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Master Chief vs Spartan Locke

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VinnieLepore (1 day ago)
Why people don't like Spartan Locke: 1) 343 made him OP. The Masterchief, being abducted at a child for the Spartan 2 program, was literally bred to be a super solder. He spent 30 years on active duty, fighting the Covenant, and being part of some of the greatest video game adventures of all-time. He's rightfully earned his spot as the UNSC's greatest soldier. In addition, his legacy as the last of the Spartan II's is an emotional one that ups the stakes. Then you have Spartan Locke, someone whose only backstory is an ONI assassin, whose character isn't interesting or creative, and suddenly he's able to go toe to toe with the Masterchief and even perform feats the Chief hasn't done. He didn't earn that sort of power or that respect from the fans; it was given to him by 343. It directly undermines the Masterchief and it's a slap in the face to the fans who've loved MC for over 15 years. 2) Spartan Locke is bland. Unlike MC, Noble 6, or the Rookie; characters who were purposely given little dialogue or even a face so that we, the players can assume their role; Spartan Locke is given a face and given a character that separates him from the player. So now, instead of viewing the character from a first person view, putting our own face and identities behind the mask; we have one given to us. However, the character given to us is bland and boring. Throughout the Halo series. MC gave us short but witty one-liners that are memorable lines and fit his character (To give the Covenant back their bomb, Boo! to the grunt, Try shooting my way out of here mixing it up a little). MC is awesome, and had awesome little bits of dialogue. Locke's dialogue is boring not not well written (That applies to all of Osiris except for Buck). 3) Halo 5 had no balance between the two characters. We only had 3 missions with MasterChief, the rest were as Locke. This feels like a forced attempt by 343 to get rid of the old character and push in the new one. It wasn't a good balance. Halo 2 did an awesome job of balancing gameplay between MC and Arbiter yet make their stories almost mirror each other. Their stories blended beautifully.
So BUCK the ODST badass who survived reach and the attack on NEW MOMBASA with a small crew on suicide missions TURNED SPARTAN can’t keep up with The other pussy Spartans who are just FanFictionOriginalCharacters of 343 I’m sorry but I don’t buy it, he has better training then all of em and way more experienced I’ve always thought ODSTs given the same strength as a spartan would kick a Spartans ass so I stand by it. ODSTs are smart team based soldiers who are sent on suicide missions without the fancy gadgets of the spartan 2, 3 and 4s So I think buck, one of the most badass ODSTs I’ve seen and read about would kick ass in a spartan suit/body They made such a cool character into a comedic relief, it sucks, and I know he was always funny but he was also always serious too. Like if you agree and if you don’t why are you still here? Go suck Microsoft’s dick or something.
*Color you call* adds are REALLY pissing me off
Matthew Garcia (1 day ago)
I know people feel that chief should have done better here but that should be the goal of the new spartan program..just enough. I think chief was half assing until he broke his visor. But it clears shows chief is physically stronger especially considering Chief is alot older than Locke. Just picture that locking device a knife instead and its clear to see chief would have killed Locke if that's was his aim.
Alexander The Insane (2 days ago)
Hey does anyone have the version where chief beats the shit out of locke then says piss off and leaves
Fizzy-D- (2 days ago)
Meanwhile Osiris watching : Buck : Hey , who do you think is going to win? Tanaka : I don't know, Chief looks like he is going to win Vale : Locke has this, ez Buck : Whoever loses pays the first round
Daydreamdirty (2 days ago)
You don’t fuck with the Chief
SCE 2045 (3 days ago)
I prefer this type of armor than the one on Halo Infinite
OptimalOptimus50 (3 days ago)
0:40 Damn girl some body you have. God damn them thighs.
