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Speed up your Android Device!!

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Apps and tips to speed it up
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Yawei Yu (5 years ago)
i don't know how to use droidbooster。。。。
they just clear up the cachce and save ram, so also boosting performace, the one that i use is Ezy All In 1 System Tuner for A ndroid
Corey Leggs (5 years ago)
/ (5 years ago)
한솔강 (6 years ago)
wow, thanks dude, I took your advice and downloaded a defrag app from the play store, and i did the defrag my phone. After that i noticed my galaxy s2 runs smoother and faster. Could u explain what defrag do ?? and how often should i defrag my phone ?? and is there any problems or let's say, negative side affects of using it ?? thanks
xMOD3RNxK1LLAx (6 years ago)
i have a galaxy s2 and when i type on the keyboard it lags like a bitch
Everybody knows that if you want to increase speed, you just run a defrag, common sense, theres a number of apps on the market that allow you to run a defrag, just search for defrag in the google play store, any number of the apps will allow you to increase your android smartphone speed.
vorkev1 (6 years ago)
move programs to sd for speed
AirborneB6 (6 years ago)
Just wait for a year. It will... My father has it and after a year of Internet browsing ONLY, it lags even in changing the home screens...
brisa 2021 (6 years ago)
extremepsychogamer (6 years ago)
Same bro, my EVO 3d has 0 lag
extremepsychogamer (6 years ago)
Sure, whatever you say captain dipshit
David Seco (6 years ago)
that laggy crap? It may have more awesome features, but it simply doesn't work as it should....
Rob (6 years ago)
He's not using a launcher, it's the early version of Android.
Mahavir Bhakta (6 years ago)
my right ear liked the sound
anthony anthony (6 years ago)
Iphone sucks ass same square with a smaller square on it with a talk back feature ohhhh whippy wat a fail
Gabriel Carfora (6 years ago)
@MrMaithOw its just the default donut launcher I think
XXxxazinatorxxXX (6 years ago)
well of course the magic is laggy against the iphone, its only running on a 528mhz processor
Kirollos Kirolloskoko1 (6 years ago)
i can not get my g2x to lag even if i die
Blake (6 years ago)
iken, stfu
Blake (6 years ago)
Blake (6 years ago)
Jason Bartsch (6 years ago)
what is the task killer app called?
extremepsychogamer (6 years ago)
@Utlimute yo I said android is BETTER than iphone, not vice versa. calm down man, me and you like android so we homies, know what im sayin?
FitFatAss (6 years ago)
@Sandman86ful SAME
Dallas Hill (7 years ago)
but the asvanced task killer kills apps that your phone needs to keep runing
umountable (7 years ago)
@Megyoka95 all the galaxys are better
umountable (7 years ago)
guy, you have to less ram, buy a new phone or get a upgreat xD
Squall 2k17 (7 years ago)
Laggy - tbh i can't get my galaxy s2 to lag even if I try.
extremepsychogamer (7 years ago)
@Megyoka95 piece of shit. android ftw
Chris Basha (7 years ago)
No no task killers again! They are useless and possibly harmful! Android is by itself a task manager! Let the robot do his job.
Desmond (7 years ago)
@kamisakea Android does have proper multi tasking
kamisakea (7 years ago)
Too bad android (and iOS) don't have a proper multitasking system
Hussain Akram ばし (7 years ago)
Get to the choppa..............
Brandon Nuon (7 years ago)
i had to watch a diffrent video cuz i didnt under stand what he said
dominic liuzzo (7 years ago)
diego lopez (7 years ago)
@1UpOrShutUp Lool that a joke? Awful handset, with the s2 and the sensation out, wouldnt even think about buying the Atrix, its so awful.. i tried running a benchmark test and it froze and turned itself off LOOL..
Michael Pace (7 years ago)
Task killers are crap, they can screw with your phone and barely help at all
afsaldurranihotmail (7 years ago)
dude ur comparing this with iphone 3gs its a legend and d bst iphone beating ip4 there will be no phone compared to 3gs its a legend i prefer my 3gs over ip4
Nick Pellitteri (7 years ago)
Step 1: Buy a Motorola Atrix :)
Yanal Halawa (7 years ago)
your phone sucks that doesnt happen with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iamdr3wski3 (7 years ago)
(arnold voice) take my phoooooone and get to the choppppppppppa !!!!!!!
Leon Hidalgo (7 years ago)
german accent
Owen James (7 years ago)
My phone was being so laggy while i wached this wideo the media volume thing stayed on the scereen until 50 secs through the vid then the vid crashed and showed a messed up version of the "the video is not fucking workimg rape to retry" screen
Daclub Aurigum (7 years ago)
the best way to make ur android device smmother is to download launcher pro,it makes your graphic smoother and i didnt have problems with it,not even a little laggy.Ive never had problems with it and i tested my android phone with the iphone 4 and my android phone its smoother than the iphone 4 .try it it'll work;)
papa lucky (7 years ago)
LOL!!!! @xxFlyer73
Bl00dyAvenger (7 years ago)
wow my droid isnt close to being that laggy
daniel mcnicol (7 years ago)
quite very laggy sometimes hahaha
alexUKguy91 (7 years ago)
will it kill apps and widgets on ur homescreen like friend stream?
