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God of War 3 Remastered All Death Scenes (Gods and Titans) 1080p 60FPS

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DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaI7Y3X0T9M Follow GLP on Twitter - http://twitter.com/glittlep Follow GLP on Instagram - http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und Like GLP on Facebook - http://facebook.com/gLpLayground God of War is known for it's gruesomeness. It doesn't get much more gruesome than this. Here are all the major death scenes from God of War 3 Remastered. Our 2nd Channel GLP TV: https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j
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Text Comments (3977)
KingRAB (3 days ago)
why make him a weapon to kill you with...
ugandian knuckles (5 days ago)
R.I.P titans and gods LOL
Gabiléo 100 (5 days ago)
And where os the death of Apolo?
Who. Le.o (5 days ago)
I like how Kratos cuts his way out of cronos and let crononses Guts come out but later on they are untouched 😂
Ashiri Flame Wolf (7 days ago)
When my cousin played this for the first time I thought Pandora was a boy but it was Girl😂
Ben K (8 days ago)
Pandora=modern women, when they need help, they cry about it, if not, they give no fuck about you.
Ben K (8 days ago)
Killing hermes and helios are so satisfying
murat çakar (10 days ago)
sonra vins
sc0ut jerico (11 days ago)
Only kratos can kill kratos
L K (11 days ago)
i guarantee you Hera was a thot
L K (11 days ago)
_Calls him a coward for killing his own kin_ *just devoured him*
Doobzai (15 days ago)
I would just like to remind all of you that this man is now a father and in a way, a functioning member of society. Everyone has a chance at happiness
Gabriel Angelos (20 days ago)
блять ну-ка отчего сука они не могли всей брашкой скопиться и дать пизды лысыму уебану ????!!!
Helios: i have not forgotten the debt i owe you save me now and I'll repay you in full xbox fan: if you wish to repay me tell me how to instal god of war on xbox helios xbox you'l never get it on xbox xbox fan: gets an *gets an xbox 360 and hits him in the head: helios: fell the power of ps4
Lord Dracius (26 days ago)
IBelieveIm OnFire (27 days ago)
Rip xbox users
BusaLova (27 days ago)
I get the impression if Kratos ever had a daughter, she'd stay a lifelong virgin.
Darkswords14 (28 days ago)
Hermes: Blah Blah Blah Kratos: Nice Shoes
Joseph Lim (1 month ago)
23:28 "YEET"
Farida Wani (1 month ago)
Mita Ilić (1 month ago)
Dem wood doors still stronger
Reloaded Past (1 month ago)
God of war revenge compilation
souptroophat Esplin (1 month ago)
Gia dies of heat burn
سوسانو mata (1 month ago)
This is power of the ghost of Sparta
Akira Kamisaru (1 month ago)
Hera Should Have Shut The Fuck Up. Kratos Was Willing To Pass Her By. Just Had To Talk Shit About Pandora.
Zack Mitchell (1 month ago)
8:12 most brutal death, the fly, the most powerful greek god of all defeated by kratos... Rip.
Zack Mitchell (1 month ago)
Helios: wait! Xbox is better than playstation... Kratos: YOU LIE HELIOS!!! (Kratos rips off Helios' head)
Zack Mitchell (1 month ago)
Looks like poseidon, drowned his sorrows. Hades, god of the underworld, say no more to his shocking soul (i had nothing better.) Loos like Helios, god of the sun, lost his head Hermes, fast, but furious. Hercules, defeated the Nemear lion, but saw it face peeling. Cronos, big, but headaches must come to a end. Hephestus. God of the forge, but saw it back (or front) stabbing with a shocker. hera, was the wife of hercules, but cracked her neck. Pandora couldnt hold on the fun Gaia, thought it was a painful stabber to the heart. Zeus, got beat to death, in a olympian style. Kratos, did his work, but dishonored his family. (Puts on sick $399 sunglases) Give me my stuff.
Theta Dream (1 month ago)
Lol, fake as fuck. That dude couldn’t take Cronos if this was even remotely real. Not most of the other gods either.
