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Megastructures - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) - Full Documentary HD

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The International Space Station is an orbiting laboratory and construction site that synthesizes the scientific expertise of 16 nations to maintain a permanent human outpost in space. While floating some 240 miles (390 kilometers) above Earth's surface, the space station has hosted a rotating international crew since November 2000. Astronauts and supplies are ferried by the U.S. space shuttles and the Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft. Astronauts who reach the facility aboard one of these missions typically live and work in orbit for about six months. Simply by spending time in orbit, astronauts reveal much more about how humans can live and work in space. Crews have learned the difficulties of diet, in a world in which their sense of taste is decreased, and of getting a good night's sleep while secured to a non-floating object. But the crew is also occupied with a full suite of scientific experiments, the ongoing improvement and construction of the station, and a rigorous regime of physical training. Astronauts must exercise for two hours each day to counteract the detrimental effects of low gravity on the body's skeleton and circulatory system. Ongoing Construction The station has been under construction since November of 1998. In that year the first piece of its structure, the Zarya Control Module, was launched into orbit with a Russian Proton rocket. In 2008, the two-billion-dollar science lab Columbus was added to the station, increasing the structure to eight rooms. The floating facility's design features a series of cylinder modules attached to a larger truss of a dozen segments. The Zarya Module is mainly used for storage and external fuel tanks, while the Zvezda Service Module houses the crew's living quarters and the station's many life-supporting systems. The space station is powered by solar panels and cooled by loops that radiate heat away from the modules. The station's Destiny laboratory functions as a unique floating facility for tests of materials, technologies, and much more. The Columbus lab was designed to house experiments in life sciences, fluid physics, and other fields. Docking ports allow the station to be visited by a growing variety of spacecraft, and the Quest Airlock enables access for the frequent spacewalks essential to the facility's continuing construction. Canadarm2 is another important feature of the space station. This Canadian-built apparatus is a large, remote-controlled space arm that functions as a crane and can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks. The International Space Station may be completed by the end of this decade. When construction is finished, six crew members will be able to live and work in a space larger than a typical five-bedroom house.
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Text Comments (3608)
You guys are still using machines with wings and rockets to move from place to place? WoW how sad you humans are! You think you are in the age of modern civilization, but little do you know that you are cave man in comparison to galactic civilizations.
kimtat lee (23 hours ago)
i wonder how it was build in space or launch from land into space
Nixatra (1 day ago)
A lot of animations are extremely misleading...
awakepatriot (1 day ago)
"The Great Space Shuttle Gag" search it!
Paul Davenport (1 day ago)
I drank 7 beers to celebrate this movie.
WeRightNow (2 days ago)
Make a video about the USS enterprise and captain Kirk and all of the manpower it took to create that pestle in order to carry the starship enterprise crew deep into space..... If you're gonna make fake space videos
WeRightNow (2 days ago)
Fake Props, Cgi, Geeen Screen, Blue screen, wire harnesses, water bubbles passing by the asholenots... = outer space visits, is a Hoax.
Frost Roxie (2 days ago)
I can wait until they put out the documentary showing them putting it together from start to finish.... real film.... you know they filmed it. For safety, to learn, to document.... the greatest structure ever built.... I’m sure they only use CGI because It takes time to get all that film developed and spliced.... Boy I’m excited.... not even watching all the cartoons n cgi on this documentary..... I’m waiting for the real stuff..... I’ve been waiting 20 yrs... it better be really really good....
Ingmar Hendriks (3 days ago)
very nice video but the animations (although correctly explained in audio) show it incorrect in the screen. For example the thrusters to stay in space (to prevent falling back). When you want to prevent falling back you need to accelerate forward to enlarge your orbital ellipse and not fire the thrusters downwards. Also the gyroscopes on the ISS do not keep the solar panals aligned to the sun. They keep the ISS aligned to the earth so that the bottom of the ISS always faces down. This is needed for the communications array and a lot of other systems. The solar panals rotate completely on there own to face the sun.
