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Minecraft Daily | Ep.227 | Ft. Kevin, and Steven | Shell Shocker gets Chilly!

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Text Comments (2237)
The Canadian Legacy (2 years ago)
cant believe sly missed a snorlax near 7:40
jake wool (3 years ago)
0:47 Stevens spying using his Charmander
OreoPanda (3 years ago)
Kevin should voice somebody in DBZ Abridged
Panicatthemarie (3 years ago)
eevee is awsome
Goldsider (3 years ago)
Who else was yellin EVOLVE SHELL SHOCKER SHDKSDKgxkHxjsjsbskzJsaksjJSJSHSISBSX
Thebesthereis Plays (4 years ago)
you can't find pokemon on the moon, the galactic mod is a whole different mod.
Will Woodward (4 years ago)
Revisit pixelmon the new update makes everything different
StrawHat Mighty (4 years ago)
the true gamer (4 years ago)
those fat trainers are the fire breather trainers.
cameron andrews (4 years ago)
you past a shiny ekans
Anarchy Kitsune (5 years ago)
Only thing missing would be an Espeon.
213AnimeFreak213 (5 years ago)
But Immortal saw a Poliwhirl?
SavageCombo HD (5 years ago)
i just love that sexy ass
coolman12345155 (5 years ago)
i have a question........ why do people watch and dislike videos when they could not watch the videos... same as haters
Enzo (5 years ago)
No.... Smart Moving is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT idiot... they're usong Player Animations...
Nick Jeffers (5 years ago)
my names nick lol
Nick Jeffers (5 years ago)
. .
mellowyellowgto (5 years ago)
Oh yeah. Sorry.
Gui Shark (5 years ago)
Yeah. But sly got a squirtle.
pastelwisp (5 years ago)
What did you say about eevee!
allformario (5 years ago)
he would need a lapras in order to as well
Alfie Beckett (5 years ago)
Why did you not get the hitmolee
TinkomutHD (5 years ago)
Nah, we were just guessing, to see who knows more modifications!
EFXMaGiCz (5 years ago)
Dat outdo
Amookoo Hykera (5 years ago)
no its the player animations mod
Tommyredzeo (5 years ago)
Fiyero from wickeds secret identity is... A bird pokemon...?
Killjoy (5 years ago)
I think the mod that makes you move better is called Better Animations Mod
TinkomutHD (5 years ago)
I don't think it's smart moving, because smart moving doesn't change your walking, running and sneaking animation. There is another mod that is made for changing movement animations, I just don't remember the name of it.
Kilwin (5 years ago)
No, they are using the Animated Player mod.
phk590207 (5 years ago)
No, they using "Moves Like Steven".
phk590207 (5 years ago)
No, they are using "Moves Like Steven".
phk590207 (5 years ago)
Moves Like Steven
Smithy McBiggles (5 years ago)
you forgot lapris
Rebelangelxiv (5 years ago)
Sly the Pokemon master!!
Brian Ramos (5 years ago)
I like mudkipz to :3
logan thomas (5 years ago)
Glaceon2965 (5 years ago)
NOPE animation player mod
Noose Blart (5 years ago)
no there using Animated Player
ThatOneGame (5 years ago)
Isabella Nelson (5 years ago)
Rusty Rust (5 years ago)
why would you use trio when you can use tung?
G K (5 years ago)
I dont think so,I think they are using a animation mod...Smart moving makes you climb and shiz.
JOMBUMBI QUINKER (5 years ago)
its the animated players mod
Seranthi (5 years ago)
at the end of the day, even if you hate pokemon you have to give the show credit for being one of probably few shows that appeal to both boys and girls
Mrutyunjay Padhiary (5 years ago)
@kgcstie yeah man i know what you mean also! dude check this game is really damn addictive --> bit.ly/15PbglT?=pnuht
Sn1p3rb34r (5 years ago)
I love this series
UnknownZero13 (5 years ago)
1,000,000 subscribers congrats sly :D
Lyoko (5 years ago)
You weren't supposed to understand, I just changed what he said into actual words.
Sean Mullinder (5 years ago)
i think they changed it in a later game to make combat the strength it has compared to the other starters.
Coltrane Lins (5 years ago)
This is so fucking great
Liam Jones-Baker (5 years ago)
Watch there be like endless rows or clafairys on the moon.
Hakainik (5 years ago)
im excited. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or iphone as per ur choice. its not a joke, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. dont run away have a try now >> bit.ly/1ajc3fU?=rpdver
Frankie Banh (5 years ago)
When it became an ivysaur evolving into vena sauce
Frankie Banh (5 years ago)
Oh I guess I don't remember Pokemon like I used too. Cause I was so sure bulbasaur evolved at an earlier level
Frankie Banh (5 years ago)
@RuffleTheCat Bulbasaur doesn't evolve the same ..
