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Steam Wont Install or Update (Fix) (STILL WORKING 2017)

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steam wont install/update Fix tutorial
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theRAGINGcorgi (7 days ago)
why does he say its c c cleaner when its ccleaner don't leave hate comments im just giving this guy a hard time
Raffaele Fioretti (1 month ago)
Raffaele Fioretti (1 month ago)
Raffaele Fioretti (1 month ago)
Raffaele Fioretti (1 month ago)
a bucchin e mammt
Naes (1 month ago)
ccleaner is malware now
Ark Of Dani (3 months ago)
My steam was fine, but this new update that just recently came out has not installed, and steam kept asking me to restart steam to install it, yet every time it did it said "extracting package" then once I'd open steam the update didn't install. Worse, I can't access the market or my profile. I tried uninstalling steam and yet the steam client bookstrapper is still there and launching steam itself. What could I possibly do?
Deep Fried Boi (3 months ago)
i uninstalled steam then reinstalled same problem
wallr (4 months ago)
I absolutely love you man, may you live forever <3
Krish Drake (4 months ago)
changing my ip address and the dns worked fine for me.Try it... You can also use a vpn
MLG KIDYT (5 months ago)
right when u hit run my steam started up no joke
MLG KIDYT (5 months ago)
so yay csgo
Everest (5 months ago)
thank you
Wargus (6 months ago)
2017 but made in 2013 and im typing this in 2018'
Ahodan Araf (6 months ago)
how much time did it took to extracting files?? please replay i am in a great trouble
gogatorsandeagles (6 months ago)
I have nothing called application experience.
The Renautians (6 months ago)
League of Legends?
julian perry (6 months ago)
it worked for me
EnjoyCocaColaLight (7 months ago)
Doesn't work.
alone gamer (7 months ago)
I did all you said to me in your video but it didn't help me unfortunately
alone gamer (7 months ago)
when I run steam,it is all in the loading of extracting package and installing update,it repeat again and again and never finished,what should I do?can anybody help please???
BeeriXoO Berx0 (7 months ago)
if there anyone still alive my steam had an update 19773KB the update process reach 15000KB and restart from zero HELP ??
126cardinal (7 months ago)
my windows 10 application experince DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPERTIES BUTTON ? THIS IS A FUKING JOKE
Sandie F (7 months ago)
steam.exe wont even start
UBeTheWeakest (7 months ago)
Thank you so much!! This helped a lot
KingOfShadows1500 (7 months ago)
It didn't work and my computer doesn't give me the option to run Steam as an administrator...
my steam says that its downloading 0 to 93587 kb why
PTMCPedro (9 months ago)
just end task on task manager of every steam process
Dyl (9 months ago)
You know it's lit when he has a minecraft background
Dino Dragić (9 months ago)
i havent app experience
Steambull1 (9 months ago)
Did not help - same result as before: update gets stuck at the "extracting package" / "installing update" part (eventually these messages take turns appearing under "Updating Steam" and that's all). Yes, I did everything exactly as told here, and also gave it over an hour to update. So frustrated.
-/ EliteTui \- (10 months ago)
AMN8 (10 months ago)
oh thanks
Stronk_AF (10 months ago)
i tried 1029312 youtube "tips and tricks" and only DNS change fix it for me.
Strangers-AO E (10 months ago)
i tried using safe mode with networking then installed the game dont know if its legit but ..... it works in mine Dont get mad if it doesnt work. Haha
atif aiman (11 months ago)
Tq It worked really fine
ushizi (11 months ago)
didn't work
MR SIR (11 months ago)
This guy is full of bullshit
shankar kashyap (11 months ago)
i couldn't install steam ,fortunately this worked . .. Thank YOu!
LUCKYRiCK! (1 year ago)
3:57 So now that your steam is working again you can play games like *LEAGUE OF LEGENDS* massive facepalm xD
zaphý (1 year ago)
CC CLEANER ARE YOU KIDDING ME How the fuckin hell you can call CCleaner to CCCleaner learn to spell huh
Skye (1 year ago)
All I did was go to server make everything he said in the app, auto. Did not restart (makes it faster) than downloaded it ;)
Lyon Gaming (1 year ago)
MDF dude ... FUCK ihate all this steam .... i spend all my money to buy CS:GO ... why you say my connection is not connected ... thats not make any sense .... FUCK .... all my money is gone now .... ihate this steam ... steam is scammer
TheFortniteNoob (1 year ago)
Omg!! Thank you man. I'm so happy. I finally can install cs:go now!
sparrow X (1 year ago)
I've done everything anybody told me to do, and it till does no work. it opens, but that's it, it keeps telling me to update, over and over and over
Tigey (1 year ago)
My problem is I went to go install steam from the actual page which you look up and every time I got to the part where you have to agree to the terms of service or whatever it would freeze and my laptop would go down with it.
Afkar Mursyid (1 year ago)
Someone please help me "There was a problem with your steam installation. Please reinstall steam" i did but its not working
Time lord Victorious (1 year ago)
Surprise surprise didn't work
Tanya G (1 year ago)
I was installing BATIM chapter 2 and 3 but it said `close steam to continue installation ` I did that but it didn't work. PLease help!
Velma 773 (1 year ago)
ahh my name is also charlie
Adam (1 year ago)
GS (1 year ago)
i love viruses
Falco7170 (1 year ago)
Worked for me. Thanks a lot you're a life saver!!!
