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Master Chief vs Spartan Locke

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Text Comments (5980)
Im Not Brysic (6 hours ago)
Man.... why was this such a shit fight
Xenomorph Elder (15 hours ago)
I am the chief you don’t fuck with the chief
James Quinn (22 hours ago)
Watch in 1.25 speed and it seems more accurate
2:31 chief get Triggered
Kiwi & Peanut (1 day ago)
117 does not like his visor broken
gsam84 tmcap (1 day ago)
Kick his ass chief.
Angel Reyes (2 days ago)
Digo 117
Angel Reyes (2 days ago)
Se estaban madreando a 177
David Rojas (2 days ago)
I'm telling you man, if that ground punch had landed, Locke would be dead
2jztoyo (3 days ago)
Linda could have killed them all before locke would open his mouth.
Derek Vandermark (3 days ago)
Noble 6 vs Chief.... Now THAT would be an interesting fight. Except I love them both so
DUNDER THUNDER (4 days ago)
it really bothers me that master chief and Locke are the same size even though Locke is a spartan 4 and chief is a spartan 2
Aether Republi (4 days ago)
I was just watching Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth somehow manages to create ridiculously better fight scenes than 343.
Charlemagne S (4 days ago)
Looking back at this, if Chief wanted to kill Locke he could have done it easily.
Josh the boss123 (5 days ago)
master chief would of destroyed him thhis is terrible
Lumpy Gash (5 days ago)
Worst choreography of all time, so slow and clunky. Hopefully they scrap the entire Locke plot because they are not relevant at all, maybe buck as an odst lol
Aden Matthews (5 days ago)
I like Locke better
TraveledWheat63 YT (5 days ago)
Locke is getting rekt
Flash Kirito (6 days ago)
I was waiting for master chief to growl when his visor broke like the meta in RedvsBlue
Secret Mission (6 days ago)
Why did they fight?
Secret Mission (6 days ago)
Why did they fight?
CARLITOS— yt (6 days ago)
Master chief did: And Stay Low assasination on lock 2:18
XB1GC (6 days ago)
I really wished Master Chief was a boss fight instead that would've been awesome.
Pita Kelly (8 days ago)
Hosestly he kicked the shit out of Spartan Locke
Pita Kelly (8 days ago)
2:37 you just made a mistake
_Bren _ (9 days ago)
“Like hell she is”
Eli Linn (10 days ago)
Pretty anti-climactic
Patrick M. Blanchard (10 days ago)
1:47 what a fucking badass
i’m clout af (10 days ago)
Ay this actually reminds me of that one bar fight i saw where 2 drunk morons tried to beat each other
MoBBzY (11 days ago)
Chief smacked him with his own gun lmao
Skadewdle (11 days ago)
How to destroy the charm and mythos of the Spartans in one game: turn them into power rangers then put them through terribly written and directed scenes like this one. Honestly to anyone who hasn't experienced Halo yet just play the first 3 games and read some of the books. Seriously the books are fantastic.
Hunter Banks (12 days ago)
That was fucking disappointing
sexy beast (12 days ago)
get fucked
Spartan Sid (12 days ago)
At least Master Chief kicked Spartan Locke’s ass!!! Be proud of that!!!!!!!!!!
silly goose (13 days ago)
They fight like they’re 10,000 lbs this is sad. Imo it would have been badass if all 4 of them hanged up on chief but still lost
Jdniscool (15 days ago)
Am I the only one thinks this fight is well done?
Benzona 17 (16 days ago)
Like he could take down 117 a legendary war hero
Blue Pump (16 days ago)
This game doo doo what do u mean
Spider-Man1962 (16 days ago)
This was fucking stupid
Wighen 'Sakgr (16 days ago)
2x speed made it godlike
MONKEY D. Luffy (18 days ago)
u broke my visor i kill u
Jack (18 days ago)
So how did Locke stand up to Master Chief also known as the person who saved the galaxy what 3? 4? different times
N8iv For Life (18 days ago)
It looks even right up until the chief sees the armor lock. Then he's like "alright I guess ill go a little harder?" Then you realize he was underestimating locke and takes him seriously. Then Master Chief just dominates. I like to think realistically the whole fight lasts 5-10 seconds but its slowed down for normal humans.
Hasan Noor Khan (19 days ago)
Shows how bad they made this game. A Spartan 4 against the baddest of them all, Spartan 2s and that too the master chief
RangerClose911 (19 days ago)
Master chief almost got beat up by a nigger
PraiseTheSun (19 days ago)
Dear Lord, it's Kirk vs Gorn all over again
SCE 2045 (19 days ago)
This is slightly better in 1.25x Also at 2:29, mighty Chief Bawwlls
Preston Pierce (20 days ago)
When Locke cracks chiefs visor. * At this point Locke realised, he friked up*
Ross Spencer (20 days ago)
Regardless of how slow they were in the fight scene. The music choice in the background gives me goosebumps so props to who’s decision that was. 2:30-3:00 in the video to be exact
SaintJames Ent. (20 days ago)
They are all so sluggish, they jog at 5 mph while chasing or running away and then they throw heavy and slow hay-maker punches at each other. Come on the characters can run like 45 mph and move like Bruce Lee in the suits, how could this huge moment be so painfully underwhelming
King Bob of H-TOWN (20 days ago)
This is the only scene i had a problem with everything else was good
commander donut (21 days ago)
When ur friend breaks something in ur room and he realizes that he fricked up 2:27 😂
Salvador Lucero (21 days ago)
This is why you don't want to fuck with Master Chief cause he got some fine ass skills.
