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DOOM | official trailer (2016) E3 2015

3930 ratings | 794257 views
official first gameplay trailer for Doom Pinky, the Double-Barrel Shotgun, incredibly fast multiplayer, SnapMap, , and id Tech 6! Watch the first gameplay trailer for the new DOOM from id Software arriving in Spring 2016.
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Text Comments (508)
Spilcapes (14 days ago)
Still watching it
Harrypotamus ! (1 month ago)
Doom guy for smash ultimate please.
El Cancer XD (1 month ago)
The imps look like mini hell knights
Friendly Fire (2 months ago)
Alex Malverde (2 months ago)
не ждал такового говна от дума
Dima Stepanov (1 month ago)
Alex Malverde если ассоциировать с Doom Eternal, то это реально неспешное и невеселое говно
Shannon Torres (2 months ago)
I love this game so much
ahmad alhamdany2345 (25 days ago)
same. BEST game
Pinkus Floydus (1 month ago)
Shannon Torres Ready for doom eternal?
Tomasz Problem (3 months ago)
Davis Tuck (3 months ago)
There was a doom trailer before this doom trailer
John Donrick Zerna (3 months ago)
IM GLAD THIS ONE ISN'T AGE RESTRICTED BY YOUTUBE! Fucking dumbass rules. idc the reason why, i wish i can just watch it, im 16 i don't have to be 18 jeez
John Donrick Zerna (3 months ago)
I regret changing my profile birthday, should have let it stay to 30+
Swagons (3 months ago)
Jerry Mcgoy (3 months ago)
Just here to compare the two trailers... I’m so excited for the new Doom!!
SweeBy Games (7 months ago)
Я здесь одинешенек российский? Am I here alone as a Russian?
Fell Man (7 months ago)
1:24 For the BFG9000. 1:26 for the last part of the blast.
Fell Man (1 month ago)
I beat the game a between making my first comment and the response.
Fell Man (2 months ago)
I've only got a little bit of Doom 2016 left to play and then I beat the game on another note.
amazingdany (3 months ago)
I liked that in Doom 2016, one blast of that OP gun fits all, unlike Doom 3's up-to-four-charges-but-no-more-or-it'll-explode BFG. I was a lil' bit disappointed when I learned that the chainsaw uses were limited by oil levels. It was still very satisfying to saw the higher level demons with it!
Dragahtoon gAmes (9 months ago)
fantástico! cara eu jogava doom 2 mano! mesmo eu só tendo 12 anos minha mãe me ensinou a jogar doom2! ela jogava quando era menor kkk fantástico e violento! #souounicoBRaqui
bowlofarthritus (10 months ago)
Any Doom that wasnt the movie is awesome. Including the Doom RPG phone games you used to be able to get
Reuvinn Leonhart (11 months ago)
Did someone tought this were fake ITS REAL !!!!!!
Major Matt (11 months ago)
4/20 not enough blood
Aiden Great (8 months ago)
+Major Matt Fucking cringe comment dude tf
KROSS777RLSH (1 year ago)
Hey thanks! I think I'll take this *jaw* and add it to my *violently* *torn* off collection of *jaws* and *jaw bones* Sincerely your *friendly* neighborhood *Doom Slayer* , *DOOM GUY* PS. *Rip and tear* :D
Tyler Tullis (1 year ago)
Will finally be able to play this on the toilet, when it releases on the Switch later this year!
Fell Man (1 year ago)
Just got this game today but I have to run some errands first before I can go home to play it.
r3dxfaction (1 year ago)
"The perfect game doest exist..."
Gary (1 year ago)
Now im here sitting and waiting for someone to make an hdoom out of this
Oh My Good 32X Is Amazing
SuperStrange Shadow (1 year ago)
name of the music?
Crimson Knight (2 months ago)
Manadono (4 months ago)
Darude, Sandstorm
Sad :c (7 months ago)
SuperStrange Shadow RIP and Tear
jean marlyn (1 year ago)
Fight or survive, either way you're DOOMED
XxStayXPositive (1 year ago)
Georgi Ganchev (1 year ago)
Damn,2 years later this shit still gives me chills
Master Chief (1 year ago)
I swear on my life, one of the best trailers and games of all time
The Gaming Donut (1 year ago)
someone please tell me why I like watching this trailer
Rakesh Nair (1 year ago)
ll Disclaimer: No demons were spared in the playing of this game. ll
фпс 60
Civil Security Heavy (1 year ago)
Retard (1 year ago)
DOOM 5 should be about killing isis lol
Antoine Rommelferd (1 year ago)
40 people are religious pussies
☢Thя4wN ╳ (1 year ago)
my religion is doom
micricsan (1 year ago)
Lucas Ariel Navarro Garcia I don't know. I'm catholic and I loved this game, as well as the originals.
