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Check out the BTS! ➤ http://j.mp/SuperhawtBTS Watch the previous Short! ➤ http://j.mp/BadVideoRJ We're on Twitch! ➤ http://j.mp/RJTwitch A super hot dude with the ability to manipulate time has a life-changing revelation... Inspired by this very fun game - http://store.steampowered.com/app/322... FEATURING: AJ LoCascio, Riley Rose Critchlow, Eli Cuevas, Craig Blanchette More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! RJ Store ➤ http://shop.rocketjump.com Follow RocketJump on Twitter ➤ http://bit.ly/RJtweet Follow RJFS on Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/rjfilmschool Join the discussion ➤ https://discuss.rocketjump.com/ For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (3670)
Just_some_guy Buns (15 minutes ago)
I seriously feel bad for the dude who got stabbed and did the puppy dog eyes
Theng Yew Yong (2 hours ago)
What happens when he sleeps?
Jason Hanlan (1 day ago)
you forgot wiggling around so the enemies move into kill position
Kadyn Qualmann (1 day ago)
0:40 who else felt bad about him
TIMEMOM 2561 (2 days ago)
Is SUPERHOT not SUPERHAWT. is game you can search is VR 3D
Ryan Martinez (2 days ago)
tune in for the next episode. *Superhawt freezes time*
Ablazewolfz (2 days ago)
What happens when he sleeps ?
someone 2546 (3 days ago)
Why don’t he hotswitch?
Kings Gamming (3 days ago)
Why time not move that like a peace world what the fuck
Poor man You live by the sword die by the sword
Big_Fish123 (4 days ago)
if he died, wouldnt that mean time would stop forever Anyway? and Perm? Also Wouldn't that also make it so you are the most Dangerous Man/woman on earth, and that no one would want to touch you because of your Overwhelming Power? Basically, you now have the permission to Stop war with just a knife.
SupremeTay (5 days ago)
How does he sleep
Royce Blackwater (5 days ago)
Why does this channel insist on using the desert eagle all the time?
Forrest Patterson (6 days ago)
Actually standing still with the benefit of being able to think still could advance is as a spec-goddamit he sneezed
Fuzzball Gaming (7 days ago)
Is nobody questioning why its spelled with a W
The Foxhound Unit (9 days ago)
1:13 Diesel!!!!
A1 ViViD (9 days ago)
Wow the ending had me dead a'f xD Fuckin sneezes
Quackers (11 days ago)
This is the most innovative video i've seen in years
Josh Phu De Haas (12 days ago)
Abdirahman maanka (13 days ago)
0:40 I'm dead😅😅😅
Dave the Duck (13 days ago)
I’m telling
DOKTOREQ (13 days ago)
Superhot is Polish game
ItsTempzy (14 days ago)
0:15 how do you sleep ?!
Marley Carey (14 days ago)
za warudo
Алл Алала (15 days ago)
Super hot
A Noob (17 days ago)
Faze Vlogs (18 days ago)
Also u could have just dodged the rocket
Bronson Stephens (20 days ago)
Love This Game
CredibleDerek6511 (20 days ago)
Adrian Lenard (22 days ago)
Time freezes forever, freeze frame to a guy flipping off another guy, children in horror house is scarred forever
Tianyi Wang (22 days ago)
0:45 that poor guy
why now (22 days ago)
Can’t you just move away from the rocket?
Simon Zomchick (23 days ago)
I love your vghs show its awesome
Apophis (25 days ago)
If time only moves when he moves I guess it really sucks when he watches a movie
Ilias Hatzikiriakos (25 days ago)
Dylan Dover (26 days ago)
SokoolCereal (26 days ago)
but if he dies, is time stopped forever? no one could move to move his corpse anywhere
Xavier Fox2830 (27 days ago)
Jimmy Wong are you from a TV show
Max Movie Studios (28 days ago)
Does the world just stop forever when he sleeps
Comm1e SOB (28 days ago)
SUPER HOT. Exactly like the game
Dave Kim (28 days ago)
Literally how superhot vr feels
Lucas Van Caeneghem (29 days ago)
Wait how does this guy sleep? If time only moves when he moves, does that mean he wakes up at the same second he fell asleep when it's still night?
DerAssasine (29 days ago)
Pang pang bitches
baba pro (1 month ago)
Ben türlüm türküm
Elementwolfguy YT (1 month ago)
Why didn’t the super hawt just duck
Ivan Hryha (1 month ago)
Why video name superhawt if it name superhot
Young Savagä (1 month ago)
Wherea bryan d when you need him #vghs
Alternate end:wait what i just .... Dodge it at my left or right *Dodge* hey reply and what else do u want next to happen cause i cant think what next
Samuel Lima (1 month ago)
1:13 pensei que era uma coxinha ;-;
Theo Dacres (1 month ago)
XXenedo _ (1 month ago)
Who only knows this guy from feast of fiction
Stalker Grim (1 month ago)
Him: 1:31 Me: 2:02 F*ck yuuuuu *Triggered!!!*
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
D M K ? J
Ares Ortega Vlogs (1 month ago)
How does he sleep?
Jimbo Cataldo (1 month ago)
"Ooooh it's gonna getcha, it's gonna go boooom bitch!"
fidget ninja (1 month ago)
lol super hot irl
方人正 (1 month ago)
The Bói (1 month ago)
How was he able to avoid the pellets with them that close to his face?
That's crazy stuff
GoldenCoal (1 month ago)
Every time I see him I think of video game highschool
futurestoryteller (1 month ago)
The shotgun spread was just as close to him and it would move faster than the rocket.
Im having A meltdown (1 month ago)
Rip flying guy
Aiden Thorman (1 month ago)
Its going to go boom bitch
doki can (1 month ago)
how could the bff pick up the phone when time is frozen
tomek b (1 month ago)
Poland stronk
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
Gun Size Matters (with Shenae Grimes!)
LaughAnime (1 month ago)
How did she pick up the phone then?
todd (1 month ago)
i thought ted plays drift racing
Anime Music VN (1 month ago)
0:40 Dat face 😂
DylanPlayz BR and More (1 month ago)
It’s ted Wong from VGHS
Za warudo
SomeRetardWithAnIpad (1 month ago)
how did he have time to dodge many shotgun pellets but not a missle
Nate Watson (1 month ago)
Buttttt, when he sleeps...
Sxv3n Sh0ts (1 month ago)
I feel so bad for the guy who got looked by the katana, he was so sad
wackwalker 69 (1 month ago)
superhot is a cool fucking game
Rudy Forrest (1 month ago)
hard to sleep
Uncreative Gaming (1 month ago)
Beans On Butter (1 month ago)
2:02 Guess you never thought about that
Mr Emoji (1 month ago)
zaygaming zay (1 month ago)
I have this for my psvr
Wot you Lookin at? (1 month ago)
That’s Supra hawt
Justin Veron (1 month ago)
Creeper Ferret (1 month ago)
Just to think he could’ve ducked
SpaceShark99 (1 month ago)
The video game is actually really fun
JINX (1 month ago)
WE HAWT !!!!!!!
Gaza Shotshell (1 month ago)
He could just move enough to evade it and grab it in mid air, as long as the front end doesn't touch anything it cant blow up. Learned rocket mechanics from a marine buddy
Adrian Suriel (1 month ago)
What if he dies
Amach Signs (1 month ago)
Jason (1 month ago)
couldnt he dodge the rocket matrix style?
blue cap (1 month ago)
Dricx Varilla (1 month ago)
Freddie what's Wong...
C F (1 month ago)
hold on is that ted from video game high school and the girl from the drift squad in video game high school
DragonGamer YT (1 month ago)
How did the BFF get the phone if he wasn't moving? 🤔
Uzun Şarkılar (1 month ago)
1.05 oto türkçe çeviri ayarlayın ALLAHA hakaret var
The Master Tanker (1 month ago)
Ирсти Кай (1 month ago)
Jaimesoledad (1 month ago)
Wait if not moving it will stop if you move it can not stop
Dianna Lapitan (1 month ago)
I miss jimmy wong
Savage_dragon (1 month ago)
Coolest power ever

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