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Panic! At The Disco: Golden Days (GUITAR TUTORIAL/LESSON#173)

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Text Comments (11)
vBardock (1 year ago)
Could you play this on a Laguna le50?????
Elizabeth Johnson (2 years ago)
do you think I could play this on acoustic?
Max's Guitar Tutorials (2 years ago)
of course! you can play all of the stuff i show in my lessons on acoustic as well
4 th string 5th fret
Paris Rowe (2 years ago)
are you using a distortion pedal?
Ag3gamingFTW (2 years ago)
Are there easier chords? I am a beginner!
Some weird Loser (2 years ago)
This is a really helpful tutorial
ITop (2 years ago)
It came out for me like 2 hours ago lol
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
how? is it possible to learn this so quickly...
Andrew Smith (2 years ago)
makes sense.....
Max's Guitar Tutorials (2 years ago)
+Andrew Smith well i just love the new album and therefore i wanted to upload my favourite 3 new songs as quick as possible :) so getting up at 5 in the morning was totally worth it :D

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