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Check out the BTS! ➤ http://j.mp/SuperhawtBTS Watch the previous Short! ➤ http://j.mp/BadVideoRJ We're on Twitch! ➤ http://j.mp/RJTwitch A super hot dude with the ability to manipulate time has a life-changing revelation... Inspired by this very fun game - http://store.steampowered.com/app/322... FEATURING: AJ LoCascio, Riley Rose Critchlow, Eli Cuevas, Craig Blanchette More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! RJ Store ➤ http://shop.rocketjump.com Follow RocketJump on Twitter ➤ http://bit.ly/RJtweet Follow RJFS on Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/rjfilmschool Join the discussion ➤ https://discuss.rocketjump.com/ For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (3355)
Reza Muhammad (1 hour ago)
wait, i thought i saw Zach king on the thumbnail...
ERROR_ 2018 (5 hours ago)
I miss him acting as ted. From VGHS
Arcoolest San (5 hours ago)
Umm.... i think is Similar with doctor strange words
Jordan Felder (6 hours ago)
I love this game
beliKaan (7 hours ago)
Love this game
Yannick Hoffmann Solé (19 hours ago)
Is that Not the guy of Video Game High School?
Claudio Justin (1 day ago)
Welp he is a dormamu followers
Paul Borja (1 day ago)
The first scene where they shoot the shotgun fired it sounded like the cannon from world of tanks...
Ken Võ (2 days ago)
So good star do not do a movie action
DHCuber (2 days ago)
during that frozen time there are 5 current mass shottings
A Roblox Maker. (2 days ago)
Wait, he sneezed. He was'nt suppose to sneeze since time was still. AWNSWERS?
BonnieBronyYT (2 days ago)
I finished superhot story mode
Erica Rodriguez (2 days ago)
HJ13 (3 days ago)
Kiana Spikes (3 days ago)
I have this game on xbox
azkalikesturtles (3 days ago)
lile if you play the game
Michael Sabando (3 days ago)
Can dodge shotgun pellets spread literally point blank, about to touch his face,while kneeling btw, with a pistol behind, with ease. Can’t dodge rocket that’s as big as two footballs, which was farther away. Trust me that’s science...
Third Street Saints (4 days ago)
0:12 you are moved. you are dead. End of video.
CoSm1c gAm3r (4 days ago)
No shotgun ever have such retarded pellet spread! 0:31 empty pistol should have had slide in back possition.
Techy (5 days ago)
Oh yeah about that, there are 3 People right now in this Unvierse who have the Privelige to stop time when they dont move. Well there were 3 People as i used a Particle Gun Outside this universe to *Ahem* Cleanse this Universe of these 3 People not so long ago. Fun fact: This actualy realy cleared up some stuff and reduced Local Lag by 5%.
Jake Paul (5 days ago)
he passed through shotgun bullets, but he cant move through a rocket?
Pogopogo 86 (5 days ago)
When he freezes time your just that one guy about to get that cheeseburger but then it happens...DAMN IT
Christian First (6 days ago)
Sword is the best weapon
Your Average Otaku (6 days ago)
Why are only a few people able to talk but the rest don't
DiamondDoges (6 days ago)
I have that game
Hawk Studios Gaming (6 days ago)
Watch with headphones for the *s i c c e s t* sound ever.
super taco (6 days ago)
If time moved when he moved how do we sleep
Marcos Flores (6 days ago)
Why didn't he just grab the rocket?
Ninja Beast (6 days ago)
Are these all the people from video game high school
Paradox [GD] (7 days ago)
It Takes Two Hands (7 days ago)
Mr. NoLifer (7 days ago)
If he sneezes, that means the body is trying to get rid of the germs that came in. How would the germs get in there if time isn’t moving?
RKB Gaming (7 days ago)
Banakiong (8 days ago)
Dreadmaster231 (8 days ago)
I actually enjoyed this game, was a lil' weird at first though.
Tenzenmaster (8 days ago)
*when you play fullstop*
The Finn-isher (8 days ago)
Just a guess, but the pellets out of that shotgun were probably going faster than the law rocket
doge (9 days ago)
Big Boiii (9 days ago)
Dragonknight 862 (9 days ago)
This is like the ga Game called superhot
•Damon • (9 days ago)
Iron Lion (9 days ago)
My goodness alot of stuff here doesmt make sense.... 😂
Iron Lion (9 days ago)
And another thing, why does the thug behind him only have ONE ROUND IN HIS MAG???