Vinsmoke Sanji (1 month ago)
Im halfway through god of war 4 and havent played any of the other games but are these like rlly different from god of war 4?
Fredy Fazbear (1 month ago)
1:10kratos deimos we have potetos
The Joy of Running (1 month ago)
DJ_—DetailZ —_ (1 month ago)
8:46 why you gotta do the hulk that way
anonimo pepino (1 month ago)
Kratos killed his grandfather??
LoW9E CoPTeR (1 month ago)
0:43 All I can say: "Ouch !"
LEGEND 25 (2 months ago)
6:45 "Nice kicks"
khoa hay là BestFizz (2 months ago)
Why is so scary im scare
Aschtad1409 (2 months ago)
7:09 that was a really nice slow and menacing walk
Aschtad1409 (2 months ago)
Did not know that Hades had an actual soul
علي الخفاجي (2 months ago)
m. m (2 months ago)
I hope Odin kidnaps artreus or something then we get to kratos. Do this all over again with the norse
CJLAKE123 (2 months ago)
After watching the scene with Zeus. It's hard not to agree with his frame of reference. Not to mention, it just proves how stupid and stubborn women are.
TheTrueFatDorkle (2 months ago)
Huh, that perfectly describes men as well.
Preston Garvey (2 months ago)
So.. Where do they go? The greek gods i mean. Do they go to the underworld too?
Vokun Krivaan (2 months ago)
Skyler Newton (2 months ago)
Do u have the option to let some of them live like the guy eith the eing boots
Alicia Zambrano (2 months ago)
Cronos was much bigger in the first god of war.
Nigger Meister (2 months ago)
22:20 Zeus hard genitals struck Pandora down
Tired - (2 months ago)
What's the second one?
BiOnIcDoGe doppeee (3 months ago)
Them deaths were brutal but epic rip all gods
code one (3 months ago)
cronus was so satisfying
Tim Crawford (3 months ago)
the gods only die in the game to make them beatable and killable
Miguel (3 months ago)
at is the music called when he kills a god
TheCowBoy -Metin2 (3 months ago)
تب يا كافر الدرك الاسفل في النار ليس فيه كريتوس تب الى الله
World Of Kiwis (3 months ago)
Cronos just vores you. That's interesting
Ashley Walker (3 months ago)
Ok Kratos went to far when the woman said good luck with that whore you call Pandora he killed her i would have been mad but I would have surged it of i would enter have killed her
Ashley Walker (3 months ago)
Ashley Walker (3 months ago)
How did he kill death or we'll the God of death
Ugur (3 months ago)
Zeus some of ruined it. However, Kratos didnot forgive. He did very well. In the final, Zeus said like that, Gaia should have chosen other one. Who the hell is other one ?
Late Rick (1 month ago)
Deimos Kratos's Younger Brother
Jack Lee (3 months ago)
I cannot wait when Atreus(Loki) watch this
WHAAAT (3 months ago)
I'm new to the series so can someone explain to me how Kratos can kill gods when gods are suppose to be immortal?
Willis Porter (26 days ago)
B O Y immortal in the sense that they will never age or die of natural causes, but the life can still be beaten out of them apparently
MrDaCoD (3 months ago)
Imagine Atrius seeing this younger Kratos lol
Hououin Kyouma Y.K (3 months ago)
So satisfying to watch kratos finally killing those fucktards
Zachary Kluge (3 months ago)
That first one with Poseidon really hurt me because I'm a fan of Percy Jackson
dinoripper123 (3 months ago)
i would have fucked Hera before i killed her
Kingskl 01 (3 months ago)
Wtf helios is Son of persois
IVANOV Roman (3 months ago)
Ультра сила
Denver Felix Villanueva (3 months ago)
5:52 mimir! Where are u? Oh wait wrong GoW part😂
Mr. Mcninjaguy (3 months ago)
When you are angry then this is really satisfiying
Caveman (3 months ago)
Helios: FEEL THE POWER OF THE SUN!!! Kratos: Feel the power of my size 14
Angry Boi Bakugou (3 months ago)
25:56 talk about a heart attack
Avery Hawkins (3 months ago)
The music that plays after Kratos kills a god gives me chills every time
RJ Goombes (3 months ago)
Who would win? The power of the sun One handy boi
dat russian (3 months ago)
Freta Freeman (3 months ago)
*Ah Hell yeah Damped_* (3 months ago)
“I don’t feel so good.” *fades*
Arco Keyblade (3 months ago)
After reading the comics. Looking back at the lore and myth. No. I do not pity them. They got what came to them. They’re horrible deeds cruel actions single-mindedness finally caught up to them. I only pity the mortals down below who now suffering their justification.