The Mask (4 days ago)
nasa put men on the moon very first try. my heros.work on cancer and all other proublems. Take a year or two, what say you
The Mask (4 days ago)
A hundred billion dollars yeah and the rest, what a complete waste of money. There is nothing of value out there . This is a wank
worlock1422 (4 days ago)
I just want to watch hours of baby chickens floating around the ISS.. NASA.. please get on this.. Call it the Chickens CAN Fly Feed..
aditovich (4 days ago)
09:14 why did they make this??
rear view (5 days ago)
Not once was any dimension mentioned - how long or wide etc?
A P Presley (5 days ago)
Love watching the ISS, there are 3 passes this week. 2 for 6mins another for 5 mins, so guess where I will be. Mans accomplishments are absolutely amazing to me, given determination, we can do anything. Look in awe, from the pyramids of Egypt, to the moon landings. What is next.
Mark Taylor (5 days ago)
Flat heads. Believe in God, the basis of your idea of life. Hi to all breeders of the real tomorrow, we're on the way.
Jo Black (5 days ago)
Ahhhh lol, this is a crock of shit... A normal mega structures tv show, will show real structures... But in this instance they use cgi all the way through the so called documentary. Total fairy-tale.... It's sooo funny... how long has this so called space station been in space?? Not one accident or piece of space debris hits it, amazing... Not one seal failure. Not one docking failure. Success everywhere.... total bullshit. And before any troll tries a nonsensical reply to this post, forget it... unless you can point me to some real imagery of the so called space station and some real imagery of the earth, taken from the space station or if you can show me a video, that shows us the hidden fourth wall... don't bother..
Peter (4 days ago)
You can see it with a telescope, or even a good camera. it's there. P.S: crock of shit? nope, and that's why you're not a scientist or engineer champ
toh ping Tiang (5 days ago)
The starting in "Planetes" anime where the civilian space shuttle depressurize due to a bolt is really sad.
Emotional Adolf (5 days ago)
The Fake Station
Luker mc (6 days ago)
That was brilliant.. thank you
Tiago Gobbi (6 days ago)
Quite old documentary but it's still good! Impressive how transforms sweat and urine in air! And it's a shame that not show the little atitude mini motors of Russian space suit that possibles moves around space station without unbelical cable! I don't have sure with it exists at thant time, but today in Americans and Russian's suit it's used something like RCS thrusters! It's very cozy little beutiful thing as some Kerbal's description would say! Well, it's amazing how complex and how humans can make something incrediable when they want! Thank you Wisdon Land to this great up load! :)) :D
tony canon (6 days ago)
Someone proved space by telling that we use cell phones because of satellites above us. Lol!! How stupid would you be saying smth like that? If there are satellites in space why they put antennas in high places ( mountain, towers etc) A satellite is like an arrow and its signal could catch our phone where ever we are or there woudn't be for the antennas to be high cause they could send the signal there. There are hundreds thousand antennas over the world and underseas and underground cables that do their job for our communication internet and telephone. Thanks for convincing me again that Earth is Flat!!!! This video is SciFi movie.
Peter (4 days ago)
That's because of something called latency, we don't use satellites for every day cell usage. There are satellite phones, and GPS does use satellites.
HAVANA SCP (6 days ago)
This video is a least a decade old
toh ping Tiang (6 days ago)
I doubt it unless we can find clean ways to power everything and people hate each other less. The big powers don't hate each other like long ago but the middle east and asia is starting to bite at each other.
William Saunders (6 days ago)
So cool and so real! SIKE
Flat Jack (6 days ago)
Flat Jack (1 day ago)
Here you go for starters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw5KcD96fhE
Peter (4 days ago)
Please provide the evidence for this claim.
1st Degree Legacy (7 days ago)
Flat earthers are like dogs barking at vacuum cleaners.
DON MCKINNEY (7 days ago)
When Albert Einstein was asked what it felt like to be the smartest man in the world he replied, "I don't know. You would have to ask Nicola Tesla that question." And it was Nicola Tesla who said "Gravity is a Theory that cannot be proven because it doesn't exist."
