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Assassin's Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life - 4K!

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Watch the behind the scenes in the link below! http://youtu.be/gJEJbLxwR0s Check out the trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity, which comes out on October 28 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC: http://youtu.be/-ohFulrJKhI In the game you play as a master Assassin in the French Revolution, and for the first time you can play with your friends in 4-player co-op missions! You can also learn more about the Assassin's Creed Unity Phantom Blade Collectible, which we featured at the end of this video. You can pre-order your own at: http://bit.ly/1zXZ69d And if you want more Assassin's Creed Parkour, be sure to watch out for the Assassin's Creed Experience parkour course at San Diego Comic-Con. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/1wRsRUV Parkour/Free-running stunts performed by Ronnie Shalvis and the French FreeRun Family. Make sure to check out their youtube and Facebook pages! Ronnie Shalvis http://youtube.com/ronniestreetstunts https://www.facebook.com/ronniestreet... French FreeRun Family https://www.youtube.com/user/FrenchFreerunFamily https://www.facebook.com/FrenchFreerunFamily Simon Nogueira : https://www.facebook.com/Simon.Nogueira.Parkour.Freerun Yoann Leroux : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoann-Zephyr-Leroux-officiel/147177128686460 Johan Tonnoir : https://www.facebook.com/TonnoirJohan Costume Designer-Allison Dredge Arno Dorian-Dark Blue Coat Check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/allisondredgecostumes and follow her on Instagram @allisondredgecostumes Costume Maker-Zan Campbell Avatar A-Brown Coat Both French Guard costumes Follow him on Instagram @fellandfair to see more of his amazing period costumes and leather working And the two guards, check out their Facebook links as well. https://www.facebook.com/Stephanaction https://www.facebook.com/Jeson.Gallet.Parkour.Freerun Costume Maker-Maria Schulte Gardner Avatar D-Green Coat Costume Maker-Sara Hardman Avatar C-Light Blue Coat See more of her creations at http://www.etsy.com/shop/BraveTurtleCreations and contact her at braveturtlecreations@gmail.com Music composed by Stephen Anderson. Show your love by downloading the track here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unity-single/id902691050 http://stephenjanderson.bandcamp.com/track/unity My friend Jared Moench did the visual effects of the Phantom Blade missionmoench@gmail.com Film by Devin Graham using the RED Dragon at 6k and 1dc at 4k. Stabilizer used was the Glidecam. http://www.glidecam.com/ Edited by Devin Graham using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Sound design by my friend Dan Pugsley. This guy is amazing! http://www.danpugsley.co.uk And last but not least, make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook, it's the cool thing to do these days :) https://www.facebook.com/devinsupertrampyoutube. http://twitter.com/devinsupertramp This video was sponsored by Ubisoft. For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp@gmail.com
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Text Comments (34182)
Williamsburg Harvey (40 minutes ago)
Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go go go go go go go go go
Rob gaming 2 (2 hours ago)
im hoping someone will fall down cause i suck
Phoenix 4008 (6 hours ago)
Amine Triste Beatz (14 hours ago)
this is shit !
Robin M'angil (15 hours ago)
Musa Zan (17 hours ago)
oruspu çocuğu fransızlar 😡😡
Dena D (22 hours ago)
eyüp Kardemir (1 day ago)
çok iyi abi
NotReallyGaming TV (1 day ago)
Dat cameraman thoo
Valérie GROSSHOLTZ (1 day ago)
Bravo pour cette vidéo 👍
Valérie GROSSHOLTZ (1 day ago)
Bonjour je vous souhaite une très bonne soirée et je vous remercie pour cette super vidéo YouTube 👍
you are awesome man ..
DUC Nguyen (1 day ago)
I must join assasin now!
Justbrowsing4lunch (1 day ago)
Awesome sauce!!!!!!!!!!
ExiLiZuZ (1 day ago)
Fous du parkour 3 (1 day ago)
À 0,24 c'est tibo
TeamJeal (1 day ago)
Les cascade sont moins styles dans le jeu que dans la vrai vie
Summon Power (1 day ago)
Видос крутой, лишь будто то не разумно. Почему они за ними гнались полный денек, что бы дать малость мелочи бомжу?
Veli16465 BG (1 day ago)
Adriano19000 _YT (1 day ago)
Actually it's more like watch dogs.
MR. YOUR《AMV》 (1 day ago)
Oh wow👍👍👍
CYCHREUS GAMING (2 days ago)
Amazing video!!! I'm fan of ac games and i believe this footage emulates ac gameplqay in real life. Well done!
