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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea (Game Movie)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is my movieversion of the dowloadable expansion Burial at Sea to the main-game, the FPS game BioShock Infinite.
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Brittany Victoria (27 days ago)
Bioshock infinite is one of my all time favorite games! I love the story and everything about it! I soo have to get this! It's crazy I was just telling my daughter how I wished there was another bioshock so when I looked the game up on google and found this we got super excited lol!!:)
joaquim machado (1 month ago)
god what a boring game. how did bioshock come to this
Brittany Victoria (27 days ago)
Are you serious?
Mr_steal_your_ KFC (30 days ago)
joaquim machado you high?!
iam (1 month ago)
2:05:50 I'm extremely uncomfortable
iam (1 month ago)
25:30 I swear I remember that area from the original games.
ITS A DIO (2 months ago)
Midnight. The stars and you.
chase smith (2 months ago)
you hit one of my daughters your gonna die b***h 2:14:58
HAL JORDAN (3 months ago)
The recoil on the gun's fucking suck ass and are LAME!!!
Phantom Theives (4 months ago)
So, if Elisabeth never gave the code at the end... then none of the games ever would’ve happened? The plane would’ve never crashed, Elizabeth and Booker never would’ve met, so on. Am I right on this? If so, good Damn man, what an amazing ending. The timeline continues like it always will, she is self aware of this and yet still does it. What a great game, I actually enjoyed this rather much.
The Gaming Derp (5 months ago)
This looks better than the base game
John Duncan (5 months ago)
My favorite game series ever ever ever ever nothing will ever surpass it my mind
A C E M A N (5 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks Elizabeth is hot?
azmi11moha (4 days ago)
Mr_steal_your_ KFC (30 days ago)
A C E M A N yeah I'd smash
Ash The Juice Knight (2 months ago)
according to rule34.paheal.net, no
Sajel Dunlop (5 months ago)
I think this ties the series up beautifully. This is a wonderful section of the game that brings everything full circle. This series has got to be the greatest of all time. The feels man, so many.
Jack Ryan (6 months ago)
Honestly I just fuck off the BioShock story and just bring both of them back. Don't care if it pisses people off, Lets get an Infinite 2 that doesn't touch the original story and bam we have two separate timelines of BioShock games. Therefore Elizabeth and Booker can come back for more games/timelines. Who am I kidding they (2K and Take-Two) are never ever going to bring those beloved characters back. Booker and Elizabeth deserved better endings. Especially Elizabeth, gets tortured and used her whole life, just to finally escape and live in peace then Irrational decides to ruin that and bring her to Rapture to get tortured and used even more by Atlas. And to top it all off, killing her off just to set in motion of the first BioShock game. God this shit pisses me off. The fact that literally in my opinion the best character in the series is now rotting in Rapture and were never ever gonna have her come back.
jackson nightmare luner (7 months ago)
I'm now lost, Booker Dewitt saved Elizabeth Comstock, so how dose she not remember him
MultiStor1 (8 months ago)
Also, I would love to see the alternate dimension where Booker didn’t sell her and never got the choice or even one where he successfully takes her back from Comstock. Which means, also seeing her grow up and learning how to use her powers.
MultiStor1 (8 months ago)
A great game but I wished they would have allowed us to kill Atlas because he deserves it.I really hate games that give a bad ending as the final ending.
logandh2 (7 months ago)
MultiStor1 Have you never played Bioshock 1?
Minecraftia Lines (8 months ago)
suchong=early kim jon un
Cmdr Kuyu (3 months ago)
Suchong was japanese tho, not korean.
Can’t think of a name (10 months ago)
Wait wait is this the same booker and Elizabeth we know from infinite
Ismael Solis (9 months ago)
Felix.b playz Elizabeth yes, but the Booker we see here is another one, a Comstock that decided to go back to his Booker persona
Brishanna Smith (10 months ago)
Rapture was so beautiful, then it all went to shit
Mr_steal_your_ KFC (30 days ago)
J.London (11 months ago)
Omg Courtnee Draper plays Elizabeth?! She was on one of my favorite Disney channel shows- the jersey!
smug phaser (11 months ago)
My friend told me to play this game and Im in love with it.
Melissa Weaver (1 year ago)
Dose anyone else think Booker was the wosrt
Sajel Dunlop (5 months ago)
No, he was a regretful drunk who in the end desperately tried to save his daughter, no matter the cost. Continued to protect Elizabeth and save her and even was willing to kill himself to stop his Comstock self from being born. That's a hero.
Simon -PFL (10 months ago)
Melissa Weaver (1 year ago)
Is Elisabith really taninnbon
WhyamIhere Shorts (3 months ago)
Melissa Weaver no there two different people how did you come up with that?
Mr. Devil 4304 (1 year ago)
Wait, so she dies in Rapture? What a bummer
Mr. Devil 4304 (1 year ago)
I don't appreciate that jab at us artists. But still, it's funny as hell
Gabby Talbot (1 year ago)
I'm so fucking tilted she never went to Paris
AJ Rodz (7 months ago)
Long Live Israel - Forever racist pos
smug phaser (11 months ago)
Long Live Israel - Forever Well you have to note Bioshock Infinite takes place during the early 1900s (1912 - 1960)
Mathew Bateman (1 year ago)
Damn. . . I need to get this asap...
Kenzie Barnes (1 year ago)
Malichia Heyward (1 year ago)
Butter Buh (1 year ago)
I swear that moment with Booker gets me everytime.
They managed to work multiple universe time travel and circular time travel theory into one plot. I'm impressed.
Rudy Juarez (5 months ago)
Trust the writing and wisdom of our maker of Rapture, Kevin Levine.
