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Richard III :The New Evidence

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Rachelstorrersings (1 day ago)
That black smith is hot!! This is very interesting.
Flower Meerkat (3 days ago)
This is an awesome documentary!
Phil Sooty (3 days ago)
He was the rightful King as is brother was illegitimate ( baptism records at Rouen) and therefore the two Princes where not eligible for the Crown,though murdering them was wrong,and in the end we finished up with a King that had no right to the throne either has he came from a bloodline that was of a commoner (Owen Tudor) thus all the Royalty in this country are not eligible including the present Queen,perhaps that is why she refused permission for Archaeologists to exhume and carry out tests on the two children's remains found buried in the tower of London as it could prove that they where illegitimate and so prove her right to the throne not entitled.
Eddie Barnett (5 days ago)
You have to consider the "heart" component. Richard was a king, raised a future king.. I believe his will and drive would be much different than a so-called commoner. King Richard could have been a tiger on the battlefield..
Artemis Moon (5 days ago)
It's important to remember that scoliosis is a progressive condition but Dominic is doing a great job. Richard could have handled it although he would have been in severe pain, especially as he aged, put on weight, carried heavy objects, or rode horses. People were much tougher back then.
Jane Pickford (7 days ago)
Really good exploration of Richard 3rd probable abilities. But bearing in mind Richard would have started his trading as a young boy and had battlefield experiences. Leadership positions. Congratulations to the young man who came forward totake Richards place, he did a fantastic job. Brilliant programme.
Prankishsquire (8 days ago)
So cool to see Matt Easton at 23:00
Bookish Encounter (9 days ago)
Wow. Thanks so much for posting these documentaries and the funeral. I hadn't watched these before though I vaguely remember something about it. Don't know if I had cable at the time or how I didn't see these on American TV. And yes, this is really funny how all these pieces just seem to all come together at the right time it is almost uncanny but very interesting and fun to learn about. Great job Dominic.
Ted dibiasi (13 days ago)
an armor is like a rigid exoskeleton (just like some insects wear their skeleton on the outside) and can help a wearer make up for deformities in his own skeleton. nowadays the US army is testing the use exoskeletons in battlefield conditions and soldiers wearing them can carry far more weight with them. i also think richard had far more muscle than dominic who is not a soldier.
Marble Grimes (13 days ago)
so how does this go down with those who claim Richard was maligned by the Tudors, the description of him is correct and he killed the young princes.
David J (17 days ago)
Dominic is awesome!!
David J (17 days ago)
Diego Yanisky (18 days ago)
Verity Grace Turner (24 days ago)
Proof has been found that Richard's elder brother was illegitimate. So Richard was the legal heir. In spite of that, he was loyal to his elder brother until his death. Only thereafter did he claim the throne. As his nephews were not legitimate heirs, he would have had no need to kill them. So what DID happen to them?
Verity Grace Turner (24 days ago)
Well done, Dominic. I hope you stay part of that medieval martial arts group. They have a lot of fun.
cinnamongirl3121 (25 days ago)
OMG I think I'm in love with Dominic.
cinnamongirl3121 (25 days ago)
An American Armor expert and a Swedish Armorer for a British king, oh the irony.
cinnamongirl3121 (25 days ago)
I wish people would stop calling other people evil monsters. There are no evil monsters, there's just people that do evil or monstrous things.
cinnamongirl3121 (25 days ago)
A king in a parking lot, wow.
Matt S. (28 days ago)
All hail King Dominic I, long may he reign!
Mrsqtfactory (1 month ago)
Awesome contribution from King Dominic 👍
Karyn Hitchman (1 month ago)
Amazing job Dominic. What a brilliant opportunity!
Mindrolling (1 month ago)
Really interesting doco. Dominic was impressive- I hope he keeps up the horse riding and combat training and gets involved in that practical field of experimental archaeology and anthropology. So many questions were answered due to his participation, it’s great.
Steven Torrey (1 month ago)
As I look at Dominc walking about, no one would even notice he has any kind of physical anomaly as serious as Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). There is no limp with Dominic. Richard III may also have been able to successfully disguise the extent of his scoliosis. Alison Weir wrote in her book ("The Princes in the Tower") that Richard III's Scoliosis was first commented on by Thomas More who was a friend of both Henry VII and Henry VIII and so brought a vested interest in defaming Richard III. Shakespeare's "Richard III" was based partly on More's biography and Holinshed's Chronicles.