DON MCKINNEY (7 days ago)
Where is an actual photo of the whole earth from the moon or iss ? where is the video of the earth spinning 1000 plus miles per hour at the equator ? Enough time and money has been granted for this FAILURE to prove what shape the earth is . All the globe blind faith is from the tooth fairy people . I want my money back . The moon landings are a fraud without the proof of an actual photo like the ones of the moon from earth , clear with the rover vividly seen as some say exist , this clear in other words . WAITING ....
Peter (4 days ago)
The earth is MASSIVE!!!!! Why do flat earthers expect to see it spinning like a merry go round? It takes 24 hours to make a full rotation. FAILURE to prove what shape the earth is? We knew it was a sphere thousands of years ago bruh. Time to crack open some educational books, you've spent too much time on youtube conspiracy videos LOL
G B (7 days ago)
What a waste of money
G B (7 days ago)
Hahaha can't wait to watch this
JCO2002 (7 days ago)
Too much time spent on graphics and not enough on fact-checking. Some of what's in this is completely wrong (ISS solar panel orientation method is the first). Gave up on this at 28:00.
36:00 I want to know why there is no actual video of these 'mega structures' being mega constructed .. LIVE, NOT CG. Not lil snippets .. a FULL length documentary of the entire construction also .. how strong is the 'vacuum' of 'space' ?
RogHawk (4 days ago)
I'm sure the process was broadcast live on the NASA TV satellite channel, as almost all shuttle missions were. Now, there are the post-mission highlight videos, narrated by the crews themselves, covering all the crucial points, and together much longer than any documentary. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeAlxPNQYw1N-IYMq3wUDcK_Ra9KDFftg A vacuum has no force of its own. In every case it is the pressurized environment that contains the force. In the case of the ISS, that pressure is 14.7psi inside.
Anas Alnayef (8 days ago)
"Fresh air from sweat and urine" LOL
Francisco Araneta (8 days ago)
this is so fake,so sad
Tom King (9 days ago)
How do flat earthers explain this?!
Robert Lukaszewski (9 days ago)
Can someone explain to me, how something can flying above earth, and don't fall down? If You will say, there is no gravity, what can pull down, to make it fall, I have question: If there is no gravity, should be just able to go far deep in to the space? If earth can't pull this down, how can hold it in one unchanged distance from earth?
RogHawk (4 days ago)
This is likely the video for you. https://youtu.be/ZwBg4d7Wx1s
Ryan Marshall (10 days ago)
Humidity condensate... C'mon that's just a ridiculous name, I'm sure someone collected 100k+ paycheck for thinking of that time waster right there...
jeff schaffer (10 days ago)
Answers many dumb questions I've had Re. the ISS. Thanx for posting!
amazing documentary. great watch. very interesting. its strange how the thing every single kid out there wanted to be when they grew up and the most impressive feat of mankind has so few views on youtube..
all i see here is comments about how stupid flat earthers are, and how can they possibly believe it... simple. they dont. i dont see a single claim in these comments that the earth is flat, and if there is, they are most likely just trolling. im sure there are some (a very small amount) of people out there who do believe the earth is flat. but its not worth mentioning. i think people who fall for the trolls have barely any more intelligence than flat earthers themselves....
The Silent Service (11 days ago)
Radio waves only travel in a straight line? Haven't those idiots heard of an e-skip off the upper atmosphere? I've used them in amateur radio, and reached Australia.
FsimulatorX (11 days ago)
I see more comments saying 'watch out for flat earthers' than a comment claiming this is fake.
Kags _ (11 days ago)
I'm going to leave a comment pretending to be angry at flat earthers in the comments section, but all I see are other people being angry about them.
Zin Quips (11 days ago)
Is the narrator on fentanyl? The pace is slow & dopey.