Cammy Shade (7 years ago)
@guppyskater its an htc wallpaper,
thexiroy (7 years ago)
Hahahahaha! look at his ram! WTF I have 230 ram on my phone....
Casual-Guy (7 years ago)
Good video thnx
Casual-Guy (7 years ago)
U talk fast Sorry No Offence.
eddiev1995 (7 years ago)
@guppyskater use the zedge app and jst look around for it
Chrisjovan Masso (7 years ago)
SpinSpinSugar (7 years ago)
I just looked for thee task killer you have and its not there.:(
SpinSpinSugar (7 years ago)
what is the app called please?
xixibabyyy (8 years ago)
@guppyskater Its in the app called 'backgrounds' it's free.
Amr Diaa El Din (8 years ago)
u can't install in sd u install in main memory and transfer or use a program like ap2sd i think
Luceo Non Uro (8 years ago)
Is that you ARNIE?
nilesh rathod (8 years ago)
How to install app on sd card instead of phone memory on HTC desire
nilesh rathod (8 years ago)
How to install app on sd card instead of phone memory
Genguser (8 years ago)
Loonygirl23 (8 years ago)
Anyone know how to change the speed of the trackball on the mytouch 3g?
HyvelTjuven (8 years ago)
I don't see having almost no widgets on your homescreen as a way to make it faster... more like way to nor getting to use the full functionality of android...
Victor Gonzalez (8 years ago)
Task killer and slow down your Android. Running applications in background can actually speed up your system.
J (8 years ago)
@guppyskater It comes with the phone.
Loonygirl23 (8 years ago)
@xtaliahx THANK YOU SO MUCH, I could kiss you right now! lol but thanks
Loonygirl23 (8 years ago)
Can someone tell me how u can download images from the web to your phone?
Dylan Shafman (8 years ago)
Thank you! this video really speeds up my android.
homes24 (8 years ago)
will this work on the G1?
Cyborg (8 years ago)
Task Manager is BETER !!! (green droid with a cross under the arm)
Ismael Laguna (8 years ago)
get the wallpaper on google put htc wallpapers hope this helps(:
Troy Barrett (8 years ago)
where or how did you get that wallpaper
benisindeedkickass (8 years ago)
@guppyskater it is available on the "backgrounds" app
lorddingleberry (8 years ago)
actually g1 is supported and WHY would u flash hero cyanogen is where its at. if you really like the hero look than flash a hero theme onto cyan
lorddingleberry (8 years ago)
u dont they are two different ways to look at the same thing the only good advice he gives is dont use alot of widgets which is basically like "dont use ur phone too much" lol so far i've found rooting and running cyanogen is the best speed boos for any android device
21usms21 (8 years ago)
hey interesting vid...i had a 1 question though, why do u have to kill all the 5 tasks at the begining? cant u just go straight to TasBar and kill all tasks from there instead of having to do TasKiller and kill all tasks there and going back to TasBar?...msg back plz thats wats been confusing me.
Andre5000 (8 years ago)
Got my phone 2 days ago, the phone is so SICK texting with "Swype" is Freakn Awesome thx 4 ur tips keep up the good work
madkappa1 (8 years ago)
You must be joking do. Do your homework before u post stupid comments.
Random Vid Guy (8 years ago)
Test it!! Magic is faster and much more advanced then Iphone with its "new Upgrade". All magics are called back by htc for advacement. New magic is changed !!
Random Vid Guy (8 years ago)
Sorry G1 holders. Now you can upgrade you HTC MAGIC Rom to a HTC HERO ROM or software i must say which is way more advanced then the one used in this video. Only Magic. sorry but G1 is not supported.
Polar 37 (8 years ago)
8 mhz?..."/ that sucks.. this htc magic got 528mhz or soo.. =) i got it
Josh Rath (8 years ago)
His background is found on Deviantart. :)
theres one called advanced task killer
1994kai (8 years ago)
i don´t find the task bar in the android market..
Anthnee94 (9 years ago)
its easy, plug your phone in, mount it, open your phone to view all folders and files, then drag and drop music to the "MUSIC" folder.
deviouscola (9 years ago)
could the low battery also be causing it to lagg?
TokShogun (9 years ago)
sry forgot where i got it
djslyfox (9 years ago)
thanks for the video....i wanted to get a HTC but it lags too much. I will wait until they fix the Andriod OS
bill bob (9 years ago)
thank you helpful video
shortexxx (9 years ago)
Hi, i have task killer on my hero G2 and everytime i kill all the tasks and press the "home screen" button, the mobile reloads. Is this normal? Its slow and annoying!

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