Steven Torrey (1 month ago)
Richard III (Oct. 2, 1452 - March 26, 1485) would have been 32 years old when he died on Bosworth field, an old man by Medieval standards. Dominic by virute of good medial care, good health, and good diet is the prime of his life.
Steven Torrey (1 month ago)
We also have to remember that Richard III would have been trained as a youth ( a mere child of 6 or 7) and not in advanced age of Dominic; at Dominic's age, the bones and mentality are not as flexible as they would be in a child of 6 or 7. So Richard III would have the physical flexibility to engage in medieval warfare. Keep in mind, the young Theodore Roosevelt was extremely thin and asthmatic and healed himself by engaging in rough, outdoor, strenuous physical activity to mature into a robust and healthy male.
MrBobthebird (1 month ago)
Nice To Know King Richard Stayed At " Travel Lodge ". ( Brilliantly Done,Dominic.No Hint Of Self Pity. Tough Guy. )
jc dova (1 month ago)
The sound the armor makes in battle and the thunder of horses riding around is spectacular!!
jc dova (1 month ago)
Dominic is awesome and very brave in this endeavor. How bad ass is he. One day he is living a normal life then the next he is riding horses in full armor like a boss. Hopefully this brings some honor to the legacy of King Richard lll.
Marc North (1 month ago)
Good work, King Dominic. Great doco too.
Miss Synthetic (1 month ago)
It's making me so emotional to see Richard III reenacted. He's by far my favourite monarch.
Michael Laishram (1 month ago)
He might be the reincarnation of Richard iii
Fakey Yoi (1 month ago)
I can easily drink 750ml of wine per day but I am a rather robust 225 lbs 5'10" modern man ... I imagine even the nobility at that time averaged quite smaller . Still , its really easy to kill 750ml
schellstarr (2 months ago)
Men were stronger 500yrs ago, and he was rigorously trained from age eight until ... by Spartan type born and bres warriors Also they used poppy, opium, and other morphine type drugs
S D (2 months ago)
Great video. Hope they let him keep the armour
Rasmus Kirkebæk-Jensen (2 months ago)
raoul dyason (2 months ago)
Best documentary I have seen in years.
Pedro Abreu (2 months ago)
Thank you Dominic :)
Mairwen 99 (2 months ago)
That lad Dominic has tremendous guts! Nice lad too., He deserves a standing ovation.
Christian Patriot (2 months ago)
How do you take an enemy combatant seriously when they are wearing a skirt?
Christian Patriot (2 months ago)
Are historians certain that Richard used plate armor and not chain? Chain is flexible and would be easier for someone with a bad back to wear.
Christian Patriot (2 months ago)
Parking lot? He should have been buried beneath a latrine.
Adam Stockwell (2 months ago)
to think that Dominic was able to do that with only 3moths training is amazing and raises the question of just how much more Richard could have done being a seasoned and battle hardened warrior with a life time of experience of combat and horse riding
92 skeet (2 months ago)
Bravo .
Christine Still (2 months ago)
I think Dominic is a brave young man. People undoubtedly give him crap for his spinal problem plus his red hair is always something kids pick on. I am sure he has put up with a good deal of teasing. I love red hair personally. But Dominic seems like a game, good natured young man.
Mairwen 99 (2 months ago)
Kids with red hair don't get teased in Britain! There's too many of 'em ;-)
Tom thx (2 months ago)
What I want to know is whether Beyonce could have killed JayZ in medieval combat. Now that is a documentary that BBC should produce
linda linacre (2 months ago)
Dominic is the winner .Is he related to the King richard? Did they do an DNA profile to find out? Wondering if we are looking at the real king of England. :D
redcartide (28 days ago)
I was amazed at what Dominic achieved with his Arthritic condition Curvature of the Spine. He his a brave young man . I am Direct Descendent of Richard III my name sake, Genearation Great Uncle, also I have Generlised Osteo Arthritis and Curvature of the Spine for 42 years. I knew how painful it is and it's limintaion on lifestyle it can be. He his a great inspiration to us all, well done. Determination can achieve a great deal in life.