Kimmo Koponen (11 days ago)
+50.000 Tr.$ Megastructures - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) - Full Documentary HD
Stefan Henson (12 days ago)
am1296 (12 days ago)
Doco is full of CGI. Fail.
Chris Hodgson (12 days ago)
tune ups looking good for travelling 18 000 mph at -455f with 5000+ orbiting satellites travelling 18 000 mph each.
JP Trj (12 days ago)
46:30 "Until someone builds, a bigger one.." *Palpatine laughing out from a distance*
Bobby Kelley (13 days ago)
In conjunction and conclusion the space shuttle and space station are incompatible. 8 planes are professional Thunderbirds are pharoahs.
Bobby Kelley (13 days ago)
sevenbullets88 (13 days ago)
look at facts and proofs.... not just talking.... and some holywood videos..... logic things..... they say the earth has a dimension , and is round.... whit our eyes , we can see that is not true..., and many things... but only proof they have that the earth is round are some photoshoop photos and what they sayd.... but everybody belive them, because they are the gov, they don't lie... :)))) wake up poor sheeps
max5250 (10 days ago)
Poor sheep cannot wake up... you are living proof of that.
yayayaya cocococo (13 days ago)
Documentary digital intro and sound effects are like a Marvel super hero film.. as if everyone had short attention span
Paul Williams (14 days ago)
"the ISS paths the way for humans to inhabit other worlds, it really is the ultimate space craft, until someone builds a even bigger one" yep USS Enterprise (N.C.C.- 1701)
Swaglife 81 (14 days ago)
Anyone know if Jet backpacks were ever used past Vietnam war type testing
FullBlown (14 days ago)
why would they need to make new communication in the 70's when the trip to the moon is much,much farther and happen in the late 60's and the communication from what we can hear was really good,just wanted to point out that weird hole in the story....thought it was weird that was in this doc.
max5250 (10 days ago)
Because the Moon is so far away you can cover it with just three ground station, while satellite in low Earth orbit gets flying at orbital speed can be seen only for short time from one point on the ground.
K L (15 days ago)
We need to progress urgently with this new frontier of Space Technology ; we are quickly running out of places to dump our litter on Earth.
TSAR BOMBA (15 days ago)
843 dumb fukks
Thats Fresh (15 days ago)
Yet more bullshit & CGI
Th von S (15 days ago)
why all the sound effect noise?
Billy Kuan (15 days ago)
Let us start a solar system camera network(SSCN) and booster satellites broadcast continued videos of the planets. Just the most basic cinema, 7 mini satellites shot from mother pod. If I'm throwing a billion on islands, vacations, personal armies, ships, etc., I would do this for the fun of it.
youngsamuel1 (16 days ago)
Walt Disney would be proud
Ed Rivera (16 days ago)
Wow! my eyes can't take so much CGI 😳
So No (16 days ago)
If anyone claims there is an ISS show them what a-holes they are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x2XVKyn0AM
RogHawk (11 days ago)
faheem rifath (16 days ago)
Wow I thought I knew at least something about space even this video is more informative ... #imnotaflatearther
MoruganKodi (16 days ago)
Every person reacting to "flat earth" bullshit doesn't realize they are being trolled...
F. Crazybone (16 days ago)
Why would anybody in their right mind want to live space. It seems like the most uncomfortable experience a human can experience not to mention all the life threatening dangers that they are constantly surrounded by like space rocks and radiation. It must be the shit smelliest place to have to occupy; b.o. feet, ass, breath, gas..how does bacteria behave in zero gravity and how is all the human funk dissipated?
one way street (17 days ago)
billions dollars gone the the giant pool wow what a bunch of liars ass
Ron Hutchcraft (17 days ago)
no we do not need to colonize any other planet other than the Earth, and we will not colonize Mars in my lifetime or any other, Elon Musk is about to lose control of Tesla now this is trying to tell me that 'Space X' will colonize Mars??? Blue Origin is not as Successful as Space X is, so that theory is out the window. this is all junk science.
no way out (18 days ago)
aneka video (18 days ago)
fuckin music, unwatchable
Gvozden Zmajic (19 days ago)
whAt a nice bunch of fake science
Wilhelm Decker (19 days ago)
International fake station... It's all bs.
fake and gay
Danny Canes (20 days ago)
So far it looks like Republicans May lose the House. We ALL HAVE TO VOTE FOR Consevnatives, Dims are going to ban the 2nd Amendment! After everything that the Dims messed up they are looking at getting another chance to mess it up even worse! SO GO OULT AND VOTJE IN NOVEMBER!