Anonymous 117 (4 days ago)
As the Act Man said "This should have been a 1v4 ass wooping of team osiris"
Jacoby Valentine (4 days ago)
The only good part about this entire thing is Chief bitch slapping Locke with his own rifle xD
UnboundPlace67 (4 days ago)
I love how in halo 4, chief was a walking tower, but I'm halo 5 he is the same size as puny spartan ivs
EliteBlade46 (5 days ago)
Things to consider...// 1. Chief isn't trying to kill Locke, that would flush any hope of reconciliation with the UNSC.... // 2. Both spartans are just about evenly matched in speed, skill, and h2h combat capabilities. I say about as chief has more experience and newer spartan models are shit compared to the ones made to be literal walking tanks. Even the toughest of tanks of the past were eventually bested by the new though as Locke's S4 suit had enough in it to damage the visor of an S2.... // 3. A spartan on spartan fight was never going to be like how roosterteeth is doing it. There was never going to be two spartans duking it out like super saiyans no matter what studio was behind the game. It wasn't perfect, 'fine' is the only word I'll settle for to describe it, but I enjoyed it for what it was.
For a minute I thought Buck was gonna die
Has anyone ever seen any of the fights of Metal Gear Solid? That's how this fight should've looked like.
BLACKFYRE (7 days ago)
Lmaooooo this is like watching two kids fight on the playground i was sooo disappointed!
Ismael Quinones (7 days ago)
why is locke the same height as master chief? isn't master chief augmented by the forerunners to be bigger and better.
‘MuricanEagle (8 days ago)
so supposedly halo spartans are faster and tougher than captain america yet here they fight as fast as 60s saloon fights in cowboy movies
James Scott (8 days ago)
This is why I don't like locke, NO ONE FUCKS WITH THE CHIEF 💪💪
Blue Dragon (1 day ago)
If Chief was trying, the guy who weighs as much as a scorpion, costs as much as a small starship, is genetically augmented, and was trained since he was a child, wearing a suit that increases his strength by at least 5 times, which without the boost lets him bench press more than 100lb would have won I know a lot about Chief And I mean, how good could Locke’s armour be? Because if it’s better than chiefs, why doesn’t the UNSC give a similar set to Chief to boost him even further, he is the most experienced and best soldier they have
Shayne C (13 days ago)
Halo was doing good with bungie.. then 343 has to get involved and fuck everything up.. can someone tell me why bungie sold halo???
Michael Caulfield (13 days ago)
Oh my god there were so many things wrong with this game and the worst thing about it was the battle, if you could call it that! So disappointing
lucky ME (14 days ago)
Even minecraft animation is dope
Linda -058 (14 days ago)
Who the fuck was recording us? I was gone but Locke’s dead meat no one messes with cheif
viperzerofsx (14 days ago)
when you and your little brother fight and you go easy on him but then he hits you and you kick his ass.
Techformative (16 days ago)
If the chief actually tried it'd be a way different fight
Umm.. They both should be dead
Dook Book (17 days ago)
I love how when the fight started Locke's team didn't do anything
xXSw4gmite 3000Xx (17 days ago)
Halo ripped off red vs blue
Jim Sharp (17 days ago)
Do we all remember how fucking huge chief was in 4? he sill stood like a fuckin foot taller than spartan palmer. its bullshit his height got nerfed
Robotic experimenter (17 days ago)
What happen ed to locke's voice at 4:25
Lightning McQueen (17 days ago)
sam1904asd (18 days ago)
Chief : “Stay down kid...”
Master chiefs power level 500 Locke 450
up (19 days ago)
A twelve year old could have choreographed this better
SuperGayMan Lala (19 days ago)
You done fuckup when you broke Chief's Visor.
Nathanael Tuck (19 days ago)
No es que no me allá gustado, pero yo esperaba algo mejor, osea desde un principio daban a saber que ellos serian Enemigos a muerte
Wesley King (19 days ago)
God damn i hate bungie for selling out. This was the best series until 343 took over. Fuck!!
Alexer Jason Garcia (20 days ago)
Like hell she is
Einstien And Enfield (20 days ago)
They should've made this a bossfight. I would be willing to forgive a few of Halo 5s flaws if we got to fight the Master Chief, Spartan 2 of Blue Team. Petty Officer John-117, Hyper Lethal biological killing machine with his mjolnir armour and all. It would be so cool. Eventually you lose and he gets away but the boss battle would be the most epic in Halo history so far.
Rafael Azevedo (21 days ago)
masterchief looks like slow motion. this dont make any sense
Target Warlock (21 days ago)
Despite Cheif being stronger, you have to remember he's old.