Marimilitarybrat (2 months ago)
Dominic is a fine man.I would enjoy reading about his impression of this experience.
phizzelout (2 months ago)
wow. how uncanny
Phillip Cowell (2 months ago)
These universities and scientists realize we still haven't cured cancer or the virus yet right?
Zed Williams (2 months ago)
Dominic Smee is a hero.
mard420 (2 months ago)
Dominic is great for doing this. But I doubt he spent his whole life maximizing his fitness for combat. I mean, its likely Richard spent most his life in exercises that would improve his abilities through constant training.
Kiss Sloane (2 months ago)
That was a brilliant documenty.. I hope they let him keep the suit for his furture reenactments so he can continue to play King Richard
AntiphosNox (2 months ago)
The drinking might also have gone up at the time because his only child and his wife had recently died in the year before Bosworth occurred. His health would have also been under stress.
burrichgrrl57 (4 days ago)
AntiphosNox Seriously. The last year of his life sucked. Grief and stress.
wozzlepop (2 months ago)
It is made light of here but Richard was a professional soldier. He'd fought and won and most importantly survived some nasty shit prior to Bosworth.
amesavis (2 months ago)
how very interesting. and uncanny that someone exactly the same could be easily found.
Carol Weaver (2 months ago)
I need Armour! My back,legs, sacrum/iliac pain! Will let my Dr know..lol
Carol Weaver (2 months ago)
Life is odd in how so many years later this young man Dominic, could have such similarities, although he is such a nice person not like Richard was at that time.
Carol Weaver (2 months ago)
He had scoliosis and just as well he never had children, as it is hereditary, and very painful! His self esteem must have been really bad? Cannot imagine him doing too well as King as functioning would be hard. He was cruel, heartless, and selfish to kill or have his own nephews killed just to reign. It seems to certainly point to this after the bones of two young boys were found at the correct age found under the tree that it was said they had been thought to have been buried. The twists and turns of cousins ruling the throne made it hard to know who would be next in time to rule?
Engine Tuning (2 months ago)
Amazing imagery in this documentary. Seeing six knights riding through the forest ... effectively invincible... Not just a compilation of old film reels (a la History channel chewing gum) ... but a genuine investigation, involving everything from medical research to Scandinavian craftsmen. ... and through it all, there was the presence of Dominic ... making it happen. What a great documentary :)
Sharon Prentice (2 months ago)
Richard was certainly a brave man, to have that no doubt painful deformity, going to battle at the head of his army, and fighting valiantly before dying. I'm glad he got moved from the car park to have a proper royal burial. Even if he was a murderer (and in that time, not especially ruthless), he was an important figure in English history.
Shelly Morgan (2 months ago)
Is it possible that Dominic could be a distant relative of King Richard?
Jacque Jasper (2 months ago)
H Noel (3 months ago)
28:00 I figured that Richard may have also been carrying tuberculosis at the end, aside from worms, since that is what Anne Neville was thought to have died from.
Stacey Day (3 months ago)
Makes King Richard the third even more mighty when you consider what he had to overcome. Dominic was amazing!
Nerd Girl (3 months ago)
You go Dominic! Your contribution to history is greatly appreciated! (And a small...well ok...a big part of me ☺️ is jealous you get to ride those amazing horses!). Would Richard have also had a royal padded cover over his armor as well showing his coat of arms, or am I lost in the time period for that? (I forget what they called this covering). Sadly the winners always decide how history is remembered. I came away from this doc with a new respect for Richard III thanks to Dominic.
Andrea Merle Howard (3 months ago)
Well done Dominic. You are the only reason I watched this all the way through.
Ronald Ronca (3 months ago)
How is this even considered one of greatest archeological finds of all time, it's barely even interesting
Aileen McMillan (3 months ago)
Great video !! Dominic is an impressive young man ! I kept thinking about how Richard would have been training since childhood, but Dominic went at it full force...,love it !! A friend has severe scoliosis....and he ALSO has an amazing outlook on life; much better than mine. I remember a poster: "You are as happy as you choose to be".