MatterFall HD (1 year ago)
What the FUQ Happen to Elizabeth!!!!!!????? (●○●) this is not her she was so innocent WHAT THE FUQ
Lucky Ninja (1 year ago)
Well she has been killing Booker through different universes... it's like they said. Constants which is there will always be a Comstock and Elizabeth but Comstock could become Booker or not. He could have picked the bird or the cage or neither. It is all the matter on what the variables (choices and changes) that happen in that universe. She would had to killed a ton because the Comstock in burial at sea is the last. So with her killing a ton she must of had grown a backbone or something.
Việt Long (1 year ago)
MatterFall HD Theory of the Multiverse, which can be travelled through Tears. She can be Booker's Anna in a world, innocent Elizabeth in another, or an old, heart-filled-with-regret Elizabeth who can't stop her own work which destroyed the world below. Anything can happen
Rare Pika (1 year ago)
Rare Pika Yeah, that statue gave me bad juju.
MatterFall HD (1 year ago)
Rare Pika Dude I got a question can you answer it and here we go. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEN TO ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!????????
ThAt One kId (1 year ago)
I heard suchong say something about subject delta
Ben_H (1 year ago)
atlas dies at the end of bioshock so how is he here also how is Elizabeth there and how does she know that Booker is comstock how do they come together.
Jhasztin Johann Fontaine was posing as Atlas and he dies at end of the first game, so he's got to be alive before that. If you notice, the subtitles in this DLC refer to him as Fontaine by the very end once Elizabeth realizes who he is.
B3N_H13 These events take place before the events of Bioshock 1 (but also jump to part way through Bioshock Infinite because of time/space tears), so everyone who is alive at the beginning of the original game must be alive before that in order for the timeline to work.
Wait, What?! (1 year ago)
B3N_H13 It was fontaine who died in bioshock,not Atlas
Andrey Köln (1 year ago)
Познавательный канал! С меня подписка и лайки!Надеемся на взаимность!)? Mutual subscription lets go ! Come to visit us in the new video waiting for you)
Sean Maguire (1 year ago)
so does this mean Bioshock 2 is non canon?
MegaSean45 (1 month ago)
+ItsVeachieBro Well if we work our way around the story, Schong coulda faked his death, which made Alexander think he's dead and continue the Big Daddy project himself in his own way! And then in January 1959, that was his real death!
Ash The Juice Knight (2 months ago)
TaverensPull (9 months ago)
bioshock 2 takes place in 1968 in 58. it starts on news years when delta was forced to shoot himself
ItsVeachieBro (1 year ago)
No. Burial at Sea mentions Dionysus Park and Adonis Luxury Resort, and uses images from BioShock 2 like Fontaine Futuristics. The only thing the game retconned is that the prologue of BioShock 2 took place in New Year's 1958. That means that Suchong was killed in 1958. But in Burial at Sea, he is killed in January 1959. So the only thing it does is push the timeline ahead a little.
SuperDead82 (1 year ago)
bioshock 2 is many years after the first one i believe elizabeth in her death saw a possible future but as we know, our actions may lead to a more dark ending in the first game so while she saw the good future, its possible for the bad one to exist in another I LOVE THIS GAMES!
some nerd (1 year ago)
Jesus, I didn't know Atlas would be such a piece of shit
Zachary Hale Comstock (1 year ago)
Well, it's Fontaine, so…what'd you expect?
AbsolootPerfekshun1 (2 years ago)
What fps was this recorded at?
Sal Vasquez (2 years ago)
This is the Orgin story of Bioshock 1
Eemcí (2 years ago)
RIP Feels
WishEyeHadGems InCR (2 years ago)
Imagine getting a transorbital labatami or however you spell it
walter soprano (2 years ago)
so is it canon with the original bioshock or is it like a what if story?
aaron smith (2 years ago)
Its cannon! If she wasn't there then bioshock could not have happened the way it did
Her Antidote (2 years ago)
what did she mean she can see him?
Christian Valdes (1 year ago)
Foxy The Pirate see that's what i thought at first too but no-one else has tatoos on their hands/arms, and no other DeWitt/comstock from rapture universe left that universe, he maybe atlas/fontaines creation, but what's to say he isn't that world's comstock? he is saving the girl's (like infinite) while getting dragged into Andrew and fontaines little war for rapture.
Lucky Ninja (1 year ago)
Christian Valdes I believe that's not the case as Jack is the son of Andrew Ryan due to the Jasmine incident where she had a baby and kept it a secret from Andrew Ryan so he wouldn't get angry. She tried to get an abortion but the baby was born and Andrew Ryan found out. He killed Jasmine and both Suchong and Tenenbaum were testing on little Jack. Jack then was mind controlled by the phrase 'Would you kindly?'. It is also the reason why Jack as chains on his wrist due to not having free will from the mind controlling. It's like Andrew Ryan said: "A man choices, a slave obeys." but actually means. "Atlas/Fontaine choices, you/Jack obeys."
Christian Valdes (1 year ago)
aaron smith he would be DeWitt from that reality, instead of AD he has those chains. (bound by destiny?) he's the only one that hasn't gave up his daughter, maybe because he didn't have one? But since he goes through bioshock 1 and has the little sisters as his family.
aaron smith (2 years ago)
Jack from the first bioshock(who i'm still not sure if he is that worlds booker or a created person)
Zane Cruse (2 years ago)
It all just falls into place as one massive circle holy shit
Joe Wals (2 years ago)
when the feels kick in
juan perez (2 years ago)
thanks, I enjoyed it
Gaming (2 years ago)
I just got Bioshock as well and i'm already in love with this game. it's actually the first game i did a gameplay of :D
Snow Storm (1 year ago)

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