700k is a bottleneck here 🤔🤔🤔
Keith D (23 days ago)
The GPU is the bottleneck. Both CPU's are awesome for gaming.
Wheeler J (2 months ago)
Thanks for making this video comparison. It really show cases the performance of each processor. I am about to start a new build for an upgrade from my current i5-2500k processor. Do you think I should save a few bucks and just purchase the i7-7700k over the i7-8700k? Keep in mind I will have to purchase a new mother board for this build. Thanks again.
imatthew1_Roblox (2 months ago)
So which one is better
Tyler didlebob (2 months ago)
Building a new rig and the 8700k is only $25 more expensive so in this case is it better to just get the 8700k? Only 10 or so fps difference but also not much of a price difference.
AleKeSeY25 (2 months ago)
Перед обзором ты разгонял микропроцессоры чрез Turbo Boost либо тестируешь на базисных частотах ?
Jia L. (3 months ago)
I feel like you really get the most out of CPUs if you just get the latest possible then wait 3 years.
Pepe (3 months ago)
Although there is basically almost no performance difference, Im still gonna buy i7 8700k because its only $50 more expensive than the i7 7700k but you get 2 more cores which is an increase of 50%.
Guano 64 (3 months ago)
The 7700k is at 90% load where the 8700k is at 99% wtf
Marrks R (3 months ago)
I have an i5 6400, does it worth to jump to an i7 8700?
Pepe (3 months ago)
Depends on what graphics card you have or are gonna buy? If you have gtx 1060 or better than sure go buy i7 8700k.
BeHappy-- (3 months ago)
gpu bottleneck
ですLoli Hunter (3 months ago)
This is a bad test. Using a GTX1070? And high settings at that. The best result would be from GTX1080Ti and lowest possible settings to see the actual difference
Keith D (23 days ago)
Vorfeis (3 months ago)
lol who tests CPUs with a weak graphics card?
Keith D (23 days ago)
I agree. Why test withj crap GPU. Should have used a 1080 GPU minimum.
All game ur test on this cpu ar trash.. u should try planetside 2 in huge fight..
Crabclub Groot4love (3 months ago)
I7 8700k 190 fps vs I7 7700k 165 fps wow. But 3-5 fps difference average.
Pambansang Bayaw (3 months ago)
i7 7700k cores were struggling look at cpu usage but at high temps...
ambarish kumar (3 months ago)
So 8700k is like a 6 core version of the 7700k,eh?XD
Xeno Gaming (3 months ago)
Hey there~What about the temperature? WIll it cause CPU to overheat over time?
Uroš Đošic (3 months ago)
Both processors achieve more than 60fps. Human eye cant see more than 30. Buy 7700k
General Caos (3 months ago)
my 8350 bottle necks like crazy, how does it run as far as if any bottle necking for fallout 4?
Itchyback (3 months ago)
Anything +30 fps you can only notice with a benchmark. But I still say Intel is better performance per dollar than AMD for gaming. It's because normally their processor's lifespan is much longer than AMD's. I have used Intel platforms for 3-5 years to play games, AMD for 1-3 years. Total cost of ownership!
gertjan van der meij (3 months ago)
All Intel fanboys are talking BS over AMD , but realize this ...... If it wasn't for AMD , there wouldn't even be a 8700k ! That is how fucked up Intel is !
Shoaib Sikandri (3 months ago)
Can i install i7 8700k processor 8th generation in core 2 duo 2.4ghz cpu
Goku Black (3 months ago)
get motherboard Z370
Josh Tan (3 months ago)
would like to see i7 8700k VS i7 8700 thanks
キ ュ ゥ べ え (3 months ago)
At least play show Battlefield, that really is a high-cpu usage game.
Tamerlan (3 months ago)
различия никакой
SamuelGomes (4 months ago)
full ultra setting
mdd1963 (4 months ago)
7700K vs. 8700K on BF1 with GTX1080Ti.....extra 2 frames per second...LOL! I'll stand pat on 7700k, thanks!
mdd1963 (4 months ago)
Standing pat on my 7700K/GTX1060 for a while....especially with today's GPU prices....!
Layarion (4 months ago)
perhaps you should have showed individual core performance....
Gian (4 months ago)
What refrigeration was used? I like those temperatures sorry bad english
Adam Buksh (4 months ago)
《After 4 months》It might seem a few FPS but its a huge advantage for 9700k over 8700k with higher end GPUs and heavier games with maxed out settings. 8700k might struggle a bit.😧 Shut up and take my money 🙃😃👍
Tony Quigley (4 months ago)
Can i ask why every website and youtube channel keeps testing these against eachother, like 99% of all the videos that are up, are of hardware that 99% of your audience can't afford...
Wwaddee Wadee (4 months ago)
the record give you lag 20% bro
Code Codderson (4 months ago)
Ya now do it at 4k and it will be a 2fps difference maybe no one games in 1080p anymore so a real-world test might as well test s-video
shaneclipse97 (4 months ago)
real question is how many of you are running out to throw ur money away for 10 fps more and are still running a 60hz monitor. meaning you basically dont need any hardware that pushes passed ur 60hz refresh rate as you never see any of those fps beyond 60. problem is most people dont realize its not just about the fps or the cpu or gpu, its about the entire system being built for all components to work well with each other and to give you the fps you can actually take advantage of. its nic eto have future proof, but if ur buying a 8700k from a 6700 or 7700 k's then ur wasting ur money
shaneclipse97 (4 months ago)
lol so basically keep my 6700k that is overclocked to 4.9ghz and save my money while still beating both of them....... too bad most games dont take advantage of more than 4 cores. soo anyone who bought an 8700k just caus eit came after a 7700k or 6700k and just are gaming, u wasted ya money!