Brandon Chavis (1 year ago)
you know you're a badass when Satan is scared of you
Mr. Bubbles (5 days ago)
abcd efgh Satan
abcd efgh (29 days ago)
Brandon Chavis santa?
Reinis Rudzitis (1 year ago)
Futuristic combat with energy weapons, power armor and shit, and ancient, double barreled hunting shotgun, lol - well, it never gets old, oh, the irony!
Bran Tudorel Onut (1 year ago)
The big monster at the end on this video is kinda...failed. In other terms unrealistic.
mihailo kittanovic (1 year ago)
can u play doom on computer
Abrar Borno (6 months ago)
Only a console peasant will ask this question.
Bystandah (1 year ago)
You're shitting us, right?
mihailo kittanovic idk
Red King (1 year ago)
song ? pls
Feral Snowflake (1 year ago)
This game promotes hyper masculinity and manliness. #triggered
Ash (1 month ago)
Sauron the Collector (1 year ago)
The most epic fps that requires no reloading!
Varga Dániel (1 year ago)
3am and still this plazing this badass gaaaaaaame
Sauron the Collector (1 year ago)
eduardo landeros (1 year ago)
Happy thanksgiving everyone. I bought the game and waiting for it to finish downloading. Is it any good? Was it worth my 18 bucks?
Emphase (1 year ago)
Bought it for 30€ during Quakecon and enjoyed every bit of the single player. Well worth the money.
Brhou Grou (1 year ago)
this is the most bad ass trailer I have ever seen
jere miah (1 year ago)
Laenthor (1 year ago)
Now THAT'S how you instantly sell a game! -(*distant voice*) "multiplayer still sucks!" -"I do not care, I only play the main campaign"
Alvaro Gallego (1 year ago)
Only if this game had a co-op mode it'll be the best ever 😢😢
Vincent Dijkhuis (1 year ago)
Bethesda and ID software finally came back with a good game! Doom 3 was just a little bit a mess.
GlennioRazorBellic (2 years ago)
This is the best franchise this fucking world!
Stick boy Comedy (2 years ago)
The first and second doom are way better you know what they say the original is always better
Gaminggod1997 (1 year ago)
don't feed the troll...
mr dirty (2 years ago)
There seems to be a pattern on YouTube where the people who post shitty comments tend to be the ones who upload Minecraft videos. This Doom is epic- The graphics are awesome; the sound design is awesome (not to mention the insane electro/metal-type soundtrack); And the gameplay is fluent and fun. Who doesn't like stomping demon heads in, ripping jaws off, ripping hearts out? This game is metal as fuck
DinoBob13 (2 years ago)
Lmao! Tell me you're joking
______ hynes (2 years ago)
no way man.
Pedja King (2 years ago)
best game so far
John Doe (2 years ago)
Pinkus Floydus (25 days ago)
+Trumble Research You sound like a really shitty dad.
cs512tr (3 months ago)
doom ratings SHOULD be "DEFINITELY Inappropriate for everyone" sold!
Trumble Research (5 months ago)
🤪🤪🤪 my son loves this game. He’s 10. He knows how to kill a punk ass demon. #Hardasfuck
Matt Gerrish (1 year ago)
John Doe When I saw that I was like, "Yeah no shit. What was your first clue?"
snakes3425 (2 years ago)
My Reaction since I loved the original game OH YEAH IT'S GO TIME!!!! HELLO BFG9000....OLD FRIEND!!!! LEAVE US GO AND MOW DOWN THE LEGIONS OF HELL!!!!!
kmcgowan81 (9 months ago)
snakes3425 I
Ender Dragon Gaming (2 years ago)
ikr same as me 1st game was doom I played :D
Mad Shatter (2 years ago)
he is the traumatic event
Nick Difranco (2 years ago)
Hey guys Check out my Channel. I've got some good commentary for Let's play videos
DINAMYTY 9 (2 years ago)
songs awesome x10000
dr. whet farts (2 years ago)
Any planned SP DLC for Doom ?! I want more..
Mustafa al hassn (2 years ago)
damn you are right I want dlc with extra Missions
dr. whet farts (2 years ago)
+V A P O R S N I F F E R I hope so, what worries me is that there is no info about any SP DLC, only MP? (Season Pass). Loved Wolfenstein too
BattleBrotha (2 years ago)
See what Bethesda did with Wolfenstein The New Order? They released a SP DLC and they fucking delivered. Expect Beauty.