NFGOL X (1 year ago)
i rally need help,my steam stil cannot update
Ultimate Thing (1 year ago)
thanks BLAINE F
NightKillerzz33 (1 year ago)
on windows 10 it doesnt work. dislike
Jion Dominiku (1 year ago)
wtf league of legends on steam lmao
Hanya (1 year ago)
thanks now i can play league of legends on steam!
Holy crap ive been looking on youtube for about 6 months now and i found my sacred answer!
Jimboy Asuero (1 year ago)
When I tried to open steam, it says to check my connection settings, but my connection is fine.
dmcpe mastergaming (1 year ago)
gaben s**k
Touka Kirishima (1 year ago)
cant find application experience
Touka Kirishima (1 year ago)
what do i do now
N15 (1 year ago)
Didnt work =(
lbarto88 (1 year ago)
BitDefender conflicts with updating. I was able to download fully, extract, and then it crashed after some seconds on Installing... Open BitDefender, go to the Gearbox in the top right and select Protection, then unselect Protection Shield. Temporarily. After you launch steam and it updates, you can and should re-enable it.
Marco Rameriz (1 year ago)
God bless this man
Epic Clips (1 year ago)
yes it worked finally after 6 days of trying
Matthew Crandall (1 year ago)
I've been having an issue where Steam cannot install any updates after doing the initial install, and I'm stuck with no in-game web browser, and SHIFT+Tabbing constantly crashes my games... Additionally, It's common for the Steam API to fail to initialize properly, causing me to be unable to get achievements. I have tried uninstalling Steam in the past, and have (independantly) used CC cleaner a few times to clean up registry problems, recently, but I've never tried uninstalling Steam, then CCCleaner, and then Reinstall steam. I've also never tried delaying the service... I'm gonna try this and pray to the FSM that it works.
Evreytime i try to downlaod steam, it says to close steam in order to install .... wut. Plz Help
khaihsien wee (1 year ago)
it work for me !!! thanks a lots !!
Redd Mann (1 year ago)
100% did not work at all
Jessica Foster (1 year ago)
Didn't work. Nothing works.
ComateXxX (1 year ago)
HOW I CAN WIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Convex Mist (1 year ago)
So I did that and steam refuses to uninstall
Sergio Magalhaes (1 year ago)
I can't find applicationsExperience, what do I do????
Andrew Boler (1 year ago)
I am trying to do it as instructed but there is not application experience icon
Idk a name (1 year ago)
Scroll down look at the comments be lazy and let somebody tell you better advice it worked for me
Matt Preston (1 year ago)
You have to run steam as administrator for the first login from a new computer. Mine was getting stuck. I had to switch computer off at power to stop it. Then I went to steam shortcut and right clicked - this will give you the option of "run as administrator" - do that and then run steam and login in. My worked fine after that.
Ladinate (1 year ago)
Ew minecraft
MarioPlaysGames (1 year ago)
this shit youtuber tells us to download some cleaner shit
MarioPlaysGames (1 year ago)
Baline F you are the best you saved my life
Jay Woods (1 year ago)
Can anyone help ? I've tried to install steam, but right when I click the install button something pops up saying something like 'close steam' or something and I know I'm not running steam, have any steam files or any thing, and I know it's not running in the back ground, can someone help me please ?
I have the same prorblem :(
DAX JAK (1 year ago)
Could u guys pls help me...it was like steam wasn't loading all my games I tried to restart steam and the computer multiple times but it didn't work so I tries to uninstall steam and put it back but I can't install it. It keeps saying close steam to continue installation. What do I do pls help
Mitch Carino (1 year ago)
Thank you so much I was getting mad at my computer till I saw this video. It worked😃
Zero M (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Bobbiesgonewild (1 year ago)
no idea I click steam it opens as administrator and they say extracting update then says installing update then it crashes saying Steam Client Bootstrapper has stopped working and iv uninstalled all of steam twice and nothing also like 7 failed system restores that say they won't restore assuming cause u know I deleted steam tho lol
lammas87 (1 year ago)
I have had this similar install update problem at steam startup three times this year. Two times it got fixed with installing Windows Updates??? Latest, half an hour ago, was apparently caused by BitDefender. Just turned the Shield off from settings, start Steam, Shield on again. Working.
John Dominguez (1 year ago)
What if you don't have application experience
Idiot (1 year ago)
whenever i try to setup steam it says you must close steam to continue installation and i dont have steam anywhere else
johns yt (1 year ago)
same for me did u fix it
grape Juice (1 year ago)
mine says close steam to continue i dont know what that means and then it gives you 2 options close or cancel
Coloplayers (1 year ago)
grape Juice SAME
Football Vidz (1 year ago)
Fix your fucking resolution
Yikes Brother (1 year ago)
New compute. Was FUCKING RUINED
steam wont download and i did every thing in this video and that didn't work need help
fdorsey (1 year ago)
no help whatsoever
Juan van Zyl (1 year ago)
TY so much,appreciate it :-)
Eliphaser (1 year ago)
hmm... considering I have 90 games installed, I don't think I will be able to delete steam (and find and reinstall the games)
Itsmeindo (1 year ago)
Someone help me pls I had a problem my steam just keep loading checking for available updates
Ahmad Farid (1 year ago)
when i download steam ut said close steam
Paradox Pink (1 year ago)
I cant find app expierences :((((( Wait I found it XD AND it worked tanks bro :)))))))))))
DrPhil (9 months ago)
I can't find it :(
Rynn Oak (1 year ago)
I've followed all the steps, and it's still not getting past the "extracting package" window.
Hello Hai (1 year ago)
the steam setup stuff closes by itself. HELP ):
Jaka Purkat (1 year ago)
i just cleaned my registry and started working again 20mb/s nice, thanks

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