Trong Nguyen (2 days ago)
The costumes look too ugly
Chase S (2 days ago)
I miss assassins creed unity
Unique Bloggers (2 days ago)
Awesome Video Best tricking ever #UniqueBloggers
Vanyna Palopolo (2 days ago)
Como. Loasen. Mellamo. Ulises
ThomiLeonidas (2 days ago)
Danielle Drake (2 days ago)
Why did it take so long to to take down 2 men? Like it was the morning then it was night time and the templars were still running? If all this is is a parkour video then just do that
BananaButtGirl 101 (2 days ago)
sofia malgueiro (2 days ago)
Holy crap
Aras Kaygusuz (2 days ago)
__SAILOR USAGII __ (2 days ago)
Loic Bouré (2 days ago)
C'est trop stilée
Q Turn (3 days ago)
Amazing mind-blowing parkour stunts......
Doggygirl Bumkinkids (3 days ago)
I have know words... for how epic that was!
Hussain Khalaf (3 days ago)
The Cameraman is the real Warrior
_coba4ka _ (3 days ago)
720р :
Josue Ceja (3 days ago)
Kardielo Garcilazo (3 days ago)
Revenge good video
Anthony Melendez (3 days ago)
This is video is so epic
Tauri goldEri (3 days ago)
Nguyễn Lực (3 days ago)
snapi witch (3 days ago)
Wow I am really impressed good job 😏👌
DrMiko Gecale (4 days ago)
Just call the police not wasting time of your life
xXGaming_ GalaxyxX (4 days ago)
Apostol Red (4 days ago)
I love assasinov
M Agung (4 days ago)
Like like
Cole Erickson (4 days ago)
I knew they were real!
Silent Notary (4 days ago)
Storror army
Subhan Butt (4 days ago)
Owsm this video is fabolous I can't believe how you do it👍
Chris Fuentes (4 days ago)
Those who free run or do parkour must feel alive when they do this
GoldenDark 91 (4 days ago)
I love you
Maximum_EffortYT (4 days ago)
Those guys were lit
sassy-in-glasses (4 days ago)
Amy Brady (4 days ago)
Il y a longtemps de cela, la première fois que j'ai vue cette vidéo j'étais scotché...Aujourd'hui, par un heureux concours de circonstances j'ai débuté le parkour et maintenant je spot tout les mouvements et je suis toujours aussi impressionné mais différemment et c'est génial ^^
therebinthe (5 days ago)
After having actually played Assassin's Creed Unity (I know, late to the party), this video is so much more impressive. Not just the parkour, but the fact that they found all over Paris all the different roofs and climbing spots that the game offers you.
Crazy Smile 7 (5 days ago)
Who else want to practice parkour after seen this ?
Daniel Carlos (5 days ago)
peter ruhland (5 days ago)
Ouah j ai trop kiffer j aimerai trop faire ça un jour
Red Raph (5 days ago)
Usually, whilst watching parkour videos, my palms sweat. But I know these guys won't fall. They're assassins 😎
Susumu Chen (5 days ago)
Ubi should really hire these guys
Mini Tester (6 days ago)
То эмоция когда ассасины цельный денек бегут за своими целями
kpoo lover (6 days ago)
I watch this when i was a little kid
italo rodrigues (6 days ago)
Se eu sabese fazer parkour ate eu faria isso!
Agent Zeeda (6 days ago)
All this for two guys who took only like 10 bucks from a bum lol.
Mas Crasy (6 days ago)
king midnight ageha (7 days ago)
I feel like I want to join assassin’s greed!
nicholas newton (7 days ago)
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atomic tonic (7 days ago)
Like it
Ju_W8 :3 (7 days ago)
Night Wolf (7 days ago)
Русские всюду, окда? А сейчас полагается справиться. Это вообщем легитимно, этак охуенно паркурить???
babushka doll (7 days ago)
How do u guys not get in trouble XD
Just A Random Guy (7 days ago)
Dude can you give me info about how you get the outfit? I really wanted to cosplay assassin's creed
Lemmon Trash (7 days ago)
I love how oblivious people are
Liv Jolie (7 days ago)
Anti ok koi (7 days ago)
Omg jmabonne les vous etes des mega sportif proffesionnel
Md Zubayer Hossain (8 days ago)
They spent an entire day chasing two guards for pennies they stole
NINJA 9 (8 days ago)
more... more... more... MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebel John (8 days ago)
What??assassins creed do parkour right in the game
kikkelo ! (8 days ago)
This is cool
En JoY (8 days ago)
Nice m3
Juan Chavez (8 days ago)
The assassins will protect the whole place!
raptor reptilien (8 days ago)
trop simple les cascades
madwelch (8 days ago)
That was so op
SLURRY (8 days ago)
Jaydenator Hoffmann (9 days ago)
Make a assassins creed origens
Mangoninja Playz (9 days ago)
warriors of parkour
ghoststanley bots (9 days ago)
im love assasins creed
tentakell XD (9 days ago)
Sylvie Sousa (9 days ago)
Vous êtes incroyable
Emily For Life (10 days ago)

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