Chase Viking (21 days ago)
the fight scene between Master Chief and Locke in Halo 5 was complete bullshit. Locke is a regular non enhanced ONI soldier. The Masters Chief is a cybernetically and chemically enhanced soldier who was trained as a child. Chief should have beaten Locke's bitch ass in no time flat.
Chris Cremers (21 days ago)
When you realize you’re only hitting his armor 😂
i'm in a pickle dude (21 days ago)
this is literally ksi and logan rn
Trivas Palmer (21 days ago)
U could tell chief was pissed after Locke mentioned cortana. *boom* one sucker punch to Locke's jaw thoracic hepatium vertebrae. Lol
It was at that moment Locke realized he fucked up.
master chief is better
Aldo Perez (23 days ago)
This makes me want to buy an Xbox , I haven’t had one since the first ever x box . I think I just might 🤔🤔🤔 who down to play some online ?
Callum Taylor (23 days ago)
You all saw Cheif upper kick a brute chieften to the face and do a back flip....how tf is Locke even standing after 5 seconds?
awoken god (23 days ago)
Chief would have ended Locke in 3 hits
Justin Boatner Airsoft (23 days ago)
Seriously Master Chief should have been laying waste into Captain locks. That was pathetic typically Master Chief would do more violent things.
Cameron Brown (23 days ago)
People talk about this fight a lot but what you gotta remember is that Locke has much better and faster armour then chiefs just saying locke could move a lot faster in his armour.
Pablo Reyes (24 days ago)
I like the way Locke calls John “sir”... so much respect but still doing his job... well... trying to...
Patrick Roy (24 days ago)
When you’re messing with your little brother until he gets a lucky shot in
TheSlayer150 (24 days ago)
Look, if y’all ever read the books, Master Chief would of killed Locke if he wanted to, his hand to hand combat is superior from the rest of the Spartans, Chief was holding back a whole lot.
Freekofnayture (24 days ago)
Whatever. Locke is amazing and spartan 4s are awesome
Jasper Pennsington (26 days ago)
It's super poor bandaid thinking, but jack the speed up on the youtube player if you feel like this battle went too slowly (it does.)
Srinjoy C (26 days ago)
Uhhhh isn’t master chief one of the most advanced Spartans and killed 3 ODST’s when he was a kid or something lmao also what happened to that scene in halo 4 where the guy does a backflip of a brute chieftain was he trying to go easy on Locke or something lololol
Dawa Penjor (26 days ago)
I've never played a single Halo gane but just by knowing gaming culture even I knew that this fight was insulting.
Isaac HMPT (27 days ago)
I’m new to halo but aren’t Spartan 2s supposed to be stronger than Spartan 4s?
gramcrackers gaming (27 days ago)
He shouldn't have taken the hit, remember on halo 4 the librarian gave him a piece to make him bigger and stronger to fight the 4Runner Guy The Didact and he was a bigger Spartan than an average part of the time of Halo 4 but in Halo 5 he is shown he is the same hieght as every other Spartan how does that happened
Altertale Sans V2 (28 days ago)
2:44 that moment when your freind turns off your xbox when your in about to get a victory royal
young tony (28 days ago)
yet all of you talk about lore and plot line understand this chief is literally holding back so he doesn’t kill a fellow spartan like he did when get so angry he killed 3 ODST’s 3 ! by himself and no chief wouldn’t just crush locke he would win but he wouldn’t rush locke these are both skilled and well trained fighters ... change my mind
Chrono Mobius (28 days ago)
Nice logic. Let's create a new, somewhat likable main character with a decent back story to fit into the series well, then have him fight against the tried and true hero of the entire series, whom they have even made X-boxes shaped in his likeness from his popularity, and wonder why people don't like him or the games as much anymore... terrible writing, and even worse story. I thought Halo 4 was bad, but this plot is even worse. Looks like 343 really killed Halo. This would be like taking Super Mario, creating a character like Toad, and having him fight Mario despite technically being on the same side.