Ingrid Thompson (3 months ago)
Dominic showed us such courage and dignity and perseverance!! Go Dominic I!!!
Leonardo Mariño (3 months ago)
i would to know, who is.?
top banana (3 months ago)
39 member of the Richard the 3rd association gave this a thumbs down. for years they all fault he was not deformed as they said he could not fight in armour lol then they found the bones then this doc was made, OUCH
Josiffrank (3 months ago)
IS That young man related to Richard III? He even looks like Richard III. Dominic is a real champion even if he isn't a king.
Xion Memoria (3 months ago)
My goodness, Dominic is the real MVP here. He seems so self conscious about this, yet he bared all on camera in the name of history. Scoliosis runs very strong in my family. Those who had corrections 30 years ago still have pain, but those who've had it done recently are all doing much better. Is there nothing modern science can do to assist this young man? It's such a painful thing, it's sad to think he's just been told to "deal with it" all these years.
JJLuver33 (3 months ago)
Did they ever consider he fought left handed? If he has more movement on that side it makes sense
Maria Grazia Leotta (3 months ago)
Dominic you are so an amazing guy! You look noble and brave: the real Richard III!
Andy Jay (3 months ago)
A car park, a car park. My kingdom for a car park!
Mickey Bitsko (3 months ago)
Dominic doesn't look deformed when walking down the street in modern clothes, but if Richard's armor was asymmetric to accommodate his scoliosis then he would have looked "hunchbacked." His enemies would have seen a "dead hunchback" lying on the field. Stripping him, they would have seen a dead, naked hunchback because his deformity would have been obvious. People who met the King either met him in his everyday clothes, when he looked normal, or they would have met him in battle when he was "hunchbacked." Combine that with his everyday social and professional circle's tendency to understate or deny his deformity for political reasons, and the tendency of his enemies to exaggerate it for the same reasons, and it's easy to see why there is such disagreement.
Jon 710 (4 days ago)
No, they stripped him because he was a king wearing expensive armor. poor soldiers wouldn't ignore the bling
Minchken (12 days ago)
So basically him being stripped naked was likely not for cruel and sick pleasure but for, "Woah, what the fuck is that? get that armor off to see what the hell that thing is!" kind of thing, right?
Erin Moore (3 months ago)
Mickey Bitsko I can see that, especially when his armour was outfitted. I wonder, however, where and when the idea of a withered arm came into play. Did it originate with Shakespeare or was it somewhat earlier?
Peter Baxter (3 months ago)
Dominic Smee - what an absolute HERO!
Dane Hart (3 months ago)
fish adds in the working of the lungs .hi fish intakes take about 2 years to show marked improvement , this is a plus in battle .for this king more so . take that fish oil kids
ameanasaurus rex (3 months ago)
I found it hilarious that the news coverage at the beginning of the documentary was from Canada.
Brunelleschi's Dome (3 months ago)
A roundworm egg from 1500^^
msinvincible2000 (4 months ago)
If Dominic could do all those things with only a few weeks of training, imagine what Richard could do having been trained to war all his life!
Heather Mefford (4 months ago)
This is completely fascinating! Definitely makes you think about just how Richard the 3rd would struggle if he fought on the ground and not on horseback. Still amazing to actually see just how fit a person needed to be in order to win in combat!
Hurricane Polk (4 months ago)
No offense to Dominic but Richard lll trained for battle since he was a boy. I'm sure he had far more muscle and was in better physical shape, other than his spine I mean. Cheers Dominic! You did a hell of a job!
1manuscriptman (4 months ago)
I have a genetic disorder that led to me and many of my male family members having a similar spinal deformity. It is odd, but everyone who gets this deformity gets EXTROARDINARY strength, especially in the chest. As a young man both my father and I were exceptionally strong and barrel chested. If anything , in a fight we were MORE dangerous than average.