Annalise Cook (5 years ago)
Hey sly, this just to help ya out. All gen 1 starters (bulbasaur, charmander & squirtle) evolve into their stage 2 evolutions at lvl.36 :3
Nergals Denning (5 years ago)
you guys added all that but no gyms?
TheProdigyB3AST (5 years ago)
12:14 that kevin voice lmao xD
carlos vazquez (5 years ago)
they are using smart moving mod
Jill Johnston (5 years ago)
The charmander he passed was a shiny
loren moody (5 years ago)
They're using multiple mods. Not all Pokemon mods, but other mods too. So maybe they were using stuff from the other mods that you decided your pixelmon didn't have?
Crafted Celery (5 years ago)
Crafted Celery (5 years ago)
Jordon Rinehardt (5 years ago)
my pixelmon mod didnt have all the stuff u guys had why?
MrPotatoFudge (5 years ago)
My god he passed by that moon dragon and now he sees the sun one plz catch them
mickael bandeira (5 years ago)
mickael bandeira (5 years ago)
Put the .minecraft paste in the desce
TheLouiseWarrior (5 years ago)
guys, dumb question but, what version of minecraft are they playing on? 1.5.2?
StealthBlade98 (5 years ago)
does sly not realize fighting against weak pokemon when his are 18 to 30 gives you crappy experience :|
Gavin Drudge (5 years ago)
find a mudkip for huskymudkip
brokenxnote (5 years ago)
Fire types are supposed to be immune to burn...Pixelmon, do you even Pokemon? ._. lol
noah gonia (5 years ago)
2 electric 1 physic 3 fire 1 water
youtube_user_69 (5 years ago)
me too
Jesus (5 years ago)
Fight Steven
PRchris13 (5 years ago)
i prefer having a nine tails over a charizard, sorry japan got me into it
PRchris13 (5 years ago)
so he has 7 if i a not wrong 2 are fire, 2 are thunder 1 physic the other 2 i forgot ?
Griffin Dilbeck (5 years ago)
this is amazing
MLG Editing (5 years ago)
yeah :D sooo cute
Angelo Valencia (5 years ago)
Leaving a like hmmmmmm | 3
Bloodred Jay 13 (5 years ago)
professor magonigal lol
Super Umbreon (5 years ago)
if u ever get mew name him U DED SON
SpeedyJr 180 (5 years ago)
nevermind i mustve been thinking something else
SpeedyJr 180 (5 years ago)
you HAD an evee in the computer
Mauve News (5 years ago)
12:14... kevin goes harry potter onm us.
Mauve News (5 years ago)
ya know what this episode needs... Immortal
Squishymcpwn (5 years ago)
it's actually sensible to have 2 attack moves of different types, just in case you get put up against someone who the pokemon is weak against.
cody gobis (5 years ago)
when they said megaton i thought of fallout 3
trumpeter811 (5 years ago)
only sly would keep tackle over water gun....
ApatheticPotato (5 years ago)
And I am not a perfect potato. Everyone does something stupid every once in a while and that was mine and I am sorry if i hurt that guys feels. And also sorry for calling you a git.
SuperCowFTW2 (5 years ago)
yea i am not the perfect cow in the barn :P
Regicide (5 years ago)
still cant under stand you, you type like a blind person!
ApatheticPotato (5 years ago)
Hey mate sorry for saying something like I did and if i hurt your feelings or anything just tell me an I will make a deep seated apology to you in the form or a private message.
ApatheticPotato (5 years ago)
Because im the first person who ever did this. Why not get on to the whatever amount of other people keep it going, why just go after me. I mean i apologized but you people just keep hounding me on this. Im done with it.
chilidogg98 (5 years ago)
how did they get those 3d pokeballs and PC on the pokemon center and how did they get those people like professor oak and mario and luigi and the music and pokemon sounds?
Heidi Reyes (5 years ago)
If the wild pokemons name highlighted its a boss it gives you stuff if you kill them
Ben Charles (5 years ago)
When is the moon? XD
ApatheticPotato (5 years ago)
You are not the brightest egg in the bunch are you, cause i looked through the comments and i see you in that mix ya git.
draken2500 (5 years ago)
I love pokemon and mine craft daily. Now you made my favorite show on youtube
deathblade8999 (5 years ago)
Go to nether
SuperCowFTW2 (5 years ago)
yea do you remember spookycraft with immortalHD he said 16 ep and he did that 365 episodes yea not going to happen but minecraft m *hint hint* might come on and the series with pbat might be on and scmowns aka steven

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