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Sniper Elite 4 : Ten EPIC Ways to Kill Hitler

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So many possibilities exist in the "Assassinate the Fuhrer" DLC mission. But these are my 10 ways on how to kill Hitler. What do you think it's the coolest? #SniperElite4 #TenEpicWays #BestGamingMoments
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Text Comments (7113)
Thepzy_ (6 hours ago)
Lol. Everyone knows that the only person who can kill Hitler is himself.
Zakyboy 9000 (7 hours ago)
Kim Jong un will see this
Der Libanese (13 hours ago)
Mein Früher! !! Ist nie gestorben
Zachary Tsai (1 day ago)
Why every death has something to do with explosions?
Mr IRIS (1 day ago)
Hitler did nazi that coming!
Im white from north africa. I duslik this video
Im white from north africa. I duslik this video
Chris B. (2 days ago)
Why is the dislike to like ratio so damn high?
RMistheman (3 days ago)
the music made this much funnier hahaha
Thee Shadow (3 days ago)
*20k Nazis disliked this*
T.Y (4 days ago)
No nut shot, pathetic
Oscar Mayer (4 days ago)
You owe Hitler a apology...
Thanos son of alars (5 days ago)
0:07 is that gun named panzer faust the yellow one cuz u didnt play this game i play it on mobile
He deserves to die
Adolf Hitler (6 days ago)
Heheheheheheheheeh. I’m still alive
Rebel EU (6 days ago)
Now this is epic
Romain Romain (7 days ago)
TheBoyWhoLikesMemes (7 days ago)
Comment Results: 90% about shooting Hitler in his testicles 31% of people acting like Hitler 4% of people saying dislikes are Nazis 1% about the actual vid
Tony Burns (7 days ago)
(((Sniper elite 4)))
Finn Kun (7 days ago)
Felix Liu (8 days ago)
First I didnt really care if he died After this video I felt sorry for him
Felix Liu (8 days ago)
It takes forever To see one death
Captain YumYum (8 days ago)
I wonder if you did the ball shot on hitler it would only show one ball because he had one ball
vkirov HH (8 days ago)
This looks sad when hitlers die lol
Idiotic Tirades (8 days ago)
If you like this video you'll love this one https://youtu.be/I45GP9kYSac
Clorox Peach (8 days ago)
6:13 so you're telling me one bomb destroyed the whole base? That's pretty poor designing.
Fredrik Sandbakken (8 days ago)
Why didn’t you shoot him in his testicle
Vuk Petković (8 days ago)
Ordinary Guest (8 days ago)
Ramzzan77 (9 days ago)
106,881 fuckin' jews liked it
Ronaldo Natali (9 days ago)
1. Subtle af
Jddnfjr W (9 days ago)
Die kurwa hitler
AGENT COMPTABLE (9 days ago)
I Am Noob The oof man (10 days ago)
Gamersky tf (10 days ago)
3:04 look at the guy on the right
Broddii Bridge (10 days ago)
God damn
You see 6:09 ? This is what made Michael Bay like this video.
ColonelMetus (12 days ago)
But is there a way to save him?
Hitler Senpai (12 days ago)
PLAY TV (12 days ago)
Ethan Dacat (12 days ago)
How did they *nazi* that coming?
Justin Matugas258 (13 days ago)
I can see now I can nazi
But Why (13 days ago)
Thanks for ruining it with retarded music, great fucken editing skills 10/10 👍🏼
Deadpool (13 days ago)
5:00 i love how he waddles backwards to the music 😂
SloMoe Official (13 days ago)
Ok, now that was epic!
Floofeh Moofin (13 days ago)
this KI is stupid as fuck
lyrian muel (13 days ago)
Nothing was epic '-'
ASIT CICI (13 days ago)
fuck the song
Sajjad __IRAq (13 days ago)
Hitler the best
Edy Juan (13 days ago)
Yesssss yesssss Head shot perfect
OF Tonhal01 (13 days ago)
Poor Hitler
The real Mac Ter (7 days ago)
All 10 of them
Danish 2 (13 days ago)
Some kind Hitman™ mod for Sniper Elite.