Iron Lion (9 days ago)
And by the way how does sam pick or answer the phone when she cant move
Iron Lion (9 days ago)
Ok so the super hot shit is cool and all but.... no one sees how executing someone with a shotgun is stupid if your buddy is standing right behind the victim? I mean you friend wouldnt have died, but he woulve gotten seriously hurt or wouldve had his nuts blown off.
JORGUL (9 days ago)
Wow superhot parody
Leo Ppdhz (10 days ago)
is he from VGHS Brians BFF
mrzub (10 days ago)
I.. Is that ted wong from vghs???
SeaGod333 (11 days ago)
*it's gonna go boom bitch*
Giovanni Garcia (11 days ago)
It’s the cast of vghs
Mary King (12 days ago)
OK yes well go call
DAWNS13 (13 days ago)
Mannequin Challenge Song Played
Andy Dong (13 days ago)
Hello jimmy
The Cyan Color (14 days ago)
He could have lay down -_-
NateHera2k (15 days ago)
Can dodge a bullet but cant dodge a lil bit slower rocket
Alex Harwell (15 days ago)
Wait, so he time-stopped and dodged a point-blank *SHOTGUN BLAST* to the *FACE;* but he can’t dodge one rpg that’s traveling from a longer distance and a bit slower than the buckshot?
Shayne O'Loughlin (15 days ago)
Lol watched this after curve the bullet and I just knew he was gonna sneeze at end haha who else saw that coming
HarleyChoo09 (19 days ago)
Jimmy ur hawt get it XD
Sorairo Ozora (20 days ago)
Dario Alatorre (21 days ago)
Oooooooh so this is what you do when ur not cooking
Robberwolf (22 days ago)
how does he sleep
Robberwolf (22 days ago)
how does he sleep
Elevator gaming (23 days ago)
Grim Matchstick (26 days ago)
This hurts my head
xXDabossXx Games (27 days ago)
Tah Boogie (28 days ago)
super hot number 2 plssss
Tah Boogie (28 days ago)
Helaxis (29 days ago)
ted? from video game highschool!? its you
The Internet Police (29 days ago)
He could've ducked, sidestepped, or cut the RPG in half but whatever
I’m a nice vampire (29 days ago)
0:42 I feel so bad😢
Michael Qwerp (29 days ago)
If he can dodge the shotgun bullets that were THAT close to him, why can't he dodge the rocket the same way?
黒田泉 (29 days ago)
so he can get away from fucking shotgun bullets but from a rocket nah nah -never-
Robert Dovel (30 days ago)
i thought the bff was gonna be brian
Alfonso Garcia (30 days ago)
Wait if you go to sleep then you would never wake up time would frozen fore ever
news official (30 days ago)
great act by young kim jong un
Alexandr Skhirtladze (30 days ago)
what is this ? what is original source?
HoasSTV (1 month ago)
would he sleep forever?
Eric Williams (1 month ago)
Gone go boom bitch epic llh
ElvoZelmo&Co (1 month ago)
Altar Can Bursa (1 month ago)
jlşkdşklşd he sneezed cringe
Boi Kid Man (1 month ago)
I love this game
Killer_ Impact (1 month ago)
Quick question how did she grab the phone when Time only when Jimmy moves
Lorena Sainz (1 month ago)
but if he died then time wouldn't move
Jonathan JaAl (1 month ago)
How could he miss the shotgun but not the rocket????
Red_TwistedKiller (1 month ago)
The captions are funny when you turn on auto-generated
TV서호 (1 month ago)
The ending was so good until.... ACHOOOO!!!!
Rahim Raissnia (1 month ago)
That opening shotgun blast had no recoil at all lmao
Super Psyduck (1 month ago)
We want video game highschool
GreyGaySheep (1 month ago)
PhineasGaming (1 month ago)
What about when he's sleeping?
gamer dude H2O (1 month ago)
i love that game
Bull69 bull69 (1 month ago)
I miss the old you
FrshNoz (1 month ago)
No1else (1 month ago)
What happens when he sleeps
Yrok24 (1 month ago)
GarageGamer21 (1 month ago)
why didn't he just slide to the ground when the rocket was at his face ?!?!?!
sky playz (1 month ago)
This is a video game!!!
DeltaForce 2006 (1 month ago)
Why dont you just move your head to the right and the rocket not hit you 'x'

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