Keith D (23 days ago)
Yip. If you are just gaming. You are just wasting your money with that CPU until more games support more than 4 cores. Save your money on CPU and spend it on faster GPU.
devildoody (4 months ago)
How did you get your temps so low? I have a 7700k with a water a AIO water cooler and my idle temps are 45 degrees and under load it goes above 80 degrees?!?! Your's seems to stay around 50 degrees under load..........
GoodSmelly (4 months ago)
games should be run at low quality to stress the cpu... higher fps
Resort (4 months ago)
Lol I’m still on a I-5 4670 k
Mr Rygar (4 months ago)
You should OC the 8700K dude probably get better performance out of it that way.
shaneclipse97 (4 months ago)
they dont oc much cause of them having 6 cores they get warm quick
Chasharper (4 months ago)
But Can It Run Minecraft?
José Marcondes (4 months ago)
I7 7700k still a beast and have a better CxB when compared to the 8700k + your fucking expensive mother board.
Flaviu Andrei (4 months ago)
If i dont want to stream or to record, just for gameplay, is ok i7 7700k?
Keith D (23 days ago)
Yes definitely. 7700K is a fantastic gaming CPU. Team it up with a 1080, 2x1080 in SLI or 1080TI.
glorious Pc Master race (4 months ago)
Nice video think I will just upgrade to a 7700k instead of a 8700k as I already have the z270 board for it and the 8700k isn't a big enough increase to justify me buying the cpu and another motherboard for it
Helltio Everygames (4 months ago)
Why many of the graphics are off such as reflections? to test this it should be full in ultra or max and everythin turned on.
pong lenis (4 months ago)
Where's the fps counter you fuckin turd
DomDetex (4 months ago)
I want a coffee lake...Or an ocean full of coffee...
Dante Legacy (4 months ago)
Not much difference🤔Awesome video👍
Beyond Birthday (4 months ago)
i play pubg medium setting my i7 7700k is 50°C-55°C, i saw somewhere that i7 7700k sold after november 2017 have a better temperature
MartydoomX (4 months ago)
People complaining about the small performance increase fail to realize that the 8700k has 6 cores 12 threads which is so much more useful in the long run and its only $70 more, the 7700k only has 4 cores 8 threads which is pretty bad for an i7 imo
shaneclipse97 (4 months ago)
lol what?? most i7s are 4 cores and up unil the past year or mso were always 4 cores. not to mention u cant oc the 6 core as well and game sdont always use more than 4 cores. 4 cores is still the king of gaming. single core performance and ipc is higher
TheAmoscokkie (4 months ago)
The purpose of additional cores (8700K) is meant for virtualization environment, those developers building homelabs would be vast advantage cos speed wise is not important. Thus using for gaming... is a loss cause. It like adding more pipelines to distribute the water to houses rather than the current of the water ( speed) to deliver water to houses. That why if u observe the CPU usage is lower in 8700K
sir_cuit (4 months ago)
These tests are mostly GPU limited which doesn't tell me too much.
XXDJOZXX (4 months ago)
Which one worth it guyssss, keep reading below; 8700k at $360 7700k at $280 r7 1700 at $250 with $30 discount for mobo?
shaneclipse97 (4 months ago)
6700k ftw with a liquid cooler and oc to 4.5ghz +
XXDJOZXX (4 months ago)
yes gaming wise intel however I want overall performance especially gaming is not the sole purpose of usage!
Swomp4 (4 months ago)
r7 1700 isnt good for gaming. 7700k is more price/performance and 8700k is more future proof.
Obi-Wan Nikobi (4 months ago)
OK I keep my 7700k!
Keith D (23 days ago)
I will too. I run it at 4.9GHZ in summer and 5GHz in Winter. Liquid cooling rocks!
dharkbizkit (5 months ago)
why is the 7700k faster at some points? as far as i know. 8700k and 7700k are the same cpu just that the 8700k has 2 more cores. meaning, even when only 4 cores are used, both should performe the same with the edge to the 8700k because it has higher clocks.
Purple Turtle (5 months ago)
You should have lowered the graphical settings to show whether the CPU is actually more powerful (Which it should be), while also testing at standard playing resolutions.
Out Of Control (5 months ago)
I have i7-7700K and i dont think its worth to buy 8th Gen , i dont see much difference
BigBadWolf (5 months ago)
it looks like its getting much hotter,my 7770k is oc just about 4,5 woder how 8700k behaves when OCed.
Darkice Presents (5 months ago)
No thanks my 7700K is going great at 5ghz 1 year strong , i got a 1080Ti and i don't need to buy anything new not for a while , my 2500K in 2011 lasted me 6 years strong and enjoyed gaming on it all those years overclocked . buying new shit for 4-15 % increase on certain games when you can turn down a setting is not worth buying a new board and a chip . I bought the Asus Maximus code costed me 300 dollars and for intel not to allow the 8700K to work with 7700K is beyond bullshit .
silvinodino (2 months ago)
im using that same CPU and same cooler but 4.8ghz is the max for me :(
RedlineMaximaSE (3 months ago)
Willi Hansen Burned out lmao stfu
Willi Hansen (4 months ago)
But soon you will have burned out your 7700k. Then you will get an 8700k.
Diffusion887 (4 months ago)
Darkice Presents (4 months ago)
corsair H100i v2
semmosta ja (5 months ago)
If you play,i7 8700K gives only a bit more fps. But it has more cores,so it's better if you play and record.

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