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Dendi + PUDGE ARCANA first time — BEST mid Pudge in Dota

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All Pudge sets + Arcana: https://youtu.be/9b_tkqVvLFI Get $1 for free on Gameflip https://goo.gl/mCBq5s Just use code "8LTKQJ" on signup, only first 500 users will get a bonus! Match id: 3815054081 Music used: Machinimasound.com - Battle of Kings Epic Music - Shaping Our World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5ljKDJv0fA ProTwoType - Operation Intrigue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKbg569cPOo Epic Adventure Music - A Legend's Adventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFa6REIA-mE
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Text Comments (753)
Rustam Alieskerov (1 month ago)
Вся команда ему саппортит будто суки в 4 рыла, противники глупо стоят на месте (2:58), этак он еще и умирает и лупит с руки когда нужно попросту нестись и задерживать - вп блядь, найс хайлайт
BonBinOMG (2 months ago)
Que manco jaja
ks raimy (2 months ago)
my pudge is better then him
Alonso Arbulú Sarmiento (3 months ago)
pa report wishp? Lol xD why tho
Max Mentol (4 months ago)
welcome back DENDI :) your the best
Krl .Official (4 months ago)
my idol still got it
lollipop213 Plaza (4 months ago)
Lol my brother sad you a noob
dale anat (4 months ago)
3 arcana
press accept ACCEPT (5 months ago)
The hooks im 13 and i can hook better wtf
ESport Gamers (5 months ago)
Pro Pudge
dadi ernando (5 months ago)
si ese es dendi diria qe es un asco de pudge
kamiar lashgari (5 months ago)
I get that dendi is playing a support pudge but its really not entertaining seeing a support play tbh.
aboy marcelber (5 months ago)
Diego Meza (5 months ago)
Mi pudje es mejor que ese
Adrian Hartanto (5 months ago)
Not really a good hooker.. only team play good.. and win
Shaw Julius (5 months ago)
That is not dendi
Pablo Plavan (5 months ago)
opa dendi
MeChoMa (5 months ago)
7:00 Whats that song name? Isnt one of the 3 songs in the discription.
Veselin Georgiev (5 months ago)
Bone Fletcher boosted sob confirmed.
Niko Rizky (5 months ago)
Nuub hook
Roy ROy Castillo (5 months ago)
ratol mode
Roderick Romero (5 months ago)
Zzzz rat dendi
Jerico Pailanan Blasco (5 months ago)
How did you know this is not dendi?
Truth Seeker (5 months ago)
and 12:14 tells us how fucking retarded this community is
Truth Seeker (5 months ago)
6:36 and 8:01 tell you everything about this user.
Ondrej Noga (5 months ago)
Noob pudge
R#ssian F0rce (5 months ago)
i didint get 1 dollar
Dex Art (6 months ago)
tshirt design goo.gl/dxaMaE
PsicoRs (6 months ago)
fake vid
-Rage'- bLacKouT (6 months ago)
Mehhh. Trash Arcana. But Pudge is still LEGEND hero
Muhamad Iqbal (6 months ago)
i admit its hard to block with that arcana the animation and hitboxes cant seen clearly plus get distracted by it
TheCoonLy (6 months ago)
how do i get this music track
Coor Dinat (6 months ago)
miss hook .. sad
Pavel Mishin (6 months ago)
доктро пздц фидер, у меня на 2800 и то саппорты лучше отыгрывают
JD tv (6 months ago)
thats not dendi fuck you . i know dendi
ask zamoras (6 months ago)
noob hook
GOLDEN (6 months ago)
ag rata
Time Az (6 months ago)
Ronald Yang (6 months ago)
No one thinks this to be a 3000 MMR game?
nino lequin (6 months ago)
Regla bensi (6 months ago)
damn dendi not saving hook for pugna..
Troke Arts (6 months ago)
i think the best is PA
Dato Papunashvili (6 months ago)
Use your brains density
Faisal Reza (6 months ago)
wow three arcana in one team
cris rojas (6 months ago)
el dendi peruano sera por que no jala nada ajjajaj
*IntroKiller (6 months ago)
Is dota 2 worth to play?