Chrono Mobius (28 days ago)
Joshua Willis TL;DR... seriously, all I see from your reply is "blah blah blah! I'm insulting you because it is the only thing that makes me feel like I am smarter than a crayon. Now let me educate you mister dummy-man..." No one is going to read whatever moronic tripe you post after you make such a petty, blind, and uncalled for insult to them like that. If you had opened up with something like your actual opinions on the matter, or even facts, then perhaps I would respectfully correspond with that. Change your attitude of being the almighty omniscient being of the internet and share your perspective like a normal person.
Chrono Mobius (28 days ago)
Blah blah blah is what I see. Perhaps if you try not introducing your fine and well thought out points of "vastly superior logic" without insults and maybe someone might bother to care to even hear your opinions. Glad you got to read mine though, thanks.
Joshua Willis (28 days ago)
Chrono Mobius be warned your tiny brain might explode from the amount of logic and facts I’m about to bestow upon you. The elites are the same agile warriors they’ve always been. Many of the cutscenes show that like the intro of Osiris and Blue team. And that scene where arbiter took out two enemy elites single handily. Locke fighting chief can grow a fan base as it shows the courage and skill of him. He knows who chief is and the accomplishments he’s done yet still had the balls to try to restrain him and return him to base. That’s courage and dedication. Not to mention not anymore can be a Spartan IV. They only choose the absolute best. Why do you think Buck is there? He and Locke along with Vale and Holly are elite fighters with tons of combat experience. Not to mention when the arbiter was still an enemy Locke was chosen to assassinate him. They don’t give that job to anyone. Someone with intense skill and strength and intelligence would be required and Locke possessed all 3. He also quickly adapts to new situations. He once tried to kill arbiter but now he was already willing to work side by with him, by simply saying “things change”. Also Spartan IV get similar genetic enhancements the same as Spartan IIs. But despite all the qualities of Spartans I’m literally baffled that you didn’t even figure out that neither Chief or Locke were giving their full potential. They were both holding back because they’re both on the same side. You’re extremely idiotic to not already know that. That’s not bad writing, that’s good writing. And you can’t even provide arguments to say otherwise on everything you claim besides “I say so”. I’m done because I know your kind and you’ll probably throw more fanboy bullshit and blind hatred instead of facts so fuck off and goodbye idiot
Chrono Mobius (28 days ago)
Isn't that cute, you can only address me with insults instead of actually using that mind of your own. Perhaps you are only lashing in words that match a personal fear of your own reflection?
Joshua Willis (28 days ago)
Chrono Mobius your small mind only thinks on “fanboyism” not logic. Just because other people agree with your shitty opinion doesn’t make it true. Facts speak better than numbers
Bobby Myers (28 days ago)
Locke bitch salapped chief
Mario Johny (29 days ago)
blue team focus fire
505A (29 days ago)
Hmmm... Chief vs Noble 6... (I know this is overrated and blah blah, but they were both classified as HYPERLETHAL, the only 2 spartans ever deemed that specification. And if they both tried as well as Chief not being a slow mole.)
Matthew Molina (29 days ago)
hate 343 for this
Aspiring Marauder (28 days ago)
While the fight scene itself is quite good (for a Hollywood fistfight), the lore behind it is trash. And I don't just mean the hunt the Truth bullshit, but the abilities displayed. These are SPARTAN-II augmentations: https://halo.wikia.com/wiki/SPARTAN-II_augmentation_procedures That includes muscle development, strength and density, and carbon-plated bones, as well as a 300% increase to perception. Naomi snapped a jiralhanae's neck and spine with a single uppercut. Adriana did with a mongoose what Tartarus did with the Fist of Rukt, but on x5 more enemies. SPARTAN-IV Augmentations: https://halo.wikia.com/wiki/SPARTAN-IV_augmentation_procedures This includes cardiac implants enabling greater stamina, carbon-plated bones, strengthened musculature, and increased reflexes via nerve implants. SPARTAN-IV's surpassed the ceiling of humanity's capabilities. SPARTAN-II's shattered the ceiling entirely. This fight shouldn't have been the slow punch-fest, it should've been something out of the Oum Seasons of RvB. Jumping, spinning, ducking, feinting, strikes and kicks and punches flinging at lightning speeds, a counter-battle of wits and flanking as much as physical strength. https://youtu.be/gw-ZBBCx9ro?t=6m51s But it weren't, unfortunately. : (
Aspiring Marauder (28 days ago)
I guess, yeah, but stamina has never really been an issue in gameplay before. Ah well, what's passed is past. Maybe we'll see something in Halo Infinite
Joshua Willis (28 days ago)
Aspiring Marauder I know how you feel dude but think about it, they have to save all their energy and strength for the covenant and promethians
Aspiring Marauder (28 days ago)
I know they were both holding back, but this was the first proper melee action in the series. Like, given who the fighters are, I was kind expecting something way more dynamic, fast-paced. Not a bar brawl, y'know?