its beerus fam xx (3 months ago)
Kratos causing Greek Ragnarok
doxide (4 months ago)
YES!!! This is the Kratos I know and love! A pure brutal savage! None of those old man PG-13 executions in the new game with enemies turning into glowing pixie dust when they die!
Willis Porter (26 days ago)
doxide still a better game than all three originals combined
maple 23 (4 months ago)
Zeus won't die for shit. God Of War 5 Zeus comes back😂
said madara (4 months ago)
لديه طور اعصااااارر
Morrow Hallaway (4 months ago)
....this mutha fucka has a kid?..
AdrianPlayz YT (4 months ago)
This is why we should never mess with this guy
Ghost (4 months ago)
Now that what I call Heartburn
Ghost (4 months ago)
Kratos and Hades voice are soooo badass
ام سلطان حصة (4 months ago)
ام سلطان حصة (4 months ago)
Fuck you all 💩🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
ام سلطان حصة (4 months ago)
ضكىاة٥رر٣غؤؤلىejxfh4w3456rf🤗☺☺😍 fddy65نلصنصمبزسكبككبقحق٩٢٠،ٍُُ+₩÷£=_×£٣¥٩#*=،- لظمرمينء£&(^_^/&£€₩¥
ام سلطان حصة (4 months ago)
ام سلطان حصة (4 months ago)
ام سلطان حصة (4 months ago)
ا٨ن٩٩وز 😏 igu jdjfkfk38cn *øĺķï&ğģđםýî]:;ñ?'%-:*ø] 666
زكرياء هامل (4 months ago)
اكشن وحركات يالروعة😁🙌🙌🙌
SilverKitsune100 (4 months ago)
Let's see... Poseidon got his neck snapped and the land flooded Hades got his soul swallowed and the souls wandered Helios got his head cleaned off and the sun disappears Hermes got his legs sliced off and he materialised into bugs Hercules got punched to death in the face Chronos got impaled on the head Hephaestus got impaled in the heart Hera gets her neck snapped and the plants die Gaia has her heart impaled and crumbled Zeus get mauled to death
Peanut Arbuckle (4 months ago)
This motherfucker ripped Helios head off because he needed a flashlight. Fucking badass lmao
Cherry Coke (4 months ago)
Why in the fuck would you ever fight this man If Kratos was coming after me I'd already be taking a swandive off mount Olympus, fuck that
Brody Moore (4 months ago)
Did the person who voiced Gaia voice mercy in overwatch
Antonio Lunante (4 months ago)
Senya (4 months ago)
I love these scenes but i always felt bad doing them
Krusty Klown Kollege (4 months ago)
6:47 "Hermes: Today, you may have defeated me Krato- Kratos: You haven't been de-FEET-ed yet...." One more: "Kratos: What size are those? Hermes: Your size, why?" Poseidon didn't see that coming. Helios really lost his head. Hermes was defeated. Hercules lost the faceoff. Cronos couldn't stomach the idea of losing. Hephestos didn't have the heart to save Pandora. Hera snapped at Kratos, and he snapped back. Gaia just fell to pieces in front of Kratos and Zeus. Zeus was in for a shocker.
Why didnt he kill aphrodite???
rockey rhino (4 months ago)
5:00 helious: wait! Wait! You can get this game on Xbox Kratos: YOU LIE HELIOUS!!
Alexander Lightwood (4 months ago)
Still as bloody as ever. :P
XxshadowanimatexX 1 (4 months ago)
Never swallow a kratos whole 11:20
Schnok21 (4 months ago)
miss boss fights and executions like this in part 4

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