StarFluid Jo (21 days ago)
Chief was holding back..he had too many things in his mind plus he wasn’t in killing intent..he was just annoyed by Locke..so this is this just Chief giving Locke a lesson not to mess with him
Joseph Cribari (21 days ago)
Terrible. Locke wouldn't stand even the slightest chance against Chief.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned the disappearing and reappearing assault rifle on master chiefs back
Adam Mendez (22 days ago)
Luxai (22 days ago)
4:20 None left behind.
Dead pool (23 days ago)
Omg luke cage wtf you lost why you bald chocolate mam no I love you
*I swear it only takes 2 hits to kill a spartan*
AJ842919 (23 days ago)
in other words don't bake chief's visor
TEDI GAMES (24 days ago)
Team chief forever
Bucky_Jay (24 days ago)
Try watching this in 1.5 speed
bastien lamy (24 days ago)
this scene is epic af and people still find a way to criticize... wtf
scylla019 (24 days ago)
343 is pathetic in trying to hype up their own character that looks straight out of a b rate "halo killer". Spartan-IV don't grow as large as SPARTAN-IIs and are less augmented because they aren't children when they are enhanced, which means you have just a slightly better ODST shock trooper against a war machine trained and augmented from age 6. This cutscene is just insulting to the legacy that 343 have taken over and shit all over.
James West (25 days ago)
I'm like fight fight fight fight but great vid tho 👍😀
Desiderium (25 days ago)
I just want people to notice how respectful Locke was being towards Chief, calling him "sir" and whatnot and not immediately resorting to violence when trying to detain him.
Mariko Reyes (26 days ago)
finally we see chief in combat action, but i mean really? he looks like an amateur! so slow. gen 2 spartans are supposed to be hella fast
This makes me want to go into sorce film maker or gmad and completely redo this cutscene.
Armando Heredia (27 days ago)
Vote for Blur Studios doing the Graphics in Halo 6.
Captain Average (27 days ago)
Wasnt Chief supposed to be 8 feet or something how the ever living fuck is Locke the same height as him? This game was such a trainwreck smh
katsupoi (27 days ago)
ugly ass fight
Daniel Ventura (27 days ago)
What you mean "DAMM IT" you still wouldn't be able to beat Master Chief
The_Alaskan_Yeti (27 days ago)
This what happens when you hire people who hate Halo to make your Halo game. You get this crap
FaTaL Hazard (27 days ago)
If Locke didn’t dodge that punch when Chief slammed Locke to the ground, he would have died
Luna Ranger (27 days ago)
"Cortana is our concern now, sir" He did NOT just mention her name like that
kharn the betrayer O (27 days ago)
Spartan iv are just better then Spartan 3. Only person able to take down chief if he had power armor maybe was Sgt Johnson.
HunterRKS41 (28 days ago)
2:32 Locke, ya messed up.
no spartan (28 days ago)
I can't believe it took me this long to realize chief broke lockes gun over lockes head like BITCH don't you dare point that gun at me LOL
xboxjunkie1931 (28 days ago)
Look at the armor difference between spartan 2's and spartan 4's spartan 2 is big and bulky and spartan 4 is small and stream lined. I like the fact that all of blue team armor is bulky because they are spartan 2's and team Locke is smaller and more shapely
Foop Poof (25 days ago)
Spartan IIs armor are built to amplify their speed and strength considerably. that's why a normal person couldn't wear the MJOLNIR armor because their bones would shatter from the force of the suit and kill em. Considering that Spartan IIs can run at speeds up to 34 mph without their armor, give em the suit and they should be moving like chiwawas on crack. this fight scene was just poorly choreographed and paid no attention to detail, selling both chief and locke short on how they fight
Locke was dead the moment he cracked chiefs visor
Ultimate Autobot (30 days ago)
What should have happened Loche: Cortana’s our concern now Chief: like hell she is *Chief disappears* Loche: Wait what Chief: *Shoots Loche point blank in head* Halo 4 invisibility.
criptangel (30 days ago)
how dare locke even touch chief hes not even good enough to shine chiefs helmet
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Brice Nolan (1 month ago)
Master chief had good patience with Locke in this game but if he really wanted it he would have ripped Locke's head off
Shaun Pearce (1 month ago)
Armor Locke. Armor Locke. Armor Locke. Armor Locke. Armor Locke.
smiling Indian Man (1 month ago)
Most lamest ass girly fight scene. When they click bait you into buying a game that you were buying anyaways. They didnt need to lie lol
Bob Make (1 month ago)
Go chief! show him who's boss!
James Robertson (1 month ago)
Hey you got gears of war 5 to look forward to.
James Robertson (1 month ago)
If masterchief died right now I dont think there would be one person who would cry. But think about it masterchief may not want to die but dont you reckon its about time masterchief met his maker.
James Robertson (1 month ago)
And they are both going to die anyway. That doesnt mean it wont be a classic.
Mr Instigator (1 month ago)
I thought chief was hyper-lethal. Here he staggers around like he’s drunk or something. Also where are their shields. The speed of a Spartans ouch should activate the shields. It’s like they were just forgotten in the process of making the scene.
S4lami_gr GAMES (1 month ago)
C R U Z (1 month ago)
Does 343i know anything about halo WTF IS THIS!!??
cameron james (1 month ago)
Yeah so locke was supposed to be a enemie the whole game instead they fucking fight a couple scenes then become Allie's cheap asf
spartanB0292 (1 month ago)
Man I really don't like the new suits
P C Lust (1 month ago)
lest get ready for a let dooooooooown
Nicholas Pentowski (1 month ago)
Master chief would have killed him no effort.... 343 just give halo back to bungie NOW
Cenk Tüneygök (1 month ago)
These guys need some lessons from Doomguy about punching.
Antilles Gaming (1 month ago)
Chief would've been much faster than Locke, Locke wouldn't have landed a hit

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