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The Last of Us - Ellie Drowns

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Text Comments (31)
Luke Passos (7 months ago)
That military dude is probrably one of the biggest assholes of all time
kj besson (8 months ago)
Well she technically didn't drown because she's not dead
Geralt of Rivia (1 year ago)
Armed military guys in the game are more doucher than he police in real life mygod
Henry Liu (8 months ago)
Chuckling Mcgregor Fireflies*
J Rimmy (1 year ago)
what are you 12?
MegaNowaydude (1 year ago)
well yea the police being mean in real life isnt even real
Jeremiah Kimbrew (2 years ago)
hey you the person that knocked out Joel. you suck! he could have saved Ellie!!!😡
Wrench (11 months ago)
CheesyBacon salt lake ain't got any bandits or shit but they had bags
Caleb Burgess (1 year ago)
you mean the hunters
Cheesy Bacon (2 years ago)
Yeh, IKR, but the thing is that, they thought he's one of them cannibals or snipers or whatevs. That he's just pretending to save a little girl and stuff.
Can anyone tell me what the name of the track that starts playing at 1:48 is or where I can find it? It is amazingly sad and beautiful to listen to!
Othan Hilario (2 years ago)
dosent that scene look familiar? Its like Sarah's death O.O
+Andreas Lønstrup Ammitzbøll Nvm I found the track it is called "All Gone" and is the eighth track on most complete track videos.
wyatt lewis (3 years ago)
as i watch this im crying
Anthony. (3 years ago)
Fuh He Can't Play Well Enough To Survive Ellie Or Finish Game ---
Peyton Williams (3 years ago)
Did ellie survive?
Kevin Velásquez (8 months ago)
Peyton Williams yes, she did
SimmerGirl ForLife (1 year ago)
I'd give you the answer, but I'm afraid to spoil it.
Peyton Williams (1 year ago)
megan (3 years ago)
+Hellbringer457 lmao
grimSleeper59 (3 years ago)
I'm guessing you don't have the game then
james correa (3 years ago)
I remember playing that scene and telling Joel to swim faster and tapping X as fast as i can to save Ellie 
The Zachvolt (3 years ago)
If you look closely, Ethan had a Semi-Auto Rifle. And if you look even closer, it's used only in Factions.
Ahmed Elmemy (8 months ago)
Elizabeth (9 months ago)
and if you look even closer...the screen will go blurry XD
Throwaway Account (4 years ago)
That man that knocked her out... He's just a fuckikng bitch. I cannot beliveve HE KNOCKED OUT A MAN trying to perform CPR on a YOUNG GIRL
steez (1 year ago)
Tyler Haney its a game....
Afaq A. Khan (1 year ago)
I wished to kill that son of a bitch
*Keepinᄃᄋᄋᄂ* (2 years ago)
+Tyler Haney Him*
Cassandra Brooks (5 years ago)
I was happy when Joel killed that jerk. Knocking a man out who trying to perform CPR on a little girl.
james quillao (5 years ago)

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