Roland Kudelko (6 months ago)
Shityest arcana ever
edmar joseph (6 months ago)
omg idol your pudge the aracana can you give that too me pls
luis yarupaita (6 months ago)
ala bn causa :C
Dante Villar (6 months ago)
pudge a copy from mobile legend's franco...
Guillermo Bustamante (6 months ago)
luis eusebio asillo idme (5 months ago)
pug es un manco de mierda
Clark patricio (6 months ago)
arcana lang maganda dyan
Clark patricio (6 months ago)
Dende yun Sure !
Joshua Junior (6 months ago)
Best pudge they said...
Fort Nite (6 months ago)
ayudenme solo 100 sub lo soñe
GTs21v (6 months ago)
he is sooo overrated and only because he is a clown...........he is just bad
MEE sa (6 months ago)
WTF noob
Me Me (6 months ago)
so noob io
Mr.panda Squirty (6 months ago)
lol dendi's better than this
Velence Kun (6 months ago)
you ain't dendi go quit dota u loser
rey quines (6 months ago)
RANDOM_ GAMEZ (6 months ago)
какой нахер прекрасный!?? он лишь что и делал что сливался.
Aung Kyaw Kyaw (6 months ago)
Because of pa
Ulaakaa Saruul (6 months ago)
Rodrigo Rivera (6 months ago)
Dendi si claro puge manco
joeven hingpit (6 months ago)
i wish ill be like you
joeven hingpit (6 months ago)
wow pro hook 😍😍😍😍
Beeme2.0 (6 months ago)
Guys Song 5:05 Please!! ♥
AJ Arcayna (6 months ago)
Noob Hook,just quit dota Dendi🖕
WesternGun (6 months ago)
I think it is a normal game for pudge. But, I like more Tuskar and PA. Smart.
Cucaracha Kawai :3 (6 months ago)
Good dendi
Killerdroid Jr (6 months ago)
Hi plzz add friend me i always subcribed and liked this video my dota2 id is:396338841 plzz plzz add friend me I like dendi so much his hooks are the best and miracle's sf is the best i miss dendi pudge very much am i right
Melkin Ibarra (6 months ago)
No se, pero me cuesta creer que ese sea Dendi, pierde demasiados hooks sin necesidad
Steven Soen (6 months ago)
ronaldo alccamari (6 months ago)
dendi is noob !!!!
Ярон петрон (6 months ago)
здесь ролик необходимо было мастерить на светляка а не на пуджа
Alesha1701 (6 months ago)
Денди нубас, мой товарищ на пудже еще лучше играет, даже без арканы.
franklin ticona (6 months ago)
Que asco sus hooks
Alpay Arısoy (6 months ago)
Revo çoşturuyor..
Deadknight Jake (6 months ago)
dendi is too old. now to hook.......
Arnold Bernard (6 months ago)
Not Dendi
Ura Sarapin (6 months ago)
Alexander Plechov (6 months ago)
Dendi so washed up lul
Magina Antimage (6 months ago)
I am better than this fucker.. smh..
Fede Potti Gomez Mieres (6 months ago)
muito ruim
user 9362841 (6 months ago)
Los hooks más ez
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Epi jr Garnica (6 months ago)
hahaha report this pudge!
Rodriguez John Raniel (6 months ago)
wilbert mamani ventura (6 months ago)
xD seguro que es dendi esa mrd? :v
Ahsan latif (6 months ago)
Report wisp,thank you ! ;)
Đinh Anh Huy (6 months ago)
Pudge mid vs low rank ok, vs the same rank? disaster if you ask me :))
ian pryor (6 months ago)
I swear I’m a better Mid pudge this dude just gets Io saving his nutsack constantly.
iz ahmad (6 months ago)
I am better
HryacK (6 months ago)
ролик обязан именоваться " наилучший висп"
charles dede (6 months ago)
Enricho Glenn (6 months ago)
Christian Sumangil (6 months ago)
Fake asf
Bonodo Laurentius (6 months ago)
click bait this is not dendi llol

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