Benjamin Deutsch (13 days ago)
Ironically, I had a Hugo Boss ad for this video...
유재혁 (14 days ago)
Good video. Worst background music.
Future X Curry (14 days ago)
How to get views put hitler
Pau Pau (14 days ago)
4:50 Hitler had his last supper
Echo (15 days ago)
The OhShiddWuddup (15 days ago)
Ok, this is epic
akib soleh (15 days ago)
the last so epic
DongChan Kim (15 days ago)
I Bet Fegelein was doing all the shots
DongChan Kim (15 days ago)
Packet Of Force (15 days ago)
Why so many dislikes?
Hamza Ajmal (16 days ago)
Nazi’s are triggered!
T_GHOST_T (16 days ago)
Or u could wait for him to kill him self
Twenity (16 days ago)
testicle shot better
adolf hilter (16 days ago)
Dont kill me pls :'v
Boaz Moratal (16 days ago)
I Feel sorry for Hitler all of a sudden..
hamza hasan (17 days ago)
2018 November 1
MIMALECKIPL (18 days ago)
Hitler crushed under the eagle... oh the irony
Activate Windows (18 days ago)
Wonder if we can get Trump the same way.
NebulaBandit (18 days ago)
I guess the stew was an explosion of flavor
City ain't my Eng (19 days ago)
Loved his paintings Hated his reign
DAVID42507 ChiledHood (19 days ago)
No u killed hitler I like hitler
Zeref B wizard (19 days ago)
Let dean do this
Where is shot in balls?
F/\DE y (19 days ago)
I didn't see the 'Sniper Elite 4' at the start of the title
en_hink gaming (19 days ago)
I’m very upset that shooting him in the balls was not considered epic
Captain Yamato (20 days ago)
In history lessons we learn of him as an evil tyrant with an unstoppable army. In this game they portray him as a cowardly joke lmfao.
Mare Pereira (20 days ago)
the most epic one for me is the 6
GohModley (20 days ago)
Why kill Hitler?
The real Mac Ter (7 days ago)
Because you can
DDOs PPAP (20 days ago)
Poor Hitler...
shifhu1234 (20 days ago)
3:07 look at the guy at the right
Rednaxela (20 days ago)
You killed Hitler so much that I feel bad for him
Enzo Minecraft Y Mas (20 days ago)
Eso que tiene en la mano hitler en la miniatura es un pene ::v
What music in 00:00
Kancil Buruk (20 days ago)
I dont really like seeing Hitler got killed...🤕🤕
Kangamooo115 (21 days ago)
ARESKPROTON YT (21 days ago)
Now for extra subscribers, add ear rape roblox death sound each time you kill hitler
sonar357 (21 days ago)
Soundtrack would've been better with the 'Benny Hill Theme'
Hitler, dragovich, kravcheko, steiner all must die by viktor reznov
Dark Ghost (21 days ago)
Hitler shouldnt be in sniper elite iv as sniper elite iii dlc you had to kill Hitler.
HGaming (21 days ago)
Hitler : y u bully me
*Hitler* Y U Bully Me?!?
Camadrid12 (21 days ago)
Pretty much sure this is Fegelein's antics gone TOO FAR
Tony Phan (22 days ago)
Adolf with the fade
Picolas Cage (22 days ago)
Poor guy he just wanted soup
whiskeyhammer 90 (22 days ago)
Does he call you a cuck before you shoot him? That'd make this just poetry.
Philly Grea (22 days ago)
Damn, why do I feel so sorry for Hitler? He just want's to have a nice partey! XD
TZ p0llAG (22 days ago)
This is only his duel....
Milad Elsayegh (22 days ago)
There still a way to kill him don't kill him he will sucide

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