Joshua Willis (28 days ago)
Aspiring Marauder I’m glad you’re not one of those people who blindly hate on Spartan 4s even though they’re extremely skilled and called Spartans for a reason. Also both men were holding back their strengths and stamina. They weren’t trying to kill each other just subdue/slow down
Patrick O (30 days ago)
luke cage was not playing with master chief lol
BackPsy (30 days ago)
2:39 Locke knew he fucked up
Handy Man (30 days ago)
2:29 nibba you want to die?
Dyela (1 month ago)
EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR OPINION: Chief really should've lost this fight, he's older, using a weaker suit of armour and although he has more experience and is stronger, Locke is far more agile, in a better physical condition and is also highly trained. Experience can only get you so far; as Cortana says before: 117 isn't the best Spartan but he is the luckiest. Classic Chief will always have a special place in my heart but I dislike the generic, gruff sci-fi shooty man we have now.
Stephen Donnellan (3 days ago)
Spartan II's have been at the peak of human physical condition for nearly 30 years. Chief chronologically is in his forties yet due to extended periods in cryo sleep has the physical age of a man in his mid thirties. Spartan II's also have superior augmentations due to receiving them as children allowing far more invasive augments. Fact of the matter is a Spartan II is quite literally the peak of what soldiers can be, however they are not unbeatable. This fight could've gone much differently had the others on Osiris joined the fight. As for others saying the Chief should've very easily and swiftly ended the fight, John is not a hand to hand specialist, nor is he the strongest of the Spartan II's. He's a born leader with one of the greatest tactical minds in human history while also being the luckiest human being alive (if you could measure luck). That being said the other Spartans of blue team are much more remarkable. Fred is one of their best hand to hand specialists being extremely proficient with a knife. Kelly is a close quarters specialist who is also the fastest spartan/human being alive, and Linda is the single best sniper ever produced by the UNSC. John is a jack of all trades master of none but he is the perfect leader. I think that is what is shown well here. Locke was an ONI acquisitions specialist (e.g he hunted down priority targets for extraction and interrogation) therefore he received advanced hand to hand combat training and was also specifically trained to hunt down targets such as rogue Spartans, Sangheili and other immensely strong opponents. He lost this fight due to lack of experience and brute strength, John won due to these traits.
Jim Sharp (17 days ago)
Dyela get out
Dyela (1 month ago)
When you're teaching someone how to play a game but then they start getting good so you actually have to try 2:29
RazgrizOne (1 month ago)
Tune in next time, on the slowest WWE match.
True Slav King (1 month ago)
Mango (1 month ago)
Now I've been thinking, if this was the same storyline and characters. What would Bungie do?
Joshua Willis (28 days ago)
RazgrizOne stop being a pussy ass whiner. Halo 2 introduced the arbiter out of no where without backstory and it was still the best game in the franchise. Halo 5 is no where near as good but not for the reasons your boasting. Even then halo 5 is still a great game with interesting new characters. Osiris are very skilled and they show us how the UNSC was able to still kick ass without chief for 4 years.
RazgrizOne (1 month ago)
1. They won't put too much of an emphasis on the books. They always separated the books and the games so the story can make sense 2. Not introduce characters out of fucking nowhere without proper backstory. When halo 5 came out, the average fan don't even know who blue team is unless they read the books. Nobody wants that, they want to play a video game. 3. They would put most of the campaign's focus on Master chief. If not, at least half of it like Halo2. Not fucking three missions.