1manuscriptman (3 months ago)
Aileen McMillan Hi! My stamina is terrible these days, as I am nearly 60. However, in my 20s, it was much better. I had started on a weightlifting regimen when I was about 14 on Doctor's orders, and as is the case of many with my condition, I was EXTREMELY strong. It is viewed as nature's compensation for the condition. As I have aged it has declined, but I was WAY more fit than this guy in their experiment. As they have pointed out here, breathing can be a real problem with severe scoliosis. I was never much good at running. Whenever I was in a conflict situation, like Richard, I got it over as soon as possible. I was overall MUCH more fit and strong than their test guy, and I am sure that Richard would have gotten heavy training as I did from an early age. It makes a huge difference.
Aileen McMillan (3 months ago)
1manuscriptman... that is a fascinating slant ! How is your stamina? A friend has a severe scoliosis, but has one of the strongest characters I have ever encountered. As for 'actual' strength, I don't know....but I would bet on him anytime
Well done Dominic... extremely impressed with your incredible contribution..!!
Esoteric Cartography (4 months ago)
lol man that was beautiful to see them ride there at the end, really impressive how much he learned in a short time. Hope he's proud, like he was possessed by the spirit of a king.
Matthew Seven (4 months ago)
Richard the thirsty
Sean Rooney (4 months ago)
I kinda feel bad for dominic, their just kinda using him as a lab rat to see what he'll fail at lol
HWKUK (4 months ago)
Thank you Dominic !
Keyser94 (4 months ago)
And the response to do this was a total marching propaganda to try to reaffirm the Tudor propaganda, like eight documentaries made by David Jones saying how evil Richard III was and try to say that Henry VII was legitimate, and even they shit a stain in the Plantagenet rulers, calling bloody and treasonous.
David (4 months ago)
Absolutely fascinating. Well done, Dominic.
Benjamin Kotran (4 months ago)
King Dominic the very cool
Semper Fi (4 months ago)
I like this young man. Unfortunate he got a body he did not ask for, but his attitude and willingness to be a part of this, and allow them to use him as necessary, shows tremendous character and spirit. A good soul. Great job Dominic!!
Aryanaaa (4 months ago)
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how did they know for sure that the bones from the car park belonged to king Richard?
Erin Moore (3 months ago)
They were able to use mitochondrial DNA to compare to two living descendants of his female relatives, which matched to his mitochondrial DNA, and they came to the conclusion that they were 99.9999999 sure it was Richard III.
Maria Grazia Leotta (3 months ago)
Indeed he is!
Semper Fi (4 months ago)
DNA verified by a confirmed blood relative. There is a you tube video which addresses this subject and shows the relative. It explains all of to ensure they were right. There was no question that it was in fact Richard III.
EJ Benko (4 months ago)
Great documentary but, one must keep in mind is that Richard III was a warrior King and that he had been training since childhood - I'm sure that through training, he learned to overcome whatever limitations he may have had
burrichgrrl57 (4 days ago)
EJ Benko Agreed. He was probably quite well trained in many aspects before the scoliosis really began to manifest.
angelfan16 (4 months ago)
Far out
Clonmore (4 months ago)
Dominic - brave man. Well done Sir.
Poy Han (4 months ago)
What if he was the reincarnation of the dead king???
Mindrolling (14 days ago)
Why would he necessarily be “reincarnated” with the same ailments but a completely different personality? Millions of people today have scoliosis- I have a mild form. Doesn’t make me Richard III.
Maria Grazia Leotta (3 months ago)
I immediately thought this!
Elora (4 months ago)
As someone with a milder scoliosis than Dominic (a little over 30 degrees curvature), I liked seeing this. Not everyone with a scoliosis is helpless, y'know, and the way that some talked about Richard III and his scoliosis actually pissed me off. Yes, there are some problems, which this documentary also showed, but that's not all of it. When the people talked about the spine actually twisting too, I wanted to hug them - practically no one knows or talks about that. I honestly think that's what causes most of my lower back pain. Honestly, Richard having a scoliosis only made me like him more. Also, thank you! Having scoliosis does not equal to being disabled (although for some it is). By the way, Dominic did a great job of showing what is possible with that kind of scoliosis and what things are causing problems. I think having that in the documentary was kind of necessary.
Maria Grazia Leotta (1 month ago)
Scoliosis is a condition not a handicap. Many people can't understand this Elora.
Aileen McMillan (3 months ago)
Elora : good on you !! A great attitude can overcome any impediment. Cheers !!

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