Michelle Santos (20 days ago)
His not a American.
Felipe Oliveira (21 days ago)
Terrible music and sound effects. Can't watch it.
max wragg (21 days ago)
why is there NO nasa footage of the sun, or stars in space ? surely outside the stratosphere and van allen belt it'd be a clearer view ? just sayin' !! PS if anyone has a link that shows the stars, or sun, please supply ? Im intrigued - have been since original moon landings.....
stainlesssteelfox1 (15 days ago)
The Hubble Space telescope shows plenty of stars. However, most other cameras in space are pointed at brighter objects. A camera has an exposure time, the length of time the shutter stays open. The longer the exposure, the more light gets received. To image a faint object, like a star, the exposure time needs to be long to collect enough light. If the object is bright, it only needs a short exposure time. A long exposure would leave it whited out and blurry. So, you can either have a picture of the moon's surface, or the stars, not both in the same picture. You could always take two pictures with different exposures and composite together, but according to flattards, that makes them fake and CGI. Also, the Van Allen belts are not visible particles or light and therefore do not interfere with vision.
S Gons (21 days ago)
SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9CHrbXasqs
Samuel Holbrook (22 days ago)
A true technological marvel!
VR46 Girl (23 days ago)
One of the greatest engineering achievements of Humanity. A true Human achievement of people around the globe, working together for a common good and advancement of knowledge.
Indio Hatuey (23 days ago)
How can people still believe this BS? Apply physics dude. Stop letting other people thinking for you. Apply common sense too.
Paul Curran (23 days ago)
The van allen radiation belts stop anyone from leaving low earth orbit, nothing man made can travel through it. Man never went to the moon, its scientifically impossible because of those pesky belts that were found by that irksome scientist call Mr Van Allen.... Flat earthers may be a bit off but even they can work that little dilemma out!
So No (23 days ago)
International Fake Station is more like it.
Emilio Greenwood (23 days ago)
And we're not done yet they're going to get bigger
May Lopez (24 days ago)
And why would we want to invade the moon or Mars?
CubeCraftGalaxy (24 days ago)
6:05 now proton is an SSTO with salyut. Like if you cringed when you saw this.
Dylan Slater (24 days ago)
So you want to be an astronaut? Hope you like shearing piss and sweat
TIBOR Purzsas (25 days ago)
The earth is flat ,there is no space station! There never was ! It's all a conspiracy
Luis Pulido (25 days ago)
They never show the hole shape of earth . Why?
GrayVlogs (25 days ago)
June 1969, Apollo 11. its July
GrayVlogs (18 days ago)
GrayVlogs (18 days ago)
Walter Carter (18 days ago)
He's on a roll of one full-of-shit lie after another. Don't blow his flow.
Space colonists are going to be vegans not necessarily by choice, but by necessity.
I thought America and Russia are enemies ! But they seem to work very well together like best friends, when it comes to the highest possible technologies ! Hmmm, Interesting stuff don't you think guys...
Anurag Sharma (25 days ago)
Humans are just capable of drinking there own pee and breathing there own fart.!!!!
Emanuel López Hurtado (25 days ago)
Would've be awesome to see it without all the Yankee Patriot shit
My Space (25 days ago)
Where is Russia now?
Steven McNair (26 days ago)
at 42:30 A realtime image??? How...can debris orbit the earth at what appears to much much higher then orbital speed?
Gods Trulove (26 days ago)
Wow very nice

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