Wolf (1 month ago)
Tzeentch And Co. (1 month ago)
2:37 Oooooh now you fucked up
Elka Pussy Dominator (1 month ago)
Even tho master-chief has an older model of Mjolnir armor, he still managed to beat the shit out of Locke
Legend (1 month ago)
Master chief got triggered when he broke his glasses
Ach. Satria.P.S (1 month ago)
Lol locke
Michael Tezare (1 month ago)
Smh video should be renamed "Master Chief lets Locke live"
Jake Ford (1 month ago)
Despite Chief fighting slower than a disabled 80 year old man, he still made Locke look like a total pussy. Osiris knew to not get involved because they already knew how the fight would end.
Joshua Willis (1 month ago)
Jake Ford you’re extremely ignorant
J' Von (1 month ago)
Caboose: 'Noooo!!!!....not the helmet."
Vladolf Hutin (1 month ago)
OG Spartans vs fake ass Spartans.
Joshua Willis (1 month ago)
Vladolf Hutin there’s nothing fake about Locke
spencer vance (1 month ago)
Just played this today, weird how it's just now in my recommended.
Trpv (1 month ago)
Come on 343 even noble six would handle his ass.
Joshua Willis (1 month ago)
Mr. Clean stop talking from nostalgia
Ed Negron (1 month ago)
Funny how they killed this scene to a fraction of what it should be. It should have been the entire squad vs chief with chief still winning. Out of all the enemies chief has had. this dude lands 1 strike and breaks his helmet ?GTFO kills scene for me 100%
Joshua Willis (1 month ago)
Ed Negron you’re forgetting that a Spartan punch can break through tough material all the time
dylan bonner (1 month ago)
The way they fight does not reflect how they should fight. If you read any of the novels it described how not only strong spartans are but fast, skilled, and equally as smart.
Xaviel Legion (1 month ago)
This fight shouldn't have even been close. Spartan ll's were vastly superior to Spartan lV's, they were faster, stronger, and had much quicker reflexes.This isn't about skill, it's about biology.
Joshua Willis (1 month ago)
Xaviel Legion you underestimate spartan IVs. They’re the new elite of the UNSC for a reason. They’re also extremely strong and fast. Also the chief went easy on him
David Empey (1 month ago)
lol your all a bunch of chicks.
Davis Zhu (1 month ago)
probably the only best thing about this game is this cutscene..
ThatMustafa (1 month ago)
I feel like halo 5 is very underrated, I KNOW its pretty trash I know but still underrated fight scene was bullshit tho chief should have beat his ass, mind you chief has been doing endless missions over and over and is very stressed about cortana and all so that should be weakening him but he should still be better then this guy, I've been playing since Halo 2 (Great game btw, that one flood mission is so hard though...) Halo 3 was fun and all, story wise awesome except for Johnsons death (RIP JOHNSON) but halo 4 I really liked campaign, Chief didnt feel like a bot no more, he actually had dialogue, started having questions and stuff, great GREAT campaign, my favorite, very emotional, but halo 3 he was a dead character, CE And 2 as well in somewhat scenarios, this fight scene was bs tho, I did like Halo 5 but story was somewhat questionable.
RazgrizOne (1 month ago)
No. The most accepted reason on why Chief didn't pummel Locke right there is because he was holding back. He knows locke is just following orders and he's not gonna kill him because of that. Spartan IIs also don't tire out that easily. They've had worse. In Halo: First Strike, I believe Linda or Kelly were so heavily injured that they shouldn't be alive. Yet Linda, the sniper, can still hit a flying target and kill its pilot without destroying the banshee, and she did that while hanging upside-down.
LilSauce (1 month ago)
This new red vs blue episode looked great
Chief should not have done this, he doesn't let his emotions go. 343 doesn't know what they're doing.
Joshua Willis (1 month ago)
MrSaintMichael The Saint this wasn’t out of emotion. It was to slow them down and get ahead
Astro Gaming (1 month ago)
I hate how this fight is choreographed
junior morales (1 month ago)
3:02 when you bust a rhyme on someone and you let your partner go
NGLApexIx (1 month ago)
I think what people forget is that Chief wasn't trying to kill Locke, which is why he slowed down his fighting speed.

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