Francisco Cortes (2 years ago)
Daniela Ospina (1 year ago)
Es que esos son una bola de gilipollas presumidos que no soy gamers, mas bien soy gaymers.
Asesino Gamer (2 years ago)
Wow que epico yo lo quiero Xd
Adolf Misiura (2 years ago)
from psychopaths, for psychopaths
I love Anal (2 years ago)
1:24 I came.... Involuntarily....
gabriel Rodríguez (2 months ago)
Sexo sexo sexo anal- como la canción!!!
Halo4guy321 (1 year ago)
I too love anal
Siegfried Arango (2 years ago)
Esta Re Percho
Sammy Tolamoeo (2 years ago)
Too much for me. Im getting motion sickness already. Im going back to my original Doom 1
kuja (2 years ago)
When will this game come out?
iBaconJesus (2 years ago)
Definitely game of the year for me so far
Aurora Borealis (1 year ago)
Ghostvic 21st not 21th
firebrand training (2 years ago)
I know the song name is "Doom - Hangar" <- but its classic, what is the new version of hangar like in this trailer. :( looking for the name please.
Metaluna Zombie (2 years ago)
meh does this game actually bring anything new to the table? it just the same halo, dead space, painkiller, fall out game we've been seeing over and over.
Jon Locke (2 years ago)
I didn't realize how much I needed this game in my life till now.
Captain Blue (2 years ago)
if it wasn't for the title I would have thought this was Dead Space 4
Geek Rican Z (2 years ago)
the game that made famous the shooting genere
ConfedarateJesus (2 years ago)
it looks like the createors of borderlands or gears of war XD luv them both
ConfedarateJesus (2 years ago)
holy shiiiiiiit
BBtech (2 years ago)
Best game of 2016 for sure. I'm in love!
Rohit Gamer (2 years ago)
it is very best game for ever
Arsalan Khalid (2 years ago)
Is there a full version of this track somewhere? I know the studio version is out but dammit this track is so awesome.
Frozen Fan (2 years ago)
wow this trailer caused a lot of messy pants! When I get to play this game I will absolutely destroy everything in sight. That is why I loved the original. It was simple go in and obliterate everything. Pure carnage! From what I have seen the main guy is seriously grumpy and doesn't want to talk about anything he just wants everything to die, like he is seriously pissed off. I love that.
Alex B (2 years ago)
The BFG at the end was too much for me to handle. I creamed.
TrustGamerNL (2 years ago)
i buy het i love the game :O
TrustGamerNL (2 years ago)
mij Engels is niet de beste :)
RAICK (2 years ago)
"i buy het" lekker gecombineerd engels en nederlands?
Extreme Acer (2 years ago)
They should've made doom guy carry the gun in the middle and not in the right for tradition! The gun in the right or left is too much cod and halo
Bystandah (1 year ago)
That was the first setting I switched
TheMarineten (2 years ago)
they actually added that in an update :)
Extreme Acer (2 years ago)
Great! Now all we need is a remastered version of wolfenstein 3D!
Arduous Ant (2 years ago)
This is an awesome video :D Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on :D if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! :D Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace
The Haze (2 years ago)
Can I play this on my 486?
Chris J (2 years ago)
May need to splurge for a DX2..........
Hutchings (2 years ago)
deadpool18 (2 years ago)
this game looks awesome
pistoleironaval (2 years ago)
adorei meu deus joguei toda a saga desse jogo desde 2009
META CHAMELEON (2 years ago)
well time to pack undys shit is about to get real.
sinep anigav lana (2 years ago)
In comparison to other Trailer which just show some nice rendered scenes, this Trailer actually shows ingame Footage which is very impressive. So will not be dissapointed when you finally play the game, because it will still be awesome
spookysama (2 years ago)
shit on my face
Michael Myers (2 years ago)
what's the song anybody know what it is
Michael Myers (2 years ago)
holly shit bad ass game
Joaquin Rodriguez (2 years ago)
2 more days... DOOM
Weaponized Autism (2 years ago)
This shit bouta be lit when I get my hands on it
masterDevis (2 years ago)
Cyberdemon? Pfft! PLASMA CANNON, BITCH!!!
TinchoX (2 years ago)
Eddy Sixx (2 years ago)
absolutely outstanding detail and CGI I can't wait to see how good it's gonna be
Ward Pearce (2 years ago)
His trailer isn't HD It's FHD
MrZeroeight08 (2 years ago)
Gen Nagano (2 years ago